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Looking for the best men's casual shoes to elevate your style? Look no further. We've curated a list of the must-have footwear options that every man needs in his wardrobe. From classic loafers to sleek sneakers, these shoes will take your casual look to the next level. Whether you're heading to the office or out for a night on the town, these versatile and stylish picks have got you covered. So, step into the world of fashion-forward footwear and get ready to turn heads wherever you go.

Essential Shoes for Men

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Rothy's The Driving Loafer

Shop the Rothy's Men's Driving Loafer here.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are known for their comfort and easy on-off functionality. They don't require laces and have functional elastic on the side. They are a versatile option that pairs well with jeans, trousers, and more. Browse Chelsea boots here.

Chukka boots

Chukka boots are a minimalist style with 2-3 lacing holes and rounded toes. They are considered one of the best types of casual shoes for men. A pair of light-colored chukka boots adds a touch of chic to any casual outfit. Explore chukka boots here.

Suede Boots

Suede boots are a classic choice that adds sophistication and style to any wardrobe. The velvety texture of suede makes these boots unique and luxurious. They offer comfort and versatility, making them a long-lasting option. Discover suede boots here.


Moccasins are a casual shoe style often mistaken for loafers. They have flat soles and come with or without laces. They are versatile and can be paired with various casual outfits. Explore moccasins here.


Sandals are a popular choice for casual shoes, especially during summertime. They come in various designs and materials, such as rubber or leather. Sandals are comfortable and allow your feet to breathe. They can be paired with shorts, jeans, or trousers for a stylish yet relaxed look. Check out sandals here.

Oxford Dress Boots

Oxford dress boots are a symbol of style and quality. They offer coverage and warmth during colder months, while still providing breathability. Pair them with a well-tailored suit or dress pants for a classy look. These boots can also be dressed down for a more casual outfit. Discover Oxford dress boots here.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a timeless and versatile choice for casual shoes. They can be paired with shorts and a t-shirt for a laid-back look, or dressed up with chinos and a button-up shirt for a more polished ensemble. Flip flops are comfortable and breathable, perfect for hot summer days. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Explore flip flops here.

Common Projects Retro Low Leather-Trimmed Suede Sneakers

Shop the Common Projects Retro Low Leather-Trimmed Suede Sneakers here.

Koio Capri in Triple White

Shop the Koio Capri in Triple White here.

The Brown Loafer

Loafers are a casual, comfortable, and cool option for both formal and casual outfits. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down. Loafers are a great choice for summer and can be worn year-round. Explore loafers here.

Where To Buy Men's Loafers

Shop suede loafers at Mr. Porter, Donovan Tassel Loafer at Stacy Adams, Camden Penny Loafer at J. Crew, Cognac Antique Penny Loafer from Ace Marks, and Suede Bit & Penny Loafers from Jay Butler.

Shop budget-friendly loafers like the Howland Penny Loafer from Cole Haan, Oval Penny Driving Shoe from Florsheim, Concours Driving Style Loafer from Lacoste, Wyatt Driving Penny Loafer from Cole Haan, Gunnison Driver Mocassin from Cole Haan, and Lewis Penny Loafer from Frye.

Did you know that tassel loafers have a similar design to boat shoes?

Loafers are a summertime staple that combines comfort, ease of wear, and style.

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The Minimalist Sneaker

Canvas Sneakers Inspirationcredit: Pinterest

Sometimes, even the most stylish men enjoy dressing casually. With the ongoing popularity of casual aesthetics, having a reliable pair of casual footwear is essential. The canvas sneaker is perfect for various casual occasions, from ballgames to backyard BBQs.

Where To Buy Men’s Minimalist Sneakers

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Canvas SneakersSalt Washed Sperrys: Sperry Top-Sider | Vans Washed Canvas Sneaker: J.Crew | Hermosa Plimsolls: SeaVees | The Royale Blanco White: Greats | Kurt Leather Sneaker: New Republic | Capri Triple White: Koio | Duke Sneaker: Ace Marks | Low 1 Sneaker: Oliver Cabell | Stan Smith: Adidas | Reid Full-Grain Leather Sneaker: Beckett Simonon | Veja Esplar Leather Shoe: Veja | Everyday Low Top Sneaker: Nisolo

Did you know that the original canvas sneaker (Keds) was created in 1892 by the U.S. Rubber Company? Interestingly, the word "sneaker" gained popularity through an advertising campaign. The rubber sole of the shoe allowed wearers to sneak up on unsuspecting individuals without making a sound.

