Discovering the best Kyrie shoes is like venturing into a treasure trove of basketball perfection. From the legendary Nike Kyrie 1 to the innovative Kyrie Flytrap 2, each shoe in the captivating Kyrie sneaker catalog offers a unique blend of style, performance, and court dominance. Step into the world of Kyrie Irving, the visionary behind these remarkable kicks, as we dissect the best Kyrie shoes, explore their enticing qualities, and uncover the fascinating process behind their selection. Get ready to be immersed in a thrilling journey through the realm of the best Kyrie shoes that will leave you craving for your own pair.


A comprehensive overview of each Kyrie signature shoe line from a basketball player's perspective

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Catalog BreakdownPinbackground image source: nike.comKyrie Irving's sneaker collection can be confusing. The shoe lines don't seem to follow a clear pattern. One line is clearly focused on budget options, but the rest have similar pricing, which can be a bit strange.

There are four main Kyrie shoe lines available: the Kyrie (the flagship line); the Kyrie low (a low-top variant of the flagship shoe with a few changes); the Kyrie Hybrid (a hybrid of the previous flagship models); and the Kyrie Flytrap (the budget-friendly line with minimal tech and features).

Here's everything you need to know about each line so you can distinguish them and make an informed decision.


Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: The KyriePinimage source: nike.comThe main attraction for most is the Kyrie line. These shoes had a bigger budget for Nike's best tech for Kyrie.

However, the build quality and materials used may not always be the best, as Nike's quality assurance can be inconsistent.

Still, these shoes are known for their performance and variety of colorways. The Kyrie line releases many different designs, even years after the initial release.

Price range: $110-$130. Considered the top-tier line, although priced similarly to the others

Best for: Players who have a similar style to Kyrie Irving. Fast, agile, and focused on footwork. Also suitable for those who prefer a low-profile shoe.

Shoes available: 8 shoes and counting (released yearly): Nike Kyrie 1 – Nike Kyrie Infinity. Some shoes have a low-top version (not to be confused with the separate Kyrie Low line)

Pros: ✔Competitively priced flagship signature line, offers solid all-around performance

  The Kyrie line releases a wide variety of colorways for each design    Widely available to purchase

Cons: ✖  Newer models have less support features and a lighter frame, not ideal for bigger, heavier players

My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie 4


Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: The Kyrie LowPinimage source: nike.comThe Kyrie Low line is distinct from the flagship Kyrie line, offering low-top variants of some models. It can get confusing, but bear with me.

The line debuted in 2018 with the Kyrie Low 1. Initially, it was meant to be a direct counterpart to the main Kyrie shoe, but that changed with later models. The Kyrie Low 3 & 4 resembled the Kyrie 6 and 7 in terms of performance, looks, and feel.

If you want a Kyrie shoe with a low-cut height and save some money, this line is for you.

Price: $110. Considered the mid-tier line based on pricing

Best for: Players who prefer the flagship Kyrie shoe but in a low-top design

Shoes available: 4 shoes and counting (released yearly): Nike Kyrie Low 1 – Nike Kyrie Low 5

Pros: ✔  Tech specs and build quality similar to the flagship shoe for a lower price    Offers balanced all-around performance in a compact form

  Plenty of attractive colorways to choose from

Cons: ✖  No distinctive features compared to the main Kyrie shoe

✖  Newer models have less support features and a lighter frame

My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie Low 2


Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: The Kyrie HybridPinimage source: nike.comThe Kyrie Hybrid series is the most unique among the lines. It consists of a few models, each combining elements from the three previous Kyrie shoes. It's been executed well so far.

For example, the Kyrie Hybrid S1 combines features from the first three Kyrie shoes. The outsole is taken from the Kyrie 1 with some minor adjustments. The front of the upper is inspired by the Kyrie 3, while the back is nearly identical to the second shoe.

The same concept applies to the Hybrid S2, which combines features from the Kyrie 4, 5, and 6.

