How odd that the bolder the fashion statement, the more delicate the object that expresses it. Suede shoes, a classic investment and fashionable accessory, fall into this category.  

When you're wearing your favorite pair of suede shoes out and about, it can be heartbreaking to notice a muddy drop or a coffee stain. We understand because (we've been there Still, there's nothing to stress over. You can proudly show off your favorite pair of suede shoes when you know the best methods for keeping them clean and durable.  

Learn our three tried-and-true techniques for sprucing up your suede footwear (including sneakers, ankle boots, and other types of suede footwear that can be a pain to clean)! ) We will discuss routine cleaning, spot removal, and even the removal of stubborn grime.

We're confident that after reading these guidelines, you'll be able to clean and maintain your suede shoes to their fullest potential.

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Here are four simple steps to implement into your regular cleaning routine.

Perhaps the big guns aren't necessary for every day wear. And that's if you do it correctly.  

Following these four easy steps on a regular basis will maintain the look of your favorite suede shoes (or boots, if you prefer).

First, clean the inside by inserting a shoetree or crumpled paper.

For the sake of maintaining the shoe's shape while washing, consider using a shoe tree. The canvas material will make it easier to clean, and the shoe will dry more quickly afterward.
You could use crumbled newspaper or computer paper for this, but we recommend a more eco-friendly and long-lasting option:

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Woodlore's cedar shoe trees for women have a pleasant scent. They add fragrance to cleaning solutions, so your footwear won't retain any of the cleaning solution or vinegar scent.

Second, use a clean bath towel to rub the area.

Take a moment and gently rub the affected area with a clean, soft towel.

While this procedure is straightforward, you should still exercise caution. Because suede is so soft, you shouldn't rub it too roughly. It's also important to remember to only rub in the nap, or grain, of your suede. This will necessitate a more precise "rub, move your cloth, rub" motion, but keep in mind that you are caring for a fine pair of shoes. They call for delicacy and precision.

As a result of taking this action, you'll hopefully achieve two things: To begin, you will scrape away anything that could spread the stain on your shoe. Second, you'll eliminate any dust that was hiding in the suede, which will make the subsequent cleaning procedures much more successful.

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Clean the suede with a soft brush in Step 3.

To revitalize your shoes, you need nothing more than a sturdy suede brush. Discolorations and shiny patches on your suede are probably only skin deep. Maintaining a regular shoe-brushing routine is the quickest way to restore your footwear to like-new condition

There are soft and stiff bristles on the Shacks Suede 4-Way Cleaner, so it can be used for both spot cleaning and thorough washing. The most exciting part It has a thin, extended brush that helps you clean your This device allows you to clean your shoes thoroughly by reaching into tight spaces.

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In the fourth step, you'll spray the suede with a protector.

Last but not least, use a finishing spray as the final step in your cleaning routine. Like hairspray or a nail polish top coat, it will safeguard your efforts against whatever the future may bring.

Get Scotchguard Suede Protector if you want a cheap alternative. Your suede shoes will be protected from the damaging effects of salt and water. It's odorless and colorless when dry, so you can protect your shoes without sacrificing their aesthetic appeal. )

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A suede eraser can be used to remove minor marks.

There will be times when you need to know how to clean suede. You should not write off your shoe's professional and fashionable appearance just because it has a small stain.

Meet the Pedag Suede cleaner bar. You can put it to use just like any other eraser. Use this eraser on any strange shiny spot, stain, or scuff mark, and watch them disappear in no time.

A simple grey brick, it won't draw too much attention and won't take up much room in your house. But this bar is so effective that you can quickly revive your suede shoes with just a few quick rubs whenever you need to.

We like that it's not just for shoes; you can use it to clean and protect suede on jackets, pants, and purses as well.

(When you're finished cleaning your suede, use your suede brush to comb the nap back in the right direction.) )

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Cleaning tough grime with white vinegar

In particular, men's and women's sneakers are notoriously difficult to keep clean of stubborn stains. The larger the stain or scum on your shoes, the more you might assume the solution will cost.

I am relieved to report that this is not the situation. Read on for advice on cleaning suede footwear with common household items.

Go to the kitchen for the ultimate stain removal weapon, whether the culprit is wine, salt, or food. To accomplish this, all you need is white vinegar. Lucy's all-natural formula is extremely flexible, as it can be used as a thorough cleaning solution or diluted for use in marinades and salad dressings without fear of damaging the food.

You can clean the dirty parts of your shoes by dabbing white vinegar on a soft cleaning cloth and then (very gently) rubbing the vinegar over the dirty spots. Be patient; the magic will happen eventually, even if it doesn't appear to be doing much right now.

The injured area needs ample time to dry. (This is a crucial step because the vinegar will make it appear as though the color of your shoe has changed while it is wet, but once it has dried, the change will disappear. Return to the stain later and vigorously brush it with a suede brush.  

It may take more than one attempt to remove the stain using this method. When it works, the stubborn stain will disappear as if you were simply brushing it away.

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FAQs about suede shoe care

In what way is suede best maintained?

A suede brush is the best tool for maintaining your suede footwear. Many times, a good brushing will be all that's needed to remove minor stains and shiny patches from your shoes. The best way to clean your shoes is with the help of a brush that has a wide variety of bristles.

Without a suede brush, how do you clean your shoes?

Rather than investing in a suede brush, all you need is a soft cloth and some common household substances (like vinegar) to clean your suede shoes. Consider a suede cleaning brick to be the "magic eraser" of fine footwear.

Is suede water and soap resistant?

Soap and water can ruin your nice suede shoes. In the absence of a suede protectant spray, suede is not waterproof. Vinegar, cleaning blocks, and other products made for suede are your best bets when cleaning suede.

Can Suede Shoes Be Cleaned?

Suede shoes can be washed, but only in a certain way that won't damage the material. Suede shoes should not be cleaned with water. Rather, you should use a clean cloth, a suede cleaning brick, and vinegar to restore the like-new appearance of your suede shoes.