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When you're dealing with plantar fasciitis, finding the right shoes can make a world of difference. Whether you're looking for athletic shoes, sandals, loafers, or even slippers, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll be exploring the best slip-on shoes for plantar fasciitis, taking into consideration factors such as cushioning, arch support, and overall comfort. Say goodbye to foot pain and hello to relief with our top picks for the best slip-on shoes that are specifically designed to alleviate the discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis.


Best Overall: Vionic Rechelle

Curran Rechelle Casual SneakerNow 32% Off



Credit: Vionic




  • Easy to slip on
  • Provides supportive footbed
  • Offers great arch support



  • Some reviewers mentioned that they run small


If you're in search of a shoe that is both easy to slip on and won't worsen your plantar fasciitis, give the Vionic Rechelle sneaker a try. Its supportive footbed provides maximum comfort by hugging the arches of your feet. Additionally, the shoe features a firm yet flexible orthotic insole that can be removed, as well as a deep heel cup for increased stability. "These shoes have a supportive footbed with great arch support, making them a preferred choice for plantar fasciitis," says Dr. Pruthi. As a bonus, these sneakers have a classic look that is perfectly on-trend for 2022 and beyond. One reviewer enthusiastically states, "These sneakers provide solid support while being comfortable and stylish."



Best Value: Naturalizer Marianne

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, finding a shoe with adequate arch support is crucial. According to Gerres, a supportive shoe with a good arch can alleviate pain by redirecting the stresses on the plantar fascia to the shoe. The Naturalizer Marianne casual sneaker addresses this need with its insole that offers all-important arch support, non-slip outsole, durable leather uppers, and elastic panels for a customized fit. Available in four unique widths, including regular, narrow, wide, and extra-wide, this shoe is highly recommended for nurses and anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis. One pleased Amazon reviewer exclaims, "I'm so happy that I have finally found a nice-looking shoe that is extremely comfortable. This shoe offers good support, and I love the blush pink color that I got."



Best Athletic Shoes: Hoka One One Bondi 7

Whether you're hitting the gym, going on a trail hike, or running errands at the grocery store, the Hoka One One Bondi 7 running shoes provide all-around comfort. Renowned for their extra-comfortable footwear, Hoka One One delivers once again with these highly cushioned shoes that are perfect for running. Despite their appearance, these shoes are surprisingly lightweight, featuring roomy toe boxes and breathable mesh uppers.


Shoppers love the versatility of these shoes, with one reviewer mentioning, "I run, hike, and walk many miles each week in my Hokas. These shoes, along with physical therapy, made it possible to get back to my workouts."



Best Running Shoes: Brooks Levitate 4

Levitate 4 Running ShoeNow 39% Off



Credit: Brooks




  • Removable insole
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Shock absorbing



  • Some reviewers mentioned that they run narrow


Conquer any hill, big or small, with the Brooks Levitate 4 running shoes. These are a favorite among Prevention editors and are highly recommended for running. The midsole cushions provide excellent shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable and supportive stride. "The removable insole is a big plus as it allows you to use your own custom or over-the-counter orthotic, which is beneficial for healing from plantar fasciitis," explains Dr. Pruthi. The shoes also feature a padded tongue and collar for additional support and comfort. Runners are raving about these shoes, with one reviewer saying, "I suffer from plantar fasciitis in both feet, and these shoes have been my saving grace. They hug the ankle nicely without being too tight and are very lightweight!"



Best Walking Shoes: New Balance 1540 V3



  • Shock reduction
  • Supports arch and fascia
  • Great for orthotics



  • Some reviewers mentioned that they're narrow at the toe

Available in synthetic and mesh materials, the New Balance 1540 V3 walking shoes are designed to reduce shock and provide excellent support for the arch and fascia. These shoes are a great choice for walking, ensuring both support and cushioning in the forefoot and arch areas. "They are supportive and cushioned, making them a good choice for those with plantar fasciitis," says Dr. Pruthi. The shoes come in standard, wide, and extra-wide sizes to accommodate different foot shapes comfortably. If you require custom foot orthotics, these shoes are an excellent option due to their different widths. One reviewer even mentioned, "These shoes are comfy. They have a deeper heel cup and flexible midsole, all of which are helpful in supporting the bottom of the foot."



Best Flip Flops: Fit Flop Iqushion

Certified with the APMA seal, the Fit Flop Iqushion sandals are the ideal footwear for a beach getaway. These sandals boast an anatomically shaped EVA footbed that offers excellent arch support, while the platform design helps alleviate pressure from the heels. An additional remarkable feature is the pressure-relieving cushion placed strategically to provide support precisely where it's needed for the heel. Although flip-flops are not the best choice for individuals with plantar fasciitis, the Fit Flop Iqushion offers the needed support. One reviewer raved, "These are supportive flip-flops. They're simply the best and recommended for everyday use."



Best Supper: Vionic Gemma

To alleviate pressure from the fascia, it's best to avoid going barefoot and wear shoes as often as possible, even when walking around the house. The Vionic Gemma slippers are designed specifically for this purpose. These slip-on slippers feature a deep heel cup that enhances stability, significant arch support, and a firm yet flexible midsole. "A deep heel cup is beneficial for plantar fasciitis as it helps push the fat on the heel towards the center, providing relief from symptoms and atrophy," explains Dr. Bhutta. These slippers are not only comfortable but also help reduce aches and pains by placing your feet in the proper alignment. "These slippers are comfy. They have a deeper heel cup and flexible midsole, all of which are helpful in supporting the bottom of the foot," adds Dr. Pruthi. One reviewer even mentioned that these shoes have "unbelievable support."



Best Boots: Børn Cove

Cove$160 at Amazon$160 at Nordstrom



Credit: Amazon




  • Block heel
  • Fashionable
  • Waterproof



  • Some reviewers mentioned that the shoes are a bit long


The Børn Cove boots, with their one-inch block heel, provide stability ideal for individuals with high arches. These Chelsea-style boots effortlessly match any outfit, making them versatile and fashionable. Additionally, the soft leather upper ensures comfort, while the stretchy sides offer a perfect fit regardless of foot size or shape. The leather treads provide a secure grip, and the removable insole accommodates over-the-counter or custom orthotics. One satisfied Amazon reviewer says, "I bought a black pair last year, and after realizing I wear them every single day, I decided it's time to buy another pair. The color matches the pictures, and they're comfy and so sturdy. Definitely worth the price."



