Are you tired of heavy, clunky tennis shoes that slow you down on the court? Look no further! In this article, we bring you the ultimate guide to the best lightweight tennis shoes on the market. Whether you're a man or a woman, we've got you covered with our top picks for the best lightweight tennis shoes overall. Not only that, we'll also delve into the shoes with the best comfort and cushioning to enhance your performance. So lace up those shoes and get ready to hit the court in style with the best lightweight tennis shoes out there.

Best lightweight tennis shoes overall

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7 Best Lightweight Tennis Shoes for Men & Women

Let’s take a look at my top picks for the best lightweight tennis shoes, both for men and women. We'll start with the reigning champion for being the lightest.

I have included a table below that provides a quick comparison of the weight of each shoe, based on a men's size 10.5 and a women's size 8.5.

To make it on this list, each shoe had to weigh equal to or less than 14.5 ounces for men's shoes and 12.5 ounces for women's shoes.

ShoeMen’s @ 10.5Women’s @ 8.5
Babolat Jet Mach III12.1 oz10.2 oz
Asics Solution Speed FF 212.3 oz10.1 oz
adidas Adizero Club 212.6 oz10.4 oz
New Balance 996v512.9 oz10.8 oz
K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme13.1 oz10.8 oz
Nike Vapor Pro 214.3 oz12.3 oz
Wilson Rush Pro 4.014.9 oz11.8 oz

adidas Cybersonic

What we love: The Cybersonic is the newest addition to the adidas tennis shoe line. On the scale, the Cybersonics didn't look super light at 14.1 ounces (men's size 10.5) and 11.8 ounces (women's size 9.5), but most of our playtesters found these shoes to feel quick around the court. For this model, adidas introduced the Energyrod technology, which is intended to help propel players forward as they run.

  • adidas adizero Cybersonic White/Silver/Grey Wom's Shoe

Comparison of the 3 best lightweight tennis shoes

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When playing tennis, being light on your feet is a crucial element of your game. In terms of footwear, the quest for the right balance in comfort, support, and agility often leads to a crucial factor: weight.

In this guide, we’ll explore what makes lightweight tennis shoes the go-to choice for many players, including a focus on the essential features that set the best lightweight tennis shoes apart. Because an informed player means a smart player, and that might just be your advantage in the game.

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Asics Solution Speed FF 2

What we love: Speed along with the FlyteFoam cushioning makes the Solution Speed FF 2s the top choice for players looking for game day shoes. This latest version of the Solution Speed has an updated upper for a flexible, supportive feel, while a new outsole design is meant to center your weight for an even faster feel when taking off.

adidas Adizero Club 2

adidas Adizero Club: Lightweight Men's and Women's Tennis Shoe

The Adizero Club 2 is a mid-range tennis shoe from adidas that offers lightweight comfort in an affordable package.

For the shoe’s outsole, you’ll find Adiwear rubber for impressive traction on a wide range of surfaces and the same technology used across most tennis shoes from adidas.

At the midsole, you’ll find an EVA midsole adidas calls Adiprene, which offers lightweight comfort and maximum shock absorption.

The upper is where the Adizero Club 2 saves a fair bit of weight, featuring a mesh bootie construction and Climacool to help keep your feet fresh and an outer layer of Adituff for protection against abrasion.

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SizeSlightly short
Arch SupportSlightly low
Men’s Weight12.6 ounces @ size 10.5
Women’s Weight10.4 ounces @ size 8.5

New Balance 996v5

New Balance 996 v5 Men's & Women's Lightweight Tennis Shoes

If you’re looking for a lightweight tennis shoe from the New Balance lineup, the 996v5 will be the shoe to check out.

This shoe features New Balance’s NDurance rubber compound for the outsole to provide maximum durability and traction. However, to cut down on weight, they’ve also incorporated their Lightweight Solid Rubber (LWSR) into areas of low wear.

At the shoe’s midsole, you’ll find FuelCell foam throughout the entire length of the shoe. This unique EVA foam helps increase energy return to the player as they push off while maintaining torsional stability through the shoe’s center with a mid-foot shank.

The upper for the 996v5 is all about lightweight design and uses NDure, that’s lightweight and stable. A simple toe cap at the front of the shoe’s upper helps provide extra abrasion resistance for foot drags.

As a bonus, you’ll find some retailers offering a six-month outsole durability guarantee with this shoe, a significant benefit for anyone considering a lightweight offering.


