Whether you are a middle blocker, a libero, a hitter, or a setter, having the right pair of volleyball shoes can make all the difference in your game. In this article, we will explore the top choices for the best volleyball shoes for men, ranking them based on their performance and comfort. From the overall best men's volleyball shoes to the specialized options for each position, we have you covered. So, if you're tired of slipping and sliding on the court, it's time to lace up and discover the perfect pair of volleyball shoes for you.

Top Volleyball Shoes for Middle Blockers

Mizuno Wave Momentum 2

  • ENERZY cushioning for exceptional comfort
  • Designed to offer high stability upon landing
  • Foot-hugging design for comfort
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Perfect for Middle Blockers and Opposites
Wave Momentum 2 provides exceptional ankle support and is highly recommended for middle blockers, opposites, and players with a heavier build.

The Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 is renowned for its simplicity, comfort, and durability. It is a reliable choice for players looking for a comfortable and long-lasting shoe. Mizuno, known for its expertise in crafting volleyball shoes, ensures a consistent fit across different models. If you're a fan of Mizuno, you can trust that their shoes will feel comfortable right out of the box.

Highly Adaptable Upper Mesh Material

The Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 features a lightweight and flexible upper mesh material that reduces pressure points and provides a barefoot-like walking experience. The shoe allows for precise adjustment of the fit, ensuring optimal comfort. Mizuno's commitment to high-quality materials and construction sets it apart from other brands, as these shoes have a reputation for durability and reliability.

Mizuno has paid great attention to the design of this model, with a comfortable wrap that follows the natural contours of the foot. The smooth heel-to-toe transition adds to the overall comfort of the shoe. Despite its impressive features, the Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 remains affordable, making it a suitable choice for beginners, amateurs, and professionals alike.

Top Volleyball Shoes for Liberos

Asics Net Burner Ballistic FF3

  • Gel cushioning for optimal shock absorption
  • Flexible fit for freedom of movement
  • Excellent durability for long-lasting performance
  • TWISTRUST technology for enhanced speed and stability
  • FLYTEFOAM Propel technology for added propulsion
  • Suitable for Outside Hitters, Opposites, and Liberos
Asics Net Burner Ballistic FF MT 2 is one of the few shoes that incorporates gel cushioning, providing exceptional shock absorption. These shoes are known for their durability and flexibility, allowing for a comfortable and unrestricted fit. The internal wall of the shoe adds support and enhances the overall feel.

Similar to the previous model, the Asics Net Burner Ballistic FF3 is available in high-top and low-top versions, making it suitable for players in various positions. However, it may have limited color options, unless you are Masahiro Yanagida, who has a custom-designed shoe as part of his sponsorship deal with Asics.

Asics introduces a new generation of popular volleyball shoes designed to optimize athleticism on the court. The collaboration between Asics and Masahiro Yanagida, a renowned Japanese national volleyball player, has resulted in a top-of-the-line product that benefits both professionals and beginners alike. Despite its sleek appearance, this model offers remarkable performance.

The TWISTRUST technology incorporated in this shoe provides exceptional speed and stability, crucial elements in the game. The FLYTEFOAM Propel technology addresses the challenge of creating a lightweight shoe without compromising cushioning, resulting in a shoe that feels light and provides effective shock absorption. Notably, these shoes are also affordable, offering excellent value for money.

Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z6

Experience dominance on the court with the Wave Lightning Z6 from Mizuno. This shoe has been completely redesigned to deliver explosive power and unbeatable acceleration. The breathable mesh upper, combined with the half bootie construction, allows for flexible and effortless movement. Stay one step ahead of your opponents with rapid reactions in any direction, while maintaining perfect balance with the extra stable outrigger sole.

The Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 is lightweight and specifically designed to meet the needs of volleyball players. Its ability to adapt quickly to changes in direction, provide endurance during long matches, enhance jumping ability, and offer comfortable landings makes it a standout option. Mizuno has carefully crafted this shoe to provide stability during direction changes with its slightly protruding sole. The unique Wave technology evenly distributes shock across the sole, ensuring superior cushioning and improved strength.

