Skateboarding is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle. And when it comes to excelling in this adrenaline-fueled activity, having the right footwear is absolutely crucial. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, finding the perfect pair of skateboarding shoes can make all the difference in your performance. From providing optimal board feel to offering maximum impact absorption, we've rounded up the top skate shoes that cater to every skater's needs. So lace up your sneakers and get ready to upgrade your skate game like never before.


Best Overall Skate Shoes



Emerica Pillar Mid


emerica pillar mid skate shoes Editors' Choice Award Size Purchased: Men's US Size 8 | Type of Sole: VulcanizedREASONS TO BUY

The Emerica Pillar Mid is our top choice for the best skate shoe. This mid-top style provides excellent ankle support and features ample padding around the collar, enhancing protection and reducing slippage. The double wrap vulcanized sole, along with the suede upper and rubber ollie guard, make this shoe highly durable. After a short break-in period, the Pillars offer exceptional comfort, support, and great board feel. The sole has two tread patterns that optimize foot positioning for different tricks and grip the board well for flip tricks. As a skater-owned brand with a longstanding reputation, Emerica delivers top-notch skate shoes.

Though slightly heavier due to its mid-top design, the Pillar's weight does not significantly affect its performance. The suede upper may cause the feet to become hot, but the shoe provides some ventilation through perforations. The footbed initially sits slightly higher above the ground but sinks as the shoe breaks in. The insole, however, lacks arch support, so individuals with pronounced arches may require aftermarket insoles. Overall, the Emerica Pillar Mid is the best choice for high-impact skating, providing unparalleled support and protection.

The Emerica Pillar provides outstanding comfort, support, durability, and traction, making it the ultimate skate shoe.


Best Skate Shoes for Impact Absorption






Emerica, a brand owned by Sole Technology, Inc., has been producing high-quality skate shoes since 1996. With over 20 years of experience, Emerica has remained loyal to its commitment to creating simple yet effective skate shoes that prioritize impact absorption.


  • Featuring cup sole construction and a G6 polyurethane midsole, these shoes provide exceptional impact absorption
  • Designed for comfort during long skate sessions
  • Known for their durability and ability to withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding


  • The toe area of these shoes tends to run a bit narrow


The Most Durable Skate Shoe






Etnies, another brand under Sole Technology, Inc., has been producing top-quality skate shoes since 1986. Its commitment to durability and performance has made it a favorite among skateboarders, while its impressive skate team sponsorship further attests to its reputation in the skateboarding community. The Joslin, a popular model, features a sole made from the same rubber as Michelin tires.


  • The Joslin shoe is designed to be highly durable, with a reinforced toe cap for increased lifespan
  • Offers exceptional grip due to its Michelin tire-inspired sole
  • Provides additional support and comfort with its padded tongue and collar


  • These shoes may fit a bit snug in the width, requiring some break-in time


Best Vulcanized Shoes



New Balance



New Balance Numeric entered the skate shoe market in 2012, partnering with Blackbox distribution and earning credibility within the skateboard community, despite initial skepticism. The Jamie Foy pro model, the 306, combines style with durability, boasting high-quality reinforced suede.


  • Vulcanized outsole provides excellent board feel and grip
  • Features reinforced suede and additional toe protection for enhanced durability
  • Combines style and functionality for a versatile skate shoe


  • Laces may run shorter than expected
  • Like most skate shoes, these will require some break-in time


Best Shaped Skateboard Shoes






Fallen, founded in 2003 by skateboarder Jaimie Thomas, continues to make a name for itself in the skateboarding world. With a team of professional skaters involved in the design and testing process, Fallen produces well-crafted skate shoes that prioritize both shape and board feel. The Forte model stands out for its superior shaping and board feel, offering a balance of padding and absorption.


  • Vulcanized sole, paired with a thinly padded tongue and collar, provides excellent board feel
  • Impact Foam insole ensures long-lasting impact cushioning
  • Features abrasion-resistant suede for enhanced durability


  • While they generally fit true to size, the toe box can feel tight for some
  • Like most skate shoes, these will require some break-in time


Etnies Joslin 2


Etnies Joslin 2 skate shoes on a skateboard

Named after professional skateboarder Chris Joslin, the Etnies Joslin 2 is a high-quality skate shoe based on the Etnies Marana model but with updated features. Despite its bulky appearance, this shoe offers flexibility and lightweight performance.

