Are you ready to step up your game on the court? Look no further because we've got the inside scoop on the best adidas basketball shoes for 2023. Whether you're a guard looking for explosive speed or a fan of retro styles, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll dive into the top picks for overall, signature, and outdoor basketball shoes. Plus, we'll compare the top five contenders, explore the benefits of adidas' signature and non-signature shoes, and even provide options for those on a budget. So, lace up your sneakers and get ready to take your game to new heights with the best adidas basketball shoes on the market.

Best Overall Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

Best Adidas Basketball Shoe 2023

adidas harden vol 7Watch the full review

Adidas Harden Vol 7

The Adidas Harden Vol 7 brings back the bounce to Adidas basketball shoes. Instead of Bounce cushioning, it utilizes a combination of Lightstrike in the forefoot and Boost in the heel. The Boost cushioning is well-known and highly appreciated.

Apart from the impressive cushioning, the Harden Vol 7 offers solid traction, ample support, and a unique-looking upper that performs well on the court. It's finally a well-cushioned Adidas basketball shoe. Price: $180

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Adidas Trae Young 3

The Adidas Trae Young 3 is a significant improvement over the Trae Young 2. It is a quick, light, and reactive shoe with excellent grip, lockdown, and stability. While it may not suit everyone's preferences, it is a solid performance basketball shoe for agile and springy players who value a fast and secure ride on the court. The unique design adds to its appeal.

Read the full review. Price: $140

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Adidas Dame Certified

The Adidas Dame Certified is Damian Lillard's budget model for the year, offering solid performance as a basketball shoe. It features full-length Bounce cushioning for responsive comfort, reliable traction, and a functional upper made with affordable layered materials. Priced at just $100, it is a great budget-friendly option from Adidas.

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adidas DON Issue 4Watch the full review

Adidas DON Issue 4

Adidas DON Issue 4, Donovan Mitchell's signature shoe, is a clear step up from its predecessor. It offers a reactive and bouncy cushioning setup, grippy traction suitable for outdoor use, and a high-quality upper made primarily with Jaquarde textile.

Read the full review. Price: $120

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adidas Harden Vol 6Watch the full review

Adidas Harden Vol 6

The Adidas Harden Vol 6 is the latest shoe from James Harden. It is a departure from the previous model and reintroduces a traditional midsole with Boost cushioning. The upper features recycled materials. It still includes the ankle pods for comfort and support.

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adidas Son of Chi 2

Adidas Son of Chi 2

The Adidas Son of Chi 2 may be the best Adidas basketball shoe of 2022. It offers impressive traction, durability, and solid impact protection. The midsole features full-length Bounce cushioning, and the overall design is well-balanced and functional.

Read the full review. Price: $110

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adidas Dame 8Watch the full review

Adidas Dame 8

The Adidas Dame 8 is a highly anticipated sneaker in Damian Lillard's line. It introduces Bounce Pro in the midsole, offering a soft and comfortable feel. The upper materials are breathable and require minimal breaking-in period. The tongue is padded, and the traction features a wave-bone pattern.

Read the full review. Price: $120

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Best Signature Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

adidas DON Issue 4Watch the full review

Adidas DON Issue 4

Adidas DON Issue 4, Donovan Mitchell's signature shoe, boasts an upgrade in its materials compared to the DON Issue 3. It features a comfortable Jacquard knit upper, a full-length Lightstrike midsole for adequate cushioning, and a premium touch with synthetic nubuck and suede elements. It's expected to release in more exciting colorways soon.

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adidas Trae Young 1Watch the full review

Adidas Trae Young 1

The Adidas Trae Young 1 is currently one of the top choices from Adidas. It may require some careful sizing, but it offers a cohesive experience on the court. It is suitable for both quick, agile guards and larger players looking for support and impact protection. The shoe's versatility and appealing design make it a popular choice.

Read the full review. Price: $140

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adidas Dame 8Watch the full review

Adidas Dame 8

The Adidas Dame 8 incorporates the best technologies from the brand, including Bounce Pro. It caters to all types of players and foot shapes, offering a lightweight and responsive performance for guards and ample support and impact protection for larger players. The versatility of the Dame line continues with this release.

Read the full review. Price: $120

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Best Retro Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

adidas D Rose 1.5 RestomodWatch the full review

Adidas D Rose 1.5 Restomod

The Adidas D Rose 1.5 Restomod is a nostalgic rendition of a beloved shoe from the early 2010s. It offers a modernized midsole with Lighstrike cushioning, maintaining the original PureMotion outsole. The foam used in this version is thin but still provides good performance. The shoe pays tribute to Derrick Rose's incredible skills on the court.

Read the full review. Price: $150

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Best Outdoor Adidas Basketball Shoes 2023

adidas Dame 8Watch the full review

Adidas Dame 8

The Adidas Dame 8 is an excellent option for outdoor play. It offers cushioning that rivals Boost, providing a stable and comfortable ride. The breathable upper materials ensure comfort even in hot weather. The shoe's durability is enhanced with protective layers in high-stress areas, and the outsole tread is known for its longevity.

Read the full review. Price: $150

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Comparison of the 5 best Adidas basketball shoes

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Best price
# of colorways

Adidas Signature Basketball Shoes

Let's be honest: no matter how versatile a basketball shoe claims to be, it's never going to please everyone. There will always be some people who find the cushioning too hard or the materials too flimsy; it all depends on the individual's physique and playing style.


