Looking to take your golf game to the next level? Look no further than this ultimate guide to the best adidas golf shoes of 2023. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, the right footwear can make all the difference on the course. From the adidas adizero to the Powerband 3.0, we've got you covered with reviews of the top styles for comfort, performance, and style. Get ready to step up your game with the best adidas golf shoes. Don't miss out on finding your perfect pair!

Review of adidas adizero Golf Shoes

RRP: £130

TG Rating Owners' Rating
TG Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.3 out of 5

The adidas adizero Golf Shoes are a high-performance option inspired by Barcelona star Lionel Messi's football boots. These ultra-lightweight shoes weigh only 10.6oz and feature adidas' thinnest-ever outsole. The SprintFrame technology reduces weight while still ensuring comfort, and the SprintWeb internal TPU provides additional support. To learn more, click here.

Review of Adidas Samba Golf Shoe

RRP: £75

TG Rating
TG Rating 0 out of 5

The Adidas Samba Golf Shoe is a unique adaptation of the classic Samba trainer design. These shoes offer a timeless style with a distinctive sole and water-resistant design. Sizes available range from 6.5 to 13. For more information, visit adidasgolf.eu.

Review of adidas Powerband 3.0 Golf Shoes

RRP: £100

TG Rating
TG Rating 0 out of 5

The adidas Powerband 3.0 Golf Shoes are designed to maximize power in your swing. These shoes incorporate Tour-proven technologies for peak performance. They are available in the colorway running white/metallic silver/fairway, black/black/metallic silver. To learn more, visit this link.

Review of adidas Adicross Golf Shoes

RRP: £60

TG Rating
TG Rating 4 out of 5

The adidas Adicross Golf Shoes are available in various color options, including white/orange, white/lime, white/red, white/black, white/royal, black/white/dark metallic silver, and cognac brown/tour white/gum. For more information, visit the website www.adidasgolf.eu or call 0800 072 8624. To read more about these shoes, click here.

Review of adidas adiPURE Z Golf Shoes

RRP: £150

TG Rating
TG Rating 4 out of 5

The adidas adiPURE Z Golf Shoes are built with premium leather, including the lining. These shoes feature THiNTech low-profile technology, which brings the golfer closer to the ground for improved stability. They also include the exclusive THiNTech cleat and 10-Spike configuration. For more information, visit this link.

Review of adidas Tour 360 4.0 Golf Shoes

RRP: £120

TG Rating
TG Rating 0 out of 5

The adidas Tour 360 4.0 Golf Shoes feature a unibody construction that connects the heel counter and 360WRAP technology, creating a stable shoe. These shoes utilize THiN Tech low profile technology and are available in the colorway running white/tin. To learn more, visit this link.

Review of adidas Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoes

RRP: £55

TG Rating
TG Rating 0 out of 5

The adidas Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoes offer a blend of ultra-light construction, athletic styling, and advanced performance technologies. They are available in the colorways running white/running white/metallic silver, running white/running white/blossom, running... For more information, click here.

Review of adidas Signature Paula Golf Shoes

RRP: £90

TG Rating
TG Rating 0 out of 5

The adidas Signature Paula Golf Shoes offer a bold look with class-leading technologies. Designed with Paula Creamer's personal touch, these shoes provide a unique advantage in performance and style. They are available in the colorways running white/black/black, running white/krypton/hot, running... For more information, visit this link.

Review of adidas Signature Natalie Golf Shoes

RRP: £70

TG Rating
TG Rating 0 out of 5

The adidas Signature Natalie Golf Shoes are collaboratively designed with Natalie Gulbis. These Tour-level shoes combine advanced technologies, sleek styling, and intricate detailing for a distinctive look that delivers superior performance. They are available in... To learn more, click here.

Review of adidas Men’s Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoes

RRP: £45

TG Rating
TG Rating 0 out of 5

The adidas Men's Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoes offer a blend of ultra-light construction and athletic styling for warm-weather comfort. They are available in the colorways running white/running white/dark steel metallic black/black/metallic silver. For more information, click here.

