While you may have mastered the trifecta of exercise, healthy eating, and happiness, it's easy to forget about finding the best CrossFit shoes for your plantar fasciitis first thing in the morning. However, if you've been Google searching this topic, you probably know that CrossFit and plantar fasciitis are closely associated and can cause discomfort to the feet. In fact, CrossFit is known to cause other health issues such as Achilles tendonitis, peroneal tendonitis, metatarsal stress fractures, and acute fractures, making choosing the right footwear even more important.

14 Best CrossFit Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis To Help You Out

Since CrossFit is a high-intensity strength and conditioning workout, it's no surprise that plantar fasciitis is often a prevalent issue among CrossFitters. Plantar fasciitis involves inflammation of the tissue in the bottom of your foot, and while it's not always curable, you can make sure you have the best CrossFit shoes for plantar fasciitis to support and comfort your feet during these intense workouts.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect shoe for CrossFit and plantar fasciitis is no easy task, and even without plantar fasciitis to consider, CrossFitters typically require at least three types of shoes - one for lifting, one for jumping, and one for cardiovascular work and running. When you add plantar fasciitis to the mix, finding the right shoe with enough arch support, cushioning, and flexibility can be a daunting task.

When shopping for your next pair of CrossFit shoes, it's important to look for added arch support, as people with plantar fasciitis often have lower arches and require the additional support to relieve pressure. Shoes with added cushioning, specifically maximalist shoes, can alleviate pressure from the plantar fascia, while shoes with a forefoot "rocker" design can distribute the weight more evenly across the foot. Finally, stability and flexibility are crucial, so make sure your shoes bend with your toes but not when your toes aren't bending.

While shopping online can be tempting, it's best to try on shoes in person to ensure they offer the necessary support and comfort for CrossFit and plantar fasciitis. Keep these factors in mind, and you'll find the perfect CrossFit shoes to keep your feet comfortable and protected during your workouts.