For example, let's take a look at the Adidas Dame 7 from the Damian Lillard collection.

The good news is that Adidas has four signature athletes whose profiles and playstyles buyers can easily compare. In simple terms, if a buyer's description matches that of, let's say, James Harden, then Harden shoes are probably the best choice for them.


James Harden

Donovan Mitchell

Damian Lillard

Derrick Rose



220 lbs

Shooting/Point Guard


215 lbs

Shooting Guard


195 lbs

Point Guard


190 lbs

Point Guard

Playing Style

Focuses on quick footwork to trick defenders and create space

Similar to Dame's and Wade's shiftiness and drives

Reliant on quick direction changes, speed, and runs to the basket

Does a lot of jumps and on-court acrobatics

All four of Adidas's signature athletes are guards, so their shoes are designed to focus on court feel and responsiveness, which are important for guards who frequently change directions quickly and sprint to the basket.

However, signature shoes for James Harden and Derrick Rose may be more suitable for big men. Harden himself is a big man, so a bit of extra cushioning is necessary. Although Rose is relatively small, his acrobatic jump shots require additional cushioning for more impact protection.

Adidas Non-Signature Shoes: What are They Good For?

Like Nike and Jordan, Adidas also brings back old basketball shoes. One of the most notable examples is the Adidas Pro Model 2G, which is a revival of a popular shoe from the 2000s and was even worn by the high school sensation LeBron James.

In addition to the sought-after signature shoes for James Harden, Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, and Donovan Mitchell, Adidas also offers newly released non-signature shoes. These shoes tend to be more affordable, making them appealing to many buyers. Here are the two most noteworthy options.

Adidas Marquee Boost

The first Marquee Boost was released in late 2018 and quickly became one of the most talked-about mid-top basketball shoes. It gained attention for its use of one of Adidas's most prized technologies: Boost.

The Marquee Boost and its low-top version focus on balancing court feel and impact protection. The forefoot is slightly firmer to provide responsiveness and court feel, while the rear area retains the plushness of Boost for ample cushioning during heel strikes.

Adidas N3xt L3v3l

The N3XT L3V3L series stands out for its laceless construction. These shoes aim to be highly supportive without adding extra weight and bulk. The 2021 release of this collection features a data-driven Futurenatural construction, which ensures a secure and streamlined foot lockdown.

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Guards

Black Adidas D.O.N. Issue #4 Full review of Adidas D.O.N. Issue #4

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Best Budget Adidas Basketball Shoes

Adidas Harden Stepback 3 Removable insole Adidas Harden Stepback 3 Full review of Adidas Harden Stepback 3

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Bliss Pink/Team Real Magenta/Clear Pink (GY6417)

Adidas Basketball Shoes to Wear On-Court

Adidas Trae Young 3 Shoes

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Kicking it off with a newcomer, Trae Young returns with another pair of basketball shoes designed for superior performance. The Trae Young 3.0 features a lightweight textile upper and a midsole Torsion system for extra support. These shoes have a slip-on mechanism instead of traditional laces. With a striking off-white herringbone-pattern rubber outsole and a monochrome colorway, these kicks deliver both style and success.

Adidas Bounce Legends Shoes

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Whether you're a beginner or playing in the big leagues, the Bounce Legends Shoes are perfect for all basketball lovers. These shoes feature lightweight cushioning and a flexible mesh upper for ultimate comfort. With a cupped heel for support, you'll be ready to make the perfect score.

Adidas Harden Vol. 7 003 Shoes

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The Harden Vol. 7 003 Shoes are an upgraded version of the popular Harden Volume 7 basketball sneakers. They feature lightstrike cushioning and an adidas JET BOOST midsole for extra bounce and support. With a striking olive green colorway, these shoes are sure to turn heads.

D.O.N. Issue #4 Basketball Shoes

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Donovan Mitchell's signature shoes, the D.O.N. Issue #4 Basketball Shoes, have been highly regarded since his breakout season with the Utah Jazz in 2017. These white basketball shoes feature Ultralight Lightstrike in the sole unit and a LIGHTLOCK upper for a snug fit. With a propulsion system that won't weigh you down, these shoes are built for success.

Trae Young 2.0 Basketball Shoes

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Trae Young is known for his incredible shooting ability on the court, and the Trae Young 2.0 Basketball Shoes can help enhance your game. With a Lightstrike midsole, these shoes are some of the lightest in their class. The internal lockdown system provides support without sacrificing the lightweight design.

Adidas Adizero Select Team Shoes

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If you're looking for kicks that match your bold moves on the court, the Adizero Select Team Shoes in shocking fire-red are the way to go. With lightstrike midsole cushioning and a lightweight upper, these shoes will help you soar to the hoop and hit nothing but net.

Adidas Ownthegame Shoes

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Performance basketball sneakers don't have to break the bank. If you're on a budget and still want to dominate the game, the Ownthegame Shoes are made for you. Own the court with their lightstrike midsole cushioning and lightweight composition.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the perfect pair of basketball shoes, Adidas has truly stepped up their game for 2023. Whether you're looking for the best overall shoes, signature styles, retro designs, or outdoor performance, Adidas has something for everyone. The comparison of the top five Adidas basketball shoes can help narrow down your choices, while their signature and non-signature options offer different benefits for every player. From guards to those on a budget, Adidas has you covered. So lace up, hit the court, and let your game soar to new heights with the best Adidas basketball shoes of 2023.