I recommend choosing a pair in a neutral shade of beige, white, or gray. This way, you won't have to worry too much about matching them with your outfits. It goes without saying that minimalist sneakers made from leather, suede, or canvas will always remain stylish.

The bottom line: The canvas sneaker is a fashionable, versatile alternative to flip-flops and an excellent choice for casual occasions.

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The Oxford or Derby

Oxford Derby Inspirationcredit: Pinterest

The indispensable Oxford or Derby (also known as blucher) completes my list of top 5 shoes every man should own. A black Oxford or Derby is typically a man's first formal pair of shoes. Mine certainly was, although I do not recommend the square-toed variety. Opt for a classic design with a rounded toe instead.

You may be curious about the difference between Oxfords and Derbys. In short, Oxfords have closed lacing, while Derbys have open lacing. To determine which is more formal, the Oxford takes the lead. If you're interested in a detailed explanation of the difference between the two, here's an article that provides insights.

Did you know that the Oxford shoe is named after Oxford University in the UK? However, its origins can be traced back to Scotland and Ireland, where it was known as Balmorals.

Where To Buy Men’s Oxfords Or Derbies

Mo' Money, No Problem

Oxford Derby ExpensiveJohn Lobb Oxford: Mr. Porter | Church’s Oxford: Farfetch | Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford: Paul Evans | Carlyle Plain-Toe Oxford: Allen Edmonds

Ballin’ On A Budget

Oxford Derby BudgetNoicien-w Oxford: Aldo | Jarrahflex-w Oxford: Aldo | Craosa Oxford: Aldo | Dean Oxford: Beckett Simonon | Cap Toe Oxford in Black: Grant Stone | The Original: Amberjack

I highly recommend investing in a quality pair of Oxfords. The two main factors that define a quality shoe are its price and construction.

A well-crafted pair of welted leather shoes usually costs around $360. While this may seem expensive, a high-quality pair can last for decades. Brands that have been in existence for 20 years or more are reliable and have withstood the test of time for over a century.

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Brands to know:

  • Church’s
  • Allen Edmonds
  • Aldens
  • Tricker’s
  • Foster & Son
  • Edward Green
  • John Lobb

When it comes to color, I suggest opting for brown or black. Black is suitable for formal occasions such as funerals, weddings, and black-tie events. Brown, on the other hand, is more versatile and casual. The lighter the shade of brown, the more relaxed the style. My recommendation for a first dress shoe is a nice cap-toe Oxford or Derby.

The bottom line: Oxfords and Derbys are essential items in men's style. They are sophisticated, formal shoes that set men apart from boys.

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The Casual Sneaker

Running Sneakers Inspirationcredit: J.Crew

Last but not least, the classic casual running sneaker is a must-have in any men's shoe collection. While not primarily designed for running these days, these shoes are perfect for casual outfits and the trendy athleisure look. Check out my Nike Internationalist Review to see how I styled this popular running shoe.

Whether you're running errands or meeting up with friends, the casual running sneaker offers unparalleled comfort. Pair them with joggers and a baseball cap for a sporty look, or style them with rolled-up jeans and a blazer for a more polished ensemble.

A word on shoe odors – I highly recommend this premium shoe spray, which does an excellent job of freshening up and eliminating sneaker odor.

Where To Buy Men’s Casual Sneakers

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Running SneakersSerrano Sneakers: Onitsuka Tiger | New Balance Sneakers: J.Crew | Classic Sneaker: Reebok | Internationalist Sneaker: Nike | Killshot 2: Nike | Capri Triple White: Koio | Royal Blanco: Greats | Original Achilles Low: Common Projects | Wool Runners: Allbirds

Did you know that sneakers, originally called plimsolls, date back to the late 1700s? Interestingly, during that time, there was no distinction between the left and right shoe.

I recommend choosing a pair in neutral shades, although a pop of color here and there is an option as well. It won't hurt to try.

The bottom line: Casual sneakers are comfortable and, with the right pair, can elevate your laid-back style.