Best Adidas Golf Shoes for Comfort

If comfort and light weight are your top priorities, there is no better Adidas golf shoe than the ZG23 Lightstrike. They are Adidas’s premium ultralight golf shoe, they provide outstanding support and grip, and their simplified look is a welcome addition to a rather extravagantly styled Adidas golf lineup.

The Adidas ZG23 Lightstrike in white.The ZG23 is a pair of spiked golf shoes with an athletic appearance, making them ideal for on-course use. These shoes are designed to provide optimal performance and comfort for golfers who prioritize these qualities rather than serving as multi-purpose footwear for post-game activities at the country club.

However, their value extends beyond mere aesthetics. The ZG23 excels in various aspects. They are weatherproof, ensuring reliability even in challenging conditions. Their impressive grip and targeted support provide a solid foundation for every swing. Additionally, these shoes are built to last, eliminating the need for premature replacements and allowing ample time for spike changes when necessary.

Review of adidas ZG23 Spiked Golf Shoes

the adidas zg23 is one of the best adidas golf shoes.adidas ZG23 golf shoe


The adidas ZG23 has been making waves in the golf world and for a good reason. With a two-year gap since the release of its predecessor, the ZG21, adidas has gone all-in on revamping this model, making it lighter and more comfortable without sacrificing performance.

Key Features

  • Five models, including men’s and women’s laced, men’s and women’s BOA, and a watered-down laced variant for junior golfers
  • Increased traction, stability, and comfort compared to the previous model
  • Ultra-Light Stability Fin for added support
  • D-Traxion technology for improved traction
  • Lightstrike Pro and Lightstrike Foam
One of the major changes in the ZG23 is the introduction of Lightstrike Pro, which replaces the Boost cushion used in the ZG21. This new foam offers a softer, more cushioned feel while still providing the stability golfers need. Combined with the Lightstrike foam that makes up the exterior midsole, the ZG23 offers a soft yet stable shoe that provides instant step-in comfort.

Ultra-Light Stability Fin

The Ultra-Light Stability Fin, first introduced in the ZG21, has been redesigned for the ZG23 to provide even more stability for golfers of all swing speeds. This 3D fin wraps onto the upper, offering support on both the medial and lateral sides of the foot, ensuring a stable base throughout the swing.


The ZG23 features the same six-cleat spiked traction as its predecessor, but the secondary traction lugs have been redesigned for better slip resistance. A complex algorithm was used to determine the ideal placement, spacing, and height of these lugs, ensuring optimal grip on the course.

Review of adidas ZG21 Spiked Golf Shoes

adidas ZG21 golf shoe


The adidas ZG21 may be the predecessor of the ZG23, but it still holds its own as one of the best adidas golf shoes available. Certainly, with a focus on lightweight performance, the ZG21 offers excellent traction, stability, and comfort.

Key Features

  • Lightweight Performance
  • Impressive traction and stability
  • Comfortable fit with Boost and Lightstrike cushioning
  • Waterproof construction for all-weather play
One of the key selling points of the ZG21 is its lightweight design. Weighing in at just under 13 ounces, this shoe offers a comfortable and agile experience on the golf course without sacrificing performance.

Traction and Stability

The ZG21 features a six-cleat spiked traction system that provides excellent grip and stability during the swing. The shoe’s outsole also includes numerous secondary lugs for added slip resistance.

Comfort and Fit

The ZG21’s comfort comes from its hybrid Boost and Lightstrike cushioning system, which provides a soft and responsive feel underfoot.

Waterproof Construction

Like its successor, the ZG21 features a waterproof construction that will keep your feet dry in wet conditions, making it a reliable option for golfers in various weather conditions.

