When it comes to finding the perfect pair of waterproof shoes, there are plenty of options available on the market. Whether you're a hiking enthusiast, a golfer, or simply someone who wants to stay dry during those unexpected downpours, having the right footwear is essential. In this article, we have compiled a list of high-rated waterproof shoes for men, ranging from trail runners to dress shoes. So, without further ado, let's dive into the top choices that combine both functionality and style.


Best Overall Waterproof Shoes For Men: Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX


We're here to challenge the notion that waterproof shoes are limited to traditional rain boots. In our opinion, the finest waterproof sneakers for men should be versatile enough for everyday use, rain or shine.

These sneakers, designed by Nike, effortlessly check all the boxes when it comes to being waterproof, comfortable, and stylish. They even offer a multitude of vibrant colors, although we personally recommend the sleek all-black version for maximum versatility.

These waterproof sneakers are ideal for a jog paired with your preferred running shorts or effortlessly styled with a roomy pair of jeans to achieve a trendy street-style look.

Material: GORE-TEX | Sizes Available: 6 – 15 | Colors available: Black, White, Multi | Fit: Regular


Best Waterproof Walking Shoes For Men: Allbirds Men’s Wool Runner Mizzles


Living in an area with unpredictable weather calls for a pair of cushiony and waterproof shoes. This is where Allbirds’ Wool Runner Mizzles step in to provide the best everyday sneaker option for you.

The wool and bio-based water repellent shield offer a unique knit fabric appearance, challenging the perception that all waterproof shoes are made with bulky rubber materials.

The Runner Mizzles’ water-repellant feature ensures you stay dry during unexpected drizzles on your morning commute or dog walks. However, it would be wise to avoid wearing them in intense puddles.

Material: Wool | Sizes Available: 8 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray | Fit: Regular


Best Waterproof Running Shoes For Men: On Running Cloudflyer Waterproof


On Running, a Swiss brand known for setting high standards in the running community, has revolutionized the running game for countless athletes. And now, they have introduced the perfect waterproof sneakers that cater to all runners, regardless of their running objectives.

These lightweight and watertight running shoes are designed to keep your feet dry even in the wettest conditions. The waterproof technology does not compromise on comfort, as the sneakers still feature the brand's signature Helion super foam and super-plush tongue. The cozy and snug fit provides an enhanced running experience.

Material: Helion, CloudTec | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Gray | Fit: Regular




Material: Helion, CloudTec | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Gray | Fit: Regular


Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Men: The North Face VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT Boots


When it comes to hiking, wearing waterproof shoes is an absolute necessity. Nature can be slippery when wet, and it's vital to prioritize your safety. However, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. The North Face understands this need and presents the VECTIVE Exploris FUTURELIGHT Boots, which seamlessly blend functionality with fashion.

These hiking shoes are both waterproof and breathable, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your hiking endeavors. With 14 outdoor-specific features, such as the Surface Control rubber outsole, these hiking shoes provide excellent grip and stability. The classic sneaker-like design instills a sense of confidence both on the trails and in everyday life.

While we prefer the mid boots for enhanced ankle protection, The North Face also offers a low-top version for those who prioritize versatility.

Material: VECTIV, FUTURELIGHT | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Gray, Khaki | Fit: Regular


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Best Waterproof Golf Shoes For Men: G/FORE Gallivanter Pebble-Grain Leather Golf Shoes


Don't let wet feet ruin your golf game. G/FORE's waterproof leather golf shoes are here to ensure your feet stay dry, even in the dewy greens or during unexpected rain showers.

With their classic and minimalist design, these leather golf shoes exude elegance and style on the green. Once you break that elusive score of 90, it's time to upgrade your rusty old golf shoes to a sophisticated and dapper pair like these.

Pair your waterproof golf shoes with a slim pair of golf trousers and a crisp white polo for a sophisticated look that will turn heads at your private golf clubhouse. Additionally, these shoes make an excellent golf gift idea.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 7 – 12.5 | Colors available: White | Fit: Regular





Best Waterproof Work Shoes For Men: L.L.Bean Men’s Storm Chaser Slip-Ons


When working under demanding conditions, it's crucial to have protective and waterproof footwear. L.L.Bean's Storm Chaser Slip-On Boots provide the ideal solution. These boots combine the functionality of rain boots with the convenience of sneakers, offering complete waterproof protection.

