Looking for the best on cloud shoes for walking? Look no further! Whether you're a power walker, hiker, or simply need comfortable shoes for all-day wear, On Cloud has got you covered. In this article, we'll explore the most cushioned On Cloud shoes, dive into the pros and cons of the On Cloud 5, compare it to the On Cloud X, and even recommend the top picks for different walking activities. So, if you're ready to step into ultimate comfort and style, keep reading for all the reasons why On Cloud shoes are the go-to choice for walkers everywhere.

The Most Cushioned - On Cloud Monster

I really enjoy running in these shoes, and now my husband has a pair too and thinks they're great for walks. He's forced to walk when I drag him to running events! :)

When it comes to cushioning, the On Cloud shoes focus more on absorbing impact rather than what you might traditionally think of as plush cushion. This isn't a bad thing, just different expectations. And for those who wear them all day, the additional firmness can actually help prevent low back pain.

I must say, these are the most cushioned On running shoes I've ever tested. They're great for easy daily runs.

On Cloudmonster Review

These shoes are probably the closest from On Running to any of the HOKA walking shoes that I recommend. They feel slightly wider and have a bit taller midsole for added stability.

See my full review of the On Cloudmonster for more details>>

  • Neutral Cushioned Shoe
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 6mm heel drop
  • 8.11 oz women's, 10.6 oz men's

See all available Cloudmonster>

Who Should Buy the On Cloud 5?

The On Cloud 5 is a great shoe for daily wear, traveling, walking, and standing all day. There are a few situations where I think these shoes would be perfect.

1. You Want a Breathable Shoe for Daily Wear

These shoes are lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable for longer periods of wear. Personally, I wear them mostly when I'm running errands or on days with long travel ahead.

The CloudTec midsole provides good cushioning, and the shoe has a nice level of maneuverability. Plus, it comes with On's "speed lacing" system and an additional pair of traditional laces.

On Cloud 5 review

2. You Like a Convenient Shoe for Walking and Standing

The speed lacing system makes it easy to slip these shoes on and off, which is why I also recommend them for travel. They're perfect for taking off in the car or on a plane once you're seated.

On Cloud 5 Pros

Throughout my testing and review process, I've found several things to like about the On Cloud 5.

1. Great Shoe for Slipping On and Off

I really enjoy how easy it is to slip these shoes on and off. They have a sporty look that works well for casual wear. Not all training shoes look good for everyday wear and can be difficult to put on and take off.

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On Cloud 5 speed lacing system

The On Cloud 5 has a sporty and clean look to them, and they come with On's speed lacing system. This system eliminates the need for manual lacing and provides enough security to prevent heel slip. The shoe also comes with traditional laces if you prefer them.

2. Comfortable, Lightweight, and Breathable for Daily Wear

The On Cloud 5 is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. These characteristics make them ideal for daily wear and ensure a pleasurable experience even during extended periods of wear. In my size 10 model, they weigh just 8.40 oz, which is exceptionally light compared to other everyday wear shoes I own.

On Cloud 5 breathability and weight

The mesh upper of this model allows for excellent breathability in the forefoot and midfoot. I noticed this particularly when wearing them on a windy, cold winter day as my feet stayed warm. On also recommends this model for warmer settings, and I can see myself reaching for the On Cloud 5 often during the summer months.

3. Good for Walking, Standing, and Traveling

The On Cloud 5 is a reliable choice for walking, standing, and traveling. It is specifically designed for daily wear and travel, and it performs exceptionally well in these contexts.

On Cloud 5 for walking and standing

For walking, the sole construction of this model feels natural, and the 8mm heel-to-toe drop and toe spring contribute to a smooth walking experience. The CloudTec midsole provides a comfortable and somewhat supportive feel for standing for long periods. These shoes allow easy weight shifting, making them suitable for extended periods of standing.

On Cloud 5 Cons

Although there is a lot to like about the On Cloud 5, there are a couple of cons that could bother some users. Here are the two major drawbacks I found:

1. Outsole Lacks Long-Term Durability

The outsole of the On Cloud 5, especially the midfoot CloudTec, lacks long-term durability, particularly when used frequently on concrete and asphalt surfaces. While the forefoot and heel areas have rubber coverage for better durability, the exposed foam in the midfoot can wear down quickly in certain conditions.

On Cloud 5 outsole

Considering the higher price point of these shoes, it's important to recognize the environments in which they perform best and make an informed investment. If you need shoes for cross-training and outdoor workouts, I recommend looking into the On Cloud X instead.

