The evolution of basketball shoes since 1949 has been staggering, when almost all ballers strode onto the court in the same high-top Chuck Taylor kicks. In our modern times, choosing a new pair of basketball shoes can be overwhelming, with tons of options like high-, middle-, and low-tops, and countless support options for players to consider. Luckily, there's a way to simplify your quest for the perfect pair: sticking to a reliable footwear brand, such as Nike. Explore our listing of the top Nike basketball shoes to buy in 2023, as follows:

"Top Products in this Article:"

- Nike Air Jordan XXXVII, starting at $112

- Nike Luka 1, reduced from $110, now starting at

To help ballers make a more informed decision, Nike states that the perfect basketball shoe should offer a blend of comfort, support, and traction. Nike also offers a comprehensive guide to which basketball shoes are ideal for every individual playing position, which you can read here: "Best Nike Basketball Shoes Based on Position".

For those seeking basketball shoes, deciding between low, mid or high-top silhouettes largely depends on your preferences. While high-top shoes may offer added ankle support and stability, they are also heavier. On the other hand, low-tops are the most lightweight but offer minimal ankle support, while mid-top shoes are a great balance in-between.

One name that's likely recognizable to all, even novice players, is Air Jordan. The Air Jordan XXXVII comes with a lightweight upper aimed at mimicking ankle tape support and a thick stack of Jordan's signature foam, Formula 23, in the heel. According to one review, this shoe features "double stacked zoom units in the forefoot make this shoe crazy bouncy", with solid traction and lockdown.

You can even catch the origin story of your new shoes on the big screen starting April 5th!

The Kyrie Infinity shoes is perfect for players who change directions often, boasting a data-informed traction pattern, 3-layer cushioning system and internal bands for a custom fit around the laces. One raving Amazon review mentioned: "They fit my son's size 12 feet perfectly and are super comfortable. I am definitely purchasing again in other colors."

Lastly, the Nike Luka 1 comes with full-length Formula 23 foam, embroidered Flight Wire cables for added security and a rubber wrap for ankle support. Number 77's shoe is trendy and highly recommended.

Since purchasing these low top basketball shoes, which remind me of the Nike Air Jet Flight, I can say they are the best pair I've owned, after wearing them for a month," shared one reviewer. "They are not only comfortable but also have a great grip and fit. I have been pleasantly surprised by their durability so far. These have become my go-to shoes for basketball, and I intend to buy another pair soon."

The Nike Luka 1 is available for and up at Nike.

Designed with sustainability and performance in mind, the Nike Cosmic Unity 2 basketball shoes include at least 20% recycled content by weight. The lightweight sneaker features a thin rubber outsole that provides durability and excellent traction. "After playing indoors 3-4 times a week, I purchased a second pair of these shoes within a month," shared a satisfied customer. "These shoes offer me the comfort that I need due to my flat feet while being stylish. They also provide great ankle support, have adequate impact support, and amazing traction. I am likely to buy more of these throughout the year."

The Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is available for and up (reduced from $160) at Nike.

Kevin Durant's KD15 is a pair of basketball shoes that offers a broken-in feel and fit without compromising on comfort. Its laces feed through the floating wings on its sides to help secure your feet, while Air Zoom Strobel support in the heel and cushioning foam throughout the shoe ensure plenty of comfort.

These shoes are simply incredible! One cannot help but fall in love with them instantly, and they are an absolute must-have for all basketball enthusiasts," gushed a satisfied customer. The Nike KD15, priced at $116 and up, is the perfect fusion of style and comfort that imbues the wearer with an extra "bounce." Not only are these shoes eye-catching on court, but they deliver a smooth and effortless glide with outstanding traction.

The Nike Giannis Immortality 2 is another stellar creation that celebrates Greek athlete Giannis Antetokounmpo's roots. These sleek sneakers feature his mother, father, brothers, and son's names inscribed on the outsole. With an ultra-comfy foam lining, curved bottom, and internal straps, these shoes guarantee a smooth stride and comfortable fit all day long. "My son is madly in love with these shoes! He swears by them, they make him run faster, and he wants more pairs in different colors," reported one happy customer.

You can add these beauties to your collection for a reasonable , and they are perfect for on-court and off-court wear. Check out more amazing basketball-related content on CBS Sports today.