We won't be the ones to tell you that flip-flops don't belong anywhere. Such flimsy footwear is ideal for a leisurely stroll to the pool, a stroll across the sun-warmed sand, or a quick trip to the kitchen. However, flip-flops fall short of the mark when it comes to being dependable, all-day footwear. Which is why men can buy water shoes.

Men's water shoes, also known as beach shoes, are ideal for navigating rocky shorelines, crashing waves, and muddy creek beds. These shoes are so well-made that you can wear them boating or hiking without worrying about blisters. So long, painful blisters )

Water shoes typically resemble sneakers and cover the foot in its entirety, but there are also sandal-style options. Shoes of every design are made with materials that quickly drain water. The sturdy outsoles also serve to shield the wearer's feet from hazards. Additionally, laces are being omitted from many designs to improve usability.    

How to Choose the Right Pair of Water Shoes

Surf booties are one example of specialized footwear that is needed for water sports. When going to the beach or hiking through creeks and rivers, however, a good pair of water shoes is a necessity. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for men's beach footwear:

  • Determine whether you simply want a more comfortable pair of flip-flops or if you need shoes that can keep up with your active lifestyle. Choosing a pair of water shoes should be heavily influenced by the kinds of things you plan to do while wearing them. Listed below are a variety of men's water shoes, some of which are better suited for active pursuits like running and hiking, and others that are more suited for laid-back beach days.
  • Reason: Some people find the thought of wearing flip-flops repulsive due to personal taste. To look at, rather than to touch Most of the best men's water shoes strike a good balance between practicality and style.
  • Resilience - Typically, the higher the price of a pair of shoes, the longer it will last. But if you only visit the beach once or twice a year, there's no point in spending a ton of money on a stylish pair of flip-flops. However, if you frequent the beach, it's smart to invest in a sturdy pair of shoes.
  • Among the most important factors to think about is how comfortable you want to be. Especially if you plan on doing more than just strolling along the beach in your shoes, this is important to keep in mind. If you plan on standing on your feet for long stretches, you should look for beach shoes with extra padding and other comfort features.
  • Shoe Thickness/Foot Protection - One major perk of wearing footwear is the extra layer of defense they provide your feet. It's important to choose shoes with the appropriate sole and upper materials for the activities you intend to engage in.
  • Will They Float? Spending a lot of time on a boat necessitates special footwear, and the Sperry Boat Float Shoes are a great option.
  • Many of the featured options are men's sizes, but these water shoes are also available in women's and unisex sizing. Some of the best water shoes are also available in unisex sizing; select the appropriate option when adding to your shopping cart.

Enjoy a pair of shoes designed for watery tasks at home, on the beach, or when tackling water-filled environments; no longer subject your flip flops to conditions they were never intended for. If you're a man preparing for warmer weather, read on to learn about the best beach shoes for men.


These Croc Classic Clogs divide opinion, and we almost didn't buy them. More than 275,000 people have rated them, 95% of the reviews are positive, and there are countless anecdotes about how people were sure they would hate them but ended up loving them. Of course, they won't win any beauty contests, but their practicality, comfort, security, cleanability, and general quality more than make up for their lackluster aesthetic.

The Croslite upper and sole of these lightweight water shoes are extremely durable synthetic materials. They are available in a wide variety of hues, making it possible to assign one to each member of the family. Whether you like them or not, Crocs are a serious competitor to the likes of Merrell, KEEN, and ALEADER when it comes to men's water shoes.

We think Crocs are so great that we included them in our annual best products of the year list, the 2021 Man.

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In our opinion, the Columbia Okolona Water Shoes are the best beach shoes for men because they look and feel just like a regular pair of Columbia sneakers but offer all the protection and comfort you need on the beach. The exterior is as tough and rugged as many ordinary outdoor shoes, protecting your feet just as well. The upper is made of synthetic materials that allow air flow, making them great for wet weather. In addition, the sock-like construction will keep these babies on your feet even when submerged, and the high-traction rubber outsole will serve you well whether you're scrambling across rocks or walking across the deck of a boat. These stylish and long-lasting water shoes are a great alternative to traditional flip-flops if you prefer a sneaker-style shoe.

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Despite Quicksilver's prominence in the surf and skatewear industries, their men's water shoes are among the industry's finest. Quicksilver's Amphibian Plus line of water sneakers were designed to be worn both in and out of the water, unlike many other beach shoes. The upper is made from a single piece of mesh, and the soles have holes for proper water drainage. They have a lot of grip, so you can wear them on the beach, in the pool, on a boat, or anywhere else your summer travels take you.

