Are you tired of wandering around the house with cold feet or dealing with that nagging pain in your heels? Well, we've got the perfect solution for you! Get ready to step into comfort and style with the best house shoes for men. In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about plantar fasciitis, answer those burning questions about men's slippers, and, most importantly, reveal the crème de la crème of footwear options to keep your tootsies cozy and happy. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a journey through the world of unbeatable comfort.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

"Plantar fasciitis is the most common condition that causes heel pain in adults," explains Dharia. "In fact, it is the condition I see most in my office. In layman's terms, it is inflammation of the band of tissue that connects your heel to the ball of your foot. This condition doesn't discriminate and can affect almost anybody, regardless of their activity level." At-home treatments can include calf stretches, rolling a frozen water bottle, and limiting high-impact activities. Wearing appropriate footwear, including slippers, can also help keep your feet comfortable.

Frequently asked questions about men's slippers

Which company is best for slippers? Some of the best brands for high-quality and fashionable slippers include UGG, RockDove, Balenciaga, and Derek Rose. All of these brands produce slippers that will keep your feet feeling comfortable on any occasion. Read our full guide for a breakdown of the best slippers for men to buy this year.

How long should slippers last? A good quality pair of slippers could last between two to eight years, depending on how often they are worn and washed. Slippers made of premium quality materials will last longer than cheap ones. So, it's wise to invest in a quality pair to ensure comfort for years.

Should you wear socks with slippers? It is recommended to wear socks with slippers, especially if they are worn daily and not frequently washed. Wearing socks helps keep slippers smelling fresh. The best slippers are made of moisture-wicking fabric and offer sufficient breathability. Pairing them with a great pair of socks will help keep them clean for longer.

Best Natural Sheepskin Climate Control

UGG Ascot

Editors' Choice Award Check price at Backcountry

Heel Cup Height: Shoe-height | Main Lining Material: SheepskinREASONS TO BUY

Real sheepskin lining

Shoe-like security

Great traction


Require hand or hands to get on


We love the Ugg Ascot as a versatile, all-climate, work-from-home option, and it's easy to justify the expense of these premium house shoes. The natural sheepskin lining moderates temperature and wicks moisture better than synthetic options, providing advantages during hours of wear. However, it's important to choose the right size as they can run small, and they are quite expensive. Additionally, they require the use of hands to put on, which may be a dealbreaker for some. The Ugg Ascot is best suited for occasional use or for extended periods of wear.

slippers mens - the ugg ascot slippers are deluxe and very comfy against your skin...The Ugg Ascot slippers are deluxe and very comfortable against your skin. They are worth the investment, but keep in mind that they require the use of hands to put on.

Credit: Rosie De Lise

Best Bang for the Buck Slip-On

RockDove Two-Tone

Best Buy Award Heel Cup Height: Low | Main Lining Material: Low Nap fleeceREASONS TO BUY

Cushioned insole

Smooth lining

Machine washable


Slippery outsole

The RockDove Two-Tone slippers are truly slip-on and offered at a very affordable price. If you only need slippers for short walks around the house, these will get the job done. The lining is smooth, making them easy to put on and take off. The insole provides excellent cushioning when new. However, extended use may cause the cushioning to flatten over time. Additionally, the outsole of the RockDove Two-Tone slippers does not offer the best traction compared to other options. It is recommended to exercise caution when walking on carpet, linoleum, or wet boards.

slippers mens - the rockdove two-tone slippers are comfy, warm slip-ons at a great...The RockDove Two-Tone slippers are comfortable, warm slip-ons at an affordable price.

Credit: Rosie De Lise

Best Affordable Shoe-Style

Amazon Essentials Moccasin

amazon essentials moccasin slippers mens Best Buy Award Heel Cup Height: Shoe height | Main Lining Material: Faux FurREASONS TO BUY


Unobtrusive style


Low insulation value

Tough to get on

The Amazon Essentials Moccasins offer excellent value with above-average walking performance. The full-heel design ensures a secure fit, although it may be harder to put on. The faux fur lining is comfortable against bare feet or socks. The outsole provides better-than-average grip. However, these slippers have low insulation value and are not machine washable. They may also require the use of hands to put on. These factors should be considered if you are looking for budget slippers for extended wear around the house. However, if you prioritize walking security, the Amazon Essentials Moccasins are a good option.

slippers mens - the amazon essentials slippers are basic, affordable full-heel...The Amazon Essentials slippers are basic, affordable full-heel slippers for day-to-day use, with walking security as a priority over easy on and off.

Credit: Rosie De Lise

Affordable and Soft

Zigzagger Fuzzy Microsuede Moccasin

zigzagger fuzzy microsuede moccasin slippers mens Heel Cup Height: Shoe-height | Main Lining Material: Mid-nap fleeceREASONS TO BUY

Very cushy insole

Insulating all-fleece upper

Good all-surface traction


Heel doesn't hold on

The Zigzagger Fuzzy Microsuede Moccasin has a soft and cushy insole, making it feel like walking on a pillow. The insole is made of fleece and foam, providing luxurious padding. The heel can be worn up for warmth and security or folded down for easy on and off. However, the heel may not stay on securely while walking longer distances. Despite this, the heel cup does provide insulation when resting. Overall, the Zigzagger slippers have a comfortable design that offers the best of both worlds.

