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When it comes to waterproof slip-on shoes, finding the perfect pair can be quite a challenge. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to select the right one that combines function, style, and durability. To make your decision easier, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best waterproof slip-on shoes for both men and women. From sneakers to boots, sandals to loafers, we have something for everyone. So, say goodbye to soggy feet and hello to dry, comfortable adventures with these top-notch waterproof shoes.



#1 SOREL Women's Out N About Sneaker


Top Choice for Waterproof Tennis Shoes



Product photo of the green SOREL Women's Out N About Sneaker. In the past, sneakers claiming to be waterproof were often just shoes with a water-resistant finish. However, the SOREL Women's Out N About Sneaker breaks this trend.


If you prefer a less bulky option than rain boots, these waterproof sneakers offer excellent comfort, versatility, and packability.


The Sorel Women's Out N About Sneakers feature a vulcanized herringbone rubber sole for superior traction and a removable plush footbed for ultimate comfort.


While these sneakers are recommended for light rainy days and are designed more for urban environments, they can also be used for easy to moderate hikes.


Please note that these sneakers tend to run slightly large, so it is advisable to choose a smaller size. Fortunately, half sizes are available.


Lastly, they offer exceptional comfort for walking long distances on both smooth and uneven surfaces, making them an ideal choice for travel or everyday use as waterproof walking shoes.





  • Lightweight
  • Stylish and versatile
  • Comfortable for prolonged walking in town or on easy hikes
  • Excellent grip on the sole



  • Additional insole support may be needed for individuals with high arches
  • Best suited for light rain
  • Run a bit large


#2 Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Mizzles


Top Choice for Water-Resistant Walking Shoes



Product photo of the grey Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Mizzles. As a recent convert to Allbirds, I now own four different styles of their shoes.


The Allbirds Women's Wool Runner Mizzles, in particular, are the ultimate water-repellent walking shoe option.


Designed with active individuals and regular walkers in mind, these water-repellent shoes provide unparalleled comfort, arch support, and flexibility.


Sustainably made, they are also the perfect choice for women seeking machine-washable rain shoes.


Thanks to their exceptional support, especially around the heel, these shoes are ideal for individuals with foot issues like plantar fasciitis that require additional structure and cushioning.


Looking for more styles from Allbirds? Take a look at my comprehensive Allbirds review, Allbirds Tree Runners review, Allbirds Wool Loungers review, Allbirds Flats review, and Allbirds Tree Dashers review.





  • Extremely comfortable and supportive
  • Cushioned heel
  • Made with sustainable Merino wool
  • Can be machine washed, with a water-proof material that won't wash off
  • Non-slip outer soles
  • Reasonably priced



  • Water-repellent rather than fully waterproof
  • The wool material may feel slightly warm on hot days or during vigorous activities (although it feels incredibly comfortable)


#3 On Cloud Hi Waterproof Shoes


Top Choice for Waterproof Sneakers for Travel



Product photo of the grey On Cloud Hi Waterproof Shoes. Similar to the Cloudrunner, the On Cloud Hi Waterproof Shoe is designed to keep you moving.


If you desire a sleek look without sacrificing dry feet in wet weather, this shoe is an excellent option. Additionally, it is highly packable.


With an array of five color schemes to choose from, including fir green and umber or cocoa and pebble, you can effortlessly match your capsule travel wardrobe.


If you were a fan of On's first running shoe, you'll be delighted to know that this sneaker incorporates the same Helion cushioning technology. 


Designed for hard surfaces, the Cloud Hi is my go-to shoe for all-day city adventures.


For those prioritizing sustainability, I recommend exploring the Cloud 5 Waterproof Sneakers. The uppers of these sneakers are made from 100% recycled materials.