Feedback from riders:

  • Provides exceptional impact resistance, making ollies down stairs a breeze
  • Boasts impressive grip and minimal wear on the Michelin soles even after months of use
  • Offers comfortable support for tricks and maneuvers, although it may require a break-in period


  • Considered the most comfortable skate shoe on this list, offering excellent arch support
  • Features superior impact protection and ample arch and heel support


  • While the shoe initially appears durable, it may wear quickly once the lace protectors and toe stitching degrade

Board Feel and Grip:

  • Designed with a cupsole and Michelin rubber compound outsole, offering exceptional grip and performance
  • Requires some break-in time, but provides great board feel
  • Despite its bulky appearance, it remains lightweight and flexible

Shoe Shape:

  • Initially appears bulky, but the shoe narrows towards the toe box, enabling precise movements on the skateboard
  • Retains its shape even after months of use, although wear becomes more noticeable after approximately 50-60 hours of skating


  • The Etnies Joslin 2 exudes durability and strength, featuring a large tongue, quality suede, and thick ankle padding
  • The lace protectors not only add visual appeal but also serve a functional purpose


  • Impressive padding provides exceptional comfort and impact absorption
  • Considered one of the most comfortable skate shoes, offering a cloud-like walking experience

Durability and Wear:

Joslin 2 shoes ollie holes

The Etnies Joslin 2 may not be the most durable skate shoe compared to other options on the market. The lace protectors and toe stitching wear quickly, which can lead to rapid overall wear and tear.

However, with proper preventive measures and repairs, such as using Shoe Goo, RipCare, and suede patches, these shoes can withstand approximately 60-70 hours of skating. The soles, on the other hand, show minimal signs of wear and remain highly durable.

Repaired skate shoe

Fit and Sizing:

The Etnies Joslin 2 offers a snug fit, thanks to its extra-thick ankle padding, which provides strong support and prevents foot displacement. These shoes generally fit true to size and are suitable for skaters with wider feet.


The Etnies Joslin 2 is a reliable skate shoe that excels in durability, comfort, and performance. While its durability may not match some other options, it makes up for it with its exceptional comfort and impact resistance. Overall, it offers a great skating experience, especially for those in search of a cupsole shoe.


Adidas Tyshawn


Adidas Tyshawn skate shoes

Initially met with skepticism, the Adidas Tyshawn quickly won over skateboarders with its impressive comfort and excellent board feel. Designed in collaboration with professional skateboarder Tyshawn Jones and footwear designers, these shoes combine style and functionality. They provide a comfortable fit and lightweight performance, making them suitable for both street and transition skating.

Feedback from riders:

  • Featuring exceptional grip and impact resistance, these shoes perform well even on demanding tricks like ollies down stairs
  • Quick break-in time allows riders to feel confident from the first use
  • Impressive durability, maintaining their quality even after 150 hours of skating


  • Considered the most durable skate shoes available, with minimal signs of wear after extensive use
  • Provide ample impact protection and support for comfortable wear


  • The narrow fit may not suit skaters with wider feet, requiring a larger size for proper fit
  • Fit may be a bit tricky, as these shoes are not true to size
  • Transition-skateboarders who prefer vulcanized shoes may need time to adjust to the Tyshawn's cupsole design


Adidas 3st wear

Considering their durability, the Adidas Tyshawn skate shoes are built to last. They show minimal signs of wear even after 80 hours of use, with the soles and suede maintaining their quality and structural integrity. The lack of stitching on the nose prevents easy tearing, and the shoes can easily tolerate at least 150 hours of skating.

Adidas 3st sole wear

The durable suede material on the shoes remains intact and resists fading, even after numerous ollies and tricks. The toe area is particularly resilient, making it difficult to break the suede. The sole shows minimal signs of wear, demonstrating its durability.

Img src="/image/empty.gif" alt="Adidas 3st skate shoes toe wear" data-src="" class="lazy">

However, after approximately 170 hours of use, the suede near the toe area may begin to tear. This can be remedied by patching the shoe with glue or suitable patches, allowing them to last longer. Despite these considerations, the Adidas Tyshawn skate shoes remain one of the most durable options available.