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When it comes to water shoes, the ALEADER Mesh Slip Ons are a great option because of how comfortable they are for both in-water and on-land activities. The solyte midsole makes them incredibly light, allowing you to confidently leap from rock to rock and back into the water without sacrificing any comfort. The water is filtered out and the feet are kept cool and dry by the mesh material, which also allows air to circulate, making the shoes ideal for hot and humid climates. The gripping soles are a boon for challenging hikes and ascents. The fashionable layout, available hues, and low cost are also major selling points for us. Slip into these before your next summer vacation if you want the best water shoes for under $30.

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Sandals like the KEEN Men's Newport H2 are tailor-made for time spent near the water. These sandals are built to withstand the elements, whether you're spending the day at the beach, crossing streams, or living in an especially wet climate. The full protection of the toes provided by the rubber sole ensures that your feet will be kept well away from any danger. The razor grip on the bottom provides traction on wet or slick surfaces, and the quick-lace bungee system keeps the shoes snug while you run or swim. The sandals are available in many different color combinations, so you can pick out a pair that complements your personal taste.

These sturdy sandals may not look like sneakers, but they can handle any environment from the beach to the trail to the boat. They're also one of the best-selling water shoes on Amazon, with over 17,000 five-star reviews. Popular among hikers, these sandals excel on wet and rocky ground, but they are equally at home on the sand.

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In most cases, wet shoes make getting dressed a hassle. Wet substances have a tendency to stick to skin and make the whole procedure a pain. The Speedo Tidal Cruisers, which feature a laceless design and slip-on convenience, are the perfect solution. The neoprene upper expands so that your feet can slide inside, and the loops at the back of the heels provide even more support. With the built-in air vents in these shoes, your feet will be dry in no time at all after you get out of the water.

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Do you enjoy jogging along the shore? Or perhaps you're looking for dependable men's water shoes for use on summer hikes. Then get yourself a pair of the Men's Dynamo Rapid Water Shoes by Body Glove, a surf company that also makes excellent footwear for the pool and the beach. Featuring an ultra-grip rubber sole that can handle any terrain and a breathable mesh upper, these water shoes are equally at home on land or in the water. They're $50, look great, drain quickly, and have all the traction and support you could ask for in a pair of water shoes.

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Trying to find the most comfortable pair of water shoes that also float in case they come off. Then you should buy a pair of Sperry Float Boat Shoes, because they are buoyant and cozy. The textured sole and drainage holes will keep your feet dry and comfortable. These shoes are great for summertime outings on the water because they are waterproof and come in a variety of stylish colors. Sperry claims that because of their roomy construction, "if you're a half size, size down for [the] best fit." ”

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These "mocassin" water shoes are designed for long days spent in and around your favorite body of water and feature an easy slip-on design. Nearby lake Sure The watercourse that is conveniently located close to your home Go for it To be specific, the Mediterranean Sure A puddle Why not Because of the numerous openings on the upper of these water shoes of a single density, water can freely enter and exit the shoes. An arch supports your feet, making these shoes not only suitable for walking on land but also water.

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Pick for Surfing

Among surfers, Body Glove is well-known for its assortment of high-quality performance footwear and clothing that is tailored to fit you perfectly. The Siphon water shoes from Body Glove are great for any activity that takes place in or near the water, including but not limited to: walking on the beach, swimming, kayaking, boating, beach yoga, and more. Hydro Knit 4-way stretch upper for a snug but airy fit. The sole is made of ultra-grippy rubber, making it both durable and slip-resistant. When you return to dry ground, your feet will remain dry thanks to the Integrated Drainage System built into these sneakers.

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These YALOX Water Shoes are the best beach shoes on the market, and they won't break the bank if you don't wear them every day. They come in a wide variety of muted and elaborate hues, and their quick-drying technology ensures that your feet are never wet for too long. They have a nonslip sole and weigh next to nothing (less than 100 grams), so it will feel like you're not even wearing shoes. For a more secure fit, the back of these unisex slip-on shoes feature loops.

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Also think about

The unisex SIMARI Men's Beach Shoes are the best option if you're looking for sneakers that can handle wet conditions. The drawstring, lace-up system and the built-in heel loop of these rugged shoes guarantee that your feet will be both secure and comfortable all day long. They come in a wide variety of hues and feature a sturdy rubber outsole, making them suitable for traversing both hot and rocky terrain. The sneaker aesthetic also makes these shoes less noticeable than some of the other alternatives we've provided.