  • Great for pairing with casual attire
  • Extra high ankle collar provides increased ankle support
  • Loop-Lock speed laces (traditional laces also included)
  • Helion super foam insoles and cushioned tongue for 360° comfort



  • Higher price point
  • The sporty design may not be as versatile for work-related travel
  • The logo is reflective, although the Cloud 5 includes more reflective detailing


#4 Olukai Wao


Top Choice for Waterproof Shoes for Walking in Europe



Product photo of the light beige Olukai Wao. Introducing the most stylish waterproof shoes for women: the Olukai Wao. These sneakers offer both comfort and sophistication for fashion-conscious individuals seeking waterproof footwear. 


Inspired by a legendary Hawaiian voyaging canoe, the water-repellent leather upper exudes elegance.


The memory foam insoles ensure exceptional comfort as you conquer your travel adventures. 


Moreover, the absence of a heel is key when exploring Europe, where beautiful but treacherous ancient cobblestone streets demand ankle protection. 


Thanks to the waterproof leather upper, the Olukai Wao serves as a stunning alternative to flats during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. 


Unlike casual slip-on sneakers, it is recommended to retie these shoes to prevent the heel from wearing down prematurely.


For even greater style, consider the slightly dressier Hawai‘iloa Manu Hope by Olukai.





  • Stylish with any outfit
  • High-quality leather and stitching
  • Can withstand light rain and slush
  • Non-slip outsoles for wet surfaces



  • Run narrow, so it may be advisable to order a half size up
  • Nubuck leather is susceptible to staining, so proper care is essential


#5 Hoka Clifton L GTX


Top Choice for Lightweight Waterproof Shoes



Product photo of the green Hoka Clifton L GTX. In today's world, we often bear considerable burdens. The last thing we need is heavy footwear weighing us down. 


The Hoka Clifton L GTX is a lightweight option with a cushioned footbed, perfect for long walks. 


These versatile waterproof shoes for women weigh a mere 8.6 oz and provide balanced cushioning for neutral stability.


They are suitable for short and easy hikes on the trail, as well as leisurely strolls around town. However, they are particularly known for their versatility as trail running shoes due to their exceptional traction.


Every aspect of this shoe focuses on maximizing comfort. From the moment you lace them up and hit the road, you'll experience unparalleled support.


Moreover, the grippy soles provide excellent traction on wet days, while the lightweight coated ripstop and breathable mesh lining ensure breathability and water resistance.


When traveling, you'll hardly notice these incredibly packable and lightweight shoes in your carry-on luggage.





  • Remarkably lightweight and easy to pack
  • Versatile for urban and trail use
  • Made with the utmost emphasis on comfort and support
  • Outstanding grip to prevent slips
  • Constructed with high-quality materials



  • Cleaning can be slightly challenging, so opting for a darker color may be preferable
  • May feel a bit stiff initially, but they become extremely comfortable once broken in
  • Run large, so it is advisable to size down by half
  • Slightly pricier, but GORE-TEX shoes are fully waterproof


#6 Brooks Women's Ghost 14 GTX


Top Choice for the Most Comfortable Waterproof Walking Shoes



Product photo of the black and mint Brooks Women's Ghost 14 GTX. While the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles offer superb comfort, there are situations where water resistance alone is insufficient. This is where GORE-TEX waterproofing enters the picture.


For individuals with foot issues requiring genuine waterproof shoes, the Brooks Women's Ghost 14 GTX is the perfect choice. These sneakers strike an ideal balance between support and style.


Designed to facilitate smooth transitions in every step, from landing to toe-off, these sneakers incorporate DNA LOFT cushioning for plush yet supportive comfort.


I find myself opting to walk instead of taking the bus when I wear these shoes—they're that comfortable.


Furthermore, the GORE-TEX upper ensures true waterproofing. GORE-TEX material is the very same fabric used in many rain jackets. 


No matter whether you find yourself caught in a downpour while running after your dog or spending an entire day on your feet, these shoes will keep your feet perfectly dry and comfortable. They are the epitome of the most comfortable waterproof work shoes.





