The equipment used in each sport is uniquely suited to the demands of that game. Boxers wear special shoes designed to help them move quickly in the ring, in contrast to the bare feet worn by practitioners of other martial arts.

Boxing shoes need to have adequate grip on the canvas to prevent slipping without being too sticky. They need to provide arch and ankle support without being cumbersome or slowing you down.

Here are the best products available that meet all those criteria.

As far as boxing shoes go, I highly recommend the Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes. Despite being a much more recent company than the majority of the others on this list, Hayabusa has already created some of the most innovative and effective pieces of combat sports equipment.  

Their boxing shoes are top-notch because they combine modern touches with tried-and-true classic ones. Hayabusa professional boxing shoes are mid-tops that provide ideal ankle support without compromising on mobility.  

These are very light because they are made of microfiber leather and mesh, as should be the case with any boxing shoe. More common in wrestling shoes, the angle grooved soles cover the shoe's edges and provide a better anchoring grip in the ring.

The sole is thin and pliable, allowing for easy sliding and pivoting. The insole is cushioned and can be shaped to your foot. Also, the mesh ventilation will keep you cool and comfortable during your workout. Particular creases in the toes aid in turning and transferring momentum to the punches.

  • The angled grooves offer a secure hold.
  • Fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting.
  • The insoles have been padded for your comfort.
  • The unique sole design is superb.

Professional Boxing Shoes by Hayabusa

Top Picks for Initiating the Sweet Science

Adi's combat speed 5

The Adidas Combat Speed 5 is the best boxing shoes for beginners in my opinion. The fact that they can be worn in a variety of ways makes them an ideal starter pair. Besides boxing, the shoes can also be used for weightlifting and wrestling, thanks to the versatile design.  

And when you're first getting started, you might want a pair of shoes that can be worn during a variety of exercises. In order to keep your feet cool and dry, the upper of the Adidas Combat Speed is constructed with a mix of textile and synthetic materials.

The sole is made of a single piece of textile and flexible rubber. The ankle strap provides additional adjustability over the snugness of the shoes, complementing the excellent support provided by the shoes themselves.

Adidas's reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-quality boxing and wrestling footwear spans decades. That way, you know the shoes you’re buying have been carefully conceived and manufactured to the highest standards.

  • Superb strapped ankle support.
  • Incredible adaptability; many possible uses in the gym.
  • Easy on the body and not too heavy

  • Others have complained that they run small, which is especially problematic for those with wider feet.

The Prime Pair of Boxing Kicks for Novices

The Widest Footwear Options for Boxing

Warriors' Boots for Men by Otomix

A major issue with boxing shoes is that the toe box is usually too small. If you have wide feet, this becomes a serious issue because your options will be severely limited. When designing the Warrior, Otomix specifically targeted athletes with wide feet.

Warriors shoes are what Otomix advertises them to be, so they can be used for more than just boxing. They're constructed out of 100% polyester and feature a rubber outsole for excellent traction.  

The tongue's patented design is a nice touch because it conceals the shoelaces. You can expect these to last longer than regular boxing shoes because they are also made for wrestling.

When looking for the best option for wide feet, the larger toe box is the most critical factor to consider above all others.

  • Toe box widened to accommodate wider feet.
  • In addition to these sports, they are also great for weightlifting, MMA, and wrestling.
  • Greater stability at the ankle

  • Compared to other boxing shoes, these are not as breathable.

In the ring, the best boxing shoes for wide feet

Otomix Man Warrior Shoes

The Finest Pair of Nike Boxing Shoes

There is a new Nike HyperKO 21 available.

As a result of the initial Nike HyperKO's widespread acclaim and commercial success, many competing brands have released their own versions of hyper-similar sneakers. The sequel does a fantastic job of carrying on the tradition while also introducing some welcome upgrades.

The HyperKO 2 fits like a sock and is a high-top boxing shoe That's because a lot of Nike's shoes are made with a fly knit material that gives off that vibe, and it's brilliantly integrated into the design of the shoes as a whole.  

The HyperKO2 is revolutionary because it is the first product of its kind to feature a cuff construction that guarantees a snug and comfortable fit. This cuff forms an X-shape around the heel and ankle, providing a secure grip on the foot.

Aside from the upper, the rubber outsole has also been upgraded from the original version to offer superior traction both in the heel and the exterior. There is one drawback to this shoe, and that is that the toe box is quite narrow.  

  • Incomparable foot support is provided by the one-of-a-kind cuff design.
  • Multidirectional traction outsole
  • Realistic sock-like texture

  • Extremely unsuitable for those with wide feet.

Sneakers: Adidas Box Hog 21

Best Adidas Boxing Shoe

With the Adidas Box Hog, you're getting a true classic from one of the first companies to make boxing shoes after WWII. Many boxers still opt for the Box Hog's tried-and-true design despite the many clever innovations present in competing models.