2. Fit In Toe Box Is Pretty Narrow

The On Cloud 5 has a fairly narrow fit in the toe box and midfoot. This is typical of many On shoes, as they tend to run narrower in these areas. If you have wide feet and require more space in the toe box, it's recommended to explore other shoe options.

On Cloud 5 sizing

Even with the updated sizing in this model to ensure accurate length, the narrower width remains unchanged. It's worth considering if your feet have a flat or wide structure.

On Cloud 5 Vs On Cloud X

The main differences between the On Cloud 5 and the On Cloud X lie in their intended use. Here are three key differences worth noting:

On Cloud 5 Vs On Cloud X

The first major difference is in the base and CloudTec midsole construction. Both shoes have a low-profile CloudTec midsole, but the On Cloud X's midsole is slightly wider and more stable. This design feature enhances the On Cloud X's performance in cross-training by providing a larger base and surface area for different exercises.

The second major difference is in the upper construction and lacing system. The On Cloud 5 features eyelets designed for On's speed lacing system and traditional laces. This slightly alters the midfoot construction and makes the shoe slightly longer for easier slip-on and slip-off functionality compared to the On Cloud X.

The On Cloud X, on the other hand, utilizes a traditional lacing system and has a more durable upper construction designed for training. The forefoot and midfoot areas of the upper are more abrasion resistant and made of slightly thicker material compared to the On Cloud 5.

The final difference lies in their intended use. If you're looking for an On shoe for cross-training, the On Cloud X is the better choice. It also offers versatility as a daily wear shoe. Meanwhile, if you already have a pair of training shoes and need a casual shoe for daily use, the On Cloud 5 is a suitable option.

Tips For Buyers To Keep In Mind Before Investing In Shoes For Prolonged Hours of Walking:

If you're considering investing in shoes for prolonged hours of walking, it's important to keep the following qualities in mind:


Ensure that the shoes you choose have adequate cushioning in the midsole. This is crucial for relieving pressure and strain on the body, minimizing tension, stress, and impact when your feet touch the ground. Proper cushioning provides maximum comfort and reduces the energy exerted while walking.

Heel-To-Toe Drop:

The heel-to-toe drop, which indicates the balance between cushioning in the heel and toe of the shoe, is an important feature to consider. This factor improves running stride or walking tempo, contributing to a comfortable walking experience.

Shoe's Heel Cups:

Heel cups placed under the heel provide support and improve heel pad thickness, reducing peak pressure on the heel. These pads ensure comfortable support during your daily routine.

Shoe Stability Levels:

If you require lateral support throughout your feet, opt for shoes with higher stability levels. These shoes are more durable, ideal for being active on the road, and provide excellent support during walking.

Grip & Traction:

Choose shoes with ample grip and traction to enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries while walking on various surfaces, including slippery ones.

Slip and Oil Resistance Outsoles:

Ensure that the shoes you select have slip and oil resistance in their outsoles. These features reduce the risk of tripping and falling on slippery surfaces.

Safety Toes:

If you walk for prolonged hours and require maximum foot protection, look for shoes with safety toe features such as metatarsal guards. These shoes provide protection against impact and secure your feet in place.

Feet Assessment:

Consider three important factors when buying shoes for high-arched feet. Ensure a firm and steady platform by choosing the correct shoe length. Provide extra room and space for your feet to breathe and move by selecting the appropriate shoe width. Look for arch support to maintain balance and good posture.

Antimicrobial Odor Control Mesh Lining:

Choose shoes that feature antimicrobial odor control technology and synthetic mesh lining. This combination allows sweat to escape from both the top and bottom of the shoes, preventing blisters and fungal or bacterial infections caused by sweaty feet.

The Best On Cloud Walking Shoes, If You're Short on Time

If you're in a hurry, here are my top recommendations for the best overall On Cloud shoes for walking, trail hikes, and hybrid walks. Read on for detailed reviews and the full list of On Cloud shoes:

Scroll down to read each On Cloud shoe review and find the best choice for you. At the end of the guide, I explain the brand's proprietary technologies and terms in layman's terms, as well as why On Cloud shoes are excellent for walking.

Top On Cloud Shoes For Walking All Day

For a more detailed description of the amazing features offered by the On Cloud shoes mentioned above, take a closer look. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the best pair from On Cloud that can help your feet cope with prolonged hours of standing and walking while serving others.

Let's dive deeper without further delay:

Casual On Cloud Shoes for Travel - Cloud 5

It's not uncommon for us to take 20,000 steps or more on vacation, beyond our daily run! This means we need shoes that not only look good but also feel good for all those miles. While the Cloud 5 has a sportier look, I personally don't mind because I'm a sporty gal!