Price range: $130-$140. Technically the most expensive line, but not the flagship shoe

Best for: Players who like features from different Kyrie shoes and want a combination of them

Shoes available: 2 shoes available and counting (released once every 3 Kyrie flagship shoe launches): Nike Kyrie Hybrid S1 – Nike Kyrie Hybrid S2

Pros: ✔Tech specs, features, and build quality aligned with the flagship shoes    Practical choice for players who want different components from different Kyrie shoes

  Often available in attractive colorways

Cons: ✖  Difficult to obtain due to limited releases  ✖  No new or unique features, as they are hybrids of existing models

My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie Hybrid S2


Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: The Kyrie FlytrapPinimage source: nike.comThe Kyrie Flytrap line offers the most affordable options. It caters to budget-conscious and outdoor players who can't spend $100 on shoes that won't last.

The Flytrap series is designed to address these concerns.

These shoes feature thicker, more durable rubber outsoles. They also have the patented wide forefoot design and rounded tooling for improved mobility.

However, expect basic cushioning. Nike cut costs with the Flytrap shoes, so they typically use a basic Phylon midsole and just a single Zoom unit.

Cheap materials are also common in Nike's budget shoes, but they don't necessarily compromise performance.

Price range: -. The cheapest line in the collection

Best for: Players on a limited budget; those who prefer ultra-minimal shoes; outdoor players

Shoes available: 5 shoes and counting (released yearly): Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1 – Nike Kyrie Flytrap 5

Pros: ✔Provides exactly what you need at a low price    Go-to shoe for long-term outdoor play

 Often available at sports outlets or on sale at a discounted price

Cons: ✖ Minimal tech and features, cheap materials  ✖  Not suitable for those who don't enjoy the ultra-minimal experience

✖  Falls in a strange market position where you could get a better overall shoe for $20 more

My favorite shoe in the line: Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2

Shoes last updated: April 1, 2022

I've selected a range of models and organized them into different categories. I've included some all-around picks for various player types, as well as options for more specific needs.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these shoes in 2022 and beyond, I've included links to where you can find them at a good price.

Nike Kyrie 1

The Nike Kyrie 1 marked Kyrie Irving's entry into Nike's lineup of signature athletes. While these shoes may not be the most popular, their pros outweigh the cons.

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The first model of Kyrie Irving shoes with Nike (Image via Nike)The first model of Kyrie Irving shoes with Nike (Image via Nike)The Kyrie 1 is a reliable shoe for players on the court. It comes in a variety of colorways that can easily be paired with any outfit.

Several high-profile NBA players, including Ja Morant and Jaylen Brown, have worn these shoes on the court.


Best for Wide Feet  🛒 STOCKX

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Kyrie Flytrap 1Pinimage source:


The Nike Kyrie Flytrap 1 is an older shoe, but it's still worth considering. There aren't many options in Kyrie's catalog for wide-footed players, and the first Flytrap shoe fits the bill.

If you're looking for an affordable shoe that accommodates a wider foot, give this one a try.

While the midfoot and heel fit similarly to average shoes, the toe box is much wider. This shoe offers a wider build than any other Kyrie model.

For an shoe from Nike, the performance is solid. Expect reliable traction that holds up well outdoors, adequate support, a lightweight woven build that keeps the foot secure, and basic cushioning (though not the most responsive in the Kyrie lineup).

Keep in mind that this shoe is not ideal for players with narrower feet. The wide toe box could cause some security issues. You may need to go down half a size, but do so at your own discretion.

The first Flytrap shoe can be difficult to find, but platforms like GOAT and StockX are your best options.

Retail price:

Cushion: Forefoot Zoom Air unit and Phylon midsole

Build: Woven

Sizing: True to size or half a size down. Stick to your usual size if you have wide feet.


Best Affordable Option for Outdoor Play  REVIEW 🛒 AMAZON

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Kyrie Flytrap 2Pinimage source:


If you're looking for a reliable shoe that can withstand outdoor play, the Flytrap 2 is a solid option.