Board Feel and Grip:

  • These shoes offer great support and stability, thanks to their additional padding directed towards pressure points
  • Although they are cupsoles, they provide excellent board feel
  • The improved elastic material of the sole enhances grip and performance

Form and Shape:

  • Featuring a classic low-profile shape with comfortable padding, these shoes provide ample toe room
  • They retain their shape even after 100 hours of use, showcasing their impressive longevity


  • The Adidas Tyshawn skate shoes are sleek and stylish, offering a comfortable fit and attractive design
  • They can be worn for skateboarding and everyday use, making them versatile footwear options


  • While the insoles may not be exceptional, the outer soles offer superior impact protection
  • Despite their seemingly bulky appearance, these shoes do not feel cumbersome and provide excellent cushioning

Fit and Sizing:

The Adidas Tyshawn skate shoes offer a snug yet comfortable fit, thanks to their extra-thick ankle padding. However, it is worth noting that these shoes are not true to size, and skaters with wider feet may need to opt for a larger size. People with regular feet will find these shoes to be a good fit.


The Adidas Tyshawn skate shoes are a solid choice for skateboarders seeking durability, comfort, and style. While they do require careful sizing and may take some time to adjust to for vulcanized shoe enthusiasts, they are well worth the investment. Offering excellent board feel, impact resistance, and overall performance, these shoes exceed expectations in almost every aspect.


New Balance Numeric 306: A Durable and Stylish Vulc Shoe


New Balance Numeric 306 skate shoes on a skateboard

Let's dive into the New Balance Numeric 306, a vulcanized shoe that stands out not only for its trendy design but also for its impressive durability. Despite its lack of a unique backstory, these shoes excel in terms of longevity.

New Balance has truly excelled in their design of the Numeric 306. These shoes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also feature multiple layers that provide exceptional resistance against tearing. Let's hear what the riders have to say about them:

These shoes are perfect for ollieing off stairs, with one small caveat - they don't provide the best impact absorption, which can result in some discomfort. However, this is a common characteristic of vulcanized shoes.

The grip offered by the Numeric 306 is fantastic, although you may notice some wear on the soles after approximately 60-70 hours of skating, particularly in the toe area if you perform many flip tricks.

In terms of durability, these shoes feel indestructible. Even after 50 hours of skating, there are no visible signs of wear. The only downside is the lack of support when ollieing stairs, which can be quite painful. It may be worth considering replacing the insoles for added protection.

These shoes have outlasted my previous skate shoes by three times the duration. Despite the discomfort of ollieing 7-stairs, they are the best skate shoes I have ever skated in.


- Surprisingly durable for a vulcanized shoe, thanks to the absence of stitching on the nose and the high-quality suede.

- Offers excellent flexibility and superior board feel, making it ideal for skaters who perform flip tricks.


- Less durability compared to the Adidas Tyshawn (although still more durable than average) and less impact resistant, but this is expected given its vulcanized design. Skaters prone to heel bruises should consider shoes with better support.

- The laces tend to rip quickly, so reinforcing them with Shoe Goo or carrying an extra pair is advisable. The soles may wear faster than the suede, as shown in the wear images.


New Balance Numeric 306 wear after 25 hours

These shoes are remarkably durable, even though they may appear fragile at first glance. After 20-25 hours of skating, you may notice the laces beginning to rip, but there are no signs of kickflip or ollie holes or tearing on the shoe itself.

The reinforced toe area and placement of stitching ensure that the ollie area remains intact and unperturbed by grip tape contact.

The toe area is the first part that will show signs of wear on the outsole, but it still holds up incredibly well after 70 hours of skateboarding. The suede can likely endure at least 120 hours, although the outsoles may require repair by that time.

New Balance skate shoes sole wear

While the soles are starting to wear and the grip may not be as strong as a Michelin insole, the New Balance Numeric 306 outlasts comparable shoes like Vans.

Board Feel and Grip:

Vulcanized shoes typically provide better board feel compared to cupsoles, and this holds true for the Numeric 306. These shoes require minimal break-in time and offer confidence-inspiring performance for kickflips, treflips, and other technical maneuvers.

After approximately 15 hours of use, the grip may slightly diminish, but this doesn't significantly impact overall performance.

Fit and Sizing:

The New Balance Numeric 306 fits true to size, so there's no need to opt for a smaller or larger shoe. They are extremely comfortable for individuals with average feet, although those with high arches may experience some discomfort.

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Etnies Veer: Great Looks with Impressive Durability


Etnies Veer skate shoes on a skateboard

Here we have the Etnies Veer skateboard shoe, another visually appealing option with no significant backstory. Let's get straight to the point and see what these shoes have to offer.

