What does Balenciaga mean, where is it made, how do Balenciaga clothes and shoes fit, and how much do Balenciaga shoes cost?

Maison de la mode française

cannot be prefaced Balenciaga has been one of the most divisive fashion houses for years, with many people having strong feelings one way or another. Balenciaga Triple S sneakersSneakers by Balenciaga dubbed the "Triple S" That slick Speed sneakersRunning shoes built for speed as well as the "ugly" platform Crocs

Balenciaga, in the words of one fashion critic, "has not only created new trends but, in the words of fashion researcher Joelle Firzli,Dr. Joelle Firzli, a specialist in the field of fashion research You don't have to like it or wear it just because it "pushed the rules to the extreme and [played] on the borderline of what is considered beautiful." Not everyone is going to rock a pair of Balenciaga crocs, but that's not the point; what matters is how we all react to it. The presence of ugliness in clothing trends keeps them in the public eye. ”

When it comes to the cost of Balenciaga footwear, how much can you expect to pay? where and when did the revolutionary fashion house begin, and what does the name Balenciaga even mean?

History of Balenciaga Fashion House

Spanish fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga founded his namesake label, Balenciaga, in 1917. After opening his first shop in San Sebastián, Spain, Cristóbal fled to Paris during the Spanish Civil War. There he held his debut runway show, showcasing a collection influenced by the Spanish Renaissance.

Balenciaga's avant-garde styles were so groundbreaking that customers would risk going to France to buy them even as the country was at war. Unlike Christian Dior's signature hourglass silhouette, which Balenciaga sought to displace, the Spanish designer instead sought to liberate women's bodies by introducing a new, fluid silhouette that would forever change the way people thought about what it meant to be feminine.

Designers such as Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy praised Balenciaga as "the master of us all" and "the architect of haute couture," respectively, for his unparalleled talent, masterful tailoring, and unconventional style.

Balenciaga went full circle in 2021, when it debuted its first haute couture collection in 53 years, thanks to Creative Director Demna Gvasalia's emphasis on the house's heritage.

What we call "Dad Shoes"

As the name "dad shoes" suggests, chunky retro-inspired sneakers have been popular for some time now. The trend first appeared in the early 2010s with the "normcore" and '90s nostalgia movement and shows no signs of stopping.  

Most people would be embarrassed to be seen wearing their dad shoes in public before, but now they can enjoy the comfort that these shoes provide. This group is so uncool that it's hip.

Balenciaga's Triple S sneakers are a classic example of the brand's early adoption of the trend, but how should one wear them?

Balenciaga shoe etiquette

Balenciaga's chunky dad sneakers can seem daunting to try to style. That's why we're here to give you a few suggestions for what to wear.

The contrast between a girly dress and boyish sneakers is one of our favorite kinds of fashion statements. You should wear your Triple S instead of your classic pumps the next time you go out to eat or drink. On very special occasions, you could even dress them up in an evening gown.

When worn with an all-white or all-black ensemble, colorful chunky sneakers really stand out. You could pair them with a black blazer and tailored black pants to see how it looks.

Even though skinny jeans are dead, we still think they look great with chunky Balenciagas. Avoid coming off as too "millennial" by going for an oversized top and playing with proportions.

Combine your Balenciagas with jogging pants and a sweatshirt, or a graphic tee and straight-leg jeans, for a classic streetwear look.

In what country is Balenciaga manufactured?

For many years, Balenciaga has taken pride in producing their goods in Italy; however, recently, some of their products have begun to be produced in France.

A popular sneaker on the streets, the Triple S, had its manufacturing moved to China in 2018. There was an immediate backlash to this. Balenciaga countered the stereotype that Chinese-made goods are of poor quality by saying, "the manufacturer of the shoe was moved to China [because] they have a savoir-faire and capacities to produce a lighter shoe."

Fear not, for Balenciaga has not confirmed arrivederci to Italy The opposite is true The fashion house, now owned by the Kering group, has announced plans to open its first leather goods production plant in Italy in 2020.  

Balenciaga will be able to increase production of its accessories thanks to the new factory in Cerreto Guidi, a town west of Florence. In a statement, the company said, "The future opening of this new production unit will create up to 300 jobs, mainly from the local and regional community and with a particular focus on the unemployed." Staff members will have access to in-house training opportunities.

Exactly what size foot do Balenciaga shoes have

Do Balenciaga shoes run big or small, and what is the average price range for a pair of Balenciaga shoes?

Balenciaga shoe sizing information is provided below.

  • European sizing is what Balenciaga employs.
  • Men's sizes range from EU 39 to EU 47 (US 6 to US 14), and women's sizes go from EU 34 to EU 42 (US 4 to US 12).
  • Sneakers by Balenciaga with exaggerated proportions (like the Triple SThree Ss to run a size or two big If you are on the fence about which size to buy, we suggest that you select the smaller of the two.
  • Balenciaga Speed sneakersThose are some sweet Balenciaga Speed kicks. snug and comfortable, like a good pair of socks. A wide foot may necessitate a size up, especially if you are on the cusp of two sizes. In all other cases, please order your usual size.
  • Read our sizing guide if you need more help deciding. Article about converting shoe sizes

Balenciaga shoe prices: how high and why  

A pair of shoes from Balenciaga can cost you up to $3,250. 3D 110MM PumpThird-Generation One Hundred And Eleven Millimeter Pump , crafted from 3D-printed rubber, are the most expensive offering from the French brand, while the Pool Slide SandalsWater Slide Flip Flops are the least expensive (they sell for $325 on the brand's website)

The rationale behind such astronomical costs remains a mystery. It all boils down to a few elementary factors.

Here are some of the reasons why Balenciaga is so costly:

  • Almost all Balenciaga wares are manufactured in Italy. where a new factory is being built, workers are being educated, and the brand is paying a living wage Lighter, more expensive soles are used in the only two sneaker models manufactured in China: the Triple S and the Track.
  • Balenciaga only employs cutting-edge techniques and premium components. such as "No Memory" rubber, 3D knit, and 3D printing technologies for rubber
  • Balenciaga is the epitome of ease. The Speed sneakers' memory foam soles offer extra cushioning and conform to the shape of the wearer's feet, making them feel as snug as a pair of socks despite the shoe's snug silhouette.
  • A Balenciaga bag is the ultimate symbol of wealth and sophistication. Those who can afford Balenciaga are investing in a sense of uniqueness. And that has a higher cost attached to it.  

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