Getting a brand new pair of white shoes dirty is the last thing anyone wants to do. It's not simple to prevent stains on white clothing because the color highlights even the smallest of flaws. A good shoe protector spray can extend the life of your white sneakers.  

Which are the most effective sprays for protecting white shoes? There is a wide variety of shoe protector sprays available, and they all have slightly different purposes and advantages. Due to the wide variety of shoe protector sprays available, we have compiled the following list of our favorites for use on white shoes.

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Knowing which sprays are the best at protecting shoes is not enough. To choose the best spray for your needs, you should be familiar with its features and construction. Find out what each does and how it helps you keep your white sneakers in pristine condition by reading on.  

You should always use a shoe protector spray to avoid the hassle of scrubbing dirt and stains out of your white shoes after they have become discolored. Stains, scuffs, salt, water, and sun damage are all things that can be avoided with the help of a quality shoe protector spray.  

If you want to keep your white shoes looking brand new, try one of these 12 top-rated shoe protector sprays.

Brand Garde Apple Rain and Stain Protector Spray

Apple Brand Garde (AD) is the best water and stain repellent spray available today.

You can use this spray on any surface, even delicate ones.  

Water, salt, grease, oil, and other staining foods and beverages won't be able to penetrate the protective layer of spray that coats your shoe.  

This protector spray is so well made that it is virtually undetectable and will not alter the hue of your white sneakers. The spray leaves no sticky residue behind once it dries. This spray has so many uses that you shouldn't restrict yourself to just keeping your white shoes clean; it can also be used on other items, such as purses, wallets, boots, accessories, furniture, and more.

Fabric and upholstery protector with Scotchgard

You need a spray that offers maximum protection for your white sneakers. Scotchgard Protector (AD) will serve this purpose admirably.

This spray is specially formulated to prevent water and stain absorption, so your white shoes will always look like new. After a single application, it dries clear and odorless.  

The use of this product is not only safe on delicate fabrics like silk and wool, but also on more durable materials like cotton and linen. This highly regarded protector spray can be used on a wide variety of textiles, including but not limited to upholstery, pillows, clothing, neckties, and shirts.

Spray your boots and shoes with Rust-Oleum NeverWet.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet Boot and Shoe Spray (Activated Dry) is the best option if you need a spray to protect your footwear from rain and snow. Because of the spray's water-repellent coating, your white sneakers will be safe from dings and stains.

This spray bottle contains a silicone-free formula that will dry clear, letting the fabric of your shoes breathe while keeping them looking as white as the day you bought them.  

This spray protectant can be used on a wide variety of shoe materials, including leather, canvas, suede, and more, with just a single application. After application, liquids such as water no longer soak into the shoe but instead form beads and roll off, leaving the shoe clean and dry. This spray may be marketed as a water repellent, but it also works well against ice, mud, dirt, salt, and other staining elements. Do yourself a favor and open a bottle right now.

Stop Crep Spray

If you have white suede, canvas, or nubuck shoes, Crep Protect (AD) is a highly recommended shoe protectant spray.

It can be difficult to evenly coat your shoes with a shoe protectant spray, but this fast-drying spray has an extra layer of defense that few others offer.

If any debris, water, or dust manages to penetrate the upper layer of your shoe, this underlayer will fight back.  

According to some reports, this spray also outlasts similarly designed products on the market. This quick-drying spray, like its rivals, is safe to use on white shoes without causing any discoloration or damage to the material. Cleaning your shoes before application is recommended, as is reapplication every few weeks.  

Water and stain repellent Bickmore Gard-More

Another excellent spray for keeping your white shoes white is Bickmore Gard-More (AD) water repellent.

You can use this spray on your shoes and other items like furniture, clothing, luggage, the inside of your car, and more because of its stellar reputation as a repellent.  

There are other distinguishing features of this spray, such as:

Air-permeable armor

  • Ensures that leather and other materials retain their pliability
  • Protects while not altering the color of your shoes and dries clear
  • Prevents fading, scratches, and spills
  • Waterproofs your footwear.

Suede, leather, fabric, felt, nubuck, and other fabrics and nubuck are just some of the materials that benefit from this spray's versatility. It's made to work with any color of fabric, but it works particularly well to preserve the color of your white sneakers. The manufacturers of Bickmore Gard-More water repellant take great pride in the fact that their product is made in the United States, and for good reason.  

Waterproofing Spray with Collonil Carbon Pro

New carbon fiber technology developed by Collonil Carbon Pro (AD) has been incorporated into the company's line of spray-on shoe protectors.

Applying this spray will create a waterproof barrier for your shoe that won't alter the color of your white sneakers.

This spray is suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces, including leather, suede, fabric, boots, and other textiles.  

As soon as the sealant dries on your white sneaker, you'll have a breathable covering that lets air come and go as it pleases. The covering will keep water and dirt out of your shoes without compromising their breathability or flexibility.  

A Kiwi Select All Shield

The Kiwi name has been associated with many high-quality footwear offerings over the years, so it's no surprise that their shoe protectant spray merits a spot here.

There is no color this spray can't protect, not even white. Use it on leather, suede, nubuck, and fabric, but avoid metallic leather, vinyl, and patent reptile skin.  

The following are just a few of the many advantages of Kiwi Select All Protector (AD):

You need not worry about this clear spray disguising your shoe's original hue.

  • Protects against rain, mud, and grime.
  • It's stain-proof
  • Once the spray dries, there will be no lingering odor.
  • Air-Permeable Cloths

Kiwi's Heavy Duty Waterproof Camping Tent Fly

The New Zealand manufacturer will fill out our list with one more entry. Kiwi (AD) has developed a protector spray that shines even white sneakers without damaging the material.