The Brown Brogue

Brown Brogue Inspirationcredit: Pinterest

What's the first shoe every man should own? The brown brogue. It quickly becomes a staple in any man's wardrobe, offering both versatility and style. Here's an interesting fact: the term "brogue" is derived from "bro," the Gaelic word for shoe. Brogues are characterized by unique punching or decorative perforations on the shoe's leather uppers.

Where To Buy Brown Brogue Shoes

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Mo' money, no problem

Brown Brogues ExpensiveFifth Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords: Allen Edmonds | Strand Cap-Toe Oxfords: Allen Edmonds | Grenson Leather Wingtips: Mr. Porter

Ballin’ On A Budget

Brown Brogues BudgetLisbon Brogue Oxford: Ecco | Meliot Derby: Aldo | Larethienflex Oxford: Aldo | OriginalGrand Ultra Wingtip Oxford: Cole Haan

Did you know that brogues were originally designed with decorative perforations to serve as drains for muddy water?

For your first pair, I recommend a semi or quarter-brogue in a dark brown shade. If you're feeling more adventurous, go for a full-brogue (wingtip) in a tan or cognac shade. However, keep in mind that a pair like this will certainly attract attention. If you're not comfortable with that, stick to a darker brown shade with minimal perforations. This will allow you to ease into the world of brogues and offer countless options for pairing with jeans, chinos, or wool trousers.

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The bottom line: The brown brogue is a cornerstone of the smart-casual wardrobe. It can dress up well-fitting jeans or dress down a tailored suit, making it suitable for any occasion, from the office to the dance floor.

The Suede Chukka

Suede Chukka Inspirationcredit: PinterestSurprised it ranks second on the list? There's a good reason for that.

Although not as formal as brogues on the dressiness scale, it falls above sneakers. The chukka boot is considered the first dress-casual shoe and offers great versatility. Chukkas can be worn harmoniously with a suit and can easily be dressed down with dark wash denim and a white t-shirt.

Where To Buy Men's Chukka Boots

Mo' Money No Problem

Suede Chukkas ExpensiveSplit-Toe Suede Chukka Sneakers: Mr. P | Bowery Chukkas: Frye | Tod's Suede Chukka Boots: Tod's

Ballin' On A Budget

Suede Chukkas BudgetFudge Suede Desert Boot: Clarks | Gordon Rush: Austin Chukka Boot | Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot: Clarks | Scout Chukka Boot: Thursday Boot Co.Chukka Boots The Complete Guide Everything You Need To Know Hero» Related: You might be interested in this Best Chukka Boots Complete Guide.

The chukka is a simple shoe with open lacing and two or three pairs of eyelets. You'll typically find this ankle-high boot in suede or leather.

Did you know that a variant of the chukka, known as the desert boot, gained popularity in the British military? Due to its comfort and durability in harsh desert conditions, chukkas became the leisurewear of choice for many soldiers.

The ubiquitous Clark's Originals desert boot is a go-to for starters. I recommend a suede pair, as the texture adds visual interest and a touch of elegance to your look. When it comes to colors, chukkas mostly come in neutral shades of brown and navy. Opt for a darker brown for more elegance and versatility, or a lighter shade for a more casual look.

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The bottom line: Chukka boots strike a balance between dressy and casual, leaning more towards the casual side. They effortlessly elevate suits and offer limitless casual options.

The Brown Leather Boot

Brown Leather Boot Inspirationcredit: PinterestCompleting the list of essential stylish shoes for men is the brown leather boot. A brown pair of leather boots makes the cut, and for good reason.

Depending on the style, you can easily add a touch of sartorial sophistication or ruggedness to your look. There are dress boots, casual work boots, chukkas, chelsea boots, and even cowboy boots.

Where To Buy Men's Leather Boots

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Mo' Money No Problem

Brown Boots ExpensiveFirst Avenue Dress Boot: Allen Edmonds | Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot: Allen Edmonds | Heritage Moc-Toe Boot: Redwing | Evans 1000 Mile Boot: Wolverine | Iron Ranger 6" Boot: Red Wing | 6" Service Utility Boot: Chippewa

Ballin' On A Budget

Brown Boots BudgetCaptain Boot: Thursday | Lace Up Boot: Aldo | Full Grain Leather Wingtip Boot: Thursday | Rome Cap-Toe Boot: Taft | Dowler Cap Toe Boot: Beckett SimononDid you know that many heritage brand boots like Red Wing, Thorogood, and Wolverine have been around for over a hundred years?