Top Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

Asics Sky Elite FF (MT) 2

  • Gel technology for optimal cushioning and shock absorption
  • Cushioning for excellent shock absorption
  • DYNAWRAP technology for stability and support
  • FLYTEFOAM Propel technology for added propulsion
  • TWISTRUSS technology for horizontal power transition
  • Wider flexion grooves in the outsole for enhanced stability
  • Suitable for Outside Hitters, Opposites, and Middle Blockers
Next on our list of men's volleyball shoes is the Asics Sky Elite FF 2. This shoe boasts a simple design and is available in both low-top and high-top versions. Asics is renowned for its volleyball shoes, which may not always be the most stylish, but consistently deliver exceptional performance. They offer superb traction, reliable support, and great comfort during long matches, without causing hot spots or blisters.

The straightforward design of the Asics Sky Elite FF 2 makes it a reliable choice that can be repurchased with confidence. Asics ensures consistent fit and performance across its models, making it a trusted and dependable brand.

Asics sneakers are highly popular among professional athletes, especially in the volleyball community. These sneakers provide a new level of comfort and support on the court.

The Asics Sky Elite FF 2 incorporates advanced features, including DYNAWRAP technology. This technology combines flexibility with superior stability, enhancing braking power. The shoe is suitable for both professional athletes and amateurs, offering exceptional speed and stability through its TWISTRUSS technology. The shoe's grip template allows for maximum acceleration in all directions, making it a reliable choice for hitting positions.

Top Men's Volleyball Shoes (Overall)

Adidas Stabil Next-Gen 2.0

  • Sock-like fit for optimal comfort
  • Lace closure for a secure fit
  • Forged Adidas primeknit textile upper for durability
  • Lockdown system and internal support for stability
  • EVA stabilization frame for lateral stability
  • Boost midsole for responsive cushioning
  • Rubber outsole with radiused edges for traction
  • Prime blue-High performance recycled material
  • Suitable for Outside Hitters, Liberos, and Setters
Stand out on the court with the eye-catching Adidas Stabil Next-Gen 2.0. This shoe features a unique design with a prominent Adidas logo and delivers a supportive feel with a responsive boost insole. With its sock-like fit, the shoe offers exceptional comfort and lightweight characteristics compared to many basketball-specific shoes. Additionally, it incorporates Primegreen high-performance recycled materials.

One of the notable athletes who wears this shoe is Dustin Watten, a libero for the United States national team. His endorsement of the shoe speaks to its quality and performance.

The adjustable lacing system ensures a customizable fit for various foot types. The footbed offers a comfortable and secure feeling for the toes while keeping the feet in place. One of the most uncomfortable experiences for volleyball players is foot slippage within the shoe, which can be avoided with the Adidas Stabil Next-Gen 2.0.

The Boost responsive midsole sets this shoe apart, providing exceptional comfort, stability, and agility on the court. Adidas players are known for their dominance indoors and on any type of floor. The rubber outsole, in addition to its easy maintenance, offers excellent jumping ability and comfortable landings.

Furthermore, this sneaker model features an Eva stabilization frame that provides unparalleled lateral stability and midfoot support. The 60-degree grip template contributes to maximum acceleration in all directions, further enhancing the shoe's performance and reliability.

The Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Adidas Men’s D.O.N ISSUE 3

  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure with elastic gore straps
  • Textile upper with Donovan Mitchell “Spida” logo
  • Adidas Donovan Mitchell Issue 3 features an abrasion-resistant TPU toe cap
  • Lightstrike cushioning
  • Heel band and lateral-side TPU
  • Rubber outsole

Shop Donovan Mitchell (D.O.N.) shoes. The Issue #3 model is designed to provide stability in every movement. These sneakers have a highly flexible, waterproof rubber outsole that is easy to maintain. Additionally, the midsole offers comfort to your feet. The lace closure with elastic gore straps provides extra foot security and reduces slippage while lacing.

The Donovan Mitchell (D.O.N.) basketball shoes Issue #3 also feature a durable TPU toe cap, which reinforces the toe area and reduces the likelihood of the shoes breaking. For volleyball players who routinely dive during games, this feature provides added protection to the front of the shoes.


