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It's getting close to the time of year when we reflect back on the highlights of the past 12 months, including our favorite new releases in theaters, our top songs of the year on Spotify, and the most anticipated sneaker releases of the year. In this article, we take a look back at the past 12 months by researching the top Adidas sneakers of 2022. Some everyday classics were reimagined, there were innovative designs for athletic footwear, and sustainable materials were used.

This year, adidas' technological advancements stood out. The company has been testing out the 3D-printed midsole it has been working on for quite some time. Athlete data was used in the design and testing of the 3D lattice to ensure a comfortable and efficient fit for a runner's stride. Some of the year's finest exercise footwear, including the 4DFWD 2s and the 4DFWD Pulse 2s, feature this midsole.

adidas has been focusing on its promise to create more environmentally friendly footwear. The company has been making knit uppers out of recycled plastics collected from ocean waste and coming up with other ways to reduce the environmental impact of their footwear.

However, not everything here is from the far future. adidas has been paying extra attention to its heritage models, such as the Stan Smith tennis sneaker and the Samba shoe, which was originally designed for soccer. You can find fantastic sneakers for yourself or the sneakerhead or man or woman on your holiday shopping list. Obviously, if you've been waiting the entire year for a new pair of sneakers for yourself, you won't find a better option than one of these from adidas.  

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The Origins of adidas Footwear

For almost a century, adidas has been at the forefront of footwear design and development. First introduced in 1949, adidas's three-stripe design is so simple and classic that it has appeared on many of the brand's most iconic sneakers, from the Superstar to the Samba, and is still popular today.

Established in 1924 as Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory by brothers Adolf "Adi" and Rudolf Dassler, Adidas is now a global leader in the athletic footwear and apparel industry. They eventually broke up, and Adi founded adidas, where he continued to keep an eye on the athletic world and work closely with athletes even after they had split up. This focus on the needs of athletes and how they use sneakers is fundamental to the company even today.

For many years, the most well-known models from adidas had some connection to sports; the Samba was originally designed as a soccer shoe in the 1950s, the Stan Smith was influenced by tennis, and the Superstar was a wildly popular basketball shoe in the 1970s. When the hip-hop group Run D.M.C. popularized the style of sneakers known as "streetwear" in the 1980s, adidas found itself at the vanguard. M C put out the song "My Adidas," This blending of cultural traditions is where adidas really shines. The company now works with stylists, musicians, athletes, and artists to create footwear for every taste.

Best Adidas Shoes of 2022

Unisex adidas Ultraboost 22 Sneakers

Favorite Adizero Running Shoes

  • Range of sizes: 5-16 millimeters; 5 inches in width 5-11
  • White, black, black and white, gray, blue, neon yellow, tan, olive, and a ton of other colors are all in play here.
  • PRIMEKNIT upper with a BOOST midsole.
  • Best for both runners and walkers alike.

The Ultraboost 22 Sneakers are among the best sneakers that adidas has ever produced, if not the best. There were some changes and improvements made to the Ultraboost 22 from the previous year's model, the Ultraboost 21. Lighter and more supportive than the 21, the 22 also feels softer than the 21. It uses Primeblue, a recycled material created in part from Parley ocean-bound plastics, and has a snug, sock-like fit.

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shoes: adidas Stan Smith

Adidas's Most Iconic Vintage Shoe

  • A wide variety of sizes are available, from M4 to 14, and from W5 to 11.
  • White, white and green, white and orange, black, blue, gray, tan, and many more color combinations
  • Upper made of synthetic material; outsole made of rubber.
  • Everyday Use

Although the adidas Stan Smith debuted as a tennis shoe, it has since become an iconic part of pop culture. Stan Smith, a professional tennis player, popularized the sneaker in the 1970s, and now, in the 2010s, it has become an essential part of any fashionable person's wardrobe. The sneaker has since been reissued in numerous iterations and colorways by everyone from Lego and The Simpsons to Emily Oberg's Sporty & Rich and Beyoncé's Ivy Park.

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Samba Sneakers by adidas

The Finest Adidas Kicks for the Streets

  • The M3 size range 5 / W4 5 - M14 / W15
  • White, black, orange, blue, green, brown, gray, and off-white are some of the color options.
  • Materials: Leather upper, rubber sole
  • Fans of urban fashion will appreciate this the most.

The adidas Samba is the type of shoe that could use a comeback but didn't know it needed until it did. In the 1950s, it was initially conceived as a soccer shoe. Now in the year 2022, however, it is a must-have for any self-respecting streetwear wardrobe Jonah Hill, Emily Ratajkowsi, and Kendall Jenner are just a few celebrities who adore the understated sneaker. In terms of price, the unisex sneaker is among the best options for a pair of eye-catching shoes. Black and white leather uppers with gum rubber soles are timeless and appropriate for everyday use.

adidas, vegan sneakers
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Shoe Model: adidas 4D FWD 2

Favorite Workout Sneakers by adidas

  • Men's sizes range from 4-15 inches, and women's from 5-12.
  • Black, white, mauve, white and gray, white and blue, black, and olive.
  • PRIMEKNIT and engineered mesh with 50% recycled content; 4DFWD midsole 3D printed.
  • For the most effective results, try going to the gym.