Best Flats: Vionic North Willa

For a reliable flat shoe that you can wear daily, the Vionic North Willa is an expert-approved option for individuals with plantar fasciitis. Vionic shoes are designed with podiatrist-designed footbeds that offer relief not just for plantar fasciitis but also for bunions, heel spurs, and lower back pain. These flats are made with breathable suede, ensuring comfortable walking throughout the day. One satisfied customer raves, "I'm thinking of buying a second pair of these comfy shoes from Vionic! The arch support is wonderful and takes the stress off my back. I bought the black, grey, and white snake-skin versions. They look nice with dress pants as well as jeans."



Best Heels: Naturalizer Warner Square Toe Pump

Warner Square Toe Block Heel PumpNow 39% Off



Credit: Nordstrom Rack




  • Fashionable
  • Contour fit footbed
  • Provides stability when you walk



  • Heels may be uncomfortable for some


When it comes to heels, it's important to avoid anything higher than three inches if you have plantar fasciitis. According to Gerres, high heels can cause the Achilles tendon to shorten, which pulls up on the plantar fascia and increases pain. The Naturalizer Warner Square Toe Pump is a great option, featuring a 2.5-inch block heel that offers stability and comfort. These pumps come with the N5 Contour Fit footbed, which molds to the shape of your foot while providing added support as you walk. The block heel ensures stability, making these shoes suitable for all-day wear. One Nordstrom Rack customer happily states, "There are no negatives about this shoe."



Best Sandals: OluKai Upena

The OluKai Upena sandals feature adjustable straps that keep your foot securely in place, preventing the need to grip the shoe to keep it on. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals with plantar fasciitis, as gripping the shoe can exacerbate the condition. These sandals also boast an anatomical leather footbed that is contoured and provides excellent arch support. One reviewer enthusiastically notes, "These are my absolute favorite sandals ever. They're the only shoes I can wear all day long without insoles that don't cause me any foot pain. I've had them for over a year now, and they're still going strong. You can't beat that level of comfort and quality for the price."



Best Loafers: Clarks Sharon Dolly



  • Cushioned footbed
  • Extra arch support
  • Rounded toe box



  • Some reviewers mentioned that they run small


Fit for the office, the Clarks Sharon Dolly loafers feature a plush cushioned footbed with extra arch support and an EVA outsole made with Cushion Soft technology for optimal comfort. These loafers also have a rounded toe box and a soft suede upper, allowing your feet to breathe. The EVA rubber-like outsole offers excellent traction, even in rainy weather, and serves as an additional shock absorber. One happy customer writes, "These shoes are awesome! I've been wanting a pair of slip-ons, and these are perfect in every way. Perfect fit, elegant style, beautiful color, great support. Like walking on a cloud! I like them so much that I just ordered a second pair."



Best Protection: Altra Escalante

Women's Escalante 3Now 39% Off



Credit: Altra




  • Great for running
  • Conforms to your foot shape
  • Versatile design



  • May take some getting used to


The Altra Escalante shoes are an excellent option for those seeking all-day protection and comfort during physical activities. These shoes offer superior cushioning and protection for your feet. "They provide slightly more cushioning than minimal shoes and additional protection for your feet, making them a great choice for transitioning to a more minimal shoe," explains Bui. One reviewer praises the shoes, stating, "So comfy and cushy."


Bui advises that it may take some time to get used to these shoes, as the natural shape of your foot can make it feel like your feet are swimming. After a week of wear, you will realize that the shoes adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot.



Best Arch Support: Naot Koru Tama

Koru TamaNow 39% Off



Credit: Naot




  • Accepted by APMA for good foot health
  • Orthotic friendly
  • Lightweight



Lightweight and featuring an orthotic-friendly design, the Naot Koru Tama sneakers are an exceptional choice for individuals with plantar fasciitis. "When suffering from plantar fasciitis, it's best to look for shoes with a thick, firm cushion and good arch support," states Dr. Solomon. These sneakers offer just that, with their cork and latex footbed that molds to your foot shape and provides excellent arch support. One reviewer enthusiastically declares, "I really like how these sneakers are so lightweight. They're also really comfortable. I feel like I'm walking on a cloud, and they're true to size.


The Best Travel Shoe: Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III

Primus Lite IIICredit: Amazon




  • Provides extra width for added comfort
  • Extremely lightweight and thin, ideal for travel and packing
  • Offers flexibility for various activities



  • Some reviewers mentioned potential lace replacement

Material: Vegan leather


Sizes: 5.5 - 11


According to Bui, the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III is the ultimate travel shoe as it combines a dressier appearance with excellent performance. This shoe is perfect for conferences while remaining functional and suitable for workouts. With an array of seven stunning colors, these shoes are designed with minimalism in mind, allowing your feet to strengthen and move naturally during running, walking, or exercise sessions. They are versatile, lightweight, ultra-thin, and provide ample width for stability. One reviewer who struggled with plantar fasciitis for six years raved about the Primus Lite III, saying, "They are my favorite shoes and they helped me in my healing journey. Not to mention, they are eco-friendly! Truly the best overall choice!"


The Best Minimal Shoe: Altra Solstice XT 2

Women’s Solstice XT 2Credit: Amazon




  • Promotes better alignment and form
  • Accommodates the natural shape of your foot
  • Remarkably lightweight



  • May require an adjustment period for some individuals

Material: Rubber and Mesh


Sizes: 5.5 - 12


Similar to the Escalante, the Altra Solstice XT 2 is an excellent choice for individuals transitioning to minimalist footwear. This shoe allows your feet to move naturally and provides ample flexibility. Furthermore, its heel and forefoot platform are evenly positioned to promote optimal alignment and form. A reviewer shared their experience, stating, "Comfortable, supportive, and stylish! I love Altras for their wide toe box. I wear these shoes daily."