The Etnies Veer is a recent addition to the Etnies footwear collection, comparable to the Etnies Marana skate shoe. The key difference lies in the updated sole thread pattern.

Although the rider in question had narrow feet, there were still positive remarks regarding durability. It would be helpful to gather feedback from skaters with "normal" feet for a more comprehensive evaluation.

These shoes provide decent impact protection when ollieing a 5-stair but don't quite provide the cushioning of landing on clouds. However, there are no major complaints or inconveniences experienced after a session. They perform admirably when skating on flat surfaces, although some slipping may occur on dusty mini ramps.

In terms of durability, these shoes remain resilient even after 70 hours of skating. It's important to note that the breaking-in process takes around 40 hours before achieving optimal flexibility. However, personal preferences may vary.

Compared to the previously skated Vans High model, the Etnies Veer offers a significantly superior board feel, impact resistance, and overall comfort.

A minor drawback is the excessively long laces, which may require cutting for convenience. Additionally, individuals with narrow feet may observe some issues, as evidenced in the accompanying images. It would be wise to avoid these shoes in such cases.


- Offers sufficient impact protection for 5-stair tricks, although not as cushioned as landing on clouds.

- Takes longer to break in, but once broken in, the shoes exhibit optimal flexibility. At 70 hours of use, there is some wear, but not significant.


- The laces are too long and may need to be cut, which can be bothersome. Insoles alone may not provide enough impact protection, so consider getting some FP insoles if necessary.

- Grip may be reduced on mini ramps, likely due to dust and dirt. The most significant drawback is the extended break-in period.


Etnies Veer wear

Despite concerns about the stitching near the toe area, the Etnies Veer holds up well compared to other shoes. However, it doesn't match the durability of the New Balance 306 or the Adidas Tyshawn.

The soles show minimal wear, thanks to the Michelin composite material. However, there are some issues related to the specific foot type of the rider. Notably, side wear from the laces is visible for individuals with narrow feet. Therefore, it is not recommended for those with such foot dimensions.

Etnies Veer skate shoe sole wear

The toe area will likely wear after approximately 70 hours of use. It is advised to patch these areas with shoe goo and Ripcare for an additional 40-50 hours of use.


The Etnies Veer excels in terms of durability and board feel for a cupsole shoe. However, it may not offer sufficient impact protection, making it less suitable for everyday wear. Those concerned about the longevity of these shoes should apply Shoe Goo for added durability. Breaking them in takes longer than average, but once they're broken in, they become awesome shoes.

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eS Silo: The Perfect Shoe for Support and Comfort


Es Silo Skate shoes ona skateboard

The eS Silo is a retro-styled skate shoe that melds classic design with modern features. This updated shoe boasts the same outsole as its predecessor, coupled with a de-puffed upper for enhanced technical performance. It requires a few hours to break them in, and initially, board feel may be lacking.

The main draw of the Silo lies in its ability to provide comfort and support, rather than durability or board feel. It caters to individuals who require skate shoes for the sake of comfort and support.

Initial Impressions:

As someone who frequently suffers from heel bruises, the Silo offers the much-needed support. However, they do take a while to break in, and they may feel uncomfortable at first. Once broken in, they become more flexible, albeit with visible signs of wear.

These shoes are excellent for high-impact tricks, although they do take approximately 20 hours to fully break in. After breaking them in, they become familiar and reliable. Personally, I still feel a sense of discomfort while riding in them. It's a tradeoff, and I appreciate the support they provide.

For those who don't necessarily prioritize board feel but need a shoe that can handle impacts, the eS Silo is an ideal choice. However, once my heel bruise subsides, I plan on returning to my Adidas shoes.


- Remarkably comfortable skate shoes with excellent arch support. They offer great comfort around the heel and ankle, making them ideal for transition skaters who occasionally venture onto the streets.


- They require a significant amount of time to break in, which can initially feel frustrating. The fish grate pattern provides exceptional grip but tends to attract dirt, making it cumbersome to clean. Not suitable for those who engage in extensive flip tricks.

Board Feel and Grip:

Es Silo skate shoe sole

The rubber sole of the eS Silo grips the grip tape securely while allowing for quick foot adjustments. The seamless connection between the sole and outsole reduces friction against the grip, facilitating flicking.

