For maximum efficiency and power on your Peloton bike or one of the other top alternatives to Peloton, you need the best shoes for Peloton.  

If you're new to cycling but want to get the best shoes possible, we've done the research and testing for you. If you're thinking about purchasing a Peloton bike, you should know that we compared the original Peloton bike to the more advanced Peloton bike plus.  

But if you have everything else ready to go, the most important thing is to find cycling shoes that clip into the top exercise bikes and, of course, the Peloton bike. There are a variety of cleat attachments available for your cycling shoe, and you can use them with a variety of exercise bikes.  

Bicyclists who ride roads prefer 3-bolt Look Delta cleats, while those who ride mountain bikes prefer 2-bolt SPD cleats. Even though Peloton recommends using Look Delta pedals, SPD pedals are also compatible. Alternatively, we recommend these versatile Venzo 3-in-1 pedals that work with both SPD and Delta cleats.  

The top spin shoes have a variety of lacing methods including ratchet clips, Velcro, and laces. To avoid pinching your feet, we recommend a ratchet clip, but this is a matter of taste. The stiffness of the sole, the weight, and the sensation of weightlessness are also important considerations. Find out how various pairs of cycling shoes fared in our sweat tests and what we thought of them below.  

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Shimano RC1 review

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We spent a few months in a variety of models, and after cycling in each, we settled on the Shimano RC1 as the best indoor cycling shoes. It's a pair of spin shoes for both men and women that doesn't break the bank. The uppers of these shoes are made of a synthetic leather material with a mesh texture for breathability and a snug fit. In addition to the elastic bands, they have three sturdy hook-and-loop straps across the top of the feet.

Our time spent in them revealed them to be airy, soft, and simple to don and remove. They were lightweight without being flimsy, and the three adjustable Velcro straps allowed me to get a perfect fit. Shimano shoes, in contrast to Peloton shoes, do not come with clips and instead require an additional $20 investment. The RC1s are compatible with Delta cleats out of the box, but if you want to use them with SPD cleats, you can buy an adapter separately.

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Vitatalpa cycling shoes review best value

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Purchasing a less expensive pair of cycling shoes is one way to offset the cost of an exercise bike, especially a Peloton. For a pair of Peloton shoes that won't break the bank, look no further than the Vitatalpa Men's Cycling Shoes. The straps and buckle can be adjusted to fit your needs.

A couple of things to keep in mind: Vitatalpa's shoes aren't available in women's sizes, and they don't have clips. They come in many different hues, and can be used with either 2-bolt SPD or 3-bolt SPD-SL cleats.

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a photo of the Shimano IC1 on the feet

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The Shimano IC1 cycling shoes are best described as "riding your Peloton in slippers." These shoes are ridiculously soft and adjustable thanks to the wraparound velcro closure, though the lack of a boa system means that you won't be able to make the fine adjustments necessary for a secure fit.  

The stiffness of the shoes is a six on Shimano's scale (which goes up to a twelve). They're nice and pliable this way, but our tester couldn't push himself hard enough in them during an FTP test.  

These shoes are soft and supportive, making them ideal for indoor cycling. However, more experienced cyclists may want to look elsewhere for shoes, as they may require a cleat system that uses three bolts.  

Venzo cycling shoes review

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The Venzo cycling shoes can be used with either Delta or SPD clips, though the former come included in the box if you order the shoes with them, while the latter are an additional purchase.

Both the men's and women's shoes benefit from a low-cut design and a mesh and synthetic upper that dries quickly. After a month of wear, these shoes were a perfect fit; in fact, it felt as though my feet had been shaped specifically to fit inside of them. The tongue of these shoes is attached to the middle velcro strap, preventing it from sliding down while riding (a problem we encountered with the Tommasos). The Venzos quickly became a favorite pair of ours, despite being slightly less comfortable than the Shimano RC1s.

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A photo of the side of the Nike Superrep cycling shoes

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The Nike SuperRep cycling shoes were released this past spring, and they have an adjustable hook-and-loop strap so that you can get the perfect fit. The Nike SuperRep shoes are low-profile, airy, and clip-compatible (with Delta and SPD), but the clips must be purchased separately.