Easymoc Easymoc Slipper

Easymoc Slipper


  • Transitions perfectly from home to public
  • Ortholite footbed for extreme comfort
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Vibram sole can be re-soled


  • No insulation so can get cold
Easymoc was founded in Maine, where a rich tradition of making moccasin-style footwear has existed for generations. The brand aimed to create the best moc-style slipper, and while they may not have fully achieved that goal, they came close.

The Easymoc slipper features leather from Chicago's legendary Horween tannery, a Vibram sole commonly found on work boots, and an orthopedic footbed from Ortholite. Its dropped-back scuff design makes it easy to slip on and off. These slippers can transition from your living room to various social settings, as they have the appearance of a classic boat shoe and pair well with jeans and chinos.

Sizing8-13, full and half
Best Luxury Slipper

Stubbs and Wootton Men's Heriz Slippers

Men's Heriz Slippers


  • Unique look
  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Works for formal attire
  • Can be re-soled


  • Poor traction
  • Expensive

If you gave your feet the choice, Stubbs and Wootton would be the slippers they want to wear. When it comes to luxury slippers, they're at the top of the game. All of their shoes are handcrafted in Spain by expert cobblers. Their slippers, made from 100% linen needlepoint, feature hand-stitched needlepoint canvases tailored for each pair.

All of their slippers have full-staked heels, meaning the entire sole is made of leather. The sole can also be replaced by Stubbs and Wootton when it wears out. With proper care of the upper, these slippers can last a lifetime.

According to Irvine, the benefit of linen footwear lies in its breathability. Linen shoes feel as airy on the feet as linen shirts do on the body. If you tend to have hot feet, investing in linen slippers is worthwhile.

The real selling point of Stubbs and Wootton is their unique patterns and decorations. While their slippers have a simple and timeless silhouette, they are decorated with either simple solid velvet with fun embroidery or beautifully ornate needlepoint designs.

Upper 100% Linen needlepoint
Lining Calf leather
Sizing 9-13, full and half sizes
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Coziest House Slipper

SeaVees Seachange Slide

Seachange Slide


  • Warm and toasty
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Rubber sole for traction


  • Not ideal for wearing outdoors
  • Only comes in full sizing

It's like a teddy bear wrapped around your feet. SeaVees, known for their sneakers, also crafts excellent house slippers. Their high pile fleece slide is the coziest option available for your feet. Plus, SeaVee uses fleece made from recycled PET plastics, making them better for your feet and the planet.

The sole of SeaVees' slippers provide excellent traction, just like their signature sneakers, making them suitable for hardwood floors. However, it's essential to note that these slippers are designed for indoor use and may not withstand rough outdoor surfaces. They are perfect for lounging around while watching Netflix.

Upper Recycled fleece
Liner Recycled fleece
Sizing 8-13, full sizes only
Best Camping Slipper

Teva ReEMBER Terrain Slipper

ReEMBER Terrain SlipperBest Camping Slipper

Overland Gunner Australian Merino Sheepskin Slippers

Gunner Australian Merino Sheepskin Slippers


  • Super warm shearling
  • Fold down ankle cuff
  • Great arch support


  • Shearling fur matts and wears out

This family-run American brand, known for its top-quality jackets for men, also produces excellent slippers. They work with Australian merino sheep and are one of the few companies worldwide that make double-faced sheepskin slippers. This means that the upper is made from a single layer of shearling leather, providing better breathability compared to layered shearling slippers.

The Gunner model is a boot-slipper hybrid with a fold-down cuffed ankle design, a style utilized by indigenous peoples of the Arctic and Nordic countries for centuries. You can flip the cuff up when venturing outside and down when indoors.

Shearling is ideal for cold weather as it effectively wicks away sweat and keeps the feet dry. The double-faced shearling from Overland excels in this regard.

Upper Suede
Liner Merino sheepskin
Sizes 7-15, full sizes only
Best Crepe Soled Slipper

Sorel Falcon Ridge™ II Slipper

Best Crepe Soled Slipper

Basic Slip-On for Short Visits Outside

NDB Memory Foam Suede Slipper

ndb memory foam suede slipper slippers mens Heel Cup Height: Low | Main Lining Material: Low Nap FleeceREASONS TO BUY

Smooth outer

Easy on and off


Poor traction

Missed stitches and loose threads

The NDB Memory Foam Suede Slipper is the only low-heel model in our test that has a slightly "hardened" outer. This outer layer is a synthetic suede that sheds grass and leaves better than the fleece outers on the other budget and slip-on models tested. If your slipper requirements include minimal walking, a wallet-friendly price, and the ability to occasionally go out in the yard, this is a good choice.

The overall quality is pretty low, with missing stitches and stray threads visible right out of the package. The insole is foamy, but not nearly as cushioning as other options available. In head-to-head traction testing, the outsole tied with two other models for the least traction in our entire test.

Merino wool version

Wool Dwellers$59 at Allbirds


If you're a fan of Allbirds' wool sneakers, known for their breathable comfort and business casual appeal, you might want to add a pair of the brand's slippers to your wardrobe. Cushioned midsoles provide a plush feel, while natural rubber outsoles offer non-slip traction.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best house shoes for men, it's important to consider both comfort and affordability. From the luxurious warmth of the Overland Gunner Australian Merino Sheepskin Slippers to the versatile Teva ReEMBER Terrain Slipper, there are plenty of options that cater to every man's needs. Whether you're dealing with plantar fasciitis or simply need a basic slip-on for short visits outside, the choices are endless. So don't settle for uncomfortable or overpriced slippers - invest in a pair that will keep your feet cozy and stylish all day long.