This construction also eliminates the need for a break-in period, making these shoes instantly skateable from the first session.

Comfort and Stability:

Thanks to the stitch midsole and handmade vulcanized construction, the eS Silo ensures maximum comfort. The insoles are a standout feature, customizable and ethically produced. Made from cork, organic Mamona oil, and memory foam, they conform to your foot, providing excellent arch support. Once the shoes wear out, the insoles can still be utilized.

The Silo strikes a balance between puffy and thinner shoes, akin to the Adidas Campus Vulc or Matchbreak models.


So far, Cariuma seems to deliver on their promise of "Sustainable Style—Endless Comfort." The Catiba Pro embodies this ethos, offering impressive durability and attractive design while honoring ethical and ecological considerations. The only drawback is the higher price compared to similar models from competitors.

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Cariuma Catiba Pro: Style, Sustainability, and Durability Combined


Cariuma Catiba Pro skate shoe

In 2019, Cariuma made waves in the skate shoe industry with their eco-friendly and uniquely designed shoe. Founded by two board sports enthusiasts, this Brazilian company quickly garnered attention through extensive marketing campaigns featuring renowned skaters, influencers, and even video game appearances.

But does the hype around Cariuma translate to a high-quality shoe? Let's explore their flagship product, the Catiba Pro, to find out.


How does this carbon-neutral shoe compare to traditional skate shoes in terms of longevity?

The Catiba Pro, crafted from premium suede and organic cotton canvas, features a triple-stitched patch that reinforces the shoe's flick points. These patches work wonders, showing no visible signs of wear in the crucial areas.

Special commendation goes to the laces made from recycled plastic with metal aglets, which prove durable and resistant to tearing.

During the initial few sessions, the logo on the shoes tore apart due to fresh grip tape. This raised concerns regarding the longevity of the Catibas. However, the shoes felt great for riding right out of the box, without the need for a break-in period.

After a month of use, the ollie and heelflip reinforced patches remain intact, maintaining the shoe's responsiveness and protection.


The Cariuma Catiba Pro boasts a raw natural gum rubber sole with a classic Herrington pattern. The shoe's thin carved outsole is complemented by an organic cotton sock liner, offering cushioning and comfort.

Paired with a thick insole, this shoe provides exceptional impact absorption, surpassing many competitors in this area.


The Catiba Pro features a thick silhouette with a wide toe box. Its shape provides a snug fit while offering ample breathing room through the cotton contour. The model accommodates most foot types, adapting to provide maximum flexibility.

For reference, the Silo has a similar shape and foot support to Adidas models such as the Campus Vulc and Matchbreak.

Board Feel and Grip:

Cariuma Catiba Pro sole

The rubber sole of the Catiba Pro ensures excellent grip, adhering firmly to the grip tape while allowing for swift foot adjustments.

The shoe's unique construction, with seamless integration between the sole and outsole, contributes to effortless flicking with reduced friction against the grip.

Additionally, this seamless design eliminates the need for a break-in period, making the Catiba Pro instantly skateable from the first session.

Comfort and Stability:

The handmade vulcanized construction and stitch midsole instill exceptional comfort in the Catiba Pro.

One standout feature lies in the insoles, which are removable, 100% carbon neutral, and made from cork, organic Mamona oil, and memory foam. These insoles conform to your foot, providing superior arch support. Once the shoes wear out, you may find yourself keeping the insoles for future use.

The Catibas strike a balance between puffy and thin shoes, comparable to Nike and Converse models.


Thus far, Cariuma appears to deliver on their promise of "Sustainable Style—Endless Comfort." The Catiba Pro represents the perfect fusion of durability, style, and ethical and ecological commitments. The only caveat is the higher price compared to similar models from competitors.

Available on Amazon (affiliate link).


Converse Louie Lopez


Converse Louie Lopez Wear

Louie Lopez, a talented skateboarder, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the skateboarding hub, he began skating at the young age of 5. By the time he was 7, Louie was already achieving success in contests throughout California. His exceptional board control caught the attention of major skateboard brands like Flip and Globe.

Making his video debut in "United by Fate" (Globe–2007) at the age of 13, Louie quickly rose to prominence in the skateboarding world. Two years later, he turned pro for Flip Skateboards, unveiling his first video part in "Extremely Sorry," and also made the move from Globe to Converse as his shoe sponsor.