The mesh upper is not only stylish, but also practical, as it will keep your feet dry even during strenuous activity. Extra layers of synthetic suede are added for reinforcement and longevity.

The tops of the shoes provide superior ankle support. The outsole is threaded in a single direction, just like traditional boxing shoes, for maximum grip when cutting in and out of the ring.

People have come to expect a certain standard of quality and feel from Adidas, and the company has never failed to meet or exceed those requirements. If you're looking for a boxing shoe that has stood the test of time, look no further than the Box Hog.

  • Inheriting the best of classic style while updating it for the present
  • Excellent help for your ankles
  • Squeezed in, but cozy

  • The outsole design is not very effective for lateral motion.

Best Adidas Boxing Shoe

Boxing Shoes Made by Venum

Boxing Shoes of the Elite Quality by Venum

As their name implies, the Venum Elite are presented as and feel like elite. Feel like a superstar when the spotlight shines on you in this high-end ensemble. The mid-cut design of these boxing shoes provides superior lateral ankle support, allowing for lightning-fast defensive moves.

The sole is the most important part of a boxing shoe, and Venum has designed a sole that is light, flexible, and grippy so that the boxer can move quickly in any direction.

The Venum Elites have a special insole that molds to the shape of your foot's plantar arch. Rarely do you see a boxing shoe with an ergonomic arch like this one. It has the potential to aid boxers with flat feet and those with plantar fasciitis.

Venum is a company whose sole mission is to produce gear and clothing for use in combat. Even for elite boxers, the Elite shoes are a great option.

  • All the available hues exude a high-end aesthetic.
  • Ideal for a mid-length hairstyle
  • Those with flat feet can benefit greatly from an ergonomic insole.
  • Airy, perforated mesh upper

  • Quality problems have been reported by a few users.

Boxing Shoes with the Lowest Tops

Low-Top Boxing Shoes by Everlast, Model PIVT

Boxing shoes typically come in mid- or high-top styles, limiting the options for athletes who prefer lower cut footwear. Whether you're training in the gym or competing in the ring, the PIVT Everlast shoes are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Michelin-made sole is the PIVT's other distinguishing feature (aside from the low cut). The ring canvas will not slip as easily thanks to the increased thickness and novel design.

Even so, it is constructed so that it can function on standard gym flooring as well. When combined, the open weave mesh, microfiber, and suede make for a fast, comfortable, and long-lasting fabric.

  • Low-tops allow for greater ankle mobility.
  • Exceptional Michelin outsole for use on both the canvas and the concrete of a gym.
  • Mesh construction in the upper reduces weight and maximizes breathability.

  • It's not a boxing shoe.

Low-Top Boxing Shoes Are The Best

Low-Top Boxing Shoes by Everlast, Model PIVT

Discounted Boxing Shoes of the Highest Quality

Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves by FISTRAGE

The FISTRAGE brand was motivated by the Adidas Box Hog design for their boxing footwear. There are striking similarities, which should reassure you that you are purchasing a tried-and-true design at a significant discount. As a specialized product, boxing shoes tend to be more expensive than other shoe types.

FISTRAGE are supportive boxing shoes with a high top and a breathable mesh upper and a cushioned heel for a secure footing. The sole is composed of rubber, making it both flexible and durable. It offers excellent traction on both canvas and more rigid surfaces.

However, despite costing only a third as much as more expensive models, the FISTRAGE model is not as good as its competitors. There have been reports of issues with the shoe's tongue, and overall durability isn't quite up to par with more well-known brands. However, if you're on a tighter budget, these kicks should do the trick while still allowing you full mobility in the ring.

  • Excellent worth
  • Excellent air flow and breathability
  • Quality-made bottom

  • A lower quality product that won't last as long.

Leather Boxing Gloves by FISTRAGE

The Finest Alternative Boxing Shoes

Wrestling shoes made by Asics, model no. Matflex 6.

Conversely, boxing shoes share many characteristics with wrestling shoes, including being lightweight, flexible, and providing excellent traction on a canvas or mat surface. For obvious reasons, many boxers opt for wrestling shoes instead.

In contrast to boxing, which places less stress on the feet and shoes, wrestling does, so wrestling shoes are built to withstand a lot more punishment.

The soles of these shoes are also unique in that they are designed to offer traction and grip in all directions. On the downside, boxing shoes aren't the best choice due to decreased ankle stability necessitated by wrestling's emphasis on ankle mobility.

Among wrestling shoes, the Asics Matflex is a standard, and for good reason. These are a great option for non-boxing shoes that you can wear in the gym and the ring, and they will serve you well in both environments. You could end up preferring them to traditional boxing footwear.