You can trust that this shoe will last and perform well on the court, even with its price tag.

The Flytrap 2 features two elite traction patterns, herringbone and radial, on its outsole. The thick, aggressive rubber provides excellent coverage on concrete surfaces for months on end.

Despite its minimal build, this shoe offers adequate support. The textiles used in the upper are affordable but structured with Fuse reinforcements in high-wear areas.

Overall, the Flytrap 2 is a lightweight, agile shoe that aligns with Kyrie's playing style.

Keep in mind that this shoe may not be ideal for players with wider feet. It tends to fit snugly, so some people with average feet may need to go up a half size. Players report that the cushioning is not the most comfortable, but it's durable and doesn't sacrifice performance.

Retail price:

Cushion: Forefoot Zoom Air unit and Phylon midsole

Build: Textile upper with Fuse reinforcements

Sizing: True to size or half a size down. Not recommended for wide feet.


Best Overall Budget Option  REVIEW  🛒 NIKE

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Kyrie Flytrap 5Pinimage source:


For those looking for a decent Kyrie shoe at an affordable price, the Flytrap 5 is a great option.

While it may not be perfect or exceptional in any particular aspect, it offers most of what you need on the court at a lower price point.

The Kyrie Flytrap 5 features a basic Phylon midsole with Zoom Air cushioning in the forefoot. It provides a fast, minimal, and low-to-the-ground feel, with minimal feedback.

If you prefer a more cushioned underfoot experience, consider the Kyrie 4 or explore other options outside of the Kyrie lineup.

Traction is reliable, as reported by players who have used the shoes both indoors and outdoors. Some occasional wiping of the outsoles may be necessary.

In terms of support, the minimal build may concern some players. However, guards who aren't excessively shifty or athletic should find them adequate.

Retail price:

Cushion: Forefoot Zoom Air unit and Phylon midsole

Build: Mesh front and back, ripstop midfoot, micro-molded mesh back

Sizing: True to size for everyone, half a size up for those with very wide feet


The Most Comfortable Choice  Review 🛒 NIKE

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Kyrie InfinityPinimage source:

Why it's the Most Comfortable Choice

I haven't played in the Kyrie Infinity (or the Kyrie 8, as it's the 8th model in the series) enough to put it in the best all-around section, but I can already confidently say it's the most comfortable shoe from Uncle Drew to date.

The cushion has undergone significant changes. The forefoot now features a large Zoom Air Strobel, while the heel features a smaller Zoom unit. Even if you didn't know these were Kyrie shoes, you wouldn't be able to tell based on the cushion.

Playing on my forefoot with these shoes is very pleasant. The heel is a bit firmer, but I can still feel the midsole compressing a bit and the unit springing back into place.

It's all very subtle but still more than what you usually get in the heel.

The added padding around the heel and ankle is also much more substantial than on any other Kyrie sneaker. It seems like Nike prioritized comfort while slightly sacrificing performance with these shoes.

In terms of performance, the shoe holds up well. However, there are mixed opinions at the moment.

Currently, I'm experiencing solid traction outdoors and good security (although there are a few small issues). The shoe's beefier build feels very nice on foot.

Potential Downsides

Similar to the previous Kyrie 7, don't expect good torsional rigidity with these shoes. It seems like the design team decided to prioritize a lighter frame for the future lineup at the expense of beefier shank plates.

Considering the beefier cushion setup, it seems they didn't want to add any more weight. I wouldn't recommend these shoes to someone with flat feet or foot problems due to this design choice.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the design team deviated from the usual Kyrie formula the most with the Kyrie Infinity. The forefoot cushion is now bouncy, but the ultra-responsive stride typically associated with Kyrie shoes doesn't seem to be the primary focus anymore.