The distinctive visual appeal of this model is a major draw. The sneakers showcase the ambition, desire, and passion of the successful athlete and artist, Donovan Mitchell. Collaborating with Adidas and Marvel, these high-quality sneakers are a testament to their joint creativity.

On the upper part of the sneakers, you'll find Donovan Mitchell's unique "Spida" logo, which he designed himself. One exciting aspect is that the shoe is tailored to Don's style of play, allowing for maximum force and mobility during gameplay.

In addition to their functionality, these sneakers offer excellent value for their price. You have to experience their comfort and quality for yourself. They are the perfect choice for any volleyball player looking for optimal comfort, which is why they have made it onto our list of the top ten men's volleyball shoes.

Adidas Men’s Harden VOL 6

  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Textile upper
  • Supportive, locked-down feel
  • Boost midsole
  • Rubber outsole
  • 25% of the components used to make the upper are made with a minimum of 50% recycled content

Shop Adidas Harden vol.6 is a collection of sneakers designed for both professionals and aspiring basketball players who want unique models in their collection. These sneakers are not only trendy but also planet-conscious, as 25% of their components are made from a minimum of 50% recycled content.

Like most basketball shoes designed for players, Harden considered his own skill set in creating these sneakers. They are designed to enable players to change direction, jump, turn, and perform all the skills required in volleyball. It's no surprise that basketball shoes translate so well for volleyball.


The cushioning added to the midsole provides optimal comfort, while the rubber sole with grooves ensures safety and control during sudden movements and landings on the floor. The traction and ability to convert horizontal force into vertical force make these sneakers ideal for executing approaches and other volleyball movements with confidence.

Comfort, style, practicality, and affordability come together in these shoes, making them the perfect choice for volleyball players of any level, as well as athletes who play both volleyball and basketball.

Best Volleyball Shoes: 3rd Place

Nike Kyrie InfinityWatch the review The Kyrie Infinity is the eighth signature sneaker by Kyrie Irving. While it shares similarities with its predecessors, it has significant improvements that make it Nike's best volleyball shoe.

Buy the Nike Kyrie Infinity


The greatest feature of the Infinity is its exceptional cushioning. The forefoot Zoom Air unit provides a bouncy and responsive feel when taking steps, allowing for explosive jumps and soft landings. The shoe offers incredible stability with its wide forefoot and traction system that wraps around the foot's edge. This results in a smooth transition during approach jumps. The lockdown system, which tightens around the foot as the laces are pulled, ensures that the foot remains securely in place. The traction performs perfectly on both wood and plastic courts, even with some dust.


The only cons of the Infinity are related to comfort and fit. The shoe fits tightly, and the laces can make it even tighter when tied. While this provides a secure fit and prevents slipping inside the shoe, it may feel uncomfortable depending on the shape of your foot. The toe box can be narrow for those with wider feet. If you have wide feet or a more neutral foot shape, it is recommended to go half a size up.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Infinity is an excellent shoe. Its top-tier traction, stability, lockdown, and cushioning make it Nike's best volleyball shoe and a great choice for any volleyball player on the court. For a comprehensive review, click here.

Best Volleyball Shoes: 2nd Place

Puma MB.01 Rick and Morty SneakersWatch the review Puma gained recognition with the widely acclaimed Clyde All Pro, considered the best performance shoe during its release year. The MB.01, LaMelo Ball's first signature shoe, is its spiritual successor. With impressive technology, a plush on-foot feel, and captivating colorways, these sneakers deserve your attention. Whether you play men's or women's volleyball, whether you're in the front row or back row, the MB.01 is the best volleyball shoe currently available.

Buy the MB.01


The Puma MB.01 has a translucent outsole (on most colorways) that provides aggressive grip on wooden and clean plastic courts. The midsole features Puma's Nitro foam, which feels great on these sneakers. It offers a bouncy feel while ensuring protective landings. The lockdown system, combined with the standard lacing and solid heel counter, provides effective foot stability. The shoe's stability is further enhanced by its ability to cradle the foot in the insole. The plush upper of the shoe is soft and breathable, ensuring maximum comfort.