What sets the Cloud 5 apart is the wide variety of styles available. Whether you prefer terry, urban, or waterproof, there are options to suit your style!

Unlike the other shoes listed, I wouldn't recommend running or doing intense workouts in the Cloud 5. However, they're perfect for everyday activities like running errands or exploring, providing comfort throughout.

on cloud walking shoes

  • Wide variety of colors and styles
  • Neutral shoe
  • Moderate cushioning
  • 8 mm heel drop
  • 6.8 oz for women's (super light!!)

Best On Cloud Power Walking: Cloudsurfer

I've also had the opportunity to test the new version of the Cloudsurfer, and I must say I'm truly impressed with the improvements made to this Cloud running shoe. It's an incredibly lightweight option with a slightly softer cushioned feel.

The Cloudsurfer features a higher heel drop, which can provide better support for those dealing with Achilles issues.

However, I don't believe it offers the necessary support for a long day on your feet. It's a softer shoe compared to the Cloudmonster, which means it may feel great on a walk but might not meet your needs for an 8-10 hour day.

I can't deny that I love the look of this shoe as well. It showcases the thought that goes into the style of On shoes, whether for athletes or everyday wear!

cloudsurfer review

  • 10 mm heel drop
  • 7.2 oz women's
  • 8.6 oz men's

The Best On Cloud Hiking Shoes for the Trails

On Cloudultra 2

1. On Cloudultra 2 ($179.99)

"Best For Trail"

Read my comprehensive On Cloudultra 2 review to learn more.

The On Cloudultra 2 is one of the best trail running shoes from On. It is also great for walking on trails, making it an excellent choice for ultra-distance and endurance trail running. It fulfills my desire for a trail shoe from On that can handle technical terrain while providing comfort mile after mile, thanks to its comfortable Helion midsole foam and excellent traction Megagrip outsole. These shoes are perfect for trail walking, whether it's a short distance or even a marathon.

KEY STATS: The Cloudultra weighs 10.2oz for a size US(M)9, has a 6mm drop from heel to toe, features a medium-width toe box, and fits true to size.

The Best On Cloud Walking Shoes for Road and Trail Surfaces

On Cloudvista walking shoes

1. On Cloudvista ($149.99)

"Best hybrid for road and trail surfaces"

Read my detailed On Cloudvista review to learn more.

The On Cloudvista is a fantastic addition to On's trail shoe collection for walking. It offers versatility at an affordable price, making it a great option for beginner to intermediate walkers and those who want to walk on light trails and road surfaces. The Cloudvista is perfect for flat or rolling loop routes up to approximately 21km. Whether you're new to trail hiking or looking to advance from beginner level, the Cloudvista is a reliable choice.

KEY STATS: The Cloudvista weighs 9.88 oz (280g) for a size US(M)9, has a 7mm drop from heel to toe, features a medium-width toe box, and fits true to size.

How to Choose the Best On Cloud Walking Shoe for YOUR Needs

Walking can be a daily activity or a dedicated exercise routine, but it is essential to have the right shoe for your specific requirements.

It's not just about the most expensive or trendy pair; it's important to consider the best On Cloud shoes that can meet your specific needs. Keep reading to discover how you can choose the perfect On Cloud walking shoe for you.

What Should You Look for in a Walking Shoe?

A good walking shoe should be lightweight, with a breathable upper to keep your foot fresh and dry, while reducing fatigue from walking all day. The shoe's midsole should absorb shock and pressure effectively, especially in the heel and forefoot regions.

If you're walking all day, arch support is crucial to prevent discomfort, knee or back pain. Comfort and good traction are also vital, particularly on wet or slippery surfaces, and On does an excellent job of providing these features.

Why Are On Cloud Shoes Good for Walking?

On Cloud shoes have gained recognition in the footwear industry, not only for running but also for lifestyle, hiking, and even tennis. I have witnessed their growth in popularity since I reviewed their very first Cloud releases.

On-sponsored athletes have won races like the Boston Marathon wearing On running shoes, and the brand is now making waves in the tennis world thanks to Roger Federer's input in engineering and design.

However, On shoes are not just good for walking. They also produce some of the best running shoes, many of which have received T&K Editor's Choice awards over the years.

In the walking shoe category, On has established itself as a trusted name. Let me explain the key features that make On Cloud shoes excellent for walking.

Comfort with Excellent Midsole Cushioning and Soft, Breathable Upper Materials

When it comes to comfort, On Cloud shoes are some of the most comfortable in the world. The company prides itself on its unique CloudTec cushioning technology, which integrates zero-gravity foam for a soft landing and impact absorption while providing a responsive take-off.

