Top-Rated Golf Shoes

The condition of your footwear is often in the spotlight when navigating wet, rough, and soft terrain. Now you're probably regretting not selecting a more sturdy option. The golf shoes of today are sophisticated pieces of technology meant to help you improve your game and boost your confidence on the course. In addition to these features, they must be able to keep our feet dry and a comfortable temperature throughout the entire round of 18 holes. Even though it's asking a lot of ordinary footwear, the current crop of students has come through in spades.

See Dan Parker rate the top 10 golf shoes of 2022 in this video.

Purchasing a new pair of golf shoes requires careful consideration of many factors. Which type of golf shoe do you prefer, ones with spikes or the top-tier spikeless models? I was wondering what sort of haircut and style you had in mind. What is your budget for this? If you are the kind of player who values walking comfort over anything else then we recommend checking out our best golf shoes for walking guide, or if you have particularly wide feet, we think you should check out our best golf shoes for wide feet guide because many brands create specific models for those in this category

We believe that the best golf shoes are those that balance out all-day wearability with superior comfort and ventilation. The best models also shield our feet from inclement weather and provide superior grip and stability in any terrain. Not to mention, they need to be aesthetically pleasing and available in a variety of colors to appeal to various tastes in fashion. Whether you prefer bright, sporty styles or more understated, traditional ones, you can find a great pair of golf shoes from just about any major brand today.  

In light of this, a member of the Golf Monthly staff has thoroughly tested and reviewed the golf shoes listed below. We've separated the best spikeless golf shoes, the best spiked golf shoes, and the best golf shoes for women into their own sections.

Best Shoes for Golf

Here's Why You Can Trust Golf Monthly So that you can make an informed purchase, our professional reviewers spend countless hours evaluating a wide range of products and services. Read on to learn about our testing procedures.

FootJoy Pro SL 2022 shoes lying on grass, white golf shoes

Credit for the image goes to Golf Monthly.

On February 15, 2022, stores everywhere will carry the newest version of the legendary Pro SL. The new 2022 FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes incorporate elements of the FootJoy Stratos's and the company's signature Hyperflex design into the shoe's cushioned midsole. This not only softens your steps but also gives your feet a boost. Furthermore, the upper of the new version has been cleaned up, and the colors have been simplified, as can be seen in the images of the sample we tested.

When it comes to actual race results, this thing keeps on giving. The sole design is among the best we've seen on spikeless golf shoes, and they're incredibly comfortable right out of the box. With it, you won't have to worry about losing grip in the snow or rain.

  • Here is our in-depth review of the FootJoy Pro SL 2022.

Adidas Codechaos 22 golf shoe review on grass

(Photo by: Tom Miles)

For 2022, adidas updated the design of their brilliant Codechaos shoe. It's just as daring as the 2020 version (shown below), but with a new wraparound outsole for improved grip and stability and a fresh new look. As a bonus, it's an exceptionally cozy golf shoe. Because of the exceptional cushioning, support, and traction, these golf shoes will feel like an extension of your feet. The entire shoe is equipped with adidas' Boost technology, which we've seen before in the equally fantastic adidas Tour 360 22 and adidas Rebelcross golf shoes. The Boost midsole, as promised by the manufacturer, provides instant comfort, and the Codechase 22 shoes required zero break-in time.  

  • Take a look at our in-depth review of the adidas Codechase 22 golf shoe.

Ecco Biom C4 Shoe review Editors Choice 2022

(Photo by: The Futuristic)

The Ecco Biom C4 is one of the most technologically advanced spikeless golf shoes we have tested this year. Its overall comfort, grip, style, and breathability wowed us. It's a solid update to the excellent Biom H4, which will be available until 2022, and the new sneaker design has won our hearts for its good looks and promising performance.

Ecco's Exhaust Grid technology is used in the Biom C4 to direct cool air toward the foot's sole. Together with the Gore-Tex upper and Ortholite footbed, this makes the shoe the most breathable we've tested in 2022. Ecco's removable insole is a great feature for those who need a wider shoe. By removing the first insole, the Biom C4 can accommodate wider feet while retaining the same level of comfort and cushioning.

It's an obvious move in a more athletic direction for Ecco, and we think golfers of all ages will be drawn to the brand as a result; these are, in our opinion, the best looking golf shoes of the year.