  • GORE-TEX membrane for waterproof walks or runs
  • Removable insole can be thrown in the laundry
  • Abundant cushioning and arch support
  • Flat laces provide superior comfort on the top of your foot



  • Higher price point
  • May not be considered the most fashionable shoe


#7 Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons


Top Choice for Waterproof Slip-On Shoes



Product photo of the black Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons. No laces? Not a problem! With the Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons, it makes me wonder why shoelaces even exist. 


Instead of relying on outdated technology like laces, these slip-ons offer a snug fit like a comfortable sock that encompasses your ankle.


Constructed with vegan materials, these Everyday Move Slip-Ons feature a mesh upper with a waterproof membrane. The membrane's pores are too small for water to penetrate, yet large enough for heat and sweat to escape. 


As a result, your feet will remain cool and dry even in humid conditions.


These slip-ons are incredibly convenient, featuring a snug fit and a pull tab above each heel. Additionally, their removable insoles are machine washable.


While the outsoles of the Everyday Move shoes may not provide the best traction on uneven terrain, they are perfect for taking the dogs on wet walks without getting your feet wet.


Interested in more Vessi styles? Take a look at our comprehensive Vessi shoes review as well as our Vessi vs. Allbirds shoes comparison.





  • Effortless slip-on without the fuss of laces
  • Snug fit like a sock for enhanced waterproofing
  • Made with vegan materials
  • Responsive customer service



  • Only available in whole sizes
  • Basic arch support—adding an insert can aid in customization for individuals needing half sizes


#8 New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 GORE-TEX


Top Choice for Waterproof Athletic Shoes



Product photo of the blue New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 GORE-TEX. The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 GORE-TEX is an excellent choice if you're seeking lightweight sneakers to conquer rainy days.


These sneakers from New Balance feature a black design with turquoise accents, making them perfect for tossing into an overnight bag or wearing while running errands.


Boasting a GORE-TEX upper, these sneakers create a breathable yet waterproof barrier, ensuring dry socks during wet runs. 


In addition to the waterproofing, the shoes offer unparalleled comfort below the removable insoles with their ultra-soft Fresh Foam cushioning. 


Unlike other shoes, you won't have to worry about the foam soles breaking down. The dual-layer midsole design provides double the cushioning for long-lasting wear.





  • GORE-TEX upper for waterproofing
  • Reflective detailing
  • Available in regular and wide sizes
  • Flat laces provide even pressure distribution across the top of your foot



  • Only one color scheme available
  • Higher price point


#9 On Cloudrunner Waterproof Shoes


Top Choice for Waterproof Running Shoes



Product photo of the brown, pink, and black On Cloudrunner Waterproof Shoes. The On Cloudrunner Waterproof Shoes revolutionize the concept of waterproof running shoes to suit our body's unique needs.


Why are they called Cloudrunners? It's all thanks to "CloudTech," which combines Zero-Gravity foam with an extra-wide bottom to deliver superior shock absorption and comfort during long runs.


The moment I slipped on a pair of On shoes, I felt propelled forward. They also helped alleviate arch and heel pain by improving the alignment of my foot.


Hailing from Switzerland, this Swiss shoe company produces high-quality shoes akin to Swiss watches.


The upper of the Cloudrunner Waterproof features a Swiss-engineered mesh design that offers complete waterproofing, allowing you to tackle rainy conditions without hesitation.


Ideal for beginner runners or those desiring reliable support, these running shoes provide exceptional stability and are suitable for both road and trail use.


While Cloudrunners may carry a higher price tag, they are an investment in your running goals. Additionally, the added support can help prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis for regular runners.





  • Premium materials ensure longevity
  • Waterproof layering provides breathability
  • Superb cushioning for long runs
  • Road running style for optimal stability



  • Average weight, not particularly lightweight
  • Higher price point


#10 DKSUKO Chelsea Boots for Women


Top Choice for Waterproof Chelsea Boots



Product photo of the black DKSUKO Chelsea Boots for Women. I adore a good pair of Chelsea boots. I find myself wearing mine at least half of the week, whether at home or abroad, due to their versatility, style, and outstanding comfort.


