Looking for a pair of running shoes that won't break the bank? You're in luck! While some racing shoes can be expensive, there are plenty of options available for less than $100 that provide excellent quality and performance.

Don't let the lower price tag fool you. Affordable running shoes can be just as good as their high-end counterparts. Major running shoe brands offer a range of reasonably priced options that can give you everything you need to tackle your next run.

Here are our top picks for the best affordable running shoes under $100. Our expert, who has experience in running and outdoor gear, has personally tested and reviewed each pair, with additional insights from fellow writers and testers at Runner's World.

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When we say "cheap," we don't mean low-quality knock-offs. Each of these shoes comes from a reputable brand and many have gone through Runner's World's rigorous testing process. While you may not get the cutting-edge technology or materials found in high-end shoes, these affordable options still provide plenty of benefits that make them worth considering.

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One tradeoff you might make with a less expensive shoe is a midweight foam midsole. While top-tier shoes may feature premium cushioning, less expensive models may use a less effective foam that still provides comfort and support. You'll find similar design tradeoffs in every brand's lineup.

Regardless of price, all running shoes should offer a comfortable fit, breathable uppers, and supportive cushioning that can absorb the impact of your stride. Durability is also key, so we looked for shoes with long-lasting outsoles that add value over time and keep the cost per mile low.

So if you're on a budget but still want quality running shoes, look no further than these top picks under $100.

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Discover the "Best Running Shoes of 2023" by browsing through our vast selection of top-performing footwear at RW. Don't worry though, last year's models that we tested and fell in love with are still exceptional and remain available online. Sometimes, the year-to-year changes are minimal, and your beloved running shoe may still be the perfect fit.

We have meticulously picked our most affordable running shoes priced at $100 or less by scouring official running brand websites, consulting with brand representatives, combing through previous RW shoe reviews, and adding our own testing experience into the mix. We took into account every essential facet of the shoe, from the lacing system, upper materials, to the outsole grip and midsole cushioning, to make sure that we only offer the best of the best to our customers. With a diverse range of footwear options to cater to various running styles and preferences, you can surely find a steal deal that suits you best.

ProProProProProProConProProConProProConProProConProProGOrun Pure 3ConProProTrace 2

We recommend the "Brooks Trace 2" for new runners, engineered with their needs in mind and built for a smooth and comfortable ride. Our reviewers were impressed with the flexibility, durability, and overall comfort of the original Trace, and the updated version seems to continue that legacy. The Trace 2 boasts a BioMoGo DNA foam for an adequate amount of cushioning. The updated mesh upper offers excellent breathability, while its segmented crash pad construction allows the shoe to flex with your every step. Although some runners may find difficulty with the model's steep drop, its lightweight construction at 8.6 oz. (M) and 7.6 oz. (W), makes it an all-around comfortable choice.

ConConConOn Sale

Interested in purchasing some top-quality running shoes that guarantee comfort and durability? Why not check out our Men's and Women's options available for purchase on Amazon through the provided links below?

Guide 15

Looking for the most comfortable pair of running shoes on the market? Search no further than Skechers GOrun Pure 3. These shoes offer unparalleled cushioning that is both soft and bouncy without feeling too mushy. Additionally, the Goodyear outsole rubber provides excellent traction, ensuring a safe and enjoyable running experience.

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Prospective buyers should note that the toe box may be slightly narrow, but this is offset by the shoe's reasonable weight of only 8.3 oz for men's and 7.1 oz for women's sizes.

The original GOrun Pure model impressed us with its lightweight design, exceptional cushioning, breathable upper, and other luxurious features. However, after some changes were made to the midsole in the GOrun Pure 2, the GOrun Pure 3 represents a welcome return to form. It boasts the original responsive, TPU-based Ultra Flight foam, ensuring that runners can enjoy the shoe's incredible comfort and responsiveness at a competitive price of .

This shoe boasts a Goodyear rubber outsole that provides superior traction and durability, complete with forefoot flex grooves that make toe-offs effortless. The engineered mesh upper secures the foot in place for a comfortable, locked-down fit. The addition of removable insoles elevates comfort levels while reducing shock.

On Sale

To add to your comfort, you can purchase the men's version by clicking here, or the women's version by clicking here.


Launch 9

Saucony has outdone themselves with the Guide 15, which takes the title of the best plush stability shoe. Get it now at a discounted price of 49%.


  • - Lighter than previous iteration
  • - Supportive and comfortable
  • Cons:
  • - Not ideal for neutral runners
  • Specifications:

- Weight: 9.5 oz (M), 8.2 oz (W)

- Drop: 8mm

Runners who require a supportive shoe that feels comfortable and light will be pleased with the Guide 15. This streamlined shoe highlights a softer Pwrrun midsole foam that provides a weight reduction of approximately an ounce with increased cushioning. The Pwrrun sockliner lends a luxurious fit, while the guidance frame in the sole fixes overpronation. Saucony also gave the sole design a revamp to provide a more supportive feel by allowing the foot to sit securely in the footbed. Note that this shoe is not designed for neutral runners. You can purchase the Guide 15 from Amazon by clicking here.