  • Take a look at our in-depth review of the Ecco Biom C4 golf shoe.

G/FORE MG4x2 Shoe Review Editors Choice 2022

(Future used as image source)

To help you stand out from the crowd, G/FORE is a newcomer that packs a lot of style and attitude. This has been seen in previous models such as the Gallivanter and MG4, and it is once again present in the brand's new spikeless MG4x2 shoes. This pair of shoes is a cross-trainer, a versatile style that can be worn both on and off the field. Many golf shoes fail to strike a good balance between on-course performance and off-course aesthetics, making sacrifices in either area. That's not the case with the MG4x2 pair of shoes.

When the going gets soft, the Sawtooth sole design shines as one of the best spikeless outsoles available. You can rest assured that your feet will be safe and sound thanks to the heel cup that has been molded into the sole. However, the upper is waterproof and airy, so your feet won't sweat even when the temperature rises.

  • Browse our in-depth G/FORE MG4x2 golf shoe review to learn more.

Under Armour HOVR Tour SL

Image by Future courtesy of Future.

The HOVR Tour SL is Under Armour's latest high-end offering; it's a shoe with a full-knit upper and the support of bio-mechanist Jean-Jaques Rivet. These golf shoes make some pretty big promises.

The spikeless outsole is the star of this shoe. Under Armour has constructed a shoe using one of the best spikeless outsoles available by combining TPU on the midsole with rubber nubs on the toe and heel. The outsole offers such excellent traction that I had to remind myself on multiple occasions that I wasn't actually sporting a set of spikes; consequently, I believe these shoes are appropriate for use throughout the year.  

Under Armour's proprietary Intelliknit technology is used in the HOVR Tour SL in an effort to improve upon the disadvantages of a knit upper in terms of performance. The shoe's construction combines'stretch' yarns and 'lockdown' yarns to provide support where it's needed most while still allowing the foot to move naturally. We need golf shoes that can withstand the impact of our highly athletic golf swings, but many golfers, even those with low handicaps, fail to realize this. With the HOVR Tour SL, Under Armour undoubtedly set out to do this.

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Skechers Golf Golf Drive 5 shoe - standing

Image by Kenny Smith.

The Skechers Men's Go Golf Drive 5 Golf Shoe is a comfortable, spikeless golf shoe that offers great performance thanks to its combination of a casual design and Skechers' patented Arch Fit technology. To begin, the cushioning is excellent; once we put them on, the shoes almost felt like slippers. These shoes were great for walking and playing because they didn't hurt our heels.  

They were completely watertight, saving our feet from getting wet during a particularly wet round. in session As a bonus, this allowed us to evaluate the shoe's grip in wet conditions; the shoe proved it could withstand the elements by allowing us to move confidently and comfortably across the turf without slipping. The shoe's lack of spikes and stylish design make it a great choice for both on- and off-course use, and may even boost your performance. One of the best men's spikeless golf shoes is the Skechers Men's Go Golf Drive 5 Golf Shoe. In this new window: circulating amongst the Buying Public  

Duca Del Cosma Churchill Golf Shoe review Editors Choice 2022

(Future, take credit for the image)

The Duca del Cosma Churchill is the kind of shoe that should be broken out for special occasions. These have the look and feel of a high-end brand, and the classic brogue design ensures that they can be worn anywhere, not just on the course. The Churchill is available in two stylish colorways, Cognac and Royal Blue. The former were tried on, as they are more easily paired with pants and are likely to be the first to catch your eye among the impressive Duca collection.

The Churchill's innovative Airplay IV outsole debuted in 2021. The EVA cushioning system and strategically placed functional nubs provide a secure grip and all-day comfort. These are great if you tend to put a lot of pressure on your feet by dancing excessively during the swing. The recyclable toe cap and heel are also notable features.

  • Review of the Duca Del Cosma Churchill golf shoe in its entirety here.

FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoe Review pictured on a tee box

(Future is responsible for the image)

The new upper material used for the first time in the latest Pro SL iteration gives the shoe the sportier, more athletic look that the name suggests. The performance material upper, comprised of mesh and an ultra thin TPU hotmelt top layer, makes the shoes much lighter and airier than the'standard' Pro SL. As far as we're concerned, these are also top-notch.

