Looking for the best mens golf shoes to take your game to the next level? Look no further! We've rounded up the top picks that combine style, comfort, and performance on the green. From trusted brands like adidas and Nike to trendy options like Tory Burch, we've got you covered. So ditch your old worn-out shoes and step up your golf game with our handpicked selection. Get ready to hit the fairway in style!


Spiked Models


Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 Golf Shoe Review

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Rory McIlroy chooses to wear these shoes for a reason. They are exceptional spiked golf shoes from Nike that strike the perfect balance between sophistication and sportiness. Designed with McIlroy's swing in mind, these high-performance shoes incorporate data from the three-time FedEx Cup champion's swing. They provide excellent traction on the turf, allowing golfers to power through shots from any lie. Plus, they are 100% waterproof, making them suitable for year-round wear.

The best feature of these shoes is their comfort. The Air Zoom insert in the sole, combined with the React foam heel, ensures a stable and comfortable ride on the golf course. This is especially appreciated when walking on uneven surfaces. The shoes also offer ankle support, which comes in handy when maneuvering through long rough. Overall, these stylish golf shoes enhance performance, providing excellent comfort and stability.

Editors Choice 2022

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The new Hovr Drive 2 by Under Armour caters to the specific needs of golfers, providing support during the unique movements of the golf swing. This shoe incorporates biomechanics into its outsole design, focusing on rotational, horizontal, vertical, and internal traction. The 3D molded heel cup construction creates exceptional stability by creating a vacuum around the heel. Additionally, the shoe features a sleeker upper silhouette, bringing it closer to the foot for a more dynamic look.

FootJoy Tour Alpha Shoe Review

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The Tour Alpha by FootJoy is one of the most impressive spiked golf shoe options available. It is the premier performance shoe for golfers seeking optimal grip and stability. Visually, the shoe appears technologically advanced, particularly in the heel area. However, it is surprisingly lightweight for a cleated shoe. The shoe offers immediate comfort, thanks to its substantial padding around the ankle and underfoot, relieving pressure while walking 18 holes.

The fit of the shoe is noteworthy. When worn in the correct size, it creates a snug and even encapsulation of the foot without causing any discomfort. Its design is clean and classic, with the cleats positioned close to the perimeter of the outsole. The traction and support provided by the shoe's pods are excellent and not distracting.

Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes lying on grass

The ZG21 by Adidas is a high-performance golf shoe that combines lightweight comfort and superior traction. Weighing just 13 ounces, it is 20% lighter than Adidas' Tour360 XT shoe and many other competitors' models. Featuring Boost technology and Lightstrike cushioning, it offers exceptional comfort and stability throughout the swing. The four-layer waterproof upper and ultra-thin TPU outsole with strategically placed cleats optimize traction. With heat-map studies guiding the placement of the cleats, this shoe provides outstanding grip and support.

Editors Choice 2022

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The Pro 5 Hyper shoe by Skechers is the flagship model for 2022. It incorporates Skechers Arch Fit technology, providing certified podiatrist support and cushioning throughout the midsole. This results in one of the most comfortable golf shoes on this list. The shoe also features Hyper Burst and Resamax cushioning, offering excellent rebound and energy return in each step. Its breathable upper mesh keeps the feet cool and fresh during gameplay. The Softspikes provide exceptional grip on the turf and are easy to replace, prolonging the shoe's lifespan.

Ecco Biom G5 shoe review

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The Biom G5 by Ecco combines the best features of the Biom G3 and Biom H4 golf shoes. Notably, it features the cleated outsole of the Biom G3 and the athletic look of the Biom H4. These shoes are impressively lightweight, weighing 18 grams less than the Biom H4 despite the addition of cleats. The six cleats are positioned at the edge of the outsole, offering perimeter stability and excellent grip. The leather upper provides Gore-Tex protection and is easy to clean. The Zarma-Tour spikes and elements of the MTN outsole maximize traction.

Editors Choice 2022

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In our opinion, the Tour360 22 by Adidas is one of the best spiked golf shoes released in 2022. The premium rich leather upper is 100% waterproof, backed by a one-year warranty. The shoe mimics the natural shape of the foot and allows for movement in all directions, including during the golf swing. The cleats are directly injected into the base of the shoe, providing excellent grip with a low profile appearance. It eliminates the worry of losing spikes.