The Best Clogs: Naot Classic Spring

Classic SpringCredit: Naot




  • Footbed molds to your foot shape
  • Accepted by the APMA for promoting good foot health
  • Perfect for daily use



  • Slip-on style may not be suitable for everyone

These slip-on clogs from Naot are designed for comfortable errand-running experiences. Solomon explains, "The thick EVA sole provides excellent support, and the footbed's arch support prevents stretching of the plantar fascia." The anatomic cork and latex footbed conforms to the shape of your foot, ensuring a perfect fit. One reviewer shared their satisfaction, saying, "I wear these shoes every day, everywhere. They didn't even require a break-in period. They fit perfectly right out of the box."


The Best Reflective Shoe: ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21

Gel-Nimbus 21 Running ShoesNow 36% Off




  • Durable construction for long-lasting wear
  • Reflective material ensures visibility in low-light conditions
  • Heel clutching technology for support and a secure fit



  • Some reviewers found them to be narrow

Material: Synthetic and mesh


Sizes: 5 - 12


The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21 is an outstanding choice for those seeking reflective shoes to enhance visibility during nighttime activities. These shoes feature a foam base for excellent cushioning, abrasion-resistant rubber for durability, and heel-clutching technology for optimal support and fit. A reviewer shared their experience, stating, "I suffer from plantar fasciitis, and these shoes have provided immense relief. They are perfect for walking around my college campus."


The Best Lightweight Shoe: Xero Shoes HFS

HFSCredit: Amazon




  • Remarkably lightweight for enhanced mobility
  • Breathable mesh upper ensures comfort
  • Ideal for running and various physical activities



For individuals who desire the sensation of barefoot running while still retaining protection, Bui highly recommends the Xero Shoes HFS. These shoes are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and offer excellent foot protection. The HFS (highly flexible sole) design promotes natural fit, motion, and feel. A reviewer raved, "These shoes are fantastic! They keep my feet healthy, mobile, and strong. They are also incredibly durable!"


The Best Vegan Shoe: Naot Apollo Galaxy

GalaxyCredit: Naot




  • Accepted by the APMA for promoting good foot health
  • Highly flexible and adaptable to different foot shapes
  • Perfect for everyday use



These fashionable sneakers cater to individuals seeking a versatile option for gym workouts, casual outings, and errands. Crafted with a lightweight knit material that is 100% vegan, these sneakers feature a removable cork and latex footbed wrapped in microfiber. They provide exceptional strength, flexibility, and support while remaining stylish.


"The Galaxy from Naot offers a comfortable and flexible fit for the upper foot. It provides excellent support and stability for everyday use," says Sayed. A reviewer added, "These shoes are modern, feather-light, and extremely comfortable. They are simply perfect!"


The Best Wide-Fitting Shoe: On Cloudflyer 4 Wide

Cloudflyer 4 WideCredit: On




  • Offers an extra-wide fit for added comfort
  • Provides ample cushioning for superior support
  • Ideal for various sports activities



Material: Polyester


Sizes: 5 - 11


The On Cloudflyer 4 Wide is specifically designed for individuals who require additional room in their shoes. It offers exceptional cushioning for a comfortable running or athletic experience. The shoes come with adjustable straps, ensuring a secure fit. Sayed recommends these shoes for wider feet while remarking, "They are supportive enough for running and other sports activities." They are partially made from recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly choice, and are particularly suitable for road running.


The Best Hiking Shoes: Xero DayLite Hiker Fusion

DayLite Hiker FusionCredit: Amazon




  • Ideal for hiking adventures
  • Abrasion-resistant for enhanced durability
  • Adjustable straps for customizable fit



  • Some reviewers found them to be narrow

Material: Vegan leather


Sizes: 5 - 11


The Xero DayLite Hiker Fusion is perfect for individuals seeking extra support during hiking expeditions. Bui highly recommends these hiking boots for their combination of flexibility and foot protection. Bui states, "The flexible sole provides excellent foot protection even on uneven terrain common on the East Coast, where I live." These boots are comfortable, durable, and resistant to abrasions and water. With a zero drop heel, they promote proper posture, balance, and agility. A reviewer enthused, "You'll immediately notice the comfort of these shoes once you put them on. The wide toe bed is neither exaggerated nor compromising to the shoe's overall appearance. I'm simply in love with these shoes!"


The Best Adjustable Sandal: Naot Scandinavian Karenna

Scandinavian KarennaCredit: Naot




  • Adjustable for a customized fit
  • Footbed molds to the shape of your foot
  • Accepted by the APMA for promoting good foot health



  • Not recommended for individuals with an active lifestyle

The Naot Scandinavian Karenna is a fully adjustable sandal that allows you to achieve a perfect fit. It includes side panels for additional support and features an anatomic cork and latex footbed wrapped in suede, ensuring optimal comfort. Sayed explains, "These adjustable sandals from Naot are an excellent choice, thanks to their moldable and orthotic-friendly footbed, as well as their thick and rigid sole, which provides sufficient support and shock absorption. These sandals have been accepted by the APMA due to their intentionally designed features."


A reviewer shared their experience, stating, "I purchased the Karenna this summer as I wanted a sandal that would work well with my plantar fasciitis. From the moment I slipped into these sandals, I fell in love. They are my go-to shoes for any occasion, and I even wear them indoors to avoid going barefoot. The craftsmanship is remarkable, and the leather is incredibly soft. The fit is perfect, and the heel cup provides excellent support, preventing any foot pain."


The Best Basic Shoe: Saucony Triumph 19

These shoes are equipped with a cushioned and responsive midsole, providing an enjoyable and springy base. With 3D-printed overlays integrated into the mesh exterior, they offer flexibility and thorough comfort. The suede tongue adds an extra touch of coziness. A reviewer who spends 12-hour shifts on their feet highly recommends these sneakers for their exceptional support, stating, “They have great arch support and cushioning. The wider toe bed allows my toes to spread out during walks and reduces foot fatigue. After 33 years of nursing shifts, I can confidently say that investing a little more in quality shoes pays off.”


Shoes to help with plantar fasciitis

Each item on this list is a slip-on shoe, making them easier to wear, especially when the plantar ligament is particularly sensitive.


The ideal shoes should have shock-absorbing properties to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain. However, shock absorption is just one small aspect to consider when choosing new shoes.


Below, we present our top selections:



Our first featured shoe is the Prague, one of the leading options for women dealing with plantar fasciitis. The outsole of the Prague incorporates Kizik's Rabbit Foam™, providing excellent bounce-back capability and exceptional comfort that surpasses traditional memory foam.


