Are you tired of constantly searching for the perfect pair of running shoes? Look no further! We have done all the legwork for you and compiled a comprehensive list of the best running shoes for men. Whether you're hitting the road or tackling the trails, we have got you covered. From the unbeatable comfort of the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 to the trailblazing performance of the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GTX, we have found the top contenders that will elevate your running game to the next level. Say goodbye to blisters and discomfort, and say hello to your new favorite running companion. Get ready to lace up and discover the best men's running shoes of 2023.

Choosing the Right Running Shoe


When it comes to fit, there's a "literal 'rule of thumb'," according to Suda.

"Runners should aim for about a thumb's width of space from the longest toe to the edge of the toe box," explains Dr. Ethan Ciment, Founder and Medical Director at Chelsea Foot and Ankle in New York. This prevents the toes from being jammed at the end of the shoe, which can lead to bruising and toenail loss. Additionally, there should be space on both sides of the foot to the widest point. "If you wiggle your toes and any of them touch the edge of the shoe, it's too tight," says Dr. Ciment.

Stability and Responsiveness

The ideal running shoe should provide a balance of shock absorption, cushioning, support, and responsiveness. "Structured cushioning is what I recommend to my patients," says Dr. Ciment. "This means that you'll experience less impact on your feet and joints while running, but you won't feel like you're walking on a cloud or trampoline. Your feet should feel well-supported and cushioned at the same time."


Running shoes should be comfortable from the moment you put them on. "There's no need to break-in running shoes," says Suda. "If they pinch, rub, or feel uncomfortable, try something else. There are plenty of comfortable options available, so there's no need to compromise on comfort."

Our Search for the Best Men's Running Shoe

To find the best men's running shoes, we consulted with a podiatrist and a specialty shoe store owner for their recommendations on specific brands and styles. We also conducted tests and asked runners to evaluate each shoe based on factors such as fit, comfort, cushioning, responsiveness, stability, quality of materials, and overall value.

The 12 Best Running Shoes for Men

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When it comes to running shoe design, stability refers to the shoe's ability to support proper running form. This typically involves providing optimal pronation control, whether that means providing stability for overpronators or a neutral design for those who don't overpronate.

brooks adrenaline gts 20GuideRails offer a less aggressive approach to stability that even neutral runners can rely on for extra support.

Other Great Road Running Shoes

There are road running shoes available to suit every type of runner.

Best for Trail Running: Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GTX

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- A rugged and trail-ready shoe that can withstand various elements.

- Note: These shoes are not completely waterproof, so be cautious when encountering deep water.

Best for Road Running: ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25

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- A cushioned and supportive shoe perfect for road running.

- Note: This shoe may be on the pricier side and has a higher cushion level, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Best for Flat Feet: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

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- A slightly corrective shoe for individuals with flat feet and overpronation.

- Note: This shoe is not specifically designed for flat feet, but it provides enough support without overt arch support.

Best for Plantar Fasciitis: Altra Via Olympus

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- Provides cushioning and a zero-drop heel-to-toe difference, which can help alleviate plantar fasciitis pain.

- Note: This shoe is on the heavier side compared to other options.

Best for Wide Feet: Asics Gel Kayano 28

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- Available in wide and extra wide sizes, making it an excellent choice for individuals with wide feet.

- Note: Some runners may have difficulty finding their desired size and width.

Altra Torin 7 ($150)

Overall Rating: 8 | Upper Comfort: 7 | Underfoot Feel: 9 | Responsiveness: 7.5 | Stability: 8 | Cushion: 7.5


  • The updated cushioning feels firmer, bouncier, and more durable.
  • The tongue is softer and more comfortable.


  • The fit is narrower compared to previous versions, and not everyone wants increased stack height.

The Altra Torin 7 is a great everyday road running shoe for those who prefer a zero-drop design and roomy toebox. The updated version features a softer and smoother tongue, which our testers found to be more comfortable. The cushioning feels firmer, offering a responsive and stable experience with adequate ground feel. However, it's worth noting that the shoe has a higher stack height, which may not appeal to all runners.

Actual Weight (U.S. men’s 9): 8.9 ounces (251 grams) | Drop: 0 millimeters

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On Cloudsurfer ($160)

Overall Rating: 9.5 | Upper Comfort: 9.5 | Underfoot Feel: 9 | Responsiveness: 9 | Stability: 7 | Cushion: 9


  • Extremely lightweight and smooth
  • We are unsure about the durability of the cushioning
Experience the smoothness and lightness of the On Cloudsurfer. Testers have described it as a shoe that feels so natural you forget you are wearing it. This is thanks to the CloudTec Phase midsole design, which features CloudTec "clouds" that absorb the impact of each stride. The shoe is soft, responsive, stable, and nimble on various surfaces. While the cushioning feels plush and comfortable, it is yet to be seen how long it will hold up over time.