In fact, I've wandered for hours in waterproof Chelsea boots, enjoying both dry and happy feet.


These DKSUKO Chelsea Booties epitomize both style and comfort. Furthermore, their affordable price of under $30 makes them an irresistible choice. 


Constructed with waterproof elastic and sealed rubber that extends above the ankle, these boots offer a winning combination of style and practicality.


Moreover, the boots feature a pull loop strap at the back for easy slip-on and removal, as well as a dirt-resistant exterior that simplifies cleaning.


Those concerned about the height of the boots should note that DKSUKO also offers mid-calf options. However, I personally adore the versatility and packability of the ankle-length boots, which can be worn in a variety of settings.





  • Dirt-resistant exterior
  • Versatile and suitable for any occasion
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Affordably priced



  • Not as tall as traditional rain boots
  • Slightly bulkier compared to other waterproof shoes on this list
  • Rubber material may not be suitable for individuals with sensitive skin


#11 Planone Short Rain Boots for Women


Top Choice: Planone Short Rain Boots for Women


Product photo for the Planone Short Rain Boots for Women in yellow. If you are searching for a high-quality pair of waterproof women's boots that are not only cute but also practical, then the Planone Short Rain Boots are the perfect choice for you. These shoes are designed to be easily slipped on, making them a convenient option for your busy days exploring new places.


The Planone Short Rain Boots feature single-layer cotton lining technology that ensures your feet stay dry even on the rainiest days. Additionally, the outer soles are equipped with excellent traction to prevent any slipping accidents. Not only are these boots functional, but they are also soft, comfortable, and surprisingly lightweight, making them an ideal choice for travel.


One of the standout features of the Planone Boots is their easy maintenance. The rubber exterior can be easily rinsed clean, making them perfect for muddy days. The wide-ankle design allows you to tuck your pant legs inside, ensuring your feet stay dry even in deep puddles.


It is worth noting that these boots have thinner soles, so if you plan on wearing them for extended periods, especially if you have flat feet or high arches, it is recommended to invest in comfortable insoles. Fortunately, upgrading the soles won't break the bank, as these boots are affordable.


Overall, if you anticipate being in wetter climates, the Planone Short Rain Boots for Women are an excellent choice for stylish and functional walking shoes.




  • Stylish design
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent waterproof capabilities
  • Superior traction to prevent slipping
  • Partial mesh upper for added flexibility



  • The tops can be uncomfortable on bare skin, so tall socks are recommended
  • Not ideal for individuals with high arches, consider adding insoles for extra support
  • Not extremely warm on freezing days, but can be paired with thick winter socks
  • The elastic is water-resistant but not fully waterproof


#12 SOREL Out N About III Classic Boot


Top Choice: SOREL Out N About III Classic Boot


Product photo for the SOREL Out N About III Classic Boot in black and beige. Walking in boots is my preferred mode of transportation, especially in urban destinations. The comfort, style, and versatility of the right boots are unmatched, which is why I highly recommend the Women's Out N About III Classic Boots by SOREL.


These boots combine the comfort of sneakers with the waterproof features necessary for outdoor exploration. Crafted with high-quality materials, including waterproof leather upper, water-resistant suede accents, and ultra-waterproof rubber toes, these boots are designed to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.


The modern design of the Out N About III Classic Boots makes them suitable for both city streets and natural trails. They are the perfect choice for travelers transitioning from sunny climates to colder destinations. While not recommended for intense hiking, these boots provide adequate support and functionality for urban adventures and casual walks in parks.




  • Excellent craftsmanship and durability
  • Versatile and stylish design
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • No-slip rubber sole and waterproof toe for added safety
  • Easy to break in



  • May run small and narrow, consider ordering a half-size up
  • Less versatile than other waterproof boots
  • Top design may allow water to enter in heavy rain


#13 Muck Boot Women’s Muckster Flat


Top Choice: Muck Boot Women’s Muckster Flat


Product photo for the Muck Boot Women’s Muckster Flat in black and floral print. Are you in search of waterproof shoes that can be worn with a more formal outfit? Look no further than the Muck Boot Women’s Muckster Flat. These versatile flats may seem counterintuitive for waterproof footwear, but they are surprisingly functional and stylish.