Offering a wide toe box, Prague ensures that your feet have ample room, eliminating any discomfort from squeezed toes. With Flex Arc™ technology, slipping on your Kiziks shoes is effortless, and your heels won't suffer any discomfort either.


The breathable knit upper of these casual shoes, combined with a supportive footbed, guarantees all-around comfort for your feet. In addition, the rubber traction pods on the sole enhance slip resistance, providing extra stability whether you are walking or running.


An advantageous feature of the Prague is the removable insole. Not only does it facilitate easy cleaning to address any odor issues, but it also allows for the insertion of orthotics, ensuring that these shoes cater to all user needs.


The Prague is an excellent choice when it comes to casual footwear. It complements a wide range of outfits and offers remarkable heel support and shock absorption. Moreover, it is available in both men's and women's sizes.



Next on our list of recommended shoes is the Roamer, designed to seamlessly blend style and comfort. The shoe's heel and outsole share a unified material base, resulting in a plush and comfortable experience from every angle.


Unlike most shoes that only provide cushioning through a lightweight, bouncy outsole, the Roamer incorporates a special insole that offers both relief and comfort. This unique insole responds to your weight by providing a supportive, responsive bounce-back sensation as you move.


For individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis, the Roamer is an ideal choice as it effectively relieves pain caused by foot pressure. Say goodbye to heel pain and embrace a shoe that truly supports and elevates you.



Our next shoe takes us in a different style direction compared to the previous two. The Vegas displays classic style elements while incorporating modern attention to quality, resulting in a truly exceptional shoe.


Featuring full-grain leather and a contrasting outsole, this versatile shoe offers timeless simplicity. The Vegas can be dressed up or down according to your personal style preferences. It is available in black and brown leathers, as well as dyed white, gray, and pink options.


The Vegas is for those who are willing to take style risks while still prioritizing comfort. With traction pods on the Rabbit Foam™ outsole, the grip and bounce of these shoes are elevated, making them suitable for both walking and running.


Best for warm temperatures: Vionic Men’s Khai Casual Slip On

  • Price: around $150
  • Material: leather

Vionic offers a range of shoes specifically designed for individuals with various foot issues, including plantar fasciitis.


The Vionic Men's Khai Casual Slip On combines style and casual comfort. These shoes provide motion support, promoting natural foot movement through stability in the heel, arch support, and forefoot cushioning.


With a 1-inch heel and a removable footbed, these shoes offer versatility and customizable comfort.


According to reviews on Amazon, the Vionic shoes are particularly suitable for summer wear. Reviewers note that they are true to size but may not provide sufficient warmth during colder months.


Pros and cons:


Vionic shoes offer the following advantages:


  • Available in various sizes
  • Provide motion support
  • Deliver stability
  • Offer smooth performance

However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Not suitable for colder temperatures
  • Concerns raised by some reviews regarding durability
  • Relatively expensive

Best ballet flats: FitFlop Allegro

  • Price: around $100
  • Material: leather

For a more formal ballet flat option, the FitFlop Allegro does not disappoint. These shoes feature proprietary high-rebound cushioning technology for unparalleled comfort. FitFlop emphasizes that the shoes are anatomically contoured to provide optimal support and boast featherlight midsoles.


With 11 available sizes and seven colors to choose from, these ballet flats offer both style and functionality.


Designed for everyday use, the Allegro features a leather sole, slip-on design, and elasticated heel for enhanced comfort. The microfiber lining ensures breathability.


Positive reviews primarily come from individuals who work in schools or spend long hours on their feet, attesting to the comfort and suitability of these shoes for daily wear. However, some customers have experienced sizing issues and encountered difficulties with returns.


Pros and cons:


The FitFlop Allegro offers the following advantages:


  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient slip-on design
  • Available in a wide range of sizes

However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Some customers have experienced challenges with returns
  • Reports of sizing problems

Best sandals: Naot Krista Backstrap Sandal

  • Price: from around
  • Material: leather, EVA, and latex

The Naot Krista Backstrap Sandal offers leather straps, an EVA sole, and a latex footbed.


Naot states that these sandals have a narrow to medium fit, absorb shock, and provide arch support.


With over 10 available sizes, these sandals cater to a wide range of individuals.


Positive reviews highlight the lightweight nature of these sandals and their suitability for individuals who frequently walk long distances.


However, some complaints mention that the sandals may be too wide for some wearers, and others have experienced durability issues after only a few uses.


Pros and cons:


The advantages of the Naot Krista Backstrap Sandal include:


  • Wide range of colors and sizes
  • Suitable for long-distance walks
  • Shock-absorbing properties
  • Footbed offers arch support
  • Lightweight

It is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Some customers have reported durability issues
  • May be too wide for certain individuals
  • Leather material may not be suitable for those following vegetarian or vegan lifestyles
  • Unsuitable for individuals with a latex allergy

Best supportive: Chaco Men’s Davis Lace Loafer

  • Price: around
  • Material: waxed cotton and polyester blend

The Chaco Men's Davis Lace Loafer is a casual lace-up canvas-style shoe. It features a proprietary footbed that provides contoured arch support. The outsole contains 15% recycled components, showcasing Chaco's commitment to sustainability.


These shoes come with a synthetic sole, canvas lining, and metal eyelets.


Available in seven different sizes and two colors, these shoes offer both style and functionality.


According to reviews, these shoes are highly supportive and comfortable, making them suitable for individuals who walk frequently. However, some users have reported durability issues.


Pros and cons:


The advantages of the Chaco Men's Davis Lace Loafer include:


  • More affordable than many alternatives
  • Does not use animal products
  • Utilizes recycled materials

However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Limited range of colors available
  • Reports of low durability

Best for running: ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 22

  • Price: from around
  • Material: EVA sock liner, rubber sole, synthetic mesh outer

Designed specifically for males, the ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 22 running shoes feature a rubber sole, a cushioning system that acts as a shock absorber, and a bounce-back response design.


ASICS describes these shoes as lightweight and breathable, utilizing a sustainable wood-derived material for the midsoles.


The removable EVA sock liner provides cushioning for the feet, while the rubber outsole ensures durability in key areas.