It's important to remember that the absence of the standard's all-leather upper does not equate to a reduction in breathability or waterproofness. We tried them out on the golf course during two rounds during extremely hot weather, and our feet never got too hot. Given how brilliant the new upper is, we'd go so far as to say the Pro SL sport is even more breathable than the original.  

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FootJoy Stratos 2022 Golf Shoe Review

(Photo by: The Future)

The updated Stratos model from FootJoy was a pleasant surprise and earns a spot among our 2022 favorites. For starters, it has a sleeker, more athletic appearance, and more appealing color options than the 2020 version it replaced. True, it's not the most athletic-looking spikeless option, but it's a significant improvement over its predecessor.  

The golfer will experience "luxurious comfort," according to the tagline for the FootJoy Stratos 2022 shoe. This is largely due to the fact that the upper is made out of soft, luxurious Pittards NappaLuxe leather and the insole is made out of the company's signature lightweight and responsive StratoFoam. The suitability will be the final topic of discussion. The front of the shoe is rounded in a noticeable way (much more so than, say, the toe area of the brand new FootJoy Flex XP 2022). This gives it a more classic look while also providing a generous amount of toe room, making it one of the best golf shoes for wide feet.

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Convex Models with Sharp Points

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoe Review

(Photo by the courtesy of Golf Monthly)

Rory McIlroy chooses to wear these because they are a great example of Nike's spiked golf shoe line, which manages to be both stylish and functional. The three-time FedEx Cup winner's swing data was used to inform the development of these high-performance footwear, which were designed with McIlroy's swing in mind. They provide outstanding grip on the grass, allowing golfers to confidently strike the ball from any lie, and are fully waterproof, allowing them to be worn year-round.  

The level of comfort they provide, however, is what really sets these shoes apart. Featuring a React foam heel and a stabilizing Air Zoom unit, these golf shoes will keep you comfortable and in control on the greens. During our testing rounds, this came in handy when traversing uneven surfaces. With the ball lost in the long rough, we were very thankful for the added ankle support provided by the shoe's upper line. All in all, they are a stylish golf shoe that improves performance and provides great support and stability.  

under armour hovr drive 2 shoe Editors Choice 2022

(Photo by: The Future)

The new Hovr Drive 2 is designed with golfers in mind, offering foot support during the unique motion of a golf swing. The golf swing is more of an athletic movement than most of us realize, and we all benefit from having the proper equipment and a good grip on our feet.  

The Hovr Drive 2 uses biomechanical principles in its outsole design to create lateral, medial, lateral, and medial traction. Most convincing is the new 3D moulded heel cup construction, which creates a vacuum around the heel, effectively locking it in, to provide exceptional levels of stability. In the Hovr Drive 2, Under Armour not only improved the shoe's four-dimensional traction, but also introduced a new upper silhouette that is more streamlined than its predecessors. The heel cup and outsole's ability to hold the foot in place has been improved by bringing the upper closer to the foot, which has also resulted in a more dynamic looking silhouette.  

  • Find out more about the Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 golf shoe in our in-depth review.

FootJoy Tour Alpha Shoe Review

(Photo by: The Future)

The Tour Alpha is without a doubt one of the best spiked golf shoes we've tested recently and should be on the shortlist of any serious golfer's shoe options. If you're a golfer looking for the best grip and stability, look no further than the Tour Alpha, FootJoy's top-tier performance shoe.

The Tour Alpha appears to be heavily loaded with technology, especially in the heel area, but it is surprisingly light for a performance cleated shoe. Slip your foot in, and you'll feel instant relief; the padding around the ankle and underfoot is generous enough to alleviate pressure when walking but not so soft that walking 18 holes would feel like hard work.

The fit is noteworthy as well; in the right size (we typically size down half a size in FootJoy golf shoes), the shoe completely encloses the foot without pinching anywhere. The design of this shoe is flawless. There's a lot of detail in the back, but the shoe's profile is sleek and traditional. Although the cleat pods protrude slightly due to the cleats' proximity to the outsole's outer edge, this should not be a dealbreaker.