The standout feature of the MB.01, making it one of the best volleyball shoes, is its outsole shape and structure. The outsole smoothly wraps around the shoe's lateral edge, enabling a seamless and fluid heel-to-toe transition during an approach jump. This sharp contact angle and smooth roll-through are essential movements in volleyball, and the MB.01 encourages and facilitates them.


The only issue with the MB.01 pertains to the translucent rubber outsole on dusty, plastic courts. While there was no slipping, the grip felt less sticky compared to wooden or clean courts. Regular wiping is required in such situations. It was noted that the shoes needed to be wiped between every point. If you play on high-quality, clean courts, this issue can be ignored.

The MB.01 is a can't-miss sneaker and has become a go-to choice for many. It offers a true-to-size fit and is available in various eye-catching colorways. For more information, check out the WearTesters performance review.

Best Volleyball Shoes: 4th Place

Nike KD 14 Performance ReviewWatch the review Kevin Durant's 14th signature shoe, the KD 14, is also one of Nike's best volleyball shoes. The KD line has consistently delivered exceptional performance, and this sneaker continues that tradition. Although designed for basketball, these shoes may be the ideal choice for hitters in volleyball. (Note: KD15 review and update coming soon!)

Buy the KD 14


The traction of the KD 14 is excellent, providing no slipping on both wood and plastic courts. The lockdown is sufficient, with a strap that adds minimal impact. The shoe's stability is enhanced by a lateral plate in the midsole, which also serves as a cushioning support. The cushioning is where this shoe truly shines. The KD 14 features a soft Cushlon midsole and a full-length Zoom Air Strobel, making it the best cushioning technology available. The shoe offers a perfect balance of bounce and joint protection, making it an excellent choice for any sport that involves jumping. Playing volleyball in the KD 14 is both enjoyable and effective.


The only real drawback of the KD 14 is that the strap is more for aesthetics than functionality. Many users have cut off the strap without noticing any difference in fit or support. Nevertheless, the lockdown without the strap is still good. Nike could improve on their strap design in general.

For a comprehensive performance review of the KD 14, click here. The Nike KD 14 is available in a variety of colorways, allowing you to match them to your team colors. Stay tuned for the KD15 review and update, coming soon!

Best Volleyball Shoes: 5th Place

ASICS SKY ELITE FF 2 Main View - Best Volleyball ASICS is one of the leading brands in volleyball-specific shoes, and the Sky Elite FF 2 is their flagship model. These are considered the best ASICS volleyball shoes and are highly popular even among the highest-ranked volleyball players.

Buy the Sky Elite FF 2


As expected from ASICS, the traction of the Sky Elite FF 2 is excellent on both wood and plastic courts. The lockdown is effective, although comfort could be improved due to the thin DYNAWRAP ribbon that ensures foot stability. The shoe features a substantial heel counter and a lateral plate in the midsole, providing good stability for lateral movements. The combination of GEL cushioning and FLYTEFOAM midsole offers a comfortable and responsive feel. The TWISTRUSS plate provides torsional support and facilitates smooth heel-to-toe transitions during approach jumps.


The DYNAWRAP ribbon, while ensuring lockdown, can be uncomfortable due to its thickness and tightness around the forefoot during lateral movements. However, it does not cause pain. Additionally, the shoe's availability in certain sizes may be limited due to supply issues, and the color options are basic.

For a full review of this sneaker, click here.

Best Volleyball Shoes: 6th Place

Mizuno is arguably the most popular volleyball shoe brand and known for their expertise in the market. With the Wave Momentum 2, Mizuno combines their signature Wave Plate technology with improved cushioning and materials. Here's what you can expect from the best Mizuno volleyball shoe.

Buy Men's Wave Momentum 2

Buy Women's Wave Momentum 2


The first standout feature of the Wave Momentum 2 is its cushioning. The dense and responsive Enerzy foam provides remarkable bounce, a significant upgrade from its predecessor. The shoe's wide outrigger ensures excellent lateral stability, addressing a previous area of weakness. The traction is reliable and performs well on both wooden and clean plastic courts. The Wave plate allows for a smooth heel-to-toe transition during approach jumps.


While the Wave Momentum 2 offers exceptional bounce, it lacks softness. Thinner court floors may not provide enough additional impact protection, potentially leading to discomfort. The shoe's lockdown is effective, but the toe box can feel wide and high, potentially causing fit issues for those with narrow feet. It is recommended to consider going half a size down if you have a narrow foot.