While not completely closed at the top, these flats are perfect for wet weather that involves light rain rather than heavy storms. They are a versatile option for any trip, offering a cushioned footbed that ensures comfort during long walks in the city.


One of the standout features of the Muckster Flat is its resilience to dirt and water. You can confidently wear them as slip-on shoes, knowing that they can withstand both dirty and wet conditions. Additionally, these flats come in four different colors and feature non-slip rubber soles, ensuring stability and safety.




  • Inexpensive price point
  • Excellent traction with non-slip soles
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Lightweight and easy to pack for travel



  • Not suitable for heavy rain as the tops are not fully enclosed
  • May run large in size


#14 KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal


Top Choice: KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal


Product photo for the KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal in blue. I have been a loyal fan of KEEN shoes ever since my first pair at 18, and the KEEN Whisper Sandals continue to impress me. These sandals are the ultimate choice for anyone seeking comfortable and supportive footwear that can withstand various outdoor activities.


While the open design of these sandals means they won't keep your feet completely dry in rain, they are built to withstand water exposure without getting damaged. They offer excellent stability on slippery surfaces, making them a reliable option for any outdoor adventure.


The KEEN Whisper Sandals are perfect for those who prioritize comfort over style. They feature good arch and heel support, a non-slip outer sole for added grip, and a cozy, breathable design that enhances the overall comfort levels. These sandals are suitable for hiking, walking, and even water activities.


For a more stylish alternative to the KEEN Whisper Sandals, I recommend considering Teva Sandals. However, it is worth noting that Tevas may not offer the same level of support as KEENs.




  • Unparalleled comfort with excellent arch and heel support
  • Superior traction and non-slip outer soles
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable materials for enhanced comfort
  • Protective bump toe



  • The open design means your feet won't stay completely dry in rainy weather
  • Debris may enter the sandals when walking on unpaved paths


#15 Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes


Top Choice: Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes


Product photo for the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes in grey. If comfort is your top priority, especially for extended outdoor activities, I highly recommend investing in proper hiking footwear. The Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes are a lightweight yet reliable choice for your next adventure, particularly if you anticipate being outdoors in wet weather.


These hiking shoes excel in comfort, thanks to their contoured insoles that provide real arch support. The heel air cushion and EVA foam ensure optimal shock absorption, allowing you to comfortably walk long distances. Additionally, the Vibram soles offer 100% waterproof capabilities, making them ideal for various weather conditions.


While moisture may seep in through the mesh upper after prolonged hikes in rainy forests, it should not pose a major issue unless you plan on submerging your feet in water. The shoes are also equipped with durable traction, providing excellent grip on slick surfaces.


The Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes are reliable and versatile, making them suitable for both trail and pavement exploration.




  • Unmatched comfort with excellent arch support
  • Perfect for rainy outdoor adventures
  • Superior grip on the bottom
  • Made with high-quality materials for durability



  • Less versatile than other shoe options
  • Lacks the ankle support of hiking boots
  • Take some time to dry, may feel slightly damp after extended rainy hikes


#16 Merrell Women’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots


Top Choice: Merrell Women’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots


Product photo for the Merrell Women’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots in grey. For those seeking a fully waterproof hiking boot that provides exceptional comfort, look no further than the Merrell Women’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots. I have personally been wearing these boots for the past three years, and they have surpassed my expectations in terms of comfort and durability.


These boots feature an air cushion in the heel for added stability and shock absorption. The excellent traction and protective rubber toe cap make them suitable for even the rockiest terrains. Despite their heavy-duty construction, the boots are surprisingly lightweight, allowing for comfortable all-day wear.


One of the key selling points of the Moab 3 Mid Hiking Boots is their versatility and breathability. They are suitable for both hot and cold weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for a variety of climates. Additionally, Merrell offers wide versions in every size, ensuring a perfect fit for individuals with wider feet.




