There are few fabrics more delicate than silk and satin. It's no surprise that many people want to know how to clean satin shoes, given how easily they attract grime and dirt. More people than you might think want to know how to clean suede shoes.

White satin wedding shoes, whether they be pumps, sandals, booties, or bridesmaid shoes, are the most common satin footwear that requires cleaning.

The celebrations of the day will have left their mark on these shoes, which may include wine stains and/or annoying grass stains from outdoor events.

And then there are the pointe shoes and satin dance shoes that are used in ballet. Repeated use on dirty dance floors or theater stages will leave this with a filthy sheen after a while. This is especially the case if the shoes are not properly cared for in between uses.  

Fortunately, satin shoes can be cleaned at home; however, it's important to clean them carefully using only mild solutions. Therefore, it may take some time and effort to get them to look brand new again. But don't let that get you down. You just need to be patient.

Here at, we'll teach you how to clean any pair of satin shoes, from colored to white.

Before You Clean Your Satin Shoes, Read This!

There are three things to keep in mind before cleaning your satin shoes. These are important to keep in mind before you get started to protect your lovely footwear.   

Check It Out: 1.

You should always do a small test in an inconspicuous place first. It's best to start your shoe inspection on the inside, near the bottom of the shoe's internal wall, or the back of the heel.

Thoroughly pat dry.

Let the satin shoes dry in a cool, dark place after cleaning. Although air drying is preferable, other options exist. In order to find out, read my article on drying shoes quickly.

No dirty sneakers allowed, only satin dress shoes

Some professionals in the cleaning industry recommend not trying to remove water-based stains from satin footwear. As a result, you should first let the footwear air dry.

It's best to wait until the stain has dried before attempting to clean your satin shoes, as doing so can make the stain spread. Some examples of such messes include wet grass, wine spills, and mud from the sidewalk that splattered onto your shoes during a downpour.

Cleaning Satin Shoes

Text reading how to clean sating shoes 6 cleaning tips over cropped tilted view of woman putting on white satin shoes.

Your satin shoes require a gentle hand wash.

One of the safest ways to clean satin shoes without risking damage is to wash them by hand.  

You'll need the following materials before you can clean your satin shoes: a soft brush, liquid soap, water, a towel, and a small bowl.

If you want your satin shoes to look like new in no time at all, try this cleaning method.   

The 4 Easy Steps to Clean Your Satin Shoes by Hand

  1. You can clean your shoes faster by using a brush and gently rubbing it against all of the surfaces. The brush can be used to sweep away any loose dirt and dust that might be clinging to your shoes.
  2. Use a mild liquid soap next. If you're looking for something gentle yet effective, castile soap is a great option. Two tablespoons of cleaning solution and one to two teaspoons of water should be combined in a bowl and stirred thoroughly before use.
  3. When your cleaning solution is ready, soak a towel in it and use it to rub your satin shoes gently. If you don't want to ruin your shoes, take your time and move gently.
  4. In order to completely remove all stains, you should keep cleaning with the towel. To remove any leftover soap from the satin shoes, grab a clean towel, soak it in warm water, and squeeze it out before rubbing it on the shoes.
  5. For best results, leave your shoes in a cool, dry area for several hours. The use of a fan can hasten the drying process. My blog post on drying shoes has more details.

Methods for Removing Difficult Stains from Satin Shoes, Such as Grass

Grass stains are a common problem for formal footwear, and it makes sense that they would be a problem for men. Shoes made of satin, for example, are commonly worn with bridesmaid dresses and other wedding attire. Outdoor weddings are increasingly common, so the math is easy to figure out.

Stains from these greenish-yellow grass pigments are notoriously difficult to remove, especially from light-colored satin footwear. Read on for some do-it-yourself solutions to removing these and other stubborn stains, such as dirt and wine.

Always test your sneaker cleaning hacks on an inconspicuous area of the shoe first before applying them everywhere.

Start with OxiClean.

Incredibly effective, OxiClean streamlines the cleaning procedure. This stuff is magic; I've used it on countless stain-ridden articles of clothing and accessories. Using this product to clean satin shoes at home couldn't be easier.  

  1. Make a paste by mixing 1 tablespoon of OxiClean powder with 2 teaspoons of water.  
  2. To clean your satin shoes, simply dip a clean towel into the paste, rub the towel against the shoes, and then gently rub in circular motions to remove the stains and dirt.  
  3. To finish cleaning your shoes, use a fresh, damp towel to gently scrub away any remaining stains.  
  4. Make sure they're completely dry before putting them on.