With over 7,000 reviews on Amazon, positive comments highlight the suitability of these shoes for regular running and exercise. However, some users have reported exacerbated pain from plantar fasciitis, and others have expressed difficulties reaching ASICS customer service.


A women's version of the Nimbus 22 shoe is also available for purchase.


Pros and cons:


The advantages of the ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 22 include:


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Incorporates sustainable materials
  • Suitable for exercise and running
  • Enhanced durability
  • Shock-absorbing properties

However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Relatively expensive
  • Some users have experienced increased pain from plantar fasciitis

Best recovery shoes: Kocota Arch Support Recovery Slide Sandals

  • Price: from around $34
  • Material: EVA

Kocota offers EVA recovery sandals with a platform sole measuring 0.75 inches. These sandals are specifically designed for post-workout recovery.


Featuring a flexible and lightweight design, these sandals cradle the foot, reducing pressure on the arch. Kocota recommends them for individuals with foot and joint pain, bunions, and plantar fasciitis.


The manufacturer suggests wearing these sandals for recovery after workouts, runs, or walks. They are available in four sizes and seven colors.


Positive reviews highlight the affordability, lightweight nature, and excellent support offered by these sandals. However, some users caution that they may shrink when exposed to sunlight.


Pros and cons:


The advantages of the Kocota Arch Support Recovery Slide Sandals include:


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and supportive design
  • Easy to put on and take off

It is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • May shrink when exposed to sunlight
  • More limited size range
  • Only suitable for warm and dry weather conditions

Best for hiking: Topo Athletic Men’s Trailventure Trail Running Shoes

  • Price: from around
  • Material: rubber compound sole, synthetic material inner and outer

These lace-up hiking boots from Topo Athletic feature a rip- and waterproof upper. The rubber sole provides excellent grip on wet surfaces, and the boots also include a rock plate in the midsole to protect the feet from uneven and sharp surfaces.


Topo utilizes Zip Foam, a proprietary midsole compound that offers rebound and responsiveness.


Designed for males, these boots are available in ten sizes and two colors.


Positive reviews highlight the quality of these hiking shoes. However, some customers have found them uncomfortable and have reported that the boots did not last longer than a month.


A women's version of this shoe is also available.


Pros and cons:


The advantages of the Topo Athletic Men's Trailventure Trail Running Shoes include:


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for hiking

However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Limited range of colors
  • Reports of low durability
  • Some customers have found them uncomfortable

Best insoles: Dr. Scholl’s Performance Insoles

  • Price: from around $40
  • Material: natural rubber latex

For individuals looking to adjust their existing shoes to address plantar fasciitis, insoles can be a great solution. Dr. Scholl's Performance Insoles come in various sizes, eliminating the need for trimming. These insoles offer arch support and motion control while allowing for natural gait during walking or running.


Dr. Scholl's suggests that these insoles reduce shock impact by 40%, providing protection for the feet and knees. They also claim to alleviate nerve compression, reducing the risk of numbness.


Positive reviews highlight the supportive nature of these insoles and their suitability for all-day wear. However, some users have mentioned that they are quite thin and may cause calf pain.


Pros and cons:


The advantages of the Dr. Scholl's Performance Insoles include:


  • Suitable for all-day wear
  • Do not require trimming

However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Some customers have found them too thin
  • Prices vary for each size
  • Relatively expensive for a single pair of insoles
  • Some buyers have experienced calf pain
  • Requires replacement after 300-400 miles of wear
  • Unsuitable for individuals with a latex allergy

Best for sore feet: Saucony Women’s Omni Walker 3

  • Price: around $110
  • Material: rubber sole

The Saucony Women's Omni Walker 3 shoes offer stability and a lightweight design.


These shoes feature a durable outsole and upper, making them suitable for all-day wear. Saucony recommends them for individuals seeking plush walking shoes and those with moderate overpronation, where the foot rolls inward during walking.


Positive reviews indicate that these shoes have helped alleviate plantar fasciitis pain even during long walks.


However, some reviewers note that Saucony has released a new version of the Omni Walker 3 shoes, which may not offer the same level of support as the previous model.


A men's version of this shoe is also available.


Pros and cons:


The advantages of the Saucony Women's Omni Walker 3 include:


  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Positive feedback regarding improvement of plantar fasciitis
  • May help address overpronation

However, it is important to consider the potential disadvantages:


  • Limited color options
  • Relatively expensive
  • Newer models may be less comfortable
  • Shoes must be unworn for returns

The Best Waterproof Option: Keen Targhee II Women’s Hiking Shoes

  • Price: Approximately $155
  • Material: Made of leather and EVA

Keen's Targhee II Women's Hiking Shoes are the top choice for those in need of waterproof footwear for hiking. These shoes are equipped with multi-directional lugs that significantly enhance traction. The shoe also includes lightweight external support and a contoured heel, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.


Keen's Metatomical Footbed design offers exceptional arch support and cradles the foot, promoting optimal comfort.


These hiking shoes feature a speed-lace webbing system and a breathable membrane for additional convenience. For individuals with plantar fasciitis, the insole can be removed and substituted with a plantar fasciitis-specific insole.


With 13 different sizes and four color options available, customers have a wide range of choices to fit their preferences.


Positive reviews highlight the exceptional quality of the shoes; however, some reviewers have noted that these shoes may not hold up well on extremely rough terrains.


Pros and Cons:


The advantages of these walking shoes are as follows:


  • Comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Provides excellent arch support
  • Includes a removable insole

On the other hand, the drawbacks of these shoes include:


  • Uses animal products
  • Relatively expensive
  • The low-cut design may not offer sufficient ankle support

To purchase the women's version, please visit Keen's official website. For the men's version, please follow this link: Men's Keen Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Shoes.


Hoka Clifton 8 Running Shoes





  • Provides relief for plantar fasciitis
  • Highly comfortable and lightweight
  • Generously cushioned footbed
  • Delivers responsive bounce
  • Supportive
  • Offers a springy feel (some customers describe it as stepping on a trampoline or running on marshmallows!)
  • Currently on sale



Top Reviews:


  • "I suffer from plantar fasciitis, and these shoes are the only thing that provides relief."
  • "These shoes feel like butter. They are saving my day as I deal with plantar fasciitis."

Available at: You can find the Hoka Clifton 8 Running Shoes at Zappos.