In addition to the wide range of applications, this spray has many other advantages.  

This spray's primary ingredient, silicone, creates a thick, impenetrable barrier that seals out moisture, ensuring that your shoes and other camping gear stay dry. Don't forget that some fabrics and materials may take on a slightly darker, more vibrant tone when using products that contain silicone. When applied to white footwear, however, this spray shouldn't make much of a difference.

This spray is even more potent than the other Kiwi protector we recommend, and it leaves behind a breathable layer of protection that dries odorless. Its sturdy grip will keep out moisture and other potential stains. If you're looking for a reliable, water-resistant barrier to be formed on items other than your white shoes, this highly rated spray is a must-have.  

Fabric protection spray by TriNova called Stain Guard

This spray for shoes has some great advantages over other protectors. The American firm TriNova (AD) has been in operation for nearly a century.

This spray is safe to use almost anywhere and on any fabric or surface because of its nonflammable water-based formula.  

To ensure your fabric is protected from spills and stains, spray it with TriNova Stain Guard. If you let a spill sit on your shoes for a reasonable amount of time before wiping them clean, you won't have to worry about any stains.  

It's reassuring to know that TriNova, unlike some other shoe protectant sprays, won't leave any kind of stain on your shoes. Its special formula applies a clear layer to your shoe without changing its original hue. Also, once dried, there is no lingering smell.

Nikwax TX Spray-On Waterproof Coating, Direct

Nikwax TX.Direct (AD) is another great biodegradable, water-based shoe protector option.

As well as shoes, coats, jackets, sleeping bags, and other outerwear can benefit from this spray.  

The following is a list of some of its many advantages:

Just spray it on and you're good to go!

  • Facilitates airflow while keeping fabric surfaces in tact
  • Safeguarding against flooding and water damage.
  • Useful with any type of shoe material
  • Depending on the substrate, the drying time is only 12-24 hours.

Waterproofing Silicone Plug for Atsko

Atsko Silicone Water-Guard (AD) is a silicone-based product that protects shoes from water and mud.

With this powerful spray, you can prevent water from seeping into your shoes, tents, sleeping bags, and other gear.  

Some of the ways in which it excels are listed below:

Repairs and replaces the original factory sealant to make the product watertight again

  • Superior defenses
  • Waterproof silicone shield
  • The ability to allow airflow for any material
  • No lingering odor once dried

Atsko spray has a longer drying and curing time than the other sprays we recommend, at 24 and 72 hours, respectively. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions and don't apply too much of this silicone spray, you should have good results.  

StarBrite Waterproofing Spray

We recommend Star Brite Waterproofing Spray (AD) as the last line of defense for white shoes.

Despite being listed last, it offers just as many advantages as the other sprays we discussed. Leather, fabric, canvas, nylon, and other materials are all protected by this spray.

Beyond footwear, you can also use it on other items like bags, blankets, and even fabric roofs and floor coverings.  

Star Brite protects your belongings from deterioration caused by rain and sunlight, thereby extending their useful life. Mold and mildew stains can be avoided with this simple spray. Not only will the heavy-duty layer of protection not compromise the material's breathability, color, or feel, but it will also not add any additional weight to the product.

Why Don't More People Use Shoe Protector Sprays?

spray on shoe protection

Protect your footwear from wear and tear with a spray made specifically for that purpose. Wear and tear, moisture, scratches, scuffs, marks, salt, dirt, mud, stains, and sun and UV rays are all potential causes of this kind of damage.  

Shoe protectors are applied by spraying a special coating onto the shoe, which hardens into a protective layer. While some sprays' sole purpose is to repel water, others offer protection from the sun or stains. If you're going to buy a shoe protectant, make sure it's made for the type of footwear you have.   

Different spray products will emphasize various maintenance features, such as water resistance or UV protection. You should know the material of your shoes before purchasing a spray, as some sprays are made for specific materials like leather or suede.  

When Should You Spray Your Shoes with a Protective Coating?

shoe protector every 2-4 weeks

Several factors influence how often you should reapply a shoe protector spray. When you buy it, follow the instructions on the bottle for how often to apply it, but here are some additional guidelines to consider.  

Some suggestions for when to reapply shoe protector spray:

  • How often you need to reapply depends on how often you wear the shoes.
  • Protectant spray should be reapplied every two to four wears in colder, wetter climates.
  • In warmer months, such as summer, you only need to reapply the protective spray every four to eight uses.  
  • Depending on how many weeks have passed, reapply.
    • Your shoes need to be sprayed with a protective solution every two to four weeks, depending on how often you wear them.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying or reapplying a shoe protectant spray for the first time or reapplying an existing layer. Overspraying one area of your shoe can ruin it or leave it looking permanently damp or dark.  

It's also important to wait until the shoe protector is completely dry before putting it to use. Wearing them before they have fully dried can cause the spray to rub off, rendering your shoes unprotected. Drying time will vary depending on spray brand. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle, as some last as little as 10 minutes and others as long as 24 hours.  

The effectiveness of spray-on shoe protection for how long

The sprays for protecting shoes that we've discussed in this article are designed to last for at least 15 days and preferably up to three months before needing to be reapplied. However, the spray needs to be reapplied frequently or as instructed on the can to provide the protection promised by the manufacturer.  

In summary

If you want your white shoes to look like new all year long, you should invest in a good protectant spray. Reading through our top picks for shoe protectant sprays will help you find a product that lives up to your requirements and keeps your shoes dry and stain-free.

Keep in mind that a single application of the spray won't be enough; proper maintenance of the shoes is still necessary.

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