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Man Wearing Barefoot Shoes

Not too long ago, it seemed like every major shoe manufacturer offered their own take on the "barefoot shoe," but today, that trend has all but died out. If you take a look at the starting line of any modern race, you'll see as many muscular, soft-saddled rides as ever However, there are still a few companies that produce low-heeled shoes that don't shield your feet from the ground and encourage you to engage with it. As a result, every day, someone new puts them on for the first time and has a transformative "aha!" moment.

The criteria for the best barefoot shoe can be highly subjective and activity specific. For example, if you are a serious weightlifter, the finest footwear for mountainous terrain or Footwear for walking in the woods can't help you get in shape This guide uses the following arbitrary definition of "barefoot":

  • To have "zero-drop" means that the heel is at the same level as the forefoot.
  • Shoes with minimal underfoot padding and a "stack height" (the distance from the floor to the top of the foot) of no more than 25 millimeters.
  • Construction shaped like a foot, with a toe box that is relatively roomy

Perhaps none of these options are the right size for your flawless Cinderella foot. However, these are the options that are most likely to appeal to the widest possible audience. Try one on and you'll understand the craze.

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Our Recommendations for the Finest Barefoot Footwear

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The Xero Shoes 360 are the best minimalist footwear available.

Xero Shoes 360


  • Weight: 9 2 oz (M9)
  • The stack is 8 millimeters high.
  • Upper is mesh with rubber grip ribs and outsole is rubber.


The 360, made by Colorado's Xero Shoes, could easily be mistaken for a pair of vintage cross-trainers. Yet, this is a high-quality, 21st-century shoe that was meticulously planned out. It has the shape of a foot and is flat, but the soles have great traction, and the sides are reinforced for lateral stability. In contrast to well-designed but flimsy early barefoot offerings, the 360 can withstand the rigors of everyday, full-throttle life.

Straight from the box, you might find yourself favoring these as your go-to training footwear, but they're also great for casual use, walking, and any sport. It could be the pair of shoes that finally convinces you that barefoot shoes are real shoes and worthy of being worn constantly.

Our Favorites

  • Extreme traction and an athletic sole design.
  • Better lateral stability
  • Excellent for many different sports and activities.
  • Not as likely to get you called a "clown shoe" as

Our Dislikes

  • Speak and squeak an awful lot
  • It could be overwhelming for newcomers.

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The Vivobarefoot Primus Trail is the Best Barefoot Hiking Shoe on the Market.

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Weather


  • Weight: 8 2 oz (M9)
  • There is a 8mm stack.
  • Mesh textile upper, recycled rubber outsole.


Vivobarefoot, based in the United Kingdom, was one of the earliest companies to devote itself solely to barefoot shoes; they still produce cutting-edge designs for use in outdoor sports and hiking. The newest Primus Trail models are built with a durable lugged outsole (excellent for golf, too) and a form-fitting, eco-friendly, vegan upper.

When my kids wear Vivobarefoot shoes, they refer to them as "ninja shoes." That sums up their allure beautifully. You feel prepared to be a badass, even if you aren't already one, on the trails.

Our Favorites

  • Constructed with quality materials and a sturdy, grippy outsole
  • Available in both mesh and all-weather varieties, as well as a children's style.
  • Primus Lite, for workouts and downtime.

Disliked Features

  • Very pricy
  • The soles of shoes tend to last longer than the uppers and the stitching.
  • So many options can make choosing a model difficult.

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Vivobarefoot Opanka, the Best Slip-On Barefoot Shoes

Vivobarefoot Opanka Leather Shoes


  • Weighing in at: Not Specified
  • 7mm Stack Height
  • Rubber sole and upper made of genuine Portuguese leather


Each barefoot fan keeps a secret record of the shoes they've loved and lost. While I still long for the brown leather Vivobarefoot slip-ons I had in the aughts, the company's more recent casual offerings, such as the handmade leather Opanka, offer the same level of comfort while still being appropriate for work or formal events.

I mean, laces have their uses. Once you've experienced the ease and comfort of a pair of slip-on shoes, you won't be able to keep them off your feet.

Enjoyments of Ours

  • There is no need to tie or lace the shoes.
  • The perfect fit, Mr. Ultimately, like Mr. Rogers,
  • Extremely lightweight and adaptable

Disliked Features

  • A lot of money for such a tiny shoe.
  • In terms of men's clothing, available hues tend toward an "old man in socks and shorts" aesthetic.

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Merrell Vapor Glove 5: the Best Affordable Barefoot Shoes

Merrell Vapor Glove 5


  • Quantity: 10 ounces
  • Six-inch-high stacks. 5mm
  • Upper constructed with Vibram ecostep rubber, mesh, and polyurethane.


Although Merrell is better known for its sturdy hiking boots, the company also pioneered the barefoot market with the introduction of the Vapor Glove and the Trail Glove. The Vapor Glove 5 is the best of the series because it uses stronger materials in the upper, has a better sole texture, and is less floppy than its predecessors.