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  • - Buy Women’s running shoes
  • - Read a comprehensive review of the Saucony Guide 15

Looking to boost your speedwork sessions? Check out the Brooks Launch 9, crowned as the best for that purpose. This shoe boasts of being lightweight and highly responsive, making it ideal for daily training too. Despite its speedy nature, it's designed to last long and survive the wear and tear of regular use. Brooks Launch 9 has recently been upgraded to feature even more cushioning, with a 2 mm increase in stack height. The BioMoGo midsole delivers optimal softness while also providing the much-needed energy return. The shoe's outsole is made of nearly full-coverage rubber, making it durable and providing a firm grip. The upper part is made of lightweight mesh designed to enhance breathability.

Winflo 9

However, if you require more support while running, the Launch 9 GTS equipped with GuideRails can help correct overpronation in your stride. Get the Brooks Launch 9 shoes today and enjoy the 36% discount now available.

Men’s Nike Winflo 9 and Women’s Nike Winflo 9 are now available for purchase.


Nike Winflo 9: Your New Running Buddy

GT-1000 10

Enjoy 20% off on your purchase now!


  • - More responsive cushioning than the previous version.
  • - Provides a snug fit.
  • Cons:
  • - Lacks dedicated support features.
  • Weight:

- Men's: 10.4 oz; Women's: 8.4 oz.

While Nike is known for its signature, top-of-the-line shoes meant for record-setting runs, it also keeps a range of budget-friendly running kicks in its product arsenal. The Winflo series, in particular, has become a popular choice amongst runners who prefer cost-effective options. (It's a favorite amongst the experts too, culminating in it being one of our favorite Nike running shoes!)

The latest Nike Winflo 9 version comes with updated Cushlon foam that delivers a more responsive feel, and houses a full-length Nike Dot Weld Air unit, an air-filled cell that acts as an efficient shock absorber, providing an added bounce and support to your feet. The mesh upper contains a "midfoot strap" that provides a lockdown fit for your foot while you stride. Overall, it's an ideal running shoe for everyday wear.

Looking for a reliable and supportive daily trainer? Check out the Asics GT-1000 10. This shoe is perfect for overpronators, as it offers plenty of stability features and durable outsole. It also comes with Asics' signature soft Gel cushioning for ultimate comfort.

Supernova 2

In its latest version, the GT-1000 10 has a firmer foam section beneath the arch and a midfoot support truss for better guidance through the gait cycle. It also has extra Gel at the outer heel for shock absorption upon landing.

This shoe is versatile enough for neutral runners looking for a stable trainer. Its new engineered mesh upper also improves breathability, making it perfect for any rigorous workout routine. Asics has upgraded the outsole to use its high-abrasion rubber, making it more durable than previous versions.

Don’t wait any longer to get your hands on this amazing trainer! Buy the Men's or Women's version today and experience the support and comfort like no other.


Adidas Supernova 2

Save 54% now!

When you want a shoe for your recovery runs, you need it to be not only comfortable but also light and not bulky. The Adidas Supernova 2 is the perfect choice for you. Compared to its predecessor, it is lighter and more comfortable with a newly-designed padded tongue and heel construction. The midsole is a combination of Boost and Bounce foams that provide both energy return and softness. This shoe also works well for your daily runs.

Revel 6

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Brooks Revel 6

Comfort and Energy at an affordable price!

The Brooks Revel line excels in running on tracks or longer runs, and now its latest version, the Revel 6, makes sure to keep that reputation at a lower price point. It adds more cushioning to the heel, so you have a bouncy and comfortable run. The shoe also has a streamlined upper part, offering improved fit and a sleeker look. The Revel 5 may be a more cost-effective alternative with slightly less cushioning but at a lower drop height of 8mm.

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RW: Can I use cheap running shoes for all types of running?

MC: Cheap running shoes are available for different types of running, such as the Nike Pegasus Trail for trail running, affordable support shoes, and lightweight ones for speedwork. Most budget running shoes are designed for daily training on pavement.

RW: Are cheap running shoes ideal for beginners?

A: Yes, beginners can take advantage of inexpensive running shoes to get a sense of their needs and preferences. Do you need supportive shoes for overpronation, or is trail running more your style? Bargain shoes are also good for experienced runners who put a lot of mileage on their shoes.

RW: Will cheap running shoes affect my running speed?

MC: Switching to a new pair of shoes may affect your performance to some extent, but there is nothing slow in a budget running shoe. Reliable brands make these shoes with premium quality materials for complete protection and comfort.

Editor's Note: This article is co-authored by Morgan Petruny and Amanda Furrer, two experienced Test Editors of Runner's World.