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Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes lying on grass

The ZG21 from adidas, which has been in development for two years and is intended to provide golfers with a high-performance shoe that is extremely lightweight and comfortable, is without a doubt one of the best golf shoes of recent times. The shoe weighs only 13 ounces, which is 20% lighter than the adidas Tour360 XT and lighter than many of its rivals' offerings.

Lightstrike cushioning, also used in other sports, complements the well-known Boost technology to offer comfort and stability throughout the entire swing. The ultrathin TPU outsole has cleats strategically placed to maximize traction, and the four-layer upper keeps water out. Although we aren't experts on where spikes should go, we can attest to the fact that this shoe provides an outstanding amount of grip and support thanks to adidas's use of heat-map studies to pinpoint the precise areas where stability is needed most.

  • Check out our in-depth analysis of the Adidas ZG21 golf shoe. The link opens in a new window.

Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe review Editors Choice 2022

(Photo by: The Future)

The Pro Golf 5 Hyper shoe, Skechers' flagship model for 2022, ups the ante on comfort with podiatrist-certified arch support and a plush midsole. We found this feature to make the shoe exceptionally comfortable, placing it among the top choices for golf footwear. (Link opens in a new window) included herein You'll feel less foot pain as you walk the course thanks to the Arch Fit technology.  

Skechers Hyper Burst and Resamax cushioning work together to provide responsiveness and bounce with every step. The shoe's upper mesh construction also aids in airflow, keeping your feet comfortable and dry throughout the round. Softspikes, which are easily replaced and extend the shoe's life, provide excellent grip on the turf and help the shoe maintain its shape.  

  • Check out our in-depth review of the Skechers Pro 5 Hyper Golf Shoe. In this new window:

ecco biom g5 shoe review

(Photo by: The Future)

The Ecco Biom G5 is a hybrid shoe that combines the best features of the previous Biom G4 and Biom G4+. The Biom G3's cleated outsole and the impressive Biom H4's athletic appearance are particularly noteworthy. The lightness of the Biom G5 is the first noticeable feature. With the cleats attached to the outsole, we were surprised to see that the size 10 shoe was 18 grams lighter than the Biom H4. With only six cleats instead of the Biom G3's eight, these studs are strategically placed along the outer edge of the outsole to ensure excellent grip and stability around the perimeter of the field.  

This sturdy winter footwear choice features a Gore-Tex lining and a leather upper with a wipeable finish. The Zarma -Tour spikes have a smart design with six, semi-flexible anti-clogging legs, and when combined with elements of Ecco's MTN outsole, the traction is off the charts.

  • See what we thought of the Ecco Biom G5 golf shoe in our full review.

adidas tour360 22 shoe review Editors Choice 2022

(Photo by: The Future)

The adidas Tour360 22 golf shoes, one of the best spiked shoes of 2022, left a lasting impression on us during our first round. The upper is constructed from luxurious, water-repellent leather, and not only is it guaranteed to be waterproof for a full year, but you also get a warranty covering the same. To further the company's commitment to eliminating plastic waste, adidas has integrated recycled materials into the design.

The shoe conforms to the foot's shape naturally and allows for full range of motion, even during the golf swing. To top it all off, the Tour360 22 has cleats that are injected directly into the sole, guaranteeing a secure grip while maintaining a stealthy profile. Not only does this ensure your spikes will never go missing again, but it also means they will be safer than ever.

  • Our full review of the adidas Tour360 22 golf shoe is available here.

Puma Ignite Articulate Golf Shoe review Editors Choice 2022

(Photo courtesy of the Future)

New from Puma, these spiked kicks have a name inspired by articulation geometry. The latest innovations in footwear design make it possible for the shoe to adapt to the wearer's foot while still providing exceptional stability. This method is extremely effective, and the shoes made golf a delight to play. Puma's Ignite Foam cushions your feet and gives you energy, and the design is understated but slick.

In place of the tongue usually found in shoes, a single piece of construction wraps the entire foot in supportive comfort. There is also a "cage," depicted in black across the shoe, that can be adjusted to fit any foot. Like the FootJoy Tour Alpha, once the laces are tightened, the foot feels securely contained within the shoe.

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FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes lying on grass, boa golf shoes, spiked golf shoes

FootJoy is responsible for the image.

In addition to its sleek design and innovative outsole, the new HyperFlex also features a revolutionary Wrapid BOA lacing system that does away with any potential pressure points for a personalized fit and a natural feel. It's also available in the more conventional laced style. After trying the BOA closure, we can say that FootJoy has done a good job of hiding the lacing system.