Asics Gel-Kinsei Blast Running Shoes

plantar fasciitis shoes




  • Features 3D space construction for enhanced compression and cushioning
  • Reduces pronation
  • Includes reflective details for low-light conditions
  • Lightweight design
  • Provides responsive bounce
  • Top-rated
  • Supportive and comfortable



Top Reviews:


  • "These are the best shoes I have ever owned. They are incredibly comfortable. I have plantar fasciitis, and I haven't experienced any discomfort since I started wearing these."
  • "I have been purchasing Asics for years, but these shoes are the best. They are so comfortable. I have plantar fasciitis, and these shoes have eliminated any discomfort I used to feel."

Available at: The Asics Gel-Kinsei Blast Running Shoes can be found at Zappos.


OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandals

plantar fasciitis slides




  • These sandals have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health and exceptional quality.
  • Designed for recovery
  • Moisture and odor-resistant
  • Helps reduce stress on sore feet, knees, and lower back
  • Offers footbed cushioning
  • Can be used as pool slides or indoor slippers



  • May not be the most stylish option
  • May run wide for women

Top Reviews:


  • "As soon as I put these sandals on, I can walk without any pain. They are like magic slippers. Thank you OOFOS for creating such wonderful footwear. They have significantly improved my quality of life."
  • "These are the most comfortable waterproof sandals I have ever owned. They felt heavenly right out of the box!"

Available at: You can find the OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandals at Zappos.


Dansko XP 2.0 Clogs

plantar fasciitis clogs




  • Made of waterproof leather
  • Proven and reliable option
  • Features a slip-resistant sole, ideal for individuals spending long hours on their feet
  • Equipped with an arch stabilizer
  • Includes memory foam cushioning
  • Lightweight and comfortable



  • Relatively pricey
  • According to one customer, they may cause unpleasant foot odor

Top Reviews:


  • "These clogs are lightweight, ergonomic, and I wholeheartedly recommend them. After a few wearings, they mold perfectly to my feet. My feet are happy and stylish when I wear these!"
  • "These shoes are instantly comfortable. They require minimal 'wearing in' and offer extra cushioning in the insole. Additionally, these clogs provide better support for my arches compared to my previous pairs. The waterproof feature is also fantastic, especially for healthcare settings. I am genuinely thrilled with my purchase."

Available at: You can find the Dansko XP 2.0 Clogs at Nordstrom.


Aetrex Carly Sneakers

plantar fasciitis sneakers


The Aetrex Carly Sneakers have gained recognition from the American Podiatric Medical Association for their ability to address foot issues such as plantar fasciitis. They are highly regarded for their comfort and support, making them an excellent choice for individuals dealing with heel pain. These sneakers feature memory foam cushioning and a stretchy knit fabric that provides a snug yet flexible fit. The sneakers also offer shock absorption and arch support, further enhancing their ability to alleviate foot discomfort. Additionally, they have a padded heel counter to prevent blisters and reduce pronation. In terms of aesthetics, the Aetrex Carly Sneakers are stylish and available in different styles. They are also machine washable, making them convenient to care for. It is important to note that some customers have reported issues with the fit, so it is advisable to consider sizing carefully.



  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Some styles on sale
  • Features memory foam cushioning
  • Stylish design
  • Made with stretchy knit fabric
  • Provides shock absorption
  • All-day comfort
  • Offers arch support to relieve heel pain
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Padded heel counter prevents blisters and reduces pronation
  • Provides good support and grip


  • Some customers have experienced fit issues

Top Reviews:

  • “I have high arches and plantar fasciitis. These sneakers are incredibly comfortable for me, considering my current foot issues. The arch support is excellent! These shoes have truly been a lifesaver in terms of alleviating my foot pain. And they are also really cute!!”
  • “I have fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and peripheral neuropathies. Finding shoes that do not cause me pain has been a challenge. These sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Surprisingly, the arch support is incredible, and the wide toe box and soft upper prevent any burning sensation from my neuropathy. I absolutely love these shoes.”

Available at: Zappos

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 Running Shoes

plantar fasciitis sneakers


The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 Running Shoes are an eco-friendly option that offer supreme cushioning. These lightweight shoes are designed with breathable and stretchy materials, providing a comfortable and supportive fit. The engineered knit of the upper ensures a secure and flexible feel. The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 Running Shoes have received positive reviews from individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis, as they provide the necessary support and cushioning to alleviate foot pain and discomfort. It is worth noting that some customers have mentioned that these shoes tend to run large, so it is recommended to size down. Additionally, a few shoppers have expressed concerns about the overall comfort of the shoes.



  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Offers supreme cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Features a stretchy and secure fit
  • Utilizes engineered knit for flexibility and durability
  • Provides supportive fit for individuals with plantar fasciitis


  • The shoe tends to run large, so sizing down may be necessary
  • Some shoppers have voiced concerns about comfort

Top Reviews:

  • “I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis, and my podiatrist recommended the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 Running Shoes. After trying various options, I can confidently say that these shoes are the most comfortable for me. It feels like walking on clouds, and they also happen to be stylish, which is not always the case with comfortable shoes.”
  • “These are my favorite and most comfortable running shoes so far. I have been wearing Hoka Clifton’s for a few years, but these New Balance shoes surpass them in terms of cushioning and toe box space.”

Available at: Zappos

Nike React Infinity Run FlyKnit 3 Premium Running Shoe

plantar fasciitis sneakersNordstrom


The Nike React Infinity Run FlyKnit 3 Premium Running Shoe is known for its exceptional style and lightweight construction. These shoes offer a high level of comfort, thanks to features such as great arch support and impact-absorbing cushioning. The cushioning technology provides a buoyant and bouncy feel, contributing to an enjoyable and effortless walking or running experience. The Nike React Infinity Run FlyKnit 3 Premium Running Shoe is a popular choice among individuals who spend long hours on their feet, such as nurses, as it offers the necessary support and breathability. It is important to note that while some users consider these shoes extremely stylish, others may have different preferences regarding aesthetics.