  • Lightweight design for a hiking boot
  • Optimal comfort and support
  • Perfect for long outdoor walks and challenging hikes
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Excellent grip on slippery surfaces
  • Made with high-quality materials for durability



  • Bulky to pack for travel, consider the Moab hiking shoe as an alternative
  • Less versatile for casual wear outside of hiking
  • Higher price point
  • The mesh accents are water-resistant and require drying time in wet conditions, although they remain waterproof unless completely submerged in water


Best Overall Waterproof Shoes For Men: Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX


When it comes to waterproof shoes for men, the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX sneakers are the ultimate choice. These sneakers offer a perfect blend of versatility, comfort, and style, making them suitable for everyday wear regardless of the weather conditions.


Designed with GORE-TEX material, these sneakers provide exceptional waterproof capabilities, ensuring your feet stay dry even in the rainiest conditions. The comfortable and stylish design is available in various colors, with the all-black version offering a timeless and versatile option.


Whether you're going for a run or simply running errands, the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX sneakers are the perfect choice. Pair them with your favorite running shorts or rock them with a pair of baggy jeans for a stylish street-style look.


Material: GORE-TEX | Sizes Available: 6 – 15 | Colors available: Black, White, Multi | Fit: Regular



Best Waterproof Walking Shoes For Men: Allbirds Men’s Wool Runner Mizzles


For men living in areas with unpredictable weather, the Allbirds Men’s Wool Runner Mizzles are a must-have. These cushiony and waterproof shoes are designed to offer both comfort and style for your everyday activities.


The wool and bio-based water repellent shield give these shoes a unique and fashionable look, setting them apart from traditional rubbery waterproof shoes. While not suitable for intense puddles, the water-repellant feature of the Runner Mizzles makes them perfect for light rain during your morning commute or casual walks with your furry friend.


Material: Wool | Sizes Available: 8 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Light Gray, Dark Gray | Fit: Regular



Best Waterproof Running Shoes For Men: On Running Cloudflyer Waterproof


Swiss brand On Running has set high standards in the running world, and their On Running Cloudflyer Waterproof shoes continue to impress elite athletes and casual runners alike. These lightweight and watertight running shoes are designed to keep your feet dry in almost any wet conditions.


The Cloudflyer Waterproof shoes not only offer excellent waterproof capabilities but also provide exceptional comfort. The shoes feature On Running's signature Helion super foam and a super-plush tongue, making each run a pleasant experience for your feet.


Material: Helion, CloudTec | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Gray | Fit: Regular



Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes For Men: The North Face VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT Boots


If you are an avid hiker, waterproof shoes are an essential part of your gear. The North Face VECTIV Exploris Mid FUTURELIGHT Boots are designed to provide optimal protection and comfort for your hiking adventures.


These waterproof and breathable hiking shoes come equipped with 14 outdoor-specific features, ensuring your hiking experience is optimized. The Surface Control rubber outsole offers excellent grip, providing confidence on both trails and city streets.


The mid boots provide extra ankle protection, but if you prefer more versatility, The North Face also offers a low-top version of the Exploris FUTURELIGHT Boots.


Material: VECTIV, FUTURELIGHT | Sizes Available: 7 – 14 | Colors available: Black, Gray, Khaki | Fit: Regular



Best Waterproof Trail Shoes For Men: Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Waterproof Hiking Shoe


For those in need of a sturdy yet lightweight option, the Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Waterproof Hiking Shoes are the perfect choice. These shoes strike a perfect balance between protection and comfort, making them suitable for all-day wear.


Reviewers rave about the excellent grip provided by these shoes, making them ideal for unexpected thunderstorms or muddy terrains. Additionally, these hiking shoes offer a versatile utilitarian aesthetic, making them a stylish choice when paired with cargo pants and bomber jackets.