You can choose between a more casual work boot or a stylish dress boot, depending on your preference. Regardless, a well-worn pair of boots has a certain character. Some guys intentionally age their boots for that desired worn-in look.

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The bottom line: Brown leather lace-ups are utilitarian yet stylish. The perfect fall/winter shoe choice. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them tirelessly. Clean them and do it all over again.

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The Monkstrap Shoe

Monkstrap Inspirationcredit: PinterestTechnically, the monkstrap is a loafer because it lacks laces—you simply slip them on. It comes in single, double, and even triple strap variations, with the double strap being the most popular. It's a love-it-or-hate-it shoe. I see the monkstrap as velcro sneakers for grown men.

Where To Buy Men's Monkstrap Shoes

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Mo' Money No Problem

Monkstrap ExpensiveLeather & Suede Monk Straps: Mr. Porter | St. John's Double Monk Strap: Allen Edmonds | Brown Suede Double Monk Strap: SuitSupply

Ballin' On A Budget

Monkstrap BudgetWilliams Single Monk Strap: Cole Haan | Fletcher Double Monk Strap: Johnston & Murphy | Hoyt Monkstrap: Beckett SimononDid you know that the name comes from an era in Europe when monks wore buckle-adorned shoes as an alternative to sandals?

They're not for everyone, but many stylish men have at least one pair of double monks in their wardrobe. They look great when paired with pants that have no break, allowing the pant cuff to just skim the shoe, highlighting the shoe and buckles.

The bottom line: The monkstrap is an ultra-stylish shoe that can be dressed up with a suit or worn more casually with jeans and a blazer.

What Socks To Wear With Your Shoes

Our reader also asked about how to wear socks with shoes, so I'd like to address a few things.

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong color for socks. What matters is the combination of colors you choose. When it comes to socks, pay attention to color, pattern, and fabric. If you want to play it safe, you can't go wrong with navy, burgundy, dark gray, or dark brown socks. They pair particularly well with darker-colored shoes.

As a general rule, your socks should be of a similar darkness to your shoes and close in shade to the color of your pants. Also, consider how your socks harmonize with the rest of your outfit, not just the shoes and pants.

Finally, if you'd like, throw caution aside and have some fun with your socks to add personality to your outfit.

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Men's Shoe Essentials | Gentleman WithinA summary of Gentleman Within's list of shoe essentials for men.

Penny Loafers

But penny loafers aren't just a throwback to the past. They are one of the best casual shoes for men who value comfort, style, and versatility. 

They can be worn with everything from shorts and a t-shirt to a tailored suit, making them a true wardrobe staple perfect for any occasion. When it comes to casual shoes for men, penny loafers are one of the best options for those who want to exude confidence, style, and a touch of nostalgia. Penny loafers have a certain timeless quality that can't be found in other types of casual shoes for men. Penny loafers bring to mind images of carefree summer days spent lounging on the lawn, sipping lemonade, and listening to jazz music. They also evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance, thanks to their clean, sleek lines and simple yet striking design.

Casual Sneakers

A man's closet is incomplete without a pair of sneakers. And this time around, we recommend owning a pair of good-looking slip-on sneakers. They're lace-less and share characteristics with loafers, and some even have the elastic idea of Chelsea boots for comfortable wear.

Initially designed for functionality and comfort, slip-on sneakers have taken it up a notch. 

The beauty of slip-on sneakers is their versatility with a variety of casual men's attire. Invest in a pair of white slip-on sneakers with a minimal design, and it will pay off for most occasions.

Thursday Boot Company Men's Captain Cap Toe Leather Boots

Men's Captain Cap Toe Leather Boots8

Best Combat Boots

Veja V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather SneakersYou can't be a sneakerhead without owning at least one pair of Vejas. These V-10s, made sustainably and comfortable to wear, are among the coolest shoes you'll ever slip your feet into. Even royals are obsessed.

Material: Raw Materials

Size Range: EU39-EU46

The chukka is the epitome of versatility. Its structured, ankle-length silhouette allows for easy styling with various outfits, while its welted construction ensures long-lasting wear.

Material: Suede

Size Range: 7-14


Best Penny Loafers

Nordstrom Pryor Penny Loafer

Pryor Penny Loafer13

Best Suede Loafers

Nordstrom Dorian Brogued Wingtip Derby

Dorian Brogued Wingtip Derby16

Best Derby Shoes

Polo Ralph Lauren Merton Leather Boat Shoe

Merton Leather Boat ShoeDesigned to get better with wear, these saddle brown nautical-inspired shoes are bound to be your go-to shoe summer after summer.