His first signature shoe, the one we will be discussing today, was released in January 2019. For this shoe, Louie drew inspiration from his favorite models in the Converse lineup, namely the All-Star CC and the Breakpoint CC.


Like most new shoes, the Converse Louie Lopez shoes felt a bit strange during the first hour of skating. However, once they were fully broken in, they provided a thrilling skate experience. In the initial week of skating, there was no noticeable damage, except for what Louie refers to as "sole pubes."

After a month of use, the shoes showed no signs of wear, aside from a torn lace. They remained sturdy and intact. By the end of the second month, a hole had formed in the ollie/kickflip area, right before the toes. In the third month, the shoes lost some of their shape and became floppy. Another hole appeared in the toe section, known as the infamous "360 flip hole." The suede material held up impressively, showing minimal signs of wear after a month. The additional padding on the heel provided great support for heelflip enthusiasts, remaining intact even after 3 months of intense heelflip maneuvers.

Converse Louie Lopez solesThe Chuck Taylor vulcanized sole maintained its durability against the grip tape, only becoming slightly worn after 3 months.


Louie Lopez's pro model features a vulcanized rubber outsole with the original Chuck Taylor thread patterns. The thick sole provides excellent protection for the foot arch, making landings feel almost painless. The shoes also come with molded Ortho Lithe sock liners that utilize the Nike Zoom Air unit. These removable insoles offer exceptional shock absorption, especially in the heel area, allowing for comfortable skating on medium-sized gaps.


The Converse Cons Louie Lopez showcases an unconventional low-cut silhouette with a pointy toe box. It strikes a perfect balance between lightweight design and durability. The shoes fit closely to the feet while providing enough flexibility in the mid-foot section to accommodate various foot types.

Board-feel & Grip:

The slim design and low-cut silhouette of the Louie Lopez CC deliver a unique board-feel, providing an experience similar to skating certain Nike SB models like the Stefan Janoski or Bruins. Once the initial layer of rubber on the outsole wears off, the premium quality suede contour of the shoe ensures excellent grip for flip tricks, allowing for effortless execution compared to thicker and less responsive shoes.

Comfort & Stability:

The thick Converse Chuck Taylor sole may feel destabilizing at first due to its thickness, but it ultimately offers sufficient stability and impressive protection against impacts from primos and other board hits. The shoe's interior contour, made from premium leather, provides a comfortable fit.

The only drawback of the shoe is its tongue, which tends to move out of place and requires frequent adjustment during a skate session.


Overall, the Louie Lopez pro model shoes have become one of my favorite skate shoes. I am particularly impressed by their durability and longevity, despite their slim and lightweight design. I would definitely consider purchasing another pair in one of the many available colorways.

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Adidas Gazelle ADV


Adidas Gazelles are timeless classics that need no introduction. They are also the preferred shoe of sponsored skater Devin "Waffle" Woelfel, who favors all-leather styles over suede for their added support and the way they look as they get scuffed.

The price for Adidas Gazelle ADV is at Adidas. However, Woelfel's all-time favorite skate shoe is the 3ST.002s, a style that Adidas only briefly produced and was designed by Scott Johnson, known for his iconic designs during his time at the brand in the 90s and early 2000s. Woelfel describes the 3ST.002 as a slip-on style with no laces but with enhanced sole support and improved rubber on the sides for better board grip during ollies. Despite being overlooked by many, this shoe offers technical prowess. Limited stocks of the 3ST.002 can still be found online, and it's definitely worth a purchase for those in the know.


Nike Dunk High


Eunice Chang, a skateboarder who made the transition from web developer to pro skater in less than a year, swears by Nikes when it comes to skateboarding. She particularly loves skateboarding in high-top Dunks, which provide excellent ankle support while also offering streetwear-forward style. According to Chang, these shoes provide the perfect combination of swag and functionality.

Check out her amazing skating in this video and photo on Instagram.


New Balance Tiago Lemos 1010


The New Balance Tiago Lemos 1010 is the first shoe endorsed by professional skateboarder Tiago Lemos. These sneakers come in sophisticated colorways that not only look great for casual wear but also offer important benefits for skateboarding. Pro skateboarder Ariel Perl describes them as feeling like "sliding into a silky down-comforter, pillow-topped bed." Perl explains that while many skateboarders prefer thin-walled shoes, such as classic Vans, for direct board contact, he finds them too flat and prefers the arch support provided by the Lemos. He also notes that they offer lasting durability and an excellent board feel.