Material: N/A | Sizes Available: 7 – 15 | Colors available: Black, Gray, Khaki, Navy | Fit: Regular



Best Leather Waterproof Shoes For Men: Ecco St.1 Hybrid Men’s Boot GTX


For those who prioritize sophistication even in wet conditions, the Ecco St.1 Hybrid Men’s Boot GTX is the perfect choice. These elegant chukka boots in real leather offer a waterproof option without compromising style.


Ecco is renowned for its extremely comfortable footwear, and the combination of premium full-grain leather and GORE-TEX technology in these boots ensures your feet stay dry while maintaining a smart look. These boots are perfect for various occasions, including first dates and interviews.


Material: Leather | Sizes Available: 39 – 46 | Colors available: Black, Brown, Dark Gray | Fit: Regular



Top-Rated Waterproof Golf Shoes For Men: G/FORE Gallivanter Pebble-Grain Leather Golf Shoes


Don't let wet feet ruin your golf game. Introducing the G/FORE Gallivanter Pebble-Grain Leather Golf Shoes, designed to keep you dry even in the most challenging conditions. Whether it's morning dew or unexpected rain showers, these waterproof leather golf shoes have got you covered.


Not only are they practical, but these golf shoes also boast a classic and minimalist design that exudes sophistication on the green. Say goodbye to your old, worn-out golf shoes and elevate your style with a pair of these dapper shoes.


For a truly polished look, pair these golf shoes with slim-fitting golf trousers and a crisp white polo shirt. This sophisticated ensemble is sure to turn heads at your exclusive golf clubhouse. Additionally, these shoes make an excellent gift idea for any golf enthusiast.


Material: Leather | Available Sizes: 7 – 12.5 | Available Colors: White | Fit: Regular





Top-Rated Waterproof Work Shoes For Men: L.L.Bean Men’s Storm Chaser Slip-Ons


When it comes to tough work conditions, the L.L.Bean Men's Storm Chaser Slip-On Boots are the ultimate protective and waterproof solution. These innovative boots combine the convenience of a slip-on design with the durability of waterproof leather, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.


No more worrying about stains or dirt ruining your new shoes—the Storm Chaser Slip-Ons are also stain-resistant. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with laces and save time with their seamless slip-on feature.


For a trendy and stylish workwear aesthetic, pair these slip-on boots with cargo pants or overalls. This effortlessly chic combination is sure to dominate social media feeds in the coming months.


Material: Leather, Rubber | Available Sizes: 7 – 14 | Available Colors: Gray, Brown, Khaki | Fit: Regular





Top-Rated Waterproof Snow Shoes For Men: UGG Butte Boots


Forget any preconceived notions, because UGG Butte Boots prove that snow shoes can be both functional and fashionable for men. These waterproof snow shoes provide ultimate protection and warmth as you navigate through even the deepest snow.


In addition to being waterproof, these boots feature rugged soles that offer superior grip and stability on icy terrains. The soft sherpa lining adds an extra layer of comfort, ensuring your feet stay cozy and warm in the coldest conditions.


Complete your winter ensemble by pairing these waterproof snow shoes with a cozy fleece jacket or a wind-proof padded parka. From head to toe, you'll be ready to conquer the cold.


Material: Leather, Rubber, Sheepskin | Available Sizes: 7 – 18 | Available Colors: Black, Brown, Gray | Fit: Regular





Top-Rated Wide Fit Waterproof Shoes For Men: Timberland Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots


Finding the perfect waterproof shoes for wide feet can be a challenge, but Timberland has you covered. The Timberland Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots offer a roomier fit without compromising on style or functionality.


Renowned as Kanye West's go-to boots, Timberlands combine fashion and utility seamlessly. These boots feature specialized insulation for extra warmth, anti-fatigue technology for all-day comfort, and high-quality traction for stability in various terrains.


For an urban, rustic look reminiscent of Kanye's style, pair these waterproof boots with a pair of ripped jeans and a distressed hoodie.