One of adidas' most cutting-edge features this year is the 4DFWD2's 3D-printed midsole. Our reviewer ran a marathon in them and found them to be comfortable and supportive, so long as you don't have any serious foot problems like plantar fasciitis. Conversely, these are a fantastic choice for neutral runners seeking a lightweight shoe. Extremely responsive midsole construction makes lateral movements easy during activities like high-intensity interval training and jumping.

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A Pair of adidas Superstar Shoes

AdiZero's Most Adaptable Footwear

  • Ranging from M4/W5 up to M19/W20 in size.
  • Many different color combinations are possible, including: black, white, black and gold, black and orange, off-white and navy, and many more.
  • Upper made of leather; sole made of rubber
  • Ideal for: The Traditional Dresser

The Adidas Superstar was the most popular sneaker on Instagram in 2021, and its popularity has only increased since then. This model has been a mainstay for adidas for over 50 years, making it a true classic. The low-top profile is typical for the label, but the iconic shell toe has always set these shoes apart. The Superstar, like many other adidas models, has its origins in athletics. Particularly basketball The original all-white and black-and-white versions of the streetwear staple are still excellent, but new colorways and collaborations are constantly being released.

Superstar Shoes
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Sneakers by adidas Named "Puffylette"

Top-Rated Adidas ClimaCool Shoes for Any Occasion

  • Between M4/W5 and M14/W15, there is a wide variety of sizes available.
  • Gray, black, cream, and orange are some of the color combinations.
  • Upper is made of water-resistant textile; PrimaLoft is used for insulation.
  • Ideal for lounging (and as a present).

When you need a slipper-like shoe that can be worn both inside and outside, the adidas Puffylette is one of the best options you have for working from home. Slipping them on is like slipping on a puffy down jacket, but the bottom is made of rubber, making them almost like sneakers and suitable for wearing outside the house. It will be useful even if you don't run a home office. This item is watertight ( ), so it's ideal for times when you'd rather not work out while wearing your regular sneakers outside.

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adizero Gazelle

Top-Rated Vintage Adidas Shoes

  • Men's sizes 4-14
  • Different color combinations include burgundy, black, white, navy, blue, green, gray, pink, and brown.
  • Upper is suede; sole is rubber
  • The most effective use case is adding a splash of color.

Brad Pitt, Gucci, and Gazelle are not the expected fashion icons of 2022. However, they were brought back into the public eye thanks to a collaboration between Gucci and adidas on a new version of the classic Gazelle, which Pitt has been seen wearing on numerous red carpets. The nubuck upper and Three Stripes branding stand out against the shoe's minimal build. Adidas has been releasing a variety of stylish iterations of that nubuck upper, in colors like navy, royal blue, deep red, and more.

adidas gazelle, fall shoes 2021
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Asics Nizza Platform Shoes

Top-Rated Platform Shoes

  • Range of sizes: 5-11
  • White, black, pink, green, orange, and multiple other colors are all available.
  • Textile upper; Vulcanized rubber platform sole
  • A great addition to your regular routine

Despite its current popularity as a casual shoe, the Nizza actually made its debut in the 1970s as a basketball shoe. The platform sole propels the shoe into the lifestyle category, but the classic design remains unchanged. It was a top pick for 2022's summer season and we expect it to be just as popular during the fall and winter. Its classic silhouette makes it versatile, while the vulcanized platform outsole adds a touch of drama and style.

adidas sneakers
Men's Adidas Nizza Platform Shoes
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shoes by adidas named Astir

The Top Adidas Walking Shoes

  • Range of sizes: 5-11
  • Patterns in purple, black, white, black and white, ecru, yellow, white and gold, and pink
  • Upper is mesh and suede, and the sole is rubber.
  • The most suitable activities are walking and going on trips.

We'll be wearing the Astir sneaker, a 2022 update on classic dad shoes, well into 2023. They are a bit more approachable for fashion-averse individuals because they are not as bulky as some dad shoes from previous years. They are comfortable and supportive, making them ideal for long periods of standing or walking.

Astir Shoes
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adiForum Low Wmns Sneakers

The Top-Rated Adidas Work Shoes

  • There is a wide variety of sizes available, from M4/W5 up to M19/W20.
  • You can choose from a wide range of color combinations, including: white, white and black, white and blue, off-white, burgundy, and many more.
  • Upper is genuine leather
  • To sum it up: costumes

It may feel awkward to wear certain pairs of sneakers to the office due to their overtly athletic appearance. But the Forum lows aren't like those other sneakers. These have a low profile and an athletic feel, but the white leather upper and slimmer silhouette make them appropriate for more formal attire, such as a suit or a dress. The tongue's small velcro closure is an adorable, understated touch. A choice available to everyone

adidas forum low
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Running Shoes: adidas Supernova 2

The Finest adidas Running Shoes for Novices

  • Ranging from M6/W5 to M14/W12 in increments of 2.
  • Different combinations of black and white, black and other colors, green and white, orange and white, and so on are all possible.
  • Materials: mesh and rubber
  • Winner: First-time runners

If you're just starting out as a runner and want to boost your self-assurance and stamina, the Supernova 2 is the best shoe by far. The heel striker and the runner seeking comfort over a long distance will also benefit greatly from this shoe. The shoe has a boost foam heel, a bounce forefoot section, a super stable and well-cushioned base, a sleek and secure upper, and long laces for double and triple knots.

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