I utilize my meticulously crafted regimen of training tests to purchase and evaluate the products showcased on That Fit Friend. Through years of experience testing diverse training shoes and gear, I have developed a system that I use to inform my buying decisions. Sales made through links on my website may earn me a commission.

When it comes to working out, selecting the appropriate training shoes can make all the difference. As someone who swears by Nike products, I have compiled a list of my favorite Nike training shoes on That Fit Friend. Not all Nike training shoes are created equal, so I've narrowed down my selection to a diverse range of activities.

You'll discover my top Nike training shoe picks for activities like running, CrossFit, lifting, HIIT, and more below. By correlating our training requirements with our personal preferences, we can make informed decisions when purchasing Nike training shoes.

My Top Picks for Best Nike Training Shoes

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Best Nike Training Shoes for HIIT

When evaluating Nike training shoes designed for HIIT, I consider three key factors in construction. The midsole must be receptive to jumping, sprints, and other agility-based movements. The upper should be lightweight and breathable, allowing the feet to stay cool during intense workout sessions. Finally, the outsole must be extremely flexible and accommodating for multi-directional activities. Below are a few of my favorite Nike training shoes designed for HIIT.

1. Nike Free Metcon 5

In my opinion, the Nike Free Metcon 5 is the best version of the Nike Free training shoe line so far. This shoe has many advantages in supporting HIIT training.

The midsole of this model is sturdy enough to provide ample support for lighter lifting exercises. If you prefer lifting with this model, it can comfortably support loads of up to 275-315 lbs in activities such as deadlifts.

Me testing the Nike Free Metcon 5 for plyometrics

Additionally, this shoe's outsole design is exceptionally flexible, allowing for enhanced maneuverability on slippery surfaces. As a result, this shoe is incredibly versatile, and can be utilized throughout the gym.