Material: Leather

Size Range: 7-15


Best Sustainable Shoes

Birkenstock Boston Clog

Sizes: 6 to 17.5 | Upper materials: Leather | Sole material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate| Style: Slip-on

The clogs that started it all—they look just as good, if not better, with age. This pair is made with a timeless leather upper for an extra dash of sophistication, and the same German design and comfort that you remember, which has everything to do with the soft cork-and-latex footbed that molds to your foot.


Good Man Brand Classic Legend London Sneaker

Sizes: 7 to 18 | Upper materials: Leather | Sole material: Leather, ethylene-vinyl acetate| Style: Lace-up

These very elegant leather sneakers look just as good in a boardroom as they do when you’re wearing board shorts. Between the clean design, nice mix of sporty materials and bits and pieces of leather contrast, you’ll look sharp, whether you’re sporting jeans and a tee or a cool, casual suit.


Blundstone Original 500 Chelsea Boots

Sizes: 4 to 14 | Upper materials: Leather | Sole material: Thermoplastic urethane | Style: Lace-up

Chelsea boots are one of the most casual styles out there. Blundstone’s are a classic bestseller in rustic leather, with a shock-absorbent and chunky lug sole, plus extra large pull tabs. They’re boots made for the city, country or wherever you’re off to—and in any kind of weather—that’s equal parts useful and cool.

Sizes: 7 to 15 | Upper materials: Leather | Sole material: Rubber | Style: Slip-on

Everyone loves a throwback—and as Patnoflex will let you know, this style of slip-on was favored by James Dean, Elvis and many others. These highly-rated loafers are easy to wear with jeans or chinos and add a touch of polish to your casual, everyday look. And yes: they’re comfy and already broken-in for you.


Nike Court Vision Low

Sizes: 6 to 15 | Upper materials: Leather, synthetic materials | Sole material: Rubber | Style: Lace-up

Retro looks never go out of style—nor do crisp, white sneakers—and this classic throwback to ‘80s will keep you looking fresh with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts. Plus, Nike updated the construction with 20% recycled materials at minimum, so you can feel good about this pick. The supple leather is flexible, and the collar hits low on the ankle so you move with ease.

Sizes: 8 to 13 | Upper materials: Leather, suede | Sole material: Vibram rubber | Style: Slip-on

A classic pair of slip-on shoes—for the boat, the barbecue, the backyard party—will never go out of style. So choose one that’ll last you for years and years. Easymocs are made in Maine and age extremely well since they’re crafted from natural leather and suede, and hold up through thick and thin with a durable Vibram rubber sole. They’re easy on the eyes, too.


Tods Gommino Driving Shoes in Leather

Gommino Driving Shoes in Leather4

Best Driving Shoes

The Cool-Guy Pick


Office dress code varies depending on where you clock in, but chances are you don’t want to wear those precious expensive dress shoes on the daily grind. Instead, the Paraboot “Michael” is both office-approved and built for the rigors of everyday wear. With buffed leather uppers reinforced by a sturdy rubber sole, they keep things polished while withstanding whatever the commute throws at them. You can say they put the business in business casual.

The Not-So-Casual-Friday Pick

Maison Margiela

Once the laptop closes (let’s be honest, you never fully turn it off) and you’re halfway out the door to happy hour, the last thing you want to sweat is what pair of shoes to slip on. Made in Italy, Margiela’s military-inspired leather sneaker is made from buttery soft calfskin beefed up with a gummy rubber sole. They’re laidback but still leagues above your destroyed white kicks, making them a perfect pair for your busted chinos or the sparkly new selvedge denim you’ve been itching to take out for a spin.

The Actually Casual Pick

Stepney Workers Club

You’ve probably got an assortment of Vans and other canvas classics on deck but when you’re looking for something that's a step outside of the mainstream without fully running away, the Stepney Workers Club Dellow sneaker is the answer. Sure, they've got a cushy, flexible footbed and a classic vulcanized, rubber outsole, just like any good sneaker. But the low-profile silhouette, minimal styling, streamlined paneling, and waxy leather uppers give them that certain somethin' that sets them apart from the staid plimsoll sneakers we're used to seeing. Maybe that's why every other creative you know has a pair of these on regular rotation.

