Ultimately, the shoes you wear to the gym or while working out at home can have a significant impact on how you feel during and after your workout. Inadequate training gear can lead to boredom, discomfort, and even injury. For optimal performance during workouts, it's best to have a reliable pair of gym shoes.

But which footwear is ideal for your exercise regimen? What characteristics should you seek to add grip to your workouts? We have explored the terrain to find the best gym shoes for every fitness goal, from CrossFit to running and everywhere in between. Put on your shoes and get ready to play!

Running Shoes vs. Gym Shoes

Below we have provided a small sample of what we believe to be the best running shoe options for those whose primary form of exercise is running or who use treadmills more often than weights. The cleats used in various sports are specialized for the activity at hand, and so too are running shoes and training shoes.

The heel drop of training shoes is typically lower than that of casual shoes. Especially when working with heavy weights, this can help you maintain a steady stance. However, running shoes are made to absorb impact and return your energy in a way that will keep you moving forward.

Separate pairs of shoes for training and running can help keep your feet happy and your development on track. Having a second pair of shoes to wear for other activities can extend the life of your running shoes for when you need them most, like when you're about to set off for a fast mile.

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Getting in shape is about more than just buying the right equipment; it also involves establishing long-term objectives and routines. Get in shape with the help of fitness experts by signing up for this free 5-lesson guide.

Instructions for Finding the Perfect Size in Athletic Shoes

Your gym shoes, in contrast to your favorite sneakers, should fit snugly and be ready to perform. In order to accommodate the natural splaying of the foot, the toe box of most other styles of sneakers is left a little bit roomier than in these. This is great for running shoes, but you need your training shoes to provide stability for your feet when performing unilateral motions. Secure, impenetrable, and cozy

Methods of Evaluation

collage of gym shoes

Author: Ben Emminger

We've bought a bunch of gym shoes because we're fitness buffs. We've put a few of these kicks through their paces in a wide variety of training contexts, from the weight room to the agility course to the treadmill, and everywhere in between. There's a workout shoe for just about any activity, but these models really shone when it came to bringing out our best.

New Balance 990

We're always excited to see a new Nike Metcon release, and the most recent version of this high-quality workout sneaker does not disappoint. These kicks, which feature a redesigned upper with textured overlays, withstood every test we could throw at them. Despite the lack of a medial rope guard, these shoes perform admirably well on rope climbs. Even though the heel clip on the Metcon 8 is still too rigid and uncomfortable for longer distance runs, it is still our preferred silhouette for working out.


After weeks of training in these shoes, it's easy to see how TYR exploded onto the scene at the 2022 CrossFit Games and racked up so many top 10 finishes with its first training sneaker. The CXT-1s are the best for heavy squats and deadlifts thanks to their rigid base and comfortable cushioning. The only drawback to these kicks is that Supply Finding a pair of the newest CrossFit sneakers online can be challenging at times due to high demand.

Second Generation Puma Fuse 0

The first iteration of Puma's Fuse Training Shoes were a godsend for our workouts because they provided ample stability and support at a lower price point than competing silhouettes. The brand-new Fuse 2.0s continue the trend, providing a reasonable price and a lot of stability and traction for every workout. The improved midfoot construction is a welcome change, and we applaud Puma's efforts in this area. In addition, the PUMAGRIP outsole ensures a secure footing at all times. If you don't want to feel too much compression during your workouts, however, you should consider switching to different insoles, especially if you do a lot of heavy pressing and pulling.

A Review of the Top CrossFit and High-Intensity Interval Training Shoes

Nike Zoom Nano X2 Reebok

We've been fans of the Nano series from Reebok for a while now, and the new Nano X2 is a worthy successor. Because of the improved heel clip, even the most strenuous boxing workouts can be completed without discomfort. Weighted exercises were also more comfortable thanks to the lightweight Floatride Energy Foam. Despite its impressive specs, the Nano X2 is not a universally great device. While the stiff sole was ideal for high-intensity interval training, it was not as ideal for agility or running drills.

The impressive Nano X2 Adventure silhouette is ideal for those who want to take their WODs into the great outdoors thanks to its rethought outsole and durable nylon ripstop upper.

Trainer No Bully

In the realm of CrossFit footwear, Nobull sneakers have carved out a respectable niche by providing an abundance of performance and style across all of their silhouettes. However, the Trainer collection serves our purposes better than the brand's flagship stable because of its traction-ready outsole and superior comfort. We've found that Nobull's high-top trainer silhouettes are particularly effective for static lifts, so the brand recently expanded its Trainer collection to include these styles for those who prefer a little more ankle support and coverage. Although the low-key, minimalist design may not appeal to everyone, these sneakers make taking your fitness into your own hands (and feet) a lot simpler and, dare we say, more aesthetically pleasing.

F-Lite G 300 from Inov8

The F-Lite G 300s are worth considering if longevity is important to you. These athletic shoes are made from Graphene, one of the world's strongest materials, and weigh in at a feathery 300 grams, hence their moniker. The upper is knitted, so it's durable and breathable, but it won't give in to the wear and tear of regular training. Because of their superior grip for climbing ropes and their extended Rope-Tec protection along the midfoot, these shoes easily made the top spot on our list of the best CrossFit shoes.

The Most Prestigious Athletic Shoes

In-Stock McLaren HySpeed from APL's Athletic Propulsion Labs

These brand-new kicks from APL are a great alternative to a supercar if you don't have the cash for the real thing. Featuring design cues inspired by the McLaren F1 racing car, these sneakers will upgrade your workout attire to the next level. The cushioning and energy return of the midsole are great, but the shoe's geometry doesn't work for every sport or activity. In the same way that you wouldn't squat or deadlift in your supercar, you shouldn't use them for heavy lifting unless absolutely necessary when wearing these shoes.