Men's Spikeless adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas Codechaos 22 golf shoe resting on the golf course showing off its futuristic design

(Image credit: Future)

These golf shoes are incredibly eye-catching and have been given a fresh new look for 2022. The previous Codechaos 2020 model was beloved by our writers, but adidas has returned with an even more sporty and futuristic design. One standout feature is the unique wraparound outsole, which not only adds an interesting look but also provides great stability. We found these shoes to be incredibly comfortable on the course, and their visual appeal adds a bold touch compared to more traditional designs. If you want to make a statement with a versatile and sporty golf shoe, these might be the perfect fit for you!

Now let's dive into the comfort of these shoes. We really enjoyed the springiness of the sole as we walked around the golf course, and the lightweight feel was a highlight. These shoes are best suited for summer conditions due to their spikeless soles, which make them ideal for walking. Similar to other adidas models like the Tour 360 22 and Rebelcross, these shoes feature Boost technology throughout the entire shoe. As advertised, the Boost midsole provides instant comfort, and we found that these shoes required no break-in time at all.

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Adidas Special Edition Golf Shoe resting on the golf course with its stunning white colorway

(Image credit: Future)

Adidas has a history of turning iconic sneaker designs into golf shoes, and the Stan Smith collaboration is a great example. Now, they have brought the iconic Samba silhouette into the world of golf, creating one of the best-looking spikeless shoes on the market. These shoes rival the top golf sneakers in terms of performance.

From a performance standpoint, the Samba is a high-quality shoe that performs well in the right conditions. The extra EVA cushioning, compared to the standard sneaker, provides the necessary support and comfort for golfers walking 18 holes. The spikeless outsole performs admirably on and off the course, with golf-specific traction incorporated into the design. In dry conditions, the shoe excels at providing sure footing, and its low-profile design makes it wearable off the course as well.

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adidas flopshot golf shoes and their all white colorway contrasted against their blue sole design

(Image credit: Future)

The adidas Flopshot is a stylish and comfortable golf shoe designed specifically for use during the summer months. With its all-white leather design, it not only looks great but also delivers exceptional comfort. The FitFoam Geo cushioning in the heel and ankle provides excellent stability on undulating terrain.

These shoes feature a full-grain leather upper that is both waterproof and breathable, ensuring your feet stay well-ventilated. While the leather gives the shoe a premium feel, it may require special care to prevent cracking over time. The geometric design on the rear adds yet another touch of sophistication to these golf shoes. Keep in mind that these shoes are spikeless, so they may not perform as well in wet or muddy conditions.

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The Adidas Tech Response 2.0 golf shoes in a white and black colorway showing off their spiked sole design

(Image credit: Future)

The Tech Response 2.0 golf shoes feature an interesting combination of materials that make them comfortable and lightweight. The upper is a mix of textile mesh and synthetic leather, providing a comfortable fit. These shoes are great for summer rounds, as the Lightstrike midsole and Cloudfoam sockliner offer excellent medial support and cushioning.

Looks-wise, the Tech Response 2.0 has a fairly standard silhouette and is available in a limited range of colors. However, if you're looking for affordable golf shoes, these are a fantastic option. They offer plenty of comfort and support, making them some of the best budget golf shoes on the market.

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Our tester wearing the adidas adicross retro golf shoes on the golf course showing off their fantastic leather stitching

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

The Adicross Retro golf shoes combine throwback sneaker-like looks with modern performance. They may not be traditional in terms of style, but they are suitable for day-to-day use. These shoes offer versatility and come in nine different color options, ranging from understated to flamboyant. We found them to be incredibly comfortable and reminiscent of trainers. The rubber traction nubs provide good grip on the course, although they are not industry-leading in this aspect.

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adidas EQT Golf Shoes and their excellent red, blue and white colorway ready to step onto the golf course

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the launch of its original EQT branding, adidas has released a special throwback golf shoe. Available in both spiked and spikeless versions, these shoes come in various colors for both men and women. The spikeless version we tested featured the Bounce midsole, which provided an exceptional feel as we navigated the golf course. The Boost heel offered lightweight and responsive cushioning, similar to the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis.

These shoes have a waterproof upper and are constructed using recycled materials as part of adidas' initiative to reduce plastic waste. The spikeless outsole provides decent grip, but for those seeking ultimate performance, the spiked model may be a better choice. Check out our guide on the best spiked golf shoes for more options.