The On Cloudsurfer. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

Testers have also praised the shoe's upper, which provides cushioning and a secure fit without pressure on the top of the foot. While the shoe may not be as breathable during hot weather, its lightweight design compensates for it. All in all, the On Cloudsurfer offers a versatile and enjoyable running experience.

Actual Weight (U.S. men’s 9): 8.3 ounces (233 grams) | Drop: 10 millimeters

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Topo Athletic Cyclone 2 ($150)

Overall Rating: 9 | Upper Comfort: 9 | Underfoot Feel: 8.5 | Responsiveness: 9 | Stability: 8 | Cushion: 8.5


  • Increases cadence and pace effortlessly
  • Responsive foam and comfortable upper
  • Not ideal for easy runs
  • Less durable midsole and outsole compared to other shoes
The Topo Athletic Cyclone 2 will have you running faster without even realizing it. This lightweight and bouncy shoe features a rocker profile that effortlessly increases your cadence and pace. The Pebax foam midsole and Goodyear rubber outsole provide responsive energy return and durability, although the shoe may not last as long as others. The comfortable and breathable upper requires some adjustment to achieve a secure fit and heel lockdown. Overall, the Topo Athletic Cyclone 2 is a great choice for high-cadence turnover and various types of running.

The Topo Athletic Cyclone 2. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

Actual Weight (U.S. men’s 9): 6.7 ounces (190 grams) | Drop: 5 millimeters

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Salomon Phantasm ($160)

Overall Rating: 8.5 | Upper Comfort: 8.5 | Underfoot Feel: 8.5 | Responsiveness: 8 | Stability: 9 | Cushion: 9


  • Bouncy and firm cushioning
  • Roomy toebox
  • Requires adjustment for midfoot lockdown
The Salomon Phantasm is a versatile shoe for both training runs and speed workouts. It provides comfort and responsiveness with its lightweight foam midsole and smooth rocker profile. While it may take some adjustment to achieve a secure midfoot fit, the shoe offers a roomy toebox and a breathable upper. The bouncy cushioning, stability, and performance on various surfaces make the Salomon Phantasm a great choice for runners.

The Salomon Phantasm. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

Actual Weight (U.S. men’s 9): 8.4 ounces (239 grams) | Drop: 9 millimeters

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Hoka Clifton 9 ($145)

Overall Rating: 8.5 | Upper Comfort: 8.5 | Underfoot Feel: 8 | Responsiveness: 7.5 | Stability: 7 | Cushion: 8.5


  • A cushioned road running shoe suitable for everyday running
  • Less responsive in speed sessions compared to other top picks
The Hoka Clifton 9 is a versatile and cushioned road running shoe suitable for daily running. It provides both comfort and responsiveness, thanks to its plush cushioning and lightweight design. The upper is smooth, comfortable, and breathable. While it may not be as responsive in speed workouts as other top picks, the Hoka Clifton 9 offers a great balance of cushioning and performance.

The Hoka Clifton 9. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

Actual Weight (U.S. men’s 9): 8.9 ounces (253 grams) | Drop: 5 millimeters

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Skechers GOrun Razor 4

GOrun Razor 4


  • New sockliner provides enhanced arch support
  • Goodyear rubber improves outsole durability


We highly praised the Razor 3 and it received awards. Skechers has kept the winning formula intact for four years, which is rare in an industry that constantly introduces updates. However, the Razor 4 is a new and improved version. It features a TPU-based Hyper Burst Pro midsole that offers greater bounce and durability, although it is slightly heavier. The shoe provides consistent cushioning throughout your runs and maintains its performance regardless of the temperature. The carbon-infused forefoot plate enhances responsiveness, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a snappy feel. The Skechers GOrun Razor 4 maintains its flexibility while providing a unique running experience.

Craft Pro Endur Distance ($140)

Overall Rating: 8 | Upper Comfort: 6 | Underfoot Feel: 8 | Responsiveness: 9 | Stability: 5 | Cushion: 9


  • Secure fit and responsive cushioning
  • The foam in the heel may feel too chunky for some
The Craft Pro Endur Distance is a cushioned and responsive road running shoe suitable for daily miles. It offers a comfortable fit and a secure midfoot lockdown. The Px foam midsole provides a responsive cushioning experience, and the one-piece engineered mesh upper adds lightweight support. From paved roads to packed dirt, the Craft Pro Endur Distance delivers an enjoyable running experience, especially on long climbs. While the chunky heel may not appeal to everyone, the shoe offers a great balance of cushioning and performance.