  • Extremely stylish design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Provides exceptional comfort
  • Offers great arch support
  • Cushioning technology absorbs impact
  • Delivers a buoyant and bouncy feel


  • Opinions may vary on the level of support provided

Top Reviews:

  • “The Nike React Infinity Running shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned, and they look cute too. As a nurse who spends all day on my feet, I can confidently say that these shoes make my feet feel better than before I put them on, even after a long shift. They provide the right amount of support while allowing for effortless walking or running. With their breathability and slight stretch, these shoes make long shifts or runs a breeze.”
  • “These shoes have made power walking fun for me. They have resolved all the issues I had with my previous shoes. They are incredibly comfortable! No more knee and hip pain. They truly enhance the experience of walking 5 miles each day.”

Available at: Nordstrom

Revitalign Holly Slippers

plantar fasciitis slippersZappos


The Revitalign Holly Slippers are designed to provide exceptional comfort and support while addressing foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and back pain. These slippers feature an orthotic-grade footbed approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The footbed offers the necessary arch support to alleviate plantar fasciitis and other related discomfort. The slippers are lined with cozy Sherpa fabric and have a genuine leather welt for added durability. With an easy on-off access, these slippers are convenient for everyday wear. The Revitalign Holly Slippers also provide substantial support, ensuring a comfortable experience for individuals with plantar fasciitis. It is important to note that these slippers have not received any specific cons from customers.



  • Orthotic Grade Footbed approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for plantar fasciitis and pain relief
  • Lined with cozy Sherpa fabric
  • Features a genuine leather welt for durability
  • Provides easy on-off access
  • Offers substantial support


No specific cons reported by customers.


Top Reviews:

  • “If you're looking for slippers with arch support, these are the ones to get. The Sherpa lining is soft and warm. They may feel snug at first, but they quickly conform to your foot, and they do not slide off. The highlight of these slippers is the cork footbed with arch support. My feet have never felt this comfortable in house shoes.”
  • “Not only are these slippers comfortable for wearing at home, but they are also stylish enough to wear outside. They are definitely a keeper for me!”

Available at: Zappos

Vionic Kensley Loafer

plantar fasciitis loafersNordstrom


The Vionic Kensley Loafer is a stylish choice that combines orthotic comfort and support. These loafers feature a leather upper with a grippy lug sole for enhanced traction. The Vionic Kensley Loafer is designed to provide a good shoe option for office wear, offering both style and support. Individuals dealing with foot issues such as plantar fasciitis can benefit from the orthotic comfort provided by these loafers. It is important to note that some customers suggest sizing down, as these loafers tend to run large. Additionally, the crinkly leather look may not appeal to everyone.



  • Super stylish design
  • Provides orthotic comfort and support
  • Features a leather upper with a grippy lug sole
  • Trendy option for the office
  • Offers a good amount of support


  • May run large, so sizing down is recommended
  • The crinkly leather look may not be to everyone's taste

Top Reviews:

  • “These shoes offer perfect support for my feet, with a soft and smooth upper. They are extremely comfortable right out of the box and look cute and classy. I highly recommend them!”
  • “I have been having a lot of problems with my feet, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles' tendon issues. Right now, these are the only shoes, apart from sneakers, that I can wear. They have greatly alleviated my foot pain.”

Available at: Nordstrom

Chaco Z/Cloud 2 Sandals

Chacos sandalsZappos


The Chaco Z/Cloud 2 Sandals have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. These vegan-friendly sandals offer arch support and long-lasting durability. They are highly recommended for warmer weather and travel due to their comfortable design and optimized traction. The Chaco Z/Cloud 2 Sandals feature a contoured footbed that provides additional comfort. While they may not be considered the most stylish option, these sandals have received positive reviews from individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis, as they help alleviate foot pain and discomfort. It is worth noting that adjusting the straps on these sandals may require some effort.



  • Awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Made with 100% vegan-friendly construction
  • Provides arch support
  • Offers long-lasting durability
  • Ideal for warmer weather and travel
  • Optimized traction for various surfaces


  • May not be the most stylish option
  • Adjusting the straps can be a bit complicated

Top Reviews:

  • “These shoes have been a game changer for me. I have been suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis for months, and nothing seemed to help until I tried these sandals. My pain has improved tremendously, and I am extremely excited about that.”
  • “I purchased these sandals for my trip to Disney World, and they were absolutely perfect! They are comfortable, cute, and held up well during the 25,000 steps I took each day. I love that the straps are adjustable to accommodate any foot swelling throughout the day.”

Available at: Zappos

Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3

recovery slidesZappos


The Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3 is designed specifically for recovery purposes. These slides have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. They offer enhanced durability and strength, making them a reliable choice. The slides feature an airflow channel that promotes breathability. Comfort is a key focus, as they are created to aid in the recovery process. While some individuals might find the slides a little firm for their liking, they have been praised for their ability to provide pain relief. The Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 3 may not be the most attractive footwear option, but their functionality and ability to alleviate plantar fasciitis make them highly recommended.



  • Awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance
  • Offers enhanced durability and strength
  • Features an airflow channel for breathability
  • Specifically designed for recovery purposes


  • May feel a little firm, and comfort may be questionable
  • May not be considered the most attractive option

Top Reviews:

  • “These recovery slides are amazing. They provide fantastic cushioning for my plantar fasciitis.”
  • “I wear these recovery slides constantly. They have replaced my slippers and flip-flops and have helped me stay pain-free in my feet. They also provide excellent back support. These are the best recovery slides I have ever purchased. I used to struggle with plantar fasciitis in the past, but it hasn't returned since I started using the Hoka recovery slide. It is truly the best product!”

Available at: Zappos

Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sandals

Teva sandalsZappos


The Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sandals are a classic choice for outdoor enthusiasts. These sandals are crafted with recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly option. They are designed to provide long-lasting durability and are perfect for summer activities. The adjustable straps allow for a secure and personalized fit, while the contoured footbed ensures added comfort. The Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sandals offer great traction, making them suitable for various terrains. The soft cushioned footbed contributes to the overall comfort of these sandals. While some individuals have mentioned that the sandals do not provide sufficient support, these sandals have garnered positive reviews from users who suffer from plantar fasciitis, as they help alleviate foot pain and are comfortable even during prolonged wear.