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Best modern: Adicross Hi BOOST Golf Shoes

Benefits— Unique and modern look— Comfortable for everyday wear

— Excellent performance in wet conditions

Drawbacks— May not match all golf outfits

Despite their basketball shoe or hiking boot appearance, the Adicross Hi BOOST are actually golf shoes. They redefine the traditional look of golf shoes and borrow elements from adidas' Terrex hiking and trail running line, resulting in a unique and modern aesthetic. The waterproof textile upper and spikeless Gripmore outsole make these shoes a great choice for wet conditions.

Size range: Men’s 7-15, Women’s 8-16 | Waterproof: Yes | Spiked: No | Colors: 2

Best spikeless: CODECHAOS 22 Spikeless Golf Shoes

Benefits— Modern and athletic design— Wide and stable platform

— Waterproof and breathable

Drawbacks— Doesn't provide spiked traction

The CODECHAOS 22 Spikeless Golf Shoes were once worn by professional golfer Dustin Johnson when he was sponsored by adidas. These shoes feature an oversized outsole that provides a broad and stable platform. The Boost midsole offers excellent spring and comfort, while the cushioned and textile-lined collar enhances support. These shoes are available in various colorways, ranging from bright and bold to more subdued options.

Size range: 7-15 | Waterproof: Yes | Spiked: No | Colors: 7

Best for comfort: Solarmotion Spikeless Shoes

Benefits— Breathable and lightweight— Waterproof

— Focus on providing comfort

Drawbacks— Less stable than shoes with lower platforms

If you often play walking rounds of golf, the Solarmotion Spikeless Shoes are designed with your comfort in mind. These shoes combine the supportive comfort of an adidas walking shoe with the Gripmore Traxion spikeless outsole for golf-specific performance. The extra-thick Lightstrike midsole delivers cushioning and support, while the Boost foam in the heel provides responsiveness. The synthetic upper is breathable and features waterproofing treatment, making these shoes suitable for hot summer days and wet grass.

Size range: 7-15 | Waterproof: Yes | Spiked: No | Colors: 4

adidas Tour360 22 Spiked Golf Shoes

One of the top adidas golf shoes is the adidas tour360 22


The adidas Tour360 22 is a flagship performance golf shoe that has become a staple on the PGA Tour. These shoes offer exceptional comfort and stability, making them a top choice for many golfers.

Key Features

  • BOOST Midsole
  • Leather upper
  • Water resistant
  • Spiked outsole

Traction and Stability

The Tour360 22 features a six-cleat spiked traction system that provides fantastic grip and stability.

Comfort and Fit

The Tour360 22 is equipped with a full-length BOOST midsole, offering supreme comfort during your round.

Waterproof Construction

The Tour360 22 has a water-resistant upper, keeping your feet dry in wet conditions.

Best budget: Tech Response 3.0 Golf Shoes

Benefits— Affordable price— Cushioned comfort

— Made with recycled materials

Drawbacks— Stiff synthetic upper

While many adidas golf shoes tend to be on the pricier side, the Tech Response 3.0 offers an affordable option without sacrificing performance. These shoes feature the same Bounce midsole found in adidas walking and running sneakers, providing cushioning and support for walking rounds. The padded collar and fabric lining ensure comfort out of the box, while the spikeless X-Traxion outsole offers adequate grip on grass for efficient power transfer during your swings.

Size range: 7-15 | Waterproof: No | Spiked: No | Colors: 3

Staff favorite: Tour360 22 Golf Shoes

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.

Benefits— Lightweight design— Made with recycled materials

— Provides a secure fit

Drawbacks— Spikes are not replaceable

The Tour360 22 is Adidas' flagship performance golf shoe, featuring technology used in other adidas footwear lines. Despite its modern design, the use of a traditional leather upper gives it a classic look compared to other brands. The molded outsole incorporates integrated SPIKEMORE traction and six nonreplaceable spikes for unparalleled stability and power during swings. The 360Wrap design and stiff heel ensure optimal lateral stability, while the dual stack midsole strikes the perfect balance between cushioning and stiffness.