The Craft Pro Endur Distance. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

Actual Weight (U.S. men’s 9): 9.1 ounces (257 grams) | Drop: 9 millimeters

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Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 ($170)


  • Lightweight, responsive, and smooth
  • Some runners may find the heel to be too chunky and/or mushy
  • Higher price compared to other top picks
Another option for lightweight and cushioned road running is the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3. Our author, Alli Hartz, personally put over 100 miles on these shoes in just a few months and was pleasantly surprised by their performance during easy runs and workouts. The foam initially feels chunky underfoot, but once you get going, the transition feels smooth and seamless. Saucony's PWRRUNPB foam is incredibly light and soft, and the winged nylon plate in the midsole provides a snappy energy return. While some testers found the cushioning too mushy for speedwork, they still enjoyed using the shoes for easy efforts and tempo runs.

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 3. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

The stretchy mesh upper on these shoes is delightfully comfortable and secure, making them enjoyable to lace up. The heel and midfoot feel locked in, while the toe area still allows for movement. While the shoe has a more traditional profile, there's still enough rocker in the toe to facilitate an easy forward roll. We found that these shoes work well for shorter and medium-distance runs, but they lack the stability needed for longer runs, such as marathon training. Consequently, your feet may feel tired sooner compared to shoes with more support. Surprisingly, these shoes held up well in fickle springtime mountain weather, providing grip on slushy snow over pavement during long interval workouts.

Actual Weight (U.S. men’s 9): 8.1 ounces (229 grams) | Drop: 8 millimeters

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Nike Air Winflo 9

Air Winflo 9Now 40% Off


  • Soft and secure ankle collar
  • Durable outsole


  • Cushioning may lose some responsiveness over longer runs
For an affordable price and good running performance, the Nike Air Winflo 9 is a great option. The shoe features an upgraded midsole and redesigned upper, all while maintaining an unchanged price. In the v9 version, Nike has modified the Cushlon foam used in the shoe. While it may not be as responsive as the brand's more premium ZoomX or React materials, testers have noticed a softer ride compared to previous versions of the Winflo. The shoe now features a larger Air unit that spans the full length, resulting in a smoother transition from heel to forefoot.

"The cushioning isn't exceptionally bouncy, but it strikes a perfect balance between lightness and shock absorption. I would put it on par with my favorite Hoka shoes," said one tester who tends to heel strike. "The fit and comfort of this shoe are what set it apart for me. I experienced no pressure points on my wide foot, ample space in the toe box, and secure ankle padding."


Opinions on cushioning in running shoes can vary greatly. Some runners prefer a firmer shoe that provides a good feel for the ground, while others prefer a plush cushioning that absorbs impact. In the past, finding a lightweight shoe with sufficient cushioning meant sacrificing some comfort. However, thanks to advancements in foam technology, this is no longer the case. The Skechers GOrun MaxRoad 5, one of the most cushioned shoes we've tested, weighs only 8.7 ounces in a men's size 9. This is particularly beneficial for longer runs, as the extra cushioning helps reduce fatigue and discomfort in the feet and joints.

The best men's running shoes of 2023

Our recommendations are a mix of expert-recommended and staff-favorite brands, including Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Saucony, and more. Each brand offers a wide range of different shoe models, and the ones listed here are the ones that our experts and testers enjoyed the most.

Editor's pick: Asics Gel-Nimbus 25

After trying out many different running shoes, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 is the pair that stood out the most. These supportive running shoes provide ample cushioning and have a relatively neutral support structure. Regardless of the distance, I never experienced any joint or knee pain when running in these shoes. They are incredibly comfortable, thanks in large part to the stretchy tongue, soft knit lining, and extra padding around the ankle. The wide heel loop also makes them easy to put on and take off.

These shoes are on the heavier side compared to others on our list. If you're used to shorter, lightly-cushioned shoes, they may feel slower to you. However, for daily training where cushioning and comfort are key, these shoes are perfect.

Sizes offered: 7-15 | Widths offered: Medium, wide, extra wide | Heel drop: 8 mm | Weight: 299 g / 10.5 oz

Best for arch support: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

For those in need of excellent arch support, we recommend the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22. These shoes feature an EVA foam midsole that runs from the heel to the front of the shoe, providing increased cushioning and pronation control. The difference between the Adrenaline and the Adrenaline GTS lies in Brooks' Guiderails technology. The GTS models have extra support around the rear of the shoe, reducing excess movement and promoting a natural and neutral stride. Having used Brooks Adrenaline and Glycerin GTS shoes in the past, I can attest to the benefit of the Guiderails in maintaining a natural stride.