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Perfect for stretching and yoga.

SEEKWAY's men's water shoes are available in a variety of looks and are built with comfort in mind. These shoes are built with 92% polyester and feature a smooth neck to eliminate chafing and discomfort. In addition to protecting your feet from hazards like sharp rocks and scorching pavement, the rubber outsoles provide a cushioned walking experience. These water-resistant shoes are ideal for a wide variety of beach pursuits, from yoga to surfing to sailing to water parks and even fishing.

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Let your mind wander to a time and place where you and a couple of friends are hiking through the woods on a hot summer day, with the goal of reaching someplace in particular. You've got a cooler full of beer following behind you, a portable speaker for the party, and a backpack stuffed with food and refreshments. The question is, "Where exactly are you going?" In the direction of the cliffs Now is the time to go cliff diving. You need these hiking water shoes if you plan on walking a fair distance to your cliff jumping destination or any other body of water. Your feet will be protected from sharp rocks and hidden branches all day long.

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Excellent for casting a line

These highly breathable, quick-dry runners will keep your feet dry and comfortable while you cast for the big one. If water does get into the boat or onto the deck, the sculpted midsole will direct it away from your feet quickly so that you can keep your feet dry for longer. Non-marking rubber outsole provides dependable traction on both dry and wet surfaces; foam midsole cushions your feet like a warm hug.  

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In these cases, it's best to have shoes that can take you from land to sea and back again. These breathable and multipurpose North Face's water shoes have an anti-odor finish and a mesh upper that dries quickly, so you can wear them right away. Meanwhile, the sole is detachable so it can dry and be cleaned more quickly, and the outsole has an elite traction system for superior grip on any surface. This is a top pick for many reasons, including the mono-mesh screens that keep debris out and the toggle closure that ensures the highest level of comfort.

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Although designed for use in wet environments like surfing and scuba diving, the Neo-Sport Premium Neoprene Men Wetsuit Boots are a practical water shoe option for a wide variety of situations. The shoes are constructed from neoprene, a durable and stretchy material that is also highly water resistant; this means that water can be easily drained from the shoes when they are no longer needed as a waterproof barrier. They are surprisingly effective at keeping your feet dry and comfortable while on river walks or wading in the ocean. If you're in the market for a water shoe that can handle the rigors of boating and other water sports, look no further than these.

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Teva's sport sandal provides a one-stop-shop for all your aquatic footwear needs, whether you're on the hunt for a water shoe to get you through a ravine-filled hike or something to relax in while you take the kids to the water park. It has a rugged outsole that provides exceptional traction and protection, and is constructed from quick-drying webbing to keep blisters at bay. The shock-absorbing heel pad is nice, but what really wins us over is how simple and reliable the hook-and-loop fasteners are.

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If you want a pair of running shoes that can get wet without being submerged, Columbia makes a solid option. You wouldn't know you were wearing water shoes thanks to the canvas and leather upper of these. Water (and fish gut) resistance, vent ports in the midsole, and a wet-grip outsole make the soles a game-changer.

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You're going to have to settle for these Reef Rover flips flops because it's not always pleasant to stomp around in wet footwear. We know we came out on top initially, but bear with us here There will be some initial slipping and sliding, but your feet won't get soaked and will dry out. They're simple to put on and off and have a sturdy sole for walking stability.

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Typical Layouts

The VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes are a no-brainer for anyone seeking individuality and style in aquatic settings, as they offer over 40 design options at an extremely reasonable price. These men's water shoes have a rubber sole for traction and protection from sharp objects, and the neck area is designed to be smooth to reduce chafing. A snug and cool fit is guaranteed by the combination of stretch and breathability in the fabric. These shoes are great for a wide variety of uses, from jogging to cycling to boating, thanks to their adaptable design.

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The discomfort of having wet, squishy feet for a long time after wearing shoes while in or near water is a common complaint. To solve this issue, Zhuanglin designed these men's quick-drying aqua water shoes with an upper and sole that drain water the moment you step out. This style also allows air to circulate, so your feet won't overheat even in the hottest conditions. The drawstring closure also helps to keep the shoes on your feet in wet and slick conditions. These are some of the best men's beach shoes under $50 because they combine the best features of both lace-up and slip-on designs.

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