It's a Reebok Nano X2 fronning.

Why not train in sneakers created by one of CrossFit's most decorated athletes if you want to take your workouts to the next level? The Froning co-sign isn't the only reason we like the Nano X2 Fronings; the shoes' performance across a wide range of exercises is a big reason, too. At just 10 With a weight of only 4 ounces (for a unisex size 9), this shoe is the lightest in the Nano X2 lineup, making it perfect for cardio-intensive workouts. But, if you're going to train in these race car-inspired sneakers, you should probably wear some grippy socks. Since the collar is so flimsy, it can cause your heel to slip.

This is the 22nd edition of Adidas' Ultraboost shoes.

With these kicks, you can put the "athlete" in "athleisure. The Ultraboost 22s are just as at home at a weeknight training session as they are at a weekend get-together thanks to their lighter profile compared to the previous UB 21s and updated Strobel lasting underneath the insole for improved comfort. The BOOST midsole provides responsive power for your workouts, and the variety of color options means you can find the perfect pair to complement your workout wardrobe.

Best Weightlifting Shoes for the Gym

Winning Weightlifting Shoes

A pair of Do-Wins should be in your repertoire if you have wide feet and a preference for Olympic lifts, but you may not be familiar with them. The heel height of these shoes is 0.0 The brand is known for its width, which is meant to increase comfort and stability, and its heel is.75 inches (19 mm) in height (the ideal height for Olympic lifting). The leather and mesh upper offers durability and breathability, and the double metatarsal strapping system provides a lockdown fit that's primed to smash personal records.


Although lifting clogs are designed to offer the ideal heel lift and stability for pushing and pulling massive weight, their lockdown fit can sometimes restrict toe splaying. The toe box of TYR's other brand-new silhouette, on the other hand, is roomy enough to accommodate your feet's natural bending and splaying as you strike your ideal running or jumping position for breaking personal records. We also appreciate the excellent outsole traction, and the sleek design is a welcome addition to the silhouette of any dedicated weightlifter.

High-top Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes

That's right, you read that correctly In spite of its reputation as a standard street shoe, the Converse Chuck Taylor is among the finest weightlifting shoes available. You can do a lot of static lifting in your chucks because they are inexpensive, have a flat sole, and are very durable. However, if you're just starting out in weightlifting and want to see how your shoes affect the equation, Chuck Taylors are a great option to try before you commit to a more serious pair of shoes.

The Top Running Shoes for the Gym

This is the Hoka Mach 5

This summer's release of a new version of the popular Mach silhouette features a dual-density ProFly midsole for added responsiveness. Although Hoka promotes the Mach 5 as a racing shoe, we think it's more suited for everyday workouts. While the lightweight, plush ride was ideal for our daily runs, we found that we needed a little more cushioning to get us through runs longer than 15 miles.

The Third-Generation Phantom UA HOVR

How often do you incorporate both strength training and treadmill running into your workouts? A multi-purpose gym shoe is ideal for making the most of each training modality, and we believe Under Armour's UA HOVR Phantom 3 is the best option currently available. Each step on the updated profile is bolstered by a greater amount of cushioning and support, which is especially appreciated when pounding the pavement or a treadmill belt. Additionally, the IntelliKnit upper's inherent breathability is a major selling point. However, we advise you to keep these shoes for indoor use only, as their comfort levels on the pavement are less than ideal.

A Pair of Merrell Vapor 5 Gloves

There is a devoted fanbase for barefoot running, but transitioning from flat runners to elevated training shoes can be a bit of a slog for those who are used to living the zero-drop lifestyle. As a result, it's great that there are barefoot sneakers like the Merrell Vapor Glove 5s that perform well both on the road and the deadlift platform. The best barefoot running shoes, in our opinion, have a stretchy collar that makes them feel like a heavy-soled sock when you're running. In addition, this barefoot runner has zero drop, so you'll have complete contact with the ground as you sprint to the finish line or load up for a max squat. Though not everyone is on board with the barefoot trend, these are the shoes you need to have if you're an athlete who engages in cross-training and is considering going barefoot.

The Finest Multi-Purpose Workout Shoes

Running Shoes: Altra Solstice XT 2

Workouts involving compound lifts and cardiovascular exercises will be met with equal aplomb when you wear these shoes. The Solstice XTs are versatile shoes that are stable and durable because of their toe box and full rubber outsole. However, they may be more suited for use in an indoor setting. Meanwhile, a liquid rubber cage in the abrasion-resistant mesh upper protects your ankles while you're making lateral movements.

A.I.'s Fifth Annual Project Rock

Intent on laying waste to a wide range of training methods Join the UA Project Rock 4s and let your "hardest worker in the room" persona loose. A break in the midsole at the back of the forefoot improves the shoe's flexibility and bend, which is especially appreciated when starting off sprints or navigating an agility ladder gauntlet. Further, we experienced ample room in the profile, so even those with wider feet can train comfortably in these adaptable shoes. These sneakers can help you get into championship shape quickly, despite their bulkiness and extra weight when used for long distance running.

Kawana Hoka

The Kawana is an excellent all-around choice that will propel your fitness to new heights. The modified crash pad with SwallowTail geometry creates a wider surface for smooth stepping, and the reactive CMEVA midsole keeps every step energetic while still providing plenty of plush. Normal training sessions were great in the Kawana, but we were hesitant to use them for intense agility drills due to the upper's lack of structure. It's recommended to save these for training days where your feet won't be under excessive stress.