Sizes offered: 7-16 | Widths offered: Narrow, medium, wide, extra wide | Heel drop: 12mm | Weight: 10.2oz / 289.2g

Best for wide feet and bunions: Hoka Clifton 9

The Hoka Clifton 9 won our 2023 Select Wellness Award for the best men's running shoes. They are cushioned and chunky, providing a supportive feel. These shoes are recommended for individuals with wide feet or bunions, as they offer a spacious toe box. Despite not having wide feet myself, I found the toe box to be roomy and comfortable without scrunching my toes.

Sizes offered: 7-16 | Widths offered: Medium, wide | Heel drop: 5mm | Weight: 8.7 oz / 246.6g

Fast and lightweight: Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

As one of the best running shoes for women, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 is known for its speed and lightweight design. These shoes are the lightest on our list and are ideal for everyday speed training and tempo runs. During my usual routine, I noticed a significant difference between these shoes and my usual heavily cushioned shoes – the Speed 3 felt light, fast, and springy in comparison. They naturally transitioned from step to step and even encouraged a faster pace. While I would choose a heavier, more cushioned shoe for long-distance training, I thoroughly enjoyed using these fast and neutral running shoes for intervals and timed runs.

I also tried the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3, which is even lighter and stiffer than the Speed 3. However, with a steeper price of $225, it may not be as recommendable.

Sizes offered: 7-15 | Widths offered: Medium, wide | Heel drop: 8mm | Weight: 8.1oz / 229g

Select pick: Brooks Revel 6

Priced at $100, the Brooks Revel 6 is more affordable compared to most other options on our list. These shoes are also the overall winner of our 2023 Select Wellness Awards for running shoes. They are lighter, more flexible, and more breathable compared to the Brooks Adrenaline. While they provide less support and stiffness, they still offer enough cushioning to feel comfortable while allowing you to feel the ground you're running on.

While they weren't my absolute favorite, they undeniably offer great value. Please note that they are only available in medium width.

Sizes offered: 7-15 | Widths offered: Medium | Heel drop: 10mm | Weight: 8.8oz / 249.5g

Budget-friendly: Saucony Cohesion 16

For a more affordable running shoe option, the Saucony Cohesion line is worth considering. These shoes consistently have a lower price compared to the competition, including all the other shoes on our list. They offer a spacious and comfortable fit, along with excellent ankle and arch support.

Sizes offered: 7-15 | Widths offered: Medium, wide | Heel drop: 12mm | Weight: 9.1oz / 258g

Durable and grippy: New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is a heavily cushioned everyday running shoe with impressive durability. After a week of use, these shoes showed the least wear compared to the others I tried. The slightly knobby rubber outsole provides added confidence and traction when running on dirt and gravel. Similar to the Brooks Adrenaline GTS, these shoes offer inclusive size and width options.

Sizes offered: 7-16 | Widths offered: Narrow, medium, wide, extra wide | Heel drop: 8mm | Weight: 10.3oz / 292g

Comfortable and stylish: Nike Pegasus 40

If you're looking for running shoes that can seamlessly transition from the office to your workout, consider the Nike Pegasus 40. These shoes have a sleek design and don't immediately scream "running shoes." The mesh texture, wide tongue, long shoelaces, and flatter design make them look more like regular shoes that can be worn at work and on the weekends.

These shoes also deliver on performance, with neutral support, a springy feel, and flat, knobby tread. Although they were comfortable to run in, their best features are their comfort and aesthetics, rather than top-tier performance.

Sizes offered: 6-15 | Widths offered: Medium, wide | Heel drop: 10mm | Weight: 9.4oz / 266g

Find The Best Men’s Running Shoes for You

At Marathon Sports, we are dedicated to running and understanding that the right running shoe can make a difference in achieving your goals, whether it's logging more miles, reaching fitness milestones, or setting personal records. However, what works for one person may not be the best fit for another.

All the shoes listed above are suitable for most men, according to our experts. When shopping online, we encourage you to consider your running style, foot shape, budget, and any previous injuries or concerns when choosing the best running shoes for you. You can also visit your local Marathon Sports to try on different shoes before making a purchase.

In conclusion, finding the perfect pair of running shoes can make all the difference in your performance and overall comfort. With a vast array of options to choose from, it's essential to consider your specific needs, such as cushioning, foot type, and terrain preference. Whether you're hitting the trails or pounding the pavement, the top contenders in the realm of men's running shoes have got you covered. So lace up, hit the road, and let your feet do the talking with the best running shoes of 2023. Find the perfect fit and maximize your potential as you conquer your running goals.