Having a brand new pair of shoes ruined by a security tag right out of the box is the worst. It's annoying to get off, and sometimes it leaves sticky residue. In this article, we will show you the best method for quickly and easily removing security tags from shoes.

Instructions for Removing a Shoe Security Tag

Oftentimes, retailers will attach security tags to footwear to deter theft. These tags are annoying because they can be challenging to remove without damaging the shoes. In any case, there are a few different ways to get rid of those pesky security tags on your sneakers.

  • Using a pair of scissors is one option. To remove the security tag from the shoe, sever the adhesive where it meets the sole. It's simple and fast, but if done improperly, it can ruin the shoes.
  • If you prefer, you can also use a hair dryer. Melt the security tag by heating it in the oven. Pull it off the shoe with pliers or tweezers once it has melted. It's also simple and fast, but if not done properly, it can be harmful.
  • One more strategy involves making use of magnets. You just have to position the magnet over the security tag and hold it there until the tag falls off. This technique is risk-free and productive, but it may take a while to implement.
  • As a fourth option, you can use rubbing alcohol. Cover the security tag with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. The tag will come off the cotton ball if you just leave it alone for a while. This approach is risk-free and productive, but it may take some time.
  • A deodorant stick represents the fifth strategy. In order to remove the security tag, rub it with a deodorant stick. This approach is risk-free and productive, but it might take a while to implement.

Use caution when removing the security tag regardless of the method you choose. Don't do anything that could ruin the shoes. If you take your time, you won't have any trouble removing the security tag.

Safety Tags: What Are They?

Security tags come in a wide variety of forms and serve many purposes. The metal security tag is the most common kind, and it is used to deter shoplifting. Steel or other metal is used for these tags, and they are equipped with a protrusion that can be read by a specialized scanner. Store employees will be notified if a security tag is removed from an item.

Methods to Take if a Security Tag Is Left Behind

You might have to take off a security tag before you can buy something at a store. The alarm will go off if the tag is not removed properly. Here are ten methods for disabling a security label:

  1. Trim the tag with some sharp scissors.
  2. Taking the tag off requires a wire cutter.
  3. Remove the tag with a knife.
  4. You can remove the price tag by tearing it with your teeth.
  5. Pinch and twist the tag off using pliers.
  6. If the tag is stubborn, you can pry it open with a can opener and pull it off that way.
  7. To remove the tag from your item, unscrew the clasp on the back with a screwdriver.
  8. Remove the screw that's holding the label in place using a drill.
  9. To remove the tag, chisel and hammer away at it until it breaks.
  10. Use a lighter or heat gun to remove the tag.

If you want to avoid setting off the alarm at the store, you should remove the security tag using the method of your choice. Best wishes with your purchases

Methods Other Than Cutting Off a Shoe's Security Tag

To deter shoplifting, a security tag is typically affixed to newly purchased footwear. There are a number of options if you want to remove the tags from your shoes before wearing them.

  • Remove the tag with a pair of scissors if desired. Using this technique requires some finesse, as you have to take care not to sever the shoe. Alternatively, you can use a knife or box cutter to pierce the tag and pull it off that way.
  • Magnets could be used as a third option for removing the tag. Some people are able to remove the tag with a powerful magnet, while others find that this does not work at all. It's crucial that the magnet be powerful enough to pull the tag free if you choose to go with this approach.
  • Heat can also be used to remove the tag. In order to remove the tag, some people use a hair dryer to warm it up. It's easy to get burned if you try this method.
  • As a last resort, you can try soaking the tag in water to see if that helps you get it off. Most tags can be removed after being soaked in hot water for a few minutes. Remember that not all security tags are watertight, so this technique might not work for all tags.

Use caution with any approach to avoid ruining the shoe. Don't forget to properly discard the security tag.


You can easily and quickly remove the security tag from your shoes on your own now that you know how to do so. Though the tags may return, there are measures you can take to prevent this. A necessary first step is to only buy shoes without security tags. There are plenty of chic alternatives to these price tags. Find stores that sell shoes with easily removable security tags if you absolutely must buy shoes with them. Ultimately, if the tags return despite your best efforts, try one of our methods for getting rid of them without too much trouble.


Was the security tag difficult to remove?

As long as there is a security tag There are those that are harder to get rid of than others. In most cases, a pair of scissors will suffice to remove the security tag, but some tags are constructed in such a way that they will explode upon being cut. For help in such a situation, you may need to return the item to the shop from which you originally purchased it.

Why and how do we use security tags  

Security tags in retail stores function by inducing a change in the tag's electrical properties using an electromagnetic field. As soon as the tag is in range of the security detector, the system will alert you to the alteration.

Tags consist of an antenna and a resonator. The antenna is in charge of sending and receiving the electromagnetic signal, while the resonator stores the energy that is generated by the antenna. In order to prevent the tag from transmitting when it has been removed from the garment, the antenna and resonator must be disconnected. As a result, it is unable to send a signal to the surveillance equipment.

Is there a simple method for erasing the ID tag?

You can use scissors to cut off the security tag quickly and easily. To get rid of the tag, just snip it off. However, if you have a pair of tweezers on hand, you can try your luck at removing the tag that way. To get help removing the tag, you can try calling the store where you bought the item.