The slip-on design allows for effortless wearing and removal, saving you valuable time and eliminating the hassle of dealing with laces during busy work hours.

Pair these slip-on boots with reliable cargo pants or trendy overalls to achieve the chic workwear aesthetic that is currently making waves on social media. Trust us, you'll see this look everywhere in the coming months.

Material: Leather, Rubber | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Gray, Brown, Khaki | Fit: Regular


Best Waterproof Snow Shoes For Men: UGG Butte Boots


UGGs are not exclusively for teenage girls. This renowned cold weather footwear giant is also a reliable source for the best waterproof snow shoes for men. The Butte Boots from UGG will ensure your feet remain safe and warm as you trek through inches of snow.

Needless to say, these winter boots are waterproof. However, they also boast rugged soles that provide enhanced grip and stability on icy grounds. The soft sherpa lining is an added bonus, keeping your feet cozy and preventing them from getting cold.

When wearing your waterproof snow shoes, pair them with a cozy fleece jacket or a wind-proof padded parka to stay warm from head to toe.

Material: Leather, Rubber, Sheepskin | Sizes Available: 7 – 18 | Colors available: Black, Brown, Gray | Fit: Regular


Best Waterproof Dress Shoes For Men: Rockport Men’s Essential Details Waterproof Cap-Toe Oxford


We all wish we could cancel important business meetings on gloomy days. However, sometimes suiting up is inevitable, even when the weather is less than ideal. Luckily, Rockport's waterproof cap-toe oxfords are here to save the day and ensure you effortlessly maintain your formal attire.

Crafted with 100% Hydro-Shielded genuine leather, these dress shoes strike the perfect balance between classic style and practicality. The rubber soles provide excellent traction, ensuring you don't slip and slide embarrassingly in public.



Style these waterproof oxfords with your go-to suit for work, or even with a dashing tuxedo for black-tie events. Planning an upcoming outdoor wedding with a slight chance of rain? Make sure your Rockports are ready to keep you dry and fashionable.

Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 5 – 16 | Colors available: Black, Brown | Fit: Regular, Narrow, Wide



Best Waterproof Sandals For Men: Teva Original Universal


Embrace the resurgence of dad sandals this year, as you now have a valid reason to flaunt them in public without any fashion judgment from your partner.

Why not try a fresh and vibrant pair from Teva? In our opinion, they make the best waterproof sandals, and we particularly adore the 'Retro-Multi' colorway for that extra pop of style this summer.

These waterproof sandals not only boast a cute and comfortable design, but they are also made with vegan and recycled materials. To top it off, they are recyclable, allowing you to send in your old sandals for Teva to recycle on your behalf.

Material: Synthetic & Plant-based Materials | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Multi, Black, Gray, Brown | Fit: Regular



Most Comfortable Waterproof Shoes For Men: Crocs Classic Clog


There's a reason why Crocs' popularity soared during the pandemic. Their comfort, versatility, and of course, waterproof nature, make them a must-have footwear option for many individuals. Don't let the haters discourage you—Crocs are undeniably in style, at least for now.

Style your Crocs with confidence, pairing them with ultra-baggy sweatpants or cargo jeans to achieve the ultimate Y2K-inspired look. Strut the streets with the confidence of a model, and you'll even secretly enjoy the occasional glances and approval.

Material: CrosliteTM | Sizes Available: 4 – 13 | Colors available: Black, White, Yellow, Blue | Fit: Regular


When it comes to finding the perfect pair of waterproof shoes for men, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for top-notch trail running shoes, durable hiking boots, or stylish dress shoes, this list has got you covered. With the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX taking the title for best overall, the Allbirds Men's Wool Runner Mizzles and On Running Cloudflyer Waterproof grabbing the victories for walking and running shoes respectively, and The North Face VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT Boots reigning supreme in the hiking category, it's clear that there are high-rated options for every activity. Don't let the rain or snow dampen your style or performance - invest in a pair of these waterproof shoes and step out with confidence, comfort, and dry feet.