  • A classic outdoor shoe option
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Perfect for summer sandals
  • Provides long-lasting durability
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Features a contoured footbed for added comfort
  • Offers great traction for various terrains
  • Soft cushioned footbed


  • Opinions may vary regarding the level of support provided

Top Reviews:

  • “These are the best sandals ever! They are comfortable in every setting. I have worn them on short hikes and in the river, and they always feel great. That's a big statement considering I have plantar fasciitis.”
  • “I have wide, very flat feet, and without the right arch and heel support, I experience plantar fasciitis. These sandals are perfect for preventing that horribly painful condition. They feel like slippers. Way to go, Teva!”

Available at: Zappos

LifeStride Immy Slip-On Shoes

plantar fasciitis shoesAmazon


The LifeStride Immy Slip-On Shoes offer a comfortable and convenient slip-on style. These shoes feature memory foam cushioning, ensuring optimal comfort for individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis. The arch and heel support provided by these shoes further contribute to their ability to alleviate foot discomfort. The ultra-flexible outsole enhances the flexibility and range of motion of these shoes. The LifeStride Immy Slip-On Shoes are a great alternative to flats, offering both comfort and style. However, it is important to note that some individuals may have different preferences regarding the stylishness of these shoes.



  • Slip-on style for convenience
  • Equipped with memory foam cushioning
  • Offers arch and heel support
  • Provides exceptional comfort
  • Features an ultra-flexible outsole
  • Good alternative to flats


  • May not be considered the most stylish option

Top Reviews:

  • “These shoes allow me to be on my feet all day without any problems. They are incredibly versatile and very stylish. I highly recommend them.”
  • “These shoes are so darn comfortable. I can wear them all day without experiencing any plantar fasciitis pain. They have a little heel with ample cushioning. I need another pair!”

Available at: Amazon

Aetrex Jillian Sandals

plantar fasciitis sandalsZappos


The Aetrex Jillian Sandals are designed to offer relief from foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and arch pain. These sandals feature a further back arch placement to alleviate these discomforts. The cushioned memory foam footbed ensures maximum comfort, making these sandals suitable for individuals dealing with foot conditions. The Aetrex Jillian Sandals are not just comfortable, but they also exhibit high-quality craftsmanship. The soft leather straps, cushioned insole, and traction outsole contribute to their overall impressive design. These sandals also have a bunion pocket, providing relief for individuals who experience bunion pain. In terms of aesthetics, the Aetrex Jillian Sandals offer a slight heel and are suited for warm weather and vacation attire. These sandals have received positive reviews from individuals who value both style and comfort.



  • Offers a further back arch placement for relief from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and arch pain
  • Equipped with a cushioned memory foam footbed
  • Provides exceptional comfort
  • Padded heel for blister prevention
  • Perfect warm-weather sandals for summer or vacation
  • Bunion pocket for relief from bunion pain
  • Features a slight heel for added style


No specific cons reported.


Top Reviews:

  • “These sandals are incredibly comfortable due to the memory foam that molds to your foot after a few days of wearing them. I have high arches and have struggled with plantar fasciitis in the past, so I require excellent arch support. These sandals provide sufficient arch support. The quality of these sandals is top-notch. The soft leather straps, cushioned insole, and traction outsole are all made with high-quality materials.”
  • “I love these sandals! I discovered them last year on a list of sandals with arch support, and I can wear them all day without experiencing any pain. They are a great sandal!”

Available at: Zappos


What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Wearing high-heeled shoes, engaging in high-impact activities, and frequently walking, running, or placing excessive stress on the heels can contribute to the development of plantar fasciitis. Wearing ill-fitting shoes or heels regularly can exacerbate the pain, especially in the morning.


How We Chose the Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

We consulted several experts in the field, including podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and podiatric physicians. Additionally, we thoroughly reviewed numerous customer feedback and reviews online to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our recommendations.



When dealing with plantar fasciitis, it is crucial to prioritize cushioning in order to reduce the additional stress caused by impact. Different shoe brands and models offer various categories of cushioning, with the term "maximalist" indicating a higher level of cushioning compared to traditional running or walking shoes.



According to Dr. Horn, individuals with plantar fasciitis should use supportive inserts to prevent over-lengthening and tension on the inflamed ligament. Whether opting for custom-fitted insoles or over-the-counter ones, it is important to ensure that the shoe has sufficient space to accommodate the insole. If the shoe already includes inserts, it is advisable to check if they can be removed. Insoles designed for plantar fasciitis should feature a well-defined arch to alleviate pressure on the heel and maintain optimal foot positioning.


How can your shoes help?

Conscientiously selecting appropriate shoes and potentially utilizing orthotic insoles can help alleviate plantar fasciitis. The orthopedic approach generally involves addressing arch support issues, which can be addressed through the use of inserts to reduce pressure on the plantar, specialized booties, or custom orthotics.


Two crucial factors to consider when selecting shoes are surface area and cushioning. High heels reduce surface area while providing minimal cushioning. Flip-flops, as mentioned earlier, offer excessive surface area due to their completely flat design. Similarly, while dress shoes may have a natural arch, they often lack adequate heel cushioning, prioritizing aesthetics over support.


To address these concerns, an outsole or midsole made of foam or another cushioned material can be beneficial. Deep heel cups in orthotics help simulate a proper arch. Shoes with sufficient cushioning can absorb a significant amount of pressure that would otherwise be exerted on the foot.


The best shoes for plantar fasciitis share a common essential quality: comprehensive support for the feet. Effective support starts from the calf muscles and extends throughout the entire skeletal system.


A high-quality shoe should provide sufficient roominess without being excessively spacious. Shoes that are too narrow or too short can compress the foot and alter its position within the shoe, potentially leading to foot deformities and other related issues. Simply transitioning from an ill-fitting shoe to a properly fitting one can offer pain relief and all-day comfort.


At this stage, we understand the ways in which shoes contribute to our overall comfort. Now, let us highlight some of our recommended slip-on shoe options for plantar fasciitis.


In conclusion, finding the best slip-on shoes for plantar fasciitis can make a world of difference in providing comfort and support for those dealing with this common foot condition. With a wide range of options available, from athletic shoes to sandals and everything in between, there is a perfect pair out there for everyone. Whether you're looking for top-notch arch support, cushioning, or lightweight design, the shoe brands mentioned in this article have proven to be reliable and trusted by those seeking relief from plantar fasciitis. So, don't let foot pain hold you back any longer - find the perfect pair of slip-on shoes and step into a world of comfort and style!