Editors Choice 2022

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The Ignite Articulate by Puma incorporates articulation geometry, providing a strong level of support while allowing the shoe to move with the foot. It offers exceptional comfort and energy return, thanks to Puma's Ignite Foam in the midsole. The shoe features a single construction in place of a traditional tongue, providing support throughout the foot. The "cage" wrapping around the foot shape enhances support and creates a "locked-in" feeling. The shoe is both cool and breathable, ensuring comfort during gameplay.

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes lying on grass, boa golf shoes, spiked golf shoes

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The HyperFlex by FootJoy stands out with its athletic styling and brand new outsole. Its Wrapid BOA fastening system eliminates pressure points for a perfect fit. It also comes in a traditional laced version. The even pressure distribution provided by the shoe creates a fully connected feel between the foot and shoe, enhancing ground usage during the swing. The shoe offers softness and support, with flex in the outsole for reduced fatigue. It provides excellent grip for aggressive swings. The modern and trainer-like appearance is visually appealing.

Cuater The Legend Golf Shoes Review

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The Legend by Cuater is a classic and technology-packed golf shoe suitable for year-round wear. Its simple and clean design is a refreshing departure from more contemporary styles. It is considered the most "classic" looking brogue available. With premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship, the Legend offers immediate comfort and durability. Its Sweet Spot Technology Cushioning System in the midsole supports the foot effectively.


adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes, $50



adidas Men's Tech Response Golf ShoesAmazonThe adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes are a top-rated choice on Amazon, with over 16,000 positive reviews. They feature a lightweight mesh and synthetic upper for comfort and cushioning. The six-spiked sole offers improved traction and stability on the field. These shoes are available in multiple color options and are affordably priced at under $50.


adidas Women’s W Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoe, $50



adidas Women's W Tech Response 2.0 Golf ShoeAmazonThe adidas Women’s W Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoe is a budget-friendly option with a classic golf shoe-inspired look. It boasts nearly 1,500 rave reviews on Amazon. The six-cleat design offers enhanced traction, and many customers are pleased with the shoes' performance at an affordable price.


Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes


The Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes are known for their excellence in sportswear, even in the realm of golf. Under Armour consistently produces high-quality products, and these golf shoes are no exception. They provide stability without compromising on comfort, making them ideal for golfers with aggressive swings. The slip-and-skid resistance ensures you stay firmly grounded and have excellent traction in any condition, as praised by Sports Illustrated.

These shoes prioritize performance and durability. They are spiked for long-lasting wear and are completely waterproof. The EVA footbed offers supportive comfort, while the Hovr placement supports the natural movement of the foot during the golf swing and reduces impact, as explained by Golfweek.

One of Under Armour's strengths lies in designing sportswear that considers athletic movements. The HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes utilize stretch and lockdown yarns to provide support where it's needed most, while offering flexibility in other areas. Golf Monthly emphasizes the importance of golf shoes supporting the athletic nature of golf swings.


Under Armour Men’s UA Charged Draw 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes, $100


The Under Armour Men’s UA Charged Draw 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes combine the aesthetics of basketball court shoes with functionality on the golf course. They are reasonably priced and offer a sleek appearance. These shoes feature patented Charged Cushioning to absorb impact and have a Never-Wet treatment to keep you dry during your swings.

Best Golf Shoes for Women


NOBULL Men’s White Matrix Golf Shoe, $179


The NOBULL Men’s White Matrix Golf Shoe is a premium option that exudes sharpness and is suitable even for formal occasions. It is lightweight and comfortable, fitting true to size. If you're looking for a well-put-together pair of golf shoes, this is a great choice.


Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoe, $130


The Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoe is a highly recommended option with a classic look. It provides a subtle boost with its platform base and features a comfortable clear gel sole. Additionally, these shoes are waterproof.


Tory Burch Howell Golf Sneaker, $198


Enjoy style and comfort on the golf field with the Tory Burch Howell Golf Sneaker. These shoes are exceptionally lightweight and feature a soft-cushioned midsole. They are crafted with high-rebound EVA material for extra traction. The white and navy combination adds a fashionable touch.