Merrells aren't always easy to find in the right size, and some people have yet to do so. While some people regret their decision to put on Gloves, just as many do.

Some Things We Enjoy

  • Excellent grip and a snug fit, like wearing a glove
  • Discreet layout and color palette
  • Reduced from many barefoot shoe prices to a more reasonable level

Disliked Features

  • A generational discrepancy in sizing
  • Close-fitting and narrow

Purchase the Men's a href="MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX">> or the Women's a href="MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX">> Merrell Vapor Glove 5.

The Altra Superior 5 are the best barefoot running shoes currently available.

Altra Superior 5


  • Weight: 8 8 oz (M9)
  • A total of 21 millimeters is the stack height.
  • Mesh upper, removable polyurethane rock plate, rubber outsole.


It's no secret that Altra produces a wide range of foot-shaped, flat-soled footwear, some of which feature substantial padding. The Superior is one of their most stripped-down options, functioning equally well as a trail running shoe, a road running shoe, a pair of comfortable everyday kicks, or even as a first barefoot shoe.

Among minimalist consumers, Altra has a devoted fan base, but for a long time their durability was called into question. Their newest models can handle long-distance travel without a hitch.

In Favor of

  • Perfect for those who want something that feels "barefoot-like but still shoe-like"
  • Luxurious upper material, always in a variety of cool hues.
  • Longer lasting than previous iterations
  • Similarly lightweight to minimalist footwear

Disliked Features

  • Sufficient padding for some, but not for others.
  • Unfortunately, determining the correct size when wearing Altras is often a struggle.

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The Xero Shoes Xcursion Fusion are the finest shoes for trekking without shoes.

Xero Shoes Xcursion Fusion


  • Weight: 13 2 oz (M9)
  • 11 mm stack height
  • Rubber outsole, water-resistant membrane-equipped mesh upper


Xero Shoes, besides producing some very minimal shoes and sandals, also produces shoes and boots that add "just enough" to the formula to make the outdoor activities we enjoy even more enjoyable. The Xcursion Fusion is a mid-height, waterproof boot that is designed to protect your feet from trail debris without limiting your ability to feel and react to your surroundings.

These are the kind of boots you have to put some thought and faith into before you can wear them. I find it hard to believe that your tired feet won't be thrashed in them by the end of the day. However, as the miles pass, you begin to understand: they are much like a suit of superhuman armor that flexes and moves with your feet, providing you with a little extra protection while also making you a more nimble, involved hiker across any terrain.

We Appreciate

  • Tough enough for mountain excursions without sacrificing portability or style.
  • Upper with abrasion resistance for use in a variety of seasons
  • Perfect for short trips and lightweight camping

Things We Dislike

  • Can be a bit rigid right out of the package.
  • Possibly more accurately described as water-resistant rather than waterproof

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Astral Loyak: the Best Barefoot Casual Shoes

Astral Loyak


  • Weight: 7 5 oz (M9)
  • 11 mm stack height
  • Siped G material 15 Rubber outsole, water-repellent canvas upper, and a mesh tongue that stretches


North Carolina's Astral Designs started out as a kayak and watersports specialist, but the company has since branched out to include hiking and lifestyle products. The canvas Loyak's good looks and practicality (drainage holes, moisture-resistant grip) are partially inspired by the sea, making it an exceptional all-around shoe.

Given how lightweight and adaptable they are, it's possible that their durability stems from their use on river trips. You could, in a pinch, even go for a run and/or lift weights in them.

We Appreciate

  • Powerful traction in both dry and wet conditions
  • Extremely lightweight and malleable
  • Alternately a water shoe or boat shoe.

We Dislike

  • Narrower than some other barefoot choices
  • Sizing is a complex issue.

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Astral Brewer: The Finest Footwear for Walking in Wet Conditions

Astral Brewess Boat


  • Weight: 9 3 oz
  • The stack's height is 17 millimeters.
  • Fabricated from Grade G Siped Water-repellent canvas upper, a stretch mesh tongue, and a rubber outsole make up the 15.


Astral's Brewer and Brewess models are highly regarded and awarded water shoes among river rats. You can wear them on dry land, but they'll really shine in situations where quick drainage is required, such as when traversing wet rock or a riverbed.

They're durable enough to last more than one season, but they're also pliable enough that you won't have to worry about blisters or hotspots anymore. This is a well-thought-out instrument for use in certain scenarios, and also for holding a beer after docking.

Our Favorites

  • Extreme traction on wet rock
  • Extensive and efficient draining
  • Overall tough and durable, but soft on skin

The Things That Annoy Us

  • Sometimes becomes extremely offensive
  • Water footwear is limited, with only sandals available to some of us.

The Astral Brewer Boat Shoe (for men) can be found at the following link:; the Astral Brewess Boat Shoe (for women) can be found at the following link:; and both can be purchased by clicking the corresponding "BUY" links.