Material: Leather | Available Sizes: 6 – 18 | Available Colors: Black, Brown, Khaki, Gray | Fit: Regular, Wide





Top-Rated Waterproof Loafers For Men: Vilebrequin Men Shoes Solid Waterproof


Calling all preppy fashion enthusiasts! Vilebrequin has crafted the perfect pair of waterproof loafers for men who value both style and functionality.


These loafers aren't just waterproof—they can even be worn in the water. Whether you're at the beach, by the poolside, or walking in the rain, these loafers will keep your feet dry while maintaining a preppy aesthetic.


During your next summer vacation, showcase your style by pairing these loafers with a colorful pair of printed swim shorts and a trendy pair of sunglasses.


Material: 100% Polyurethane | Available Sizes: 41 – 46 | Available Color: Navy | Fit: Regular





Top-Rated Waterproof Sandals For Men: Teva Original Universal


Embrace the trend of dad sandals with confidence, as Teva brings you the best waterproof sandals for men. These sandals are not only comfortable and stylish, but they're also made with vegan, recycled materials and are recyclable themselves.


Don't hesitate to rock a colorful pair like the 'Retro-Multi' colorway for a fresh and vibrant look this summer.


Pair these waterproof sandals with your favorite sweatpants or cargo jeans for an on-trend Y2K-inspired outfit that exudes casual coolness.


Material: Synthetic & Plant-based Materials | Available Sizes: 7 – 14 | Available Colors: Multi, Black, Gray, Brown | Fit: Regular





Top-Rated Waterproof Suede Shoes For Men: Sorel Men’s C-Street Chukka Sneaker


Introducing the perfect combination of a waterproof boot and a sneaker—the Sorel Men's C-Street Chukka Sneaker. Made with suede, these waterproof shoes offer both sophistication and practicality.


While Sorel is famous for their duck boots, the C-Street Chukka Sneaker proves that they excel in everyday footwear as well. This hybrid style strikes the perfect balance between casual and dressy, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.


Elevate your style by pairing these suede waterproof shoes with slim-leg trousers and a crisp, white button-down shirt—a look that's sure to impress on a first date.


Material: Suede | Available Sizes: 7 – 15 | Available Colors: Brown, Black | Fit: Regular





Top-Rated Waterproof Casual Shoes For Men: Sperry Men’s Striper Storm Chukka Boot


For a versatile and stylish casual shoe, look no further than the Sperry Men's Striper Storm Chukka Boot. Whether you're heading to a weekend brunch or a gallery date, these chukka boots are the perfect choice.


Designed to effortlessly complement your everyday wardrobe, these chukkas pair exceptionally well with jeans and a linen shirt. The minimal design and vibrant laces add a touch of personality, instantly elevating your otherwise ordinary outfits.


Experience the nostalgia and sophistication of these Sperrys that will transport you back to your teenage years—in a much more refined way.


Material: Leather | Available Sizes: 7 – 14 | Available Colors: Brown, Black, Tan | Fit: Regular





Top-Rated Most Comfortable Waterproof Shoes For Men: Crocs Classic Clog


Crocs have gained immense popularity for a reason—they offer unparalleled comfort, versatility, and style. Embrace the trend and express your individuality with the Crocs Classic Clog, beloved by fashion icon Justin Bieber himself.


Pair these Crocs with ultra-baggy sweatpants or cargo jeans for a Y2K-inspired look that's both comfortable and on-trend. The key to pulling off Crocs is wearing them with confidence, embracing the occasional glances that come your way.


Material: CrosliteTM | Available Sizes: 4 – 13 | Available Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Blue | Fit: Regular




When it comes to finding the best waterproof slip-on shoes, the options are plentiful. Whether you're a woman in need of a versatile sneaker like the SOREL Out N About Sneaker or a man looking for the perfect pair of waterproof walking shoes like the Allbirds Men's Wool Runner Mizzles, there's a shoe to suit every style and preference. From hiking boots to casual loafers, these top picks provide both style and protection from the elements. Don't let a little rain dampen your day – step out with confidence in these waterproof wonders.