This comfort is a significant reason why On Cloud shoes are popular among walkers and runners alike. The cushioning not only enhances comfort but also absorbs impact and reduces stress on the foot, making each step feel like walking on clouds.

On Cloud shoes also feature sustainable upper materials, mostly made from recycled high-quality textiles and breathable mesh materials. This quality ensures fresh and dry feet, even during prolonged wear.

The breathability is especially important for summer walks when feet tend to get sweaty. This feature, combined with a removable EVA insole for added comfort, makes On Cloud shoes incredibly comfortable.

They Aid Smooth Biomechanics Thanks to Their Rocker Geometries

On Cloud shoes prioritize not only comfort but also performance. One standout feature is their unique CloudTec midsole unit, which provides a natural rocker geometry to support the foot's natural movement while walking.

This design ensures smooth strides, reducing stress on muscles, joints, and ligaments. On Cloud shoes are engineered to deliver the smoothest running and walking experience possible, whether you're walking around the neighborhood or tackling a hiking trail.

Support for Walking or Standing All Day

For individuals who spend most of the day on their feet, support is a crucial factor in choosing the right shoe. On Cloud shoes offer excellent support due to their structural design and zoned materials used strategically.

The soft, cushioned insole provides good arch support for neutral arches, minimizing foot fatigue and discomfort during long days of walking or standing.

They Offer Many Color Options to Suit Most People's Styles

In addition to comfort and performance, On Cloud shoes score high on style. They come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose a pair that perfectly matches your style. Whether you prefer understated neutrals or vibrant shades, On Cloud shoes have options for everyone.

The variety of color options also makes it easy to coordinate your shoes with your wardrobe, whether you're walking for exercise or wearing them as lifestyle shoes. With On Cloud shoes, you can step out looking good and feeling confident.

Who Should Try On Shoes for Walking?

If cushioning and responsiveness are important factors in your footwear, On could be a great brand to try. The brand's CloudTec cushioning system, present in every On shoe, offers a plush yet springy feel, allowing for comfortable feet without the weight of heavy padding. This balance is ideal if you tend to experience foot fatigue by the end of the day. Other brands to consider for walking shoes are Hoka and Nike.

Another reason to love On is their wide choice of trendy colors. Whether you prefer classic black and white or vibrant pastels, On always offers colorways that catch your eye.

Best On Cloud Trail Walking Shoes - Cloud Ultra 2

Welcome to the trail shoe with the highest level of cushioning. The shoe laces have a convenient flip release, making it easy to adjust the tightness when your feet swell during ultras.

The On Cloudultra is one of On Running's newest trail running shoes and an excellent addition to the ultramarathon and endurance trail running market.

One significant improvement is that they have shifted the pod set up, resulting in fewer rock catches compared to the road shoes. They have also added lugs for increased grip and significantly reduced the pods.

The slip-resistant outsole provides confidence and comfort on the trails!

  • 6 mm heel drop
  • 9.3 oz women's, 10.4 oz men's
  • 4 colors
  • $179

On has delivered a shoe that meets the needs of trail runners with the Cloudultra. Its Helion midsole foam effectively tackles challenging terrain while maintaining comfort over long distances on trails and roads.

I hope this buyer's guide has helped you find the right On Cloud walking shoe for your needs.

Remember, the best walking shoes are the ones that feel good on your feet. You can find most of the models at running stores, so visit one and test them out. They are happy to assist you, whether your focus is walking or running. After all, many runners started as walkers!

Take the shoes for a walk around the block to check for any discomfort and see how the pods feel for you. Remember, even if you buy the shoes, take them home, and find out you don't like them, you can return them.

Your feet deserve good shoes, especially if you're starting walking as part of a stress-lowering activity, working on high cholesterol or diabetes. If your shoes feel better, you'll be more motivated to keep going.

👉Check out this guide on How to Lace Running Shoes. You'll be amazed at how it can improve the fit of most shoes!

As a bonus, here are some ideas for the best gifts for runners!

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In conclusion, when it comes to the best walking shoes for ultimate comfort and support, On Cloud shoes are hard to beat. Whether you need maximum cushioning, are short on time, or are looking for casual shoes for travel, On Cloud offers a variety of options to suit your needs. From the Cloud 5 for all-day walking to the Cloudsurfer for power walking, and the Cloud Ultra 2 for hiking on trails, On Cloud has you covered. The versatility and performance of On Cloud shoes make them a top choice for walkers of all levels. So, why wait? Take a step towards a more comfortable and enjoyable walking experience with On Cloud shoes today.