Having a good pair of men's work shoes is crucial, especially if your job requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time.

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For a number of reasons, including compliance with safety regulations, the need for adequate arch support, and adequate traction, shoes like sneakers, lace-ups, and sandals simply won't do.

Find some guidance on your quest for the perfect pair of work shoes by reading our article.

Although most people associate them with going to work, work shoes actually serve two distinct functions. First, work footwear is designed to protect you from hazards that may be encountered in the course of your duties, such as wet floors in the kitchen, moving machinery in a construction site, or falling packages in a warehouse.

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In order to maintain a safe and productive work environment, businesses in this range will need to provide their employees with a pair of work shoes that meet either specific features or safety guidelines. This ensures that everyone is in good enough shape to do their job and reduces the likelihood of workers' compensation claims and lawsuits in the future.

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The second factor is that the best men's work shoes are designed to be as comfortable as possible. That doesn't mean they're flimsy or lightweight, though, like a lot of running shoes.

Many, however, come with anti-fatigue features, such as a sole unit designed to absorb shock and impact and provide some degree of orthopedic support, which is essential for many physically demanding jobs, such as those in hospitals and restaurants.  

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In the U S The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specifies its standards for protective footwear for various occupations in 29 CFR 1910.136. Specifically for those working in manufacturing, 29 CFR 1910 Workers at a higher risk of foot injuries on the job are required by OSHA Standard 136 to wear protective footwear at all times. This includes protection from rolling, falling, sharp, or electrical hazards.

Shoes that conform to ASTM standards can withstand the wear and tear of working conditions that include handling dangerous materials or heavy objects, walking on slippery surfaces or sharp edges, and being in close proximity to live electrical wiring. The best men's work shoes include features like these.

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Protective footwear standards in the United States are set by ASTM International. S every five years it reviews and updates its suggestions These are described in greater depth in F2413 and F2412, and all work shoes designed for severe conditions must pass rigorous testing before they make it to store shelves. Men's work shoes are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Work footwear, including boots, were put through an impact test by having a weight of 50 grams dropped from a height of 18 inches.  
  • The toe region was subjected to compression, with a force of 2,500 pounds.  
  • Workwear with anti-static, conductive, and electrical hazard properties helps keep employees safe in potentially explosive settings.
  • Protection from penetration by sharp objects, particularly at the toe and heel.
  • For added protection against punctures, the top of the best men's work shoes feature metatarsal guards.  
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Finding the ideal pair of men's work shoes may seem like a daunting task at first. For a good beginning:

  1. Take accurate foot measurements. Having a steel, composite, or alloy toe means your shoes will be rather rigid and lack a lot of give. It's important to get a snug but comfortable fit right away. Take a measurement at the end of the day, when your feet have swollen a little from walking.  
  2. Think about what clothes you intend to pair with your work shoes. In this case, you can use any socks you like, with or without orthotics.
  3. Test them out You should try them on for size and walk around the store in them if possible, especially if this is your first time wearing work shoes. Otherwise, you might go through multiple iterations of returns if you make hasty online purchases.

Get yourself set for the jobsite with a pair of full-height work boots, including:

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Steel-Toed Boots for the Second Shift by Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Second Shift doesn't mess around when it comes to toughness and safety. In keeping with Cat's heritage as a manufacturer of industrial and construction equipment, these men's work boots are crafted from durable leather and feature a steel toe for protection from falling or rolling objects.  

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Work Boots with a Composite Toe Cap, Model Timberland PRO Bosshog 6

The Timberland PRO Bosshog takes your safety and comfort into account in a number of ways. Waterproof leather keeps the inside dry while a lightweight composite toe protects against roll and crush injuries. A fiberglass shank and slip-resistant outsole keep your feet stable while the quick-dry properties inside keep you comfortable.

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Professional Boots: Wolverine DuraShocks 6

Full-grain leather, a steel toe, a dual-density footbed, an energy-absorbing SR Polyurethane midsole, and a fiberglass shank make Wolverine's DuraShocks the best lightweight work boot currently on the market.  

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Steel-toed Elm boots from Carolina

Among the best men's work footwear, logger boots like Carolina's Elm stand out for their durability and reliability in harsh environments. Featuring a SCUBALINERTM membrane to keep your feet dry, a triple-rib steel shank for support, an oil-resistant lugged outsole, electrical hazard protection, and a solid but flexible welt construction, these Crazy Horse leather boots will keep you going on the job.  

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Classic Moc Boots from Red Wing, Size 6

Not only are these Red Wing boots timeless, but they're built to last. The classic shape of these boots, combined with the durability of oiled and waxed nubuck leather, makes them a timeless staple. The moc toe and durable leather construction give it a stylish look, but more importantly, they make it a top performer. It's designed to keep your feet toasty and dry with triple stitching and a storm welt.

The finest men's office footwear combine timeless design with a relaxed vibe. Although sneakers are becoming more socially acceptable, oxfords and derbies are still required for some professions.

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Sneakers by Cole Haan, model Crosscourt II

The Crosscourt II gives you the professional look of a dress shoe and the comfort of a sneaker. The smooth leather upper and responsive design with traction ensure you'll look professional no matter how much time you spend on your feet the job requires.

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These are some of the best work shoe brands for feet support if you need to be on your feet all day but don't need puncture and compression resistance:

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Food Service Shoes for Men by Skechers; the Cessnock Style

Despite the fact that nearly two decades have passed since Skechers' introduction of the platform sneaker, the company has branched out into the world of work shoes, providing options that are both lightweight and traction-provided for occupations such as waiting tables and other service jobs.

The ASTM F1677 slip-resistant outsoles on the Cessnock give you superior traction in oily or wet environments, setting it apart from the competition. In addition to these features, the design is lightweight thanks to the mesh upper and memory foam insole.  

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Athletic Oxford Shoes for the Job: Reebok Sublite

Even Reebok has stepped out of its comfort zone to create a hybrid of sorts: the best work shoes for men. This sneaker-inspired work shoe provides superior protection for a wide range of industrial jobs thanks to its alloy toe, rubber outsole for traction, cushioned footbed, and moisture-wicking liner.