Retail price: $140

Cushion: Forefoot Zoom Air Strobel, Heel Zoom Air unit, Foam midsole

Build: Textile with Fuse coating front, Suede with leather lining back

Sizing: Half a size up for most


Best Overall Runner-Up  🛒 GOAT

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Kyrie Low 2Pinimage source:

Why it's a Great Overall Shoe

I haven't played in the Kyrie Low 2 yet (as I started with the Kyrie Low 4), but it seems that people love this second Kyrie Low shoe more than any other. So, for those who prefer low-top wear, this is the best option for optimal performance.

The front and back Zoom units provide good but not as comfortable cushioning as Cushlon in the Kyrie 4. However, you'll still get a well-balanced setup that emphasizes speed and court feel while also considering the importance of step comfort during longer sessions.

Traction appears to be fantastic both indoors and outdoors with minimal to no wiping required. Previous models have excelled in this area, allowing for great stopping power even on older courts.

Security is not an issue, and the lightweight fabric build is a nice change from previous models. It offers comfort and agility, while the added TPU sections and critical support features ensure stability without feeling flimsy.

If you're specifically looking for a low-cut Kyrie shoe, it's worth taking the people's word for it and trying out the Kyrie Low 2.

Potential Downsides

Similar to the Kyrie 4, these shoes may potentially be an issue for wide-footers. Some people suggest going up half a size, while others report that even doing so didn't solve their heel slippage problems. You may need to experiment with the fit of the Kyrie Low 2, starting with going half a size up.

The rubber used on the outsoles is stronger than average basketball shoe rubber today, but it's still not ideal for outdoor use. If you frequently play on asphalt, you may wear through these shoes quickly.

Retail price: $110

Cushion: Forefoot and heel Zoom Air units

Build: Textile with TPU reinforcements

Sizing: True to size. Wide-footers should consider going half a size up

Nike Kyrie 6

The Nike Kyrie 6 is an exceptional model for quick guards. These shoes offer excellent ankle protection and exceptional traction, making them perfect for players who move swiftly on the court.

Nike Kyrie 6 model looks fantastic and offers great performances (Image via Nike)Nike Kyrie 6 model looks fantastic and offers great performances (Image via Nike)You may be interested in reading: Which college did Kyrie Irving attend and how did he fare there?

Released in November 2019, the Nike Kyrie 6 is a versatile model. It is durable and offers a complete package, although it may come with a slightly higher price tag.

Common Qualities in a Kyrie Shoe

Here's what to generally expect when shopping for a Kyrie basketball sneaker

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Behind the DesignPinbackground image source: nike.comMany other signature athlete shoe lines offer a range of different basketball shoes catered to various players, styles, and preferences from the same athlete's catalog.

That's NOT the case for Kyrie's collection. His shoe releases consistently offer affordable, well-built guard shoes that prioritize speed, agility, and a low-profile style.

This doesn't mean that other players can't enjoy them, but it's undeniable that Kyrie sneakers are designed with Irving's style of play in mind. Take it or leave it.

Let's dive deeper into the main recurring qualities you'll commonly find in a Kyrie basketball shoe so you'll know what to expect when purchasing one in the future.

Compact Fit

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: FitPinshoe image source: nike.comMost Kyrie shoes are known for their snug fit. I can count on one hand the times I found a new Kyrie shoe that fit me comfortably without feeling tight.

Of course, I have wide feet, so it may not be as troublesome for others. Even for those with regular feet, you can expect a compact and narrow experience with minimal room width and length-wise.

This is how Kyrie prefers his sneakers to fit, and if you have the same preference, you'll find his kicks excellent.

If you have wide feet or prefer a more traditional fit with a bit of wiggle room, going up half a size from your usual choice is a common option when looking for Kyrie shoes.

However, Uncle Drew's signature lineup is not the best choice for wide-footers since they tend to be narrow. This is a common issue reported even by players without wide feet.

It is possible to make it work, but it often requires sizing adjustments and patience until the build breaks in and stretches to provide more comfort for wider feet.

