To remove your Peloton shoes after a workout on your Peloton bike may prove to be just as challenging as donning them. You might be asking yourself why there is a need for a tutorial on removing Peloton shoes. However, Peloton shoes are not your average footwear, and unclipping them can be a bit technical. In spite of our best efforts,  

Do you want to know more about Peloton shoes and why they're so difficult to remove? As an added bonus, you've come to the right place if you're already aware of the cause and are looking for a remedy.  

For today's post, I'll be discussing the two most common scenarios in which you might need to remove your Peloton shoes: Unclipping peloton shoes will also be covered in detail. Finally, I'll address some frequently asked questions. Let’s go

The Proper Method for Removing Your Peloton Shoes

Put away your Peloton shoes when you've finished your workout.  

asian woman working out on peloton bike


Stop pedaling and pull the bike to a halt. You could also ease the bike to a stop by gradually decreasing your pedaling speed.  


You should position your dominant foot at the 6 o'clock position on the pedal. Keep the resistance knob at 6 o'clock and turn it. Turning the resistance knob keeps pedals from wiggle during the peloton.  


To "clip out," twist and kick your heels outward with some force. It's natural to feel some pushback from your shoe as you carry out this motion. Proof that it was safely fastened to the bicycle  

Now that you've taken your foot off the pedal, you can safely dismount the bike. Unclip your pedals again as you dismount, this time standing on the side of the bike where your foot is still planted. Just give it a twist and a gentle kick of the heel outward, and you'll be free.  

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Removing Stuck Peloton Shoes

It's possible to have trouble removing your Peloton shoes from the pedals if you get stuck on them. It could get stuck if the cleats weren't clipped in tightly enough before being fastened. However, if your shoes become entangled, you can free them by following these instructions.   caucasian woman working out while watching screen on peloton bike


Take your feet out of your Peloton shoes and step away from the bike if they become entangled in the pedals. If they are still immobile after you have taken off your shoes, proceed to Step 2.   


Turn the pedal to the 12 o'clock position if only one shoe is caught. If both shoes are stuck, adjust the pedals to a comfortable position.


Once you've settled on a comfortable pedaling position, you can crank the resistance all the way to the right. You should encounter some resistance as you turn the knob. This level of resistance shows that the pedals are firmly planted in place and cannot be moved.  


Find the tension screw on the underside of the pedals while they're in that position. To make the pedals less gripping on your shoes' cleats, you can use a 3mm hex key to loosen the tension screws. Typically, a counterclockwise turn of the key will solve the problem.  

As doing so can damage the pedals, I advise against doing so frequently. If you must adjust the tension, do so very slightly. The pleasure of cycling is diminished by pedals with slack cleat tension. It's possible to damage the pedal by overtightening it as well.


Return the pedal to its original setting. Then, unscrew the cleat and pull the pedal away from the bike, keeping your thumb pressed against the Peloton logo on the pedal's back. It's fine to exert some force; you won't damage the pedals or cleats.  

Seems like a piece of cake, right? Good

It's important to remember to retighten the tension screw after letting it out. If you don't do this, you risk injuring yourself or damaging the pedal.  

If you're having trouble visualizing the steps I outlined earlier, check out this video by Peloton. Fixing a broken cleat on a pedal for a peloton bike

Unclipping your Peloton shoes: some things to think about

Consider the following advice when you need to release the clips on your Peloton shoes:

  • Prioritize Risk Avoidance Make sure you're using a reliable method to unclip your Peloton shoes. This is crucial to ensuring your safety and avoiding harm during the process. I included videos created by the Peloton company as part of the instructions I provided.  
  • The cleat can be released from the pedal with a quick flick of the heel. Apply moderate force if that doesn't work and there's resistance. The force of the cleat's attachment to the pedal is usually the source of the friction. As I said before, it improves the rider's safety.  
  • Shoe removal from one pedal makes it simple to remove the other. If you remove one foot, you can easily release the other.  
  • Keep your hands firmly gripped on the bike's resistance knob and lean on the pedals if you're still having trouble. If you keep this force on the pedals, you should be able to unclip again.  
  • The pedals of your bike are held in place with tension screws. Avoid letting them out unless absolutely necessary. In order to prevent serious damage to your pedals, you should never loosen the tension screws.   
  • Be careful not to apply too much pressure, or it will hurt your knee. When performing a twist, it is the foot, not the knee, that should be twisted.  

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Should I Wear Shoes on a Peloton Bike?

Without shoes, a peloton bike is not safe to ride. Any pair of cycling shoes with a three-screw hole configuration will work with the Peloton Bike's Delta-compatible cleats. Use of a Peloton Bike necessitates special footwear.

For the Peloton Bike, what kinds of shoes are appropriate?

The Peloton Bike can be used with any pair of Peloton shoes. On the other hand, any cycling footwear that features a three-screw hole configuration and is compatible with Delta cleats will do.  

The problem with removing your Peloton shoes  

Since the Peloton bike employs a clip system, this is the case. Unclipping your shoes from the delta cleats and pedals can be a challenge due to their secure design. You'll get better at kicking off your shoes with time.  

Where can I get my peloton shoes altered?

Yes Straps on a pair of Peloton shoes can be adjusted for a custom fit.  

Please tell me it's okay to leave my Peloton shoes clipped in.

The answer is yes, but doing so is largely discouraged. Always clip in before a workout and always unclip when finished. One aspect of exercise discipline is remembering to clip in and out of your equipment.  

You can ride a Peloton bike in regular sneakers.

If your shoes have toe cages, then you can use them on Peloton. Toe cages designed to work with Peloton pedals are available. You can use your regular sneakers on a Peloton Bike so long as you have a set of toe cages. Everytime, always  

Do I need shoes for a Peloton Bike?

Never ride the Peloton bike without shoes on. This is because, without the locking mechanism, your feet are free to slide out, causing you to lose your balance and potentially fall off the pedals. There's a risk of foot damage from the pedals' pointed edges, too. It's just plain risky.  

Can you get cleats for your Peloton shoes?

When buying shoes from Peloton, customers can rest assured that cleats will be included.


Taking off your Peloton shoes probably won't be as much of a hassle now that you know more about clipping out. Remount your steed and resume your cycling. Please remember my many safety suggestions and proceed with caution. Cheers