It was immediately noticeable how well it distributed weight across the foot, and that sensation was surprisingly pleasant. You can tell that you're making better use of the ground with each swing because your feet and shoes feel like one, integrated unit.

It's cushy underfoot, but there's also solid support. You won't be worn out by the time you get to the 18th because of the flex provided by the ridges in the outsole, and you'll have plenty of grip when you're trying to hit aggressively for par fives in two. Overall, we love how modern and almost trainer-like the design is.

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Cuater The Legend Golf Shoes Review

(Photo by the editors of Golf Monthly)

The Legend by Cuater, one of the most classic golf shoes to be released in 2021, provides golfers with a modern twist on a timeless design.  

It's true that this sort of straightforward aesthetic is less common in today's crop of golf shoes, as manufacturers seek out ever-evolving ways to attract the attention of the sport's most discerning consumers. Consistent with the FootJoy Premiere Series In this new window: In the world of shoes, we believe The Legend to be the most "classic" looking brogue currently on the market.

The Legend is constructed entirely of high-quality materials, and their superiority is evident from the moment you remove them from the box. Cuater's Sweet Spot Technology Cushioning System is effectively implemented in the Legend's midsole.

  • Take a look at our in-depth review of the Cuater The Legend golf shoes here. (link opens in a new window/tab)

Putting Shoes for Ladies Golf

G/Fore MG4  Womens Golf Shoe Review

You can thank Carly Frost (the photographer) for the picture.

The G/Fore's true "wow" factor is revealed upon slipping them on: an incredible massaging footbed inner sole, unlike anything you've ever felt in a golf shoe before, that will have you skipping up the fairway as if you were walking on air. Rolling one of those bumpy foot massage tools under your foot can do wonders for relieving stress and tension, as anyone who has tried it can attest. You can get the same great sensation by attaching 'nubs' to the inside of your golf shoes; they massage your feet as you walk all 18 holes.

Those are just some of the ways your performance improves. Complete swing support is what this shoe is all about. As I made my swing, I felt very secure and rooted, as if my shoe were firmly gripping the turf. My previous experience with performance-oriented golf shoes was that they were too "sturdy" and firm in feel, but the G/Fore MG4 fit perfectly from the first round on. For more information, check out our 2022 women's golf shoe buying guide.

  • For more, check out our in-depth look at the G/FORE Women's MG4 Golf Shoe.

Women's Traditions shoe from Footjoy, woman wearing footjoy golf shoes

Illustration by Tom Miles.

For ladies, we recommend FootJoy's Traditions model as the best option. This classic shoe has a super-cushioned foam insole that is both lightweight and provides plenty of bounce. This is something we'd anticipate from a more athletically-inspired design, so it's nice to see it here.

The choice of one of four colors is yours. From all-black to all-white to white-and-blue to the rather chic white-and-tartan combinations, there are a wide variety of possible color combinations. The tartan patterns available are grey, making them an understated choice for a throwback look. Excellent intelligence and skill on display.   

  • For more, check out our in-depth look at the FootJoy Traditions Women's shoe. In this new window:

PUMA Ignite Blaze Pro Golf Shoes, woman wearing puma golf shoes

(Photo by the courtesy of Golf Monthly)

This Puma golf shoe is designed for the serious female golfer, the company says. However, we believe it is unfair to limit the Ignite Blaze Pro's appeal to only a select few athletes. When compared to other models, we found that these were among the most comfortable we've ever worn.

They're watertight, so your feet will be safe even if it starts raining, and the six strategically placed spikes on the outsole make them incredibly gripping. Though it isn't quite as sturdy as some of the other models on this list, it's still a fantastic pick if you prioritize softness, grip, and airflow.

  • For more information, please see our in-depth review of the Puma Ignite Blaze Pro. In this new window:

FootJoy Fuel Women's Waterproof Golf Shoe lying on box, white golf shoes

You can thank Carly Frost (the photographer) for the picture.

In golf, power is everything, and if you're wearing the right shoes, your feet can act as stabilizers for the swing, transferring that energy to the ball. The FootJoy Fuel comes forward with its innovative Power Stabiliser outsoles, which were built from the ground up to provide exceptional traction and stability for unrivaled support and command.