Lightweight & Agile

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: LightPinshoe image source: nike.comSpeed, agility, and a light frame align with Kyrie's goals on the court. Achieving maximum quickness, precision, and effectiveness is hindered if your footwear is heavy or bulky.

Almost all Kyrie sneakers feature a lightweight build that is lighter than the average shoe today, even as performance footwear continues to become lighter, more nimble, and more comfortable.

To shed weight, some compromises may be made. For example, newer Kyrie models like the Kyrie 7 or the Kyrie Low 4 prioritize lightness and nimbleness. However, support features like torsional protection may be sacrificed to achieve a feather-light feel.

These shoes often use lightweight midsoles that offer less rigidity than traditional basketball sneakers. Shank plates may also be removed, which raises questions for some players, such as those with flat feet or a history of foot injuries.

There is usually a trade-off when maximizing a specific element, but Kyrie's sneakers continue to improve in minimizing these trade-offs. It's only a matter of time before the perfect balance is achieved.

Low-Profile Ride for the Speedy

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Low-ProfilePinshoe image source: nike.comKyrie Irving, also known as Uncle Drew, prefers his performance shoes to be firm, fast, and low to the ground. This is the most common recurring characteristic of Kyrie sneakers. Most of them offer minimal cushioning and a low-to-the-ground feel.

You will typically find a dense Phylon or Cushlon midsole and a Zoom unit (usually in the forefoot, although some models have it in the heel) encased in a firm layer of foam, resulting in a barely noticeable cushion.

This design complements Kyrie's style of play perfectly, providing maximum court feel, precision, and stability due to the close proximity of the cushion to the ground.

Players who prefer a more traditional basketball setup may find this experience with Kyrie shoes to feel flat and lackluster. These shoes do not offer significant impact protection and lack the beloved bounce feel upon jumping.

However, if you prefer your shoes to feel more formulaic, there is no better choice than a Kyrie silhouette.

Aggressive Grip for the Shifty

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: TractionPinshoe image source: nike.comRelentless footwork and consistent performance demand a solid foundation. For players like Kyrie Irving, the foundation is traction.

Kyrie models are known for providing exceptional grip. Whether using Nike's classic herringbone traction or computer-generated patterns, Kyrie shoes offer impressive stopping power and minimize the need for frequent wiping.

Many Kyrie kicks, especially the more affordable models, feature durable and thick rubber outsoles. This makes them reliable for outdoor use, even on concrete courts. Kyrie's game is rooted in his experience playing intense streetball battles, making his shoes ideal for outdoor longevity.


Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: StabilityPinshoe image source: nike.comKyrie's intense style of basketball requires shoes that provide stability and support without overrestricting movements.

Stability and support are two areas where Kyrie sneakers consistently impress. They offer great heel and ankle lock-in, as well as excellent foot lockdown and containment due to a secure fit and an internal cable system.

Lateral and medial stability are also priorities. Kyrie sneakers often feature rounded tooling for additional mobility, balanced with a wide forefoot base and a near-flat platform. The heel drop-off is typically around 4-6 mm, providing stability and mobility in one package.

How I Chose Each Shoe

It's essential to understand the context and principles behind each chosen sneaker

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: How I ChosePin

The process and principles behind my shoe selection are just as important to know as the shoes themselves. I adhere to roughly the same set of rules every time I create a shoe list like this one.

Understanding these principles and reasoning can help you make informed decisions and appreciate the intricacies of each choice.

The Player & Setting

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: The Player & SettingPin

To start, let's consider the player and where the shoes will be used.

I am a 6'1 guard weighing approximately 175 lbs (although it may vary between 172-180 lbs). I am an aggressive slasher to the rim, fairly explosive, and play with force.

While I am competent in other basketball areas, I am most comfortable and confident when driving to the hoop, shooting mid-range jumpers, or defending tough and quick players like myself.

I am not as shifty as Kyrie, and it's not my predominant style. I am not a professional player, but I can hold my ground in an amateur or adept hooper setting.