The price for New Balance Tiago Lemos 1010 is $109.99 at New Balance.


Nike SB Stefan Janoskis


Another highly recommended skate shoe by Ariel Perl is the Nike SB Stefan Janoski. These shoes have achieved iconic status and are Perl's top choice for a thinner shoe with a vulcanized sole that still offers support. However, they have become harder to find in recent years and are mainly available on resale sites. Stadium Goods offers an impressive selection of Nike SB Stefan Janoskis.

The price for Nike SB Stefan Janoskis is $150 at Stadium Goods.


New Balance Jamie Foy 306


Moe Alvarez, also known as @mividapocha on Instagram, declares the New Balance Jamie Foy 306s as her favorite skate shoes for various reasons. Apart from being lightweight and comfortable, these shoes are made of suede, which allows them to withstand tricks that would quickly damage other shoes. They also come in a wide array of color options. Alvarez highly recommends them.


What Are Skate Shoes?


Skate shoes are specially designed sneakers that facilitate skateboarding. They are constructed with triple or double stitching, making them extremely durable to withstand the rigorous demands of skateboarding.

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Skate Shoe Durability


Skate shoes are significantly more durable than regular sneakers. They are built to endure the intense wear and tear caused by tricks such as ollies, kickflips, heelflips, and the constant contact with grip tape.

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Skate Shoe Feel


The feel of a skate shoe is crucial in determining how the skateboard responds under your feet. It is arguably the most important factor when selecting a skate shoe.

Most skaters prefer either cup-soled or vulcanized shoes. Additionally, the concave level of the skateboard also influences how each shoe feels on different boards.

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10 Best Skate Shoes


Skate Shoe Style


Skate shoes have remained relatively unchanged over the years. They should be lightweight, comfortable, offer good grip, and have ample padding.

These characteristics allow skate shoes to endure the rigors of skateboarding while maintaining a fresh appearance. Keep in mind that you will likely go through multiple pairs of skate shoes within a year, so it's worth investing in a reputable brand.


How Well Do Skate Shoes Grip a Board?


Skate shoes provide excellent grip on a skateboard, which sets them apart from regular sneakers. The debate between cupsole and vulcanized shoes is a matter of personal preference when it comes to grip. It is recommended that newcomers try both options to determine which they prefer.

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10 Best Skate Shoes


Can You Buy Lifestyle Shoes for Skateboarding?


Yes, it is possible to buy and use lifestyle shoes for skateboarding. While they may not offer the same specificity as skateboarding shoes, they still share many similar traits. You may experience slightly less traction and padding compared to dedicated skateboarding shoes, but they can still be suitable for casual skateboarding. However, for serious skaters, it is highly recommended to invest in proper skateboarding shoes, as they offer superior performance and durability.


Traction of Skate Shoes


Traction is a critical aspect of skate shoes, as it ensures proper grip on the skateboard. While grip tape aids in grip, the right shoes are essential to maximize traction.

Traction plays a significant role in maintaining balance while skateboarding. Skaters do not want to constantly slip off the board during tricks due to poor shoe grip.

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3 Hacks to Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer


There are several tricks to extend the lifespan of your skate shoes. Firstly, take good care of them to prevent unnecessary damage.

If your shoes do get damaged, there are simple and affordable hacks to get more use out of them.

1. Use Shoe Goo: This versatile product works wonders on repairing shoe damage. It is highly recommended for fixing holes in skate shoes. You can easily get some here.

2. Sand Down New Grip Tape: When applying new grip tape to your skateboard, sand down any sharp edges to protect your shoes from unnecessary wear and tear.

3. Apply Super Glue to Stitching: To prolong the lifespan of your new skate shoes, apply super glue to areas prone to damage, such as the heels, toebox, shoelace area, sides of the shoes (where ollies are performed), and collar stitching. Super glue is a useful tool for various skateboard-related fixes.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the top skateboarding shoes, it all boils down to personal preference and specific needs. Whether you're searching for the best overall skate shoe, the most durable option, or something that offers the perfect balance of style and performance, there is undoubtedly a shoe on this list that will fit the bill. From the iconic Nike Dunk Highs to the technologically advanced Etnies Joslin 2, each skate shoe mentioned has its unique strengths that cater to different aspects of skateboarding. So go ahead and lace up your favorite pair, hit the streets, and let your feet do the talking. Happy shredding!