For a detailed review of the Mizuno Wave Momentum 2, click here.

What Are the Most Comfortable Volleyball Shoes?

In terms of comfort, the Asics Sky Elite FF shoes are highly recommended due to their excellent heel lockdown.

Among the shoes on the list, the Nike Hyperaces are known for their extreme comfort, thanks to the thick padding around the ankle and flexible upper.

The Dame 7s are also known for their incredible comfort, especially for individuals with wider feet.

Volleyball shoes should fit snugly around the foot without excessive looseness around the heel. They should not be too tight around the sides, as this can cause discomfort during long games.

Each write-up above provides information on which shoes fit well for individuals with wider feet.

If you have your heart set on a particular shoe that may not be ideal for wide feet, it is recommended to buy half a size larger than your usual size.

Trying on shoes before making a purchase may not always be possible, but these recommendations can help guide your decision-making process.

Not long ago, you would have likely seen many Mizunos and Asics being worn on most volleyball courts.

These two brands have dominated the market for a long time, although Nike is now making significant inroads.

Recently, many top professional players have been spotted wearing Nike React Hypersets, indicating a rise in their popularity among players.

The image referenced above showcases this trend, with several Nike shoes visible alongside some Mizunos.

While Mizuno and Asics remain popular choices, Nike is gaining traction and becoming increasingly trendy.

The Top Volleyball Shoes for Setters

Nike HyperAce 2

  • Superior Stability for the Forefoot
  • Midfoot Support for Optimal Performance
  • Enhanced Durability with Advanced Forefoot Materials
  • Lightweight Design for Agility and Speed
  • Cushioning Under Toes for Added Comfort
  • Exceptional Traction with a Rubber Sole
  • Perfect for Liberos and Setters

Nike Hyperace 2 Men's volleyball shoes come in a diverse range of stylish color variations. This model is the second addition to the Hyperace collection for men and builds upon the success of its predecessor. Boasting a lightweight and trendy low-top design, these shoes offer exceptional stability for quick lateral movements.

The Nike HyperAce 2 men's volleyball shoes feature durable hardcourt construction, incorporating Zoom Air units that deliver outstanding cushioning. They are also equipped with a TPU cage that adapts to the shape of your feet. With responsive cushioning and breathable mesh, these shoes ensure maximum comfort during gameplay.

As previously mentioned, the Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 provides unparalleled comfort. Its front laces offer customizable tightness, providing you with the freedom to adjust the fit to your preference. The mesh upper ensures breathability and enhanced comfort during extended wear. The use of high-quality materials and a perforated design promote optimal airflow, reducing sweat and minimizing odors.

Innovative Zoom Technology

Featuring Zoom technology, these shoes enable volleyball players to execute effortless lateral movements. Specifically designed for athletes who prioritize speed, be it explosive bursts or quick changes in direction, Zoom technology facilitates smooth transitions. Notably, the outsole extends upwards to create a unified and secure fit, minimizing the risk of front-end damage often experienced by volleyball players. Furthermore, the TPU reinforcement on these shoes boasts exceptional durability, showing remarkable resistance to abrasion and cracks.

The Zoom cushioning system provides a soft landing, offering substantial support for your feet and knees. Widely recognized as one of the highest-quality men's volleyball shoes available, the Hyperace 2 model is a staple among professional players. For individuals with ankle concerns, it is advisable to wear an ankle brace for additional support and protection.

Among the plethora of comfortable sneakers in the market, we believe that the Nike Zoom HyperAce 2 offers the best price-quality ratio. It is accessible to professional athletes, amateurs, and even beginners seeking to enhance their game. However, it is worth noting that Nike often discontinues older models when introducing new ones, so if these shoes become your favorite, consider purchasing multiple pairs.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the perfect volleyball shoes for men, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Whether you're a middle blocker, a libero, a hitter, or a setter, these top-ranking shoes have got you covered. From the overall best men's volleyball shoes to the most comfortable and popular ones, this comprehensive list has it all. So lace up, grab your team, and dominate the court with the best volleyball shoes on your feet.