Arch SupportSlightly low
Men’s Weight12.9 ounces @ size 10.5
Women’s Weight10.8 ounces @ size 8.5

Nike Vapor Pro 2

Nike Vapor Pro 2 Men's & Women's Lightweight Tennis Shoes

One of my favorite shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro, an evolution of the Vapor X, is the heaviest of my lightweight selection but is an excellent all-around package that provides one of the best performance blends. Plus, it comes in a hard and clay court model.

The outsole of the Vapor Pro 2 is one of the unique areas where the shoe cuts down weight. Instead of using a consistent thickness throughout the shoe’s length, Nike has reduced unnecessary rubber in areas where their research suggests wear is less.

At the midsole, the shoe combines an EVA midsole with a Zoom Air package at the shoe’s forefoot to absorb shock and shed weight while providing responsive comfort that’s low to the ground. Nike improves stability with a full-length foot frame at the shoe’s outside edge.

At the top of the Vapor Pro, you’ll find an ultra-breathable mesh that’s lightweight for maximum comfort, combined with a flexible internal sleeve that hugs your foot for extra support.

At the same time, an asymmetrical lacing system offers a snug fit to help keep your foot secure during sharp movements.

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Arch SupportMedium
Men’s Weight14.3 ounces @ size 10.5
Women’s Weight12.3 ounces @ size 8.5

Wilson Rush Pro 4.0

Wilson has been making significant progress in the tennis footwear and apparel industry over the past few years. The Rush Pro 4.0 represents the latest advancement in Wilson's flagship product line, offering a lightweight design with exceptional performance in various aspects.

The outsole of the Rush Pro is made of high-density Duralast rubber, which not only provides excellent traction but also surprising durability given its weight. It is worth noting that this shoe is the only one on this list that comes with an outsole durability guarantee.

For responsive comfort, the Rush Pro's midsole incorporates R-DST technology. Additionally, the shoe features a 4D supporting foot frame and TPU plate or shank to minimize twisting and promote confident movement.

In terms of the upper, Wilson utilizes SensiFeel 2.0 mesh, a lightweight material that enhances ventilation. The shoe's Endofit construction, resembling a sock, further enhances comfort and stability.

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Size True
Width Slightly wide
Arch Support Slightly low
Men’s Weight 14.9 ounces at size 10.5
Women’s Weight 11.8 ounces at size 8.5

Lightweight tennis shoes with exceptional comfort

Blue Blush Orion Blue Scarlet Ibis

K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

Full review of K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

Lightweight tennis shoes with excellent cushioning

White/Restful Teal

ASICS Solution Speed FF 2

Full review of ASICS Solution Speed FF 2

Yonex Sonicage 3

What we love: If you're seeking a well-cushioned shoe without sacrificing a lightweight feel, the Yonex Sonicage 3 deserves a spot on your list to try. The Power Cushion technology in the midsole provides excellent padding and support. Keep in mind that these shoes tend to fit slightly narrow in the forefoot, making them ideal for players who prefer a slightly narrower fit. Yonex offers a wide model and a Plus option for an extra wide fit in men's sizing.

Babolat Jet Mach III

What we love: Among the various versions of the Jet Mach, the Mach III has received the most praise from our playtesters. They were impressed by its lightweight design, comfort, and remarkable durability, considering its classification as a speed shoe. Players looking for a slightly narrow-fitting option that offers a fast feel should definitely try the Mach III. For more details, read our full review.

Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5

What we love: While not the lightest shoe in Mizuno's tennis line (that distinction goes to the Wave Exceed Tour Light), the Wave Exceed Tour 5 still offers a satisfactory weight of 11.7 ounces for men's size 10.5 and 9.7 ounces for women's size 8.5. It incorporates certain performance features typically associated with heavier models. The Wave Exceed Tour 5 provides good stability and includes a six-month outsole guarantee. For more information, check out our men's review or our women's review.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best lightweight tennis shoes, there are several incredible options to choose from. Whether you're a man or a woman, adidas Cybersonic, Asics Solution Speed FF 2, adidas Adizero Club 2, New Balance 996v5, Nike Vapor Pro 2, Wilson Rush Pro 4.0, Yonex Sonicage 3, Babolat Jet Mach III, and Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 all offer remarkable features and durability. Whether you prioritize comfort or cushioning, there is a shoe on this list that will meet your specific needs. So lace up and hit the court with confidence, knowing that you're equipped with the best lightweight tennis shoes available on the market.