The Altra Solstice XT2 Barefoot Walking Shoes are the Best Option.

Altra Solstice


  • Weight: 8 4 oz
  • There is a 23mm stack.
  • Rubber outsole and mesh upper


The Altra Solstice is an excellent choice for someone who uses walking as their primary form of exercise or transportation, though any barefoot shoe would do. Nursing professionals, wait staff, and others who stand for long periods of time may also find it useful. They have excellent traction, a plush and form-fitting upper, and a "cushioning" underfoot that feels firm but substantial enough to take the hit for your feet.

Enjoyments of Ours

  • Perfect for high-impact activities or racquet sports
  • This shoe's upper is tailored to the foot for optimal lateral support.
  • Able to handle the demands of long days on your feet

Disliked Features

  • Disappointing in the style department
  • Unlike other "barefoot" choices, these are sturdier and thicker.

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Inov-8 Bare XF 210 Are The Finest Barefoot Workout Shoes.

Inov8 Bare XF 210 V3


  • Weight: 7 4 oz
  • The optimal stacking height is four 5mm
  • Rubber sole and a mesh upper.


Inov-8, based in the United Kingdom, makes both tough-as-nails trail shoes and is a fan favorite among CrossFitters and other gym-based hard-training types. Their minimal training shoe, the Bare XF, is great for all kinds of workouts, from squats to sprints to deadlifts. Feels like an extension of your lower body, yet has sticky outsoles and lateral stability to improve your grip and traction while increasing your strength, balance, and body awareness for rapid, three-dimensional movement.

We Appreciate

  • Extremely lightweight and airy
  • Amazing for your deadlifts
  • Rope-climbing shoes with added support at the toes and sides
  • Thin sole, a 4. 5mm

Reasons We Dislike This

  • Some people's feet simply can't fit in that narrow space.
  • The insole of a shoe has a reputation for being a slippery nuisance.

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How to Choose the Right Pair of Barefoot Shoes

The primary concern should be that the shoe feels snug on the foot when you're barefoot. Not like anyone else's Barefoot advocates on the internet may exaggerate their claims, but it's all about improving your mood, making it easier to do the things you enjoy, and fortifying your body's weaker links that really matters.

Inquire, experiment, and maintain a curious disposition. After another five years, barefoot footwear may have evolved significantly. That's OK


It can be difficult to find the right fit when switching barefoot shoe brands. The "running" of a particular model can often be gleaned from online comments. It's recommended that you try on any potential purchases in person, and that you don't be reluctant to take advantage of a return policy.


Time spent worrying about how much weight is in one's shoes is time wasted. Each of the models we recommend is so much lighter than a standard hiking boot or shoe that you'll hardly notice you're wearing it. However, despite what labels like "barefoot" and "minimalist" might have you believe, lighter is not always better. You shouldn't be afraid to start out with something a little more rugged, like a hiking version.


It's important to prioritize a mesh or other permeable upper if you plan on wearing your barefoot shoes without socks or in hot weather. On the hunt for a warm place this winter One of those waterproof, lined items, like the Zero Alpine Shoes That, to boot, is the superior option

There is a wide variety of barefoot footwear out there, with soles ranging from thin, flat rubber for everyday use to thick, lugged rubber for hiking. Choose a sole that is best suited to the primary purpose for which the shoes will be used, and consult as many customer comments and reviews as possible to ascertain which shoes hold up the longest.

What You Need to Know About Going Shoeless

Can you go barefoot in your daily life?

Most people can get by just fine with going barefoot for their everyday casual shoe needs. By doing so, you can strengthen the muscles in your feet and lower legs and increase your proprioception (body awareness). You can still reap the benefits of your minimalist training when you switch to a different type of shoe, such as a sneaker, climbing shoes, or squat shoes with a heel lift.

Is it safe to go shoeless every day?

As you strengthen the muscles in your lower legs, you may experience some discomfort in your calves and feet when you first begin wearing barefoot shoes. That's why it's generally advised to ease into them by wearing them for no more than a few hours a day at first. Nonetheless, the advantages of going barefoot are cumulative, so you should aim to get more used to it. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend with them on your feet.

In bare feet, what degree of snugness is ideal for footwear?

Especially if you plan on doing a lot of walking or exercising in them, you shouldn't wear shoes that make your feet feel like they're floating in water. If you find yourself cramped inside one, however, it's not much better than a conventional "foot coffin." Pick a pair of shoes that fit you well in the heel and ball of your foot, but aren't too narrow in the forefoot. Explore your options and don't be afraid to make blunders as you look for the right fit.

When do you need to wear socks when going sockless?

It's up to you if you want to wear socks with your barefoot shoes. Some people find comfort in having no barriers between them and the ground. While some people enjoy the freedom of going sockless, others worry that it will lead to foot odor and a quicker degradation of their footwear. Examine both options to see which better suits your needs.