Size range: 7-15 | Waterproof: No | Spiked: Yes | Colors: 6

Best laceless: ZG23 BOA Golf Shoes

Benefits— Precise fit— Maximum traction

— Waterproof

Drawbacks— Higher price tag

The ZG23 BOA Golf Shoes are one of adidas' latest golf shoe offerings, delivering high-tech performance in a laceless package. The lightweight Lightstrike and Lightstrike Pro midsole elements provide support and cushioning, while the BOA Fit System ensures a precise fit compared to traditional laces. The spiked Thintech outsole offers maximum traction and stability, making these shoes perfect for performance-minded golfers. The price may be higher, but the cutting-edge technology incorporated throughout the shoe makes it worth the investment.

Size range: 7-15 | Waterproof: Yes | Spiked: Yes | Colors: 2

Best Casual: Retrocross Spikeless Golf Shoes


- Waterproof

- Made from recycled materials


- Limited traction

The Retrocross Spikeless Golf Shoes by Adidas have a retro style that resembles classic tennis shoes. The rubber outsole features a toothed spikeless traction pattern, giving these shoes a unique look. They are perfect for a casual golf outfit and can be worn both on the course and in the clubhouse.

These golf shoes are environmentally friendly as they use at least 50% recycled materials in their synthetic uppers. Despite their casual appearance, they are waterproof and will keep your feet dry in wet conditions. However, their traction is slightly limited compared to other golf shoes.

Size range: 7-15 | Waterproof: Yes | Spiked: No | Colors: 3

Adidas Solarmotion BOA Spikeless Golf Shoes

the adidas solarmotion boa is a top adidas golf shoe for 2023.Adidas Solarmotion BOA golf shoe


The Adidas Solarmotion BOA is a top choice for golfers who prefer a secure, adjustable fit without traditional laces. With its BOA closure system, this shoe provides a customized fit for stability and support during the swing.

Key Features

- BOA closure system for a secure, adjustable fit

- Comfortable and supportive design

- Excellent traction and stability

- Waterproof construction for all-weather play

The Solarmotion BOA features the popular BOA closure system that replaces traditional laces with a dial-based mechanism. This allows for a precise and customized fit that can be easily adjusted on the go, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience throughout your round. The BOA fit provides excellent lockdown in the heel section.

Comfort and Support

The Solarmotion BOA is designed with comfort and support in mind. It has a cushioned midsole and a supportive upper made from textiles and synthetic materials. These features provide a lightweight and breathable experience while still offering excellent support.

Traction and Stability

Similar to the CodeChaos 22, the Solarmotion BOA offers impressive traction and stability on the golf course. Its unique outsole design includes multi-directional lugs that grip the ground and prevent slipping during the swing.

Waterproof Construction

Like many other top Adidas golf shoes, the Solarmotion BOA is waterproof and will keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

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Best Golf Shoes 2023

Looking for more information on the best golf shoes for 2023? We have tested and ranked the top spikeless and spiked golf shoes. Learn more about the top spikeless golf shoes and spiked golf shoes for this year.

Do Adidas make golf shoes? Yes, and they are highly regarded. The best spikeless golf shoe for 2023 is the adidas Codechaos 22.

What is the best Adidas golf shoe? That depends on personal preference. However, for 2023, the best spikeless golf shoe is the adidas Codechaos 22. On the spiked side, the adidas ZG23 performed well in our testing.

In conclusion, adidas continues to dominate the golf shoe market with their innovative designs and cutting-edge technology. Whether you're looking for comfort, performance, or style, adidas has a shoe that will meet your needs. From the sleek and versatile adizero to the classic and iconic Samba, adidas offers a wide range of options for every golfer. So why wait? Step up your game and get your hands on the best adidas golf shoes of 2023 at Worldwide Golf Shops. Happy golfing!