The All-Weather Pick

Dr. Martens

When the weather is unpredictable, as is usually the case when it comes to fall, you want a shoe that can deliver on style, rain or shine. These classic Docs are well-suited to the task, with water-resistant, leather uppers that wipe clean in seconds to their trademark cushioning AirWair sole. They’re built to last for generations but won’t break the bank, making them a guaranteed hit, even when the day at hand can’t decide if it’s winter or summer.

The WFH Pick


No casual shoe roundup worth its salt is complete without the Birkenstock Boston clog. While you probably wouldn’t sport these for your mid-year review, you most definitely should keep them on hand, er, foot when it’s time to crank out the work from the comforts of your local café. The supple suede uppers, spacious toe box, and podiatrist-approved cork footbed will keep your feet totally relaxed even when your boss is firing off rapid Slacks past 6pm.

The Office-to-Night-Out Pick

Our Legacy

Camion Square-Toe Leather Boots

If you've been reading GQ Recommends, you're no stranger to the Camion boot. Why can't we get enough of this minimalist grail? The do-everything boot is fitted out of sleek-as-hell leather, features zipper access to allow for easy on/off access, and is designed with a distinct squared-off toe and low heel that adds just the right amount of edge without compromising walkability. It’s minimal without being bland, a staple while making a statement. We could wax on about this fashion unicorn but we know what you really care about—can you reasonably sport these while knocking one back with the boys. The answer is a resounding yes!

The Classic Pick

G.H. Bass

Weejuns "Larson" Leather Loafers

Even if you’re not making your way up to the (insert your local swanky establishment here), a well-heeled penny loafer is a solid choice for cleaning up any outfit. G.H. Bass's Weejun loafers are the real OG penny loafer, the prototype of men's casual shoes for our grandfathers’ generation, and they're just as cool today as they were back in peepaw's day. The handsewn leather uppers, moc toe and leather soles make it a prep staple that has range far beyond the ivy-wrapped campuses. Like a pair of blue jeans, the penny loafer can rock with just about anything and is the rare kind of shoe that really can show up on the ‘Best Dress Shoes’ list and the ‘Best Casual Shoes’ list.

To Boot New York Alessio Cap Toe Leather Oxfords

Alessio Cap Toe Leather OxfordsA polished pair of chestnut oxfords can go from boardroom to fancy fete without a second thought, and you won't find a better option than these from To Boot.

Material: Leather

Size Range: 7-15


Best White Sneakers

Sorel Ona 718 Low Sneaker

Sizes: 7 to 15 | Upper materials: Suede and textile combination | Sole material: Molded rubber | Style: Lace-up

Big into the big treks? You need a pair of these. They’ll keep you comfortable while you’re pounding the city streets or off-road conditions with a suede and textile upper and a springy foam midsole. Unlike the typical walking or hiking shoe, Sorel’s Ona are stylish enough to pair with a suit or jeans, if you’re on the go for business travel or running to catch a commuter train.

Sizes: 7 to 13 | Upper materials: Leather, cotton canvas | Sole material: Rubber | Style: Lace-up

If you’re experiencing foot pain, you need shoes that support your arches, but importantly, don’t look orthopedic. You’re in luck: This sporty pair of sneakers from Kuru has built-in arch support that cradles your foot, so you can get a cushioned step wherever you go.

Saint Laurent Wyatt Suede Chelsea Boots

Wyatt Suede Chelsea BootsEvery guy needs that one pair of boots they can dress up or down for every occasion on their agenda. Saint Laurent's sandy suede Chelsea boots are exactly what we had in mind.

Material: Suede

Size Range: 6-17

Headshot of Sophie DweckSophie Dweck

Sophie Dweck is the associate shopping editor for Town & Country, where she covers beauty, fashion, home and décor, and more.

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of casual shoes for men, the options are endless. From classic loafers to sleek sneakers, there is a shoe for every style and occasion. Whether you're heading to the office or going out for a night on the town, the right pair of shoes can elevate your outfit and leave a lasting impression. So, why settle for anything less than the best? With a wide range of brands and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect pair of men's casual shoes that not only look great but also provide comfort and durability. So go ahead, step out in style and make a statement with your footwear choice.