I primarily play outdoors on rubberized tennis court-like surfaces or classic blacktops. However, I do occasionally play indoors on hardwood courts.

All Shoes are Tested or Proven

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: TestedPin

The shoe list consists of shoes that I have personally played in and thoroughly tested, or shoes that haven't been extensively tested by me but have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from others.

I spend a good two months testing a shoe before providing a comprehensive review. If you see a shoe with a link to a full review, it means I have thoroughly tested it myself.

There are many Kyrie shoes I haven't played in yet, and I may not have the opportunity to do so. This is why I decided to include shoes recommended by other testers and the general public this time.

I believe this combination provides a solid selection of shoes.

Balanced Performance is Key

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: Overall PerformancePin

While Kyrie sneakers are designed for a specific style of play, I aimed to compile a list that offers balanced performance.

Each shoe should fit well, provide consistent traction, sufficient cushioning, and support without hindering mobility. The build quality should be worth the investment.

Even if a shoe may not align with your playstyle, it should still deliver in critical areas of basketball, should you decide to try it out.

Not a Hurdle to Acquire

Best Kyrie Shoes for Basketball: ObtainablePin

Lastly, I included shoes that are readily available at reasonable prices. Fortunately, this wasn't difficult with Kyrie sneakers.

You may have seen cases where shoe hype drives up prices to unreasonable levels. However, most Kyrie kicks do not follow this trend.

You can easily find these shoes at their retail price or sometimes even below it.

Nike Kyrie Low 4

These low-top Kyrie Irving shoes are perfect for players seeking lightweight basketball footwear. They offer fantastic traction, although some buyers may be put off by the minimal cushioning.

Nike Kyrie Low 4 shoes are very popular among athletes (Image via Getty Images)Nike Kyrie Low 4 shoes are very popular among athletes (Image via Getty Images)According to KixStats, numerous professional basketball players wear these shoes on the court. They are especially popular in the WNBA, which is not surprising considering their exceptional performance.

Best Court Feel: Nike Kyrie Low 4

The Kyrie Low 4 is arguably the best low-cut iteration of Kyrie Irving's signature line. It offers players excellent court feel.

Moreover, it provides great responsiveness and stability. When making quick direction changes or shooting pull-up jumpers, these shoes will keep your feet stable.

However, it's important to note that the Kyrie Low 4 lacks the full-length Phylon midsole found in other models. This may be a factor to consider. But, if you're a quick player who relies on responsiveness in your shoes, the low-top version of Kyrie Irving's shoe is a great fit for you.

How do Kyrie Low 4 shoes fit?

The Kyrie Low 4 runs true to size. However, the toebox is snug, so wide-footers may want to go half a size up.

When did the Kyrie Low 4 come out?

The Kyrie Low 4 was released in October 2021. It offers vibrant colorways, including the classic "Bred" colorway.

How much are the Kyrie Low 4 shoes?

The Kyrie Low 4 has a retail price of $120, which is more affordable compared to the main signature line.

Check out popular Kyrie Low 4 shoes on Amazon:

Special Colorways

Nike Kyrie Spongebob Collection

Nike and Nickelodeon collaborated to create the Nike Kyrie Spongebob Collection. The fifth silhouette features colorways inspired by Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward, while Sandy and Mr. Krabs each have their own versions in the Kyrie Low 2. Each pair incorporates the respective character's color, their faces on the insole, and unique details like Spongebob's sponge holes and Sandy's flower.

In conclusion, the Kyrie sneaker catalog offers a variety of options for basketball enthusiasts looking to elevate their game. From the innovative Kyrie 1 to the stylish Kyrie Low 4, each shoe is designed with unique features and outstanding performance. Whether it's the best court feel you're after or a shoe with special colorways, Nike has got you covered. So make your choice wisely and step onto the court with confidence, knowing that you're wearing one of the best Kyrie shoes available.