The Fuel is reminiscent of high-end running shoes in both appearance and construction. These shoes have a soft Stratolite foam cushioning that immediately makes your feet feel at ease and gives you a spring in your step. Keeping the uppers synthetic (rather than leather) provides total waterproof protection when playing on a rainy day and also allows you to easily wipe the shoes clean after a round, so they stay looking like new for longer.  

  • Take a look at our in-depth review of the FootJoy Fuel for female runners.

Methods for evaluating golf shoes

Testing Procedures for Golf Shoes In this new window: entails putting models through their paces in a variety of settings and iterations This will help us get a more accurate sense of how well they perform across a range of criteria, including how they feel in the hand, how well they stay in place, whether or not they leak, and how they look out on the golf course. A member of the Golf Monthly staff has worn each pair of shoes recommended above.  

Because of the many factors that can affect a golf shoe's performance—including weather, ground conditions, stance, lie angle, and more—this method of testing is the gold standard.  

We believe this gives us insight into the finer points as well, such as which brands run small or large, which models start to rub a bit too much after 36 holes, and which designs are versatile enough to be worn both on and off the course. Our testing is so thorough that we frequently attend product launches and consult with the manufacturer's R&D specialists to learn about cutting-edge innovations. All of our reviews are written by golfers, for golfers, so manufacturers can rest assured that they aren't paying for a positive review.  

Tips for Buying the Perfect Golf Shoe

To assist you in narrowing down your search and informing your buying decision, we have compiled some key points to consider when selecting your next pair of golf shoes.

Are they spiked or do they lack spikes?

Different from one another, spiked (or cleated) and spikeless golf shoes each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Golf shoes with spikes provide more grip and stability than their spikeless counterparts, but they also sit higher off the ground.

The off-course utility of spikeless golf shoes is another plus. Most of the time, they won't provide as much traction as a spiked shoe would, but they're great for wearing in the car to and from the golf course and back again.


Waterproof footwear is essential if you reside in an area that experiences frequent downpours. Although the best designs will protect your feet from wet conditions, if you play golf primarily when the weather is warm and sunny, you may find that other considerations are more important.

Many athletes have two sets of shoes: one heavier for the winter and one lighter for the summer.

Finding a good match

Blisters can develop if golf shoes don't fit properly. Or, the interior may be too slippery, reducing your foothold.

The 'whoosh' sound your feet make when you slide them into a pair of shoes for the first time is the air escaping as you walk, so if you think you've found the right size, you should definitely put them through a walking test. Your feet shouldn't be able to move inside of them, and there shouldn't be any pinching.

It's also important to try on a few pairs of laces to find the one that fits you best. While most golfers can get by with regular shoelaces, others may find that the more expensive and innovative BOA lacing system is worth the extra money.


Thankfully, developments in golf shoe design have led to numerous manufacturers producing not only timeless classics, but also cutting-edge styles that can be worn anywhere. Because of this, you should give some consideration to the appearance and style of your footwear. There is now something for every taste and preference.


Golfing necessitates the special footwear known as "golf shoes," which is built to withstand the rigors of the sport. Because they will be worn and walked in for long periods of time, comfort is a top priority. And because regular shoes don't offer nearly as much grip and traction as golf shoes, golf shoes are a necessity for golf swings. Waterproofing is a standard feature in golf shoes that is often lacking in other types of athletic footwear.  

Our recommended footwear will make your round more fun, more comfortable, and more productive. Make sure you invest in a quality pair of golf shoes, as they are built to withstand the rigors of the game and the environment of a golf course.

Quite a few variables should be thought about Determine first if you need spikes for better traction or if you'd prefer a spikeless shoe for a more laid-back, stealthy appearance. Then you need to decide if it needs to be completely waterproof, what color, what style, and what size shoes you wear. You can find the best shoe for your game once you've answered these questions and narrowed your options.  

Most professional golfers on the PGA Tour opt for spikeless footwear. That's because golf is primarily played during the summer in warm, dry climates, and on meticulously maintained courses. Many Tour players, however, will wear spiked golf shoes in rainy conditions. Players like Collin Morikawa, who wears the adidas ZG21, will almost always use spikes.