  • Longer lasting than ring shoes
  • Wrestling shoes are sock-like in their lightness and pliability.
  • Numerous color choices

Best Training Shoes for Boxing That Aren't Specifically Made for the Sport

Asics Wrestling Matflex 6 Shoes

All of the featured designs are suitable for both sexes. Brands advertise their footwear as unisex and provide a wide range of sizes for women. A more subdued side of women may appreciate the broader palette offered by some models. Nonetheless, if it is the right size, any of the models on the list will do.

Buying the Right Boxing Shoes for You


Ankle height is the most noticeable variation among boxing footwear. You can get boxing shoes with a low, medium, or high top.

Low-tops, as the name implies, don't go much higher than the ankle. The lack of ankle support is compensated for by the shoes' light weight and adaptability. The most well-liked styles are mid-tops, which offer adequate protection for the wearer's ankles while still allowing for a good degree of freedom of movement.

However, not everyone enjoys the snug fit of a high top, despite the fact that they are the most secure option. Go for the higher ones if your ankles are more prone to giving out. If you want to do a lot of different kinds of exercises, you should get low-top shoes.

You should also keep in mind that not all shoes of the same category are the same height, despite their names implying otherwise. Depending on the brand and style, low-top shoes can rest directly on, below, or just above the knuckles of the ankle.

Size & Fit

Best Boxing Shoes For Beginners

Boxing shoes are almost as snug as a glove and need to be a perfect fit to be comfortable. They can bend in any direction and weigh next to nothing. Consequentially, compatibility is crucial.

There is a model out there for just about everyone. However, those with wider feet should either choose the option we provided or make the trip to the store to try on a few different models.

When buying boxing shoes, be sure to use the sizing chart. Always take your own foot measurements instead of using the size of an existing pair of shoes. Boxing shoes have a very different design and construction than regular trainers.


Can You Wear Boxing Shoes Casually

The sole is where the design starts to diverge visually from the norm. A good pair of boxing shoes will offer sufficient traction for pivoting and lateral movement. The outsoles of vintage sneakers like the Adidas Box Hog are narrower. Other designs, such as the Hayabusa, have softer edges.

The sole thickness is also unique. Some are about the thickness of a standard shoe, while others are much thinner. Whether or not you intend to use them on harder surfaces is another matter of personal preference.


Boxing shoes are notoriously costly. Prices have remained relatively high because there aren't that many producers and the market isn't particularly saturated. However, if you limit their use to the boxing gym, they should hold up for quite some time.

Good quality and design can be found in even the most affordable models. Usually, the higher the price, the higher the quality, but once you get above a certain range, you're just paying for the name on the label and the fancy packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boxing Shoes

Do Shoes Matter In Boxing

Mike Tyson, one of the most devastating heavyweight champions in history, became a cultural icon thanks to his iconic style and actions. Although he was known for his off-the-ring antics in the '90s, his stylish and straightforward black boxing boots were a perfect reflection of his no-nonsense fighting style.

Those custom kicks were all black leather and had black laces. They weren't a household name, but he wore them throughout his career regardless.  

Is It True That Boxing Shoes Are Importance?

Boxing shoes are important because of the importance of footwork in the sport. You'll need to have nimble reflexes and a firm grasp while carrying next to nothing. Although they are not required for competition or training, boxing shoes are the best option due to their specialized design for the sport.

How Often Can You Wear Boxing Shoes?

Although boxing shoes can be worn casually, you should avoid doing so. Additionally, they are easily damaged by concrete and other abrasive surfaces. Why waste your nice shoes on everyday wear is beyond me.

Boxing shoes are notoriously thin, making them uncomfortable for long periods of walking or standing on hard surfaces if you're used to wearing shoes with more padding. Not to mention, you probably won't want to wear your boxing shoes to a nice dinner.

Canelo's Footwear: Where Can I Find Them?

Canelo Alvarez, the current boxing superstar, fights almost exclusively in a pair of Under Armour boxing shoes. He fights wearing a signature model that varies in color depending on the bout. However, there are times when he wears a new pair of fight-specific boots.

A high top is necessary for boxing because...

A high top shoe's primary function is to support the wearer's ankles. Boxing requires quick footwork, which can cause ankle injuries due to the repetitive twisting and turning. Improved punching power comes from a more stable base, which is provided by a strong ankle and foot.


If you're looking for boxing footwear, the Hayabusa Pro boxing shoe is currently our top pick. It triumphs because it flawlessly attends to every last detail. However, each of the available options is a good fit. Alternatives to the Hayabusa exist, and their suitability will depend on the individual. You can easily slide, shuffle, and change positions in either.

Pro Boxing Shoes by Hayabusa