Adidas Solarmotion Spikeless Shoes, , original price: $120


The Adidas Solarmotion Spikeless Shoes, currently priced under $100, offer a timeless look. The subtle pop of moss green matches the golf course perfectly. These versatile shoes can be worn for golfing, running, and hiking.


True Linkswear Knit II Golf Shoes


True Linkswear is a lesser-known brand that designs high-quality golf shoes. The True Linkswear Knit II Golf Shoes are perfect for those seeking a casual style in golf shoes.


Adidas Tour 360 22 Golf Shoes


The Adidas Tour 360 22 Golf Shoes combine leather and waterproof materials in their design, making them suitable for all weather conditions. These shoes provide a wide base for a firm connection to the ground, enhancing stability and confidence for aggressive golf swings.


FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes


FootJoy is a renowned brand in men's golf footwear, and the FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes exemplify their commitment to quality. These shoes offer simplicity, affordability, and elegance for golfers of all skill levels. They are known for their durability and comfortable fit, making them a reliable choice.


Women's Golf Shoes


G/Fore MG4 Womens Golf Shoe Review

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When you slip on the G/Fore golf shoes, prepare to be amazed. The footbed inner sole is specially designed to provide a massaging effect, similar to using a bumpy foot massage tool. As you walk, the "nubs" on the inner sole massage your feet, relieving stress and tension. It's like walking on air!

But the benefits don't stop there. These shoes are also designed to offer excellent swing support. You'll feel grounded and stable, as if the shoes are gripping the turf, when you make your swing. Unlike other performance-oriented golf shoes that can feel sturdy and firm, the G/Fore MG4 fits like a glove right from the start. No need for breaking them in or dealing with discomfort.

For more ideas on the best women's golf shoes for 2022, check out our guide here.

Women's Traditions shoe from Footjoy, woman wearing footjoy golf shoes

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Our top pick for women's golf shoes is the Traditions design from FootJoy. These shoes have a traditional style with a super-cushioned foam underfoot that provides lightweight comfort and great bounce while walking. This is something you would expect from a more sporty design, but it's nice to see it in these shoes.

You can choose from four color options: all black, all white, white/blue, and white/tartan. The white/tartan option has a subtle vintage hint that can add an extra touch to your outfit. Overall, these shoes are smart, stylish, and perform exceptionally well.

PUMA Ignite Blaze Pro Golf Shoes, woman wearing puma golf shoes

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Puma claims that the Ignite Blaze Pro shoe is for women who take their golf seriously. However, we believe that it's a shoe that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players. In our testing, we found these shoes to be incredibly comfortable, ranking among the most comfortable models we've ever worn.

These shoes are also waterproof, providing full protection in case of rain, and offer excellent grip with their well-placed spikes on the outsole. While they may not be as stable as some other models on the list, if you prioritize comfort, grip, and breathability, these shoes are a fantastic option.

FootJoy Fuel Women's Waterproof Golf Shoe lying on box, white golf shoes

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Power is crucial in golf, and your feet play a significant role in transferring energy to the ball during your swing. That's why the FootJoy Fuel shoes are designed with Power Stabilizer outsoles. These outsoles provide incredible traction and stability, giving you ultimate support and control.

The Fuel shoes have a premium look and feel, resembling a high-quality pair of trainers. They offer excellent support and instant comfort, thanks to the soft Stratolite foam cushioning. Additionally, the synthetic uppers make these shoes waterproof, allowing you to easily wipe them clean after playing in the rain. They will stay looking like new for longer.


Skechers GO GOLF Arch Fit Balance Sneaker, $105



Skechers GO GOLF Arch Fit Balance SneakerSkechers

For unbeatable comfort, the Skechers GO GOLF Arch Fit Balance Sneaker is the way to go. These sneakers come in various colors, are reasonably priced, and feature arch support certified by podiatrists, just like high-quality walking shoes. Trust us, they're a reliable pair worth adding to your cart.

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In conclusion, these top-notch golf shoes for men offer a perfect blend of performance, style, and comfort, making them the perfect companions for your next round on the greens. From the spiked adidas Tech Response to the lightweight and stylish Nike Air Max 90 G, there is a shoe for every golfer's preference. So gear up, step onto the course, and let your feet do the talking. With these best men's golf shoes, you'll not only elevate your game but also look great while doing it.