Nike shoes, which come in men's and women's sizes, have the most conflicting reviews of any brand discussed in this article. Nike spin shoes, like most others, tend to run small, so it's recommended that you order a size up if you plan on wearing socks with them. One reviewer gushed, "They're soft, they bend, and they clip in and out with ease." Yet another person was emphatic: "I put on my delta cleats and went for a five-minute ride. My feet were aching Those shoes are flimsy and won't hold your feet up. I had a foot on the brake ”

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Tommaso Pista cycling shoes

Pista for Women by Tommaso Photograph by Tom's Guide.

If you're looking for cycling shoes, look no further than the Tommaso Pista and Men's Strada; not only are they more expensive than other brands, but the clips of your choice are already installed! Furthermore, these shoes can be used with either Delta or SPD clips, so you are not limited to riding with a specific brand of bike, such as a Peloton.

Each pair of shoes has a mesh upper that allows air to circulate and keeps your feet comfortable in any weather. The three Velcro straps kept the foot securely in place, but we noticed that the tongue still slipped down into the shoe despite our best efforts. There is no padding on the tongue either. Although some customers found they needed to order a larger size, Tommaso recommends riders order their usual size because they fit true to size.  

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Peloton cycling shoes review Top Pick

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These spin shoes were designed for the Peloton bike, but they work just as well on any stationary bike. Peloton shoes with a ratchet clip and velcro straps; lightweight; breathable upper and mesh vent To ensure you're ready to hit the road as soon as possible, Peloton will ship the shoes you select along with your bike.

It's worth noting that Peloton shoes tend to run true to size, and that the clips are included (though you'll have to attach them yourself). The quality of construction of these shoes impressed us greatly; they appear to be well-made for the long haul. Another plus was the tongue's secure hold on the roof while we rode. Though fashionable, their price tag of $125 per pair is a bit high. However, the ease of payment with your Peloton is unrivaled.

The Peloton Altos are a new, more expensive pair of cycling shoes that Peloton has just released. In this new window: , which only require one Velcro strap to put on and take off,  

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Tiem Slipstream cycling shoes review

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Are you worried about how your feet will look in your riding attire? The Tiem Slipstream spin shoes have the appearance of a regular pair of sneakers but are made of breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool and comfortable even as you pedal. These shoes are similar to sneakers, but they have clips that allow you to use them for cycling as well as walking. There are also six color options to choose from.

Tiems can be used with SPD clips, but if you want to use them with a Peloton, you'll need to buy new pedals. To get the best fit, TIEM suggests going down half a size from your usual shoe size.

Our in-depth review of the TIEM Slipstream cycling shoe is available here.

What to look for when purchasing a pair of shoes for indoor cycling and Peloton

Suitability and ease of movement

Comfort and convenience are two of the most important considerations when looking for shoes to go with your Peloton or exercise bike. You don't want to have to stop in the middle of your spin class to tie your shoe, so most spin shoes are made to be lightweight and have a velcro strap for easy and fast wear and removal.

Adaptability to clips

Furthermore, being able to use the same clips is crucial. Spin shoes have a metal clip at the bottom that secures your foot to the pedals of a stationary bike; this clip can be unscrewed and attached to a new pair of shoes when the old ones wear out.

The SPD Clip (2-Bolt System) or the cleat system are the most common types of pedal attachments for spinning shoes. In this new window: in other words, the Delta Clip (3-Bolt System) To view the video, click here (opens in a new tab) In either clip, you can wear top-tier cycling shoes while spinning. Either way, before you buy a pair of spin shoes, make sure the clip on them is compatible with the one on your exercise bike. To avoid having to replace your bike's pedals as well as your shoes, you should look for shoes with Delta clips if you plan on using a Peloton bike.

Keep in mind that clips are not included with the majority of cycling shoes, so you will need to buy them and attach them yourself. To attach a clip to your cycling shoe, follow these instructions.


The price of spin shoes varies from about $50 to $140. Some of the more expensive brands are Nike and TIEM, while Vitatalpa is a good option for someone just getting into cycling on a budget. Shoes at a higher price point are typically constructed with more long-lasting, lightweight materials, making them more breathable. For the most part, clips are not included with cycling shoes, so plan on spending an extra $10 - $20.