Try some baking soda.

Baking soda can be used as a substitute for OxiClean when cleaning satin shoes. You'll need some baking soda, water, a brush, and two towels.  

  1. Making a paste by combining the baking soda and water
  2. Put some paste on a towel, and use it to rub your satin shoes in a circular motion to clean off the dirt and stains.
  3. Remove the baking soda residue by wiping your shoes down with a damp towel and some water.

3. Add Vodka

Inquiring whether or not vodka can be used to clean satin shoes It's another choice to think about if you need your satin shoes to look brand new quickly.  

Vodka is most effective when applied locally. If you're going to use vodka, make sure it's 100 percent vodka. Nothing artificial, like flavors or dyes. Follow these easy steps to learn how to use vodka to get rid of stains:

  1. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of vodka and water (1:3).
  2. Apply the mixture with a spray and let it sit on the shoes for at least 10 minutes.
  3. After that, get a soft microfiber cloth and start rubbing the stains out of the satin shoes. You shouldn't have any trouble removing stains from your satin shoes.
  4. Wait until the satin shoes are dry to wear them.

Four, vinegar might be useful for

Don't be afraid to try vinegar. Shoes can be cleaned effectively with a solution made from vinegar, a little baking soda, and an equal amount of water.  

Spread the vinegar solution evenly across both shoes, and rub it in gently. Wait a few minutes, then use a clean, damp towel to remove it. It's important to dry your shoes in a dark, cool place.

Shoes made of white satin require special care.

Cleaning white satin shoes is as simple as mixing a mild detergent with water and brushing them off with a soft bristled toothbrush.  

You'll need some H2O, a spotless soft-bristled toothbrush, a cute little bowl, and a very gentle cleanser to get this job done. Heritage Park's Silk & Wool detergent, The Laundress's delicate washing liquid, and Woolite are a few to think about.

If you want your light satin shoes to look their best, here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning white satin shoes.

  1. Combine 1 cup of liquid detergent with 2 cups of cold water. If the stains aren't particularly stubborn, you can use a smaller amount of detergent.
  2. Dip the toothbrush into the detergent and water mixture, testing the solution first on a small area. Do not add more water to the stain by leaving the solution on your shoes.
  3. Scrub the stain gently with a brush. As often as is necessary, repeat the process, this time washing the toothbrush to remove any built-up grime.
  4. To remove any remaining moisture after removing a stain, use a dry, white towel.  
  5. Don't wear your shoes again until you've given them time to dry in a dark, cool place.  

Five Simple Methods for Maintaining Shiny Satin Shoes

You wouldn't want to ruin your satin shoes by ruining them with stains from grass, dirt, wine, or anything else, so you To keep satin shoes clean and free of permanent stains, you can take a number of measures.

1. Spray for Waterproofing Shoes

Invest in a shoe spray that is both waterproof and dirt-repellent to save yourself the trouble of dealing with soiled footwear. Your footwear will be protected for a short period of time after being sprayed with the substance, but it won't last forever.  

Using these sprays, you can protect your fabric from soiling and marking up. If you want your shoes to last as long as possible, this is one of the best ways to do it.  

In this post, I'll teach you how to apply waterproof shoe spray and recommend the best waterproof sprays for shoes.  

Spray hairspray

If you don't have any waterproof shoe spray on hand, you can use hairspray instead. You can also use hairspray to protect the satin shoes from dirt and stains.

To get the best results, spray hairspray from a distance of 1 foot onto all sides of your shoes. Put the shoes in a dry and cool location.

Regular maintenance cleaning

Satin shoes can be kept in pristine condition with regular wipings after use to remove any traces of dirt. After each use, dust it with a soft brush or microfibre brush to remove any dirt or debris.

It can spare you the time and effort of a thorough deep cleaning if you're just looking to get things done quickly. Upkeep is essential.

Organize your satin footwear properly.

You may be wondering, "How do I properly store my satin shoes?" The best way to store them is in a dust bag on a shoe rack inside of your closet.  

Shoe bags range from the extremely basic black velvet variety to transparent windowed "peek-a-boo" bags that reveal the contents.

It's the most effective method for keeping them clean and dry. There is a wide variety of sizes and styles of dust and shoe bags available at Walmart if you don't already have one.  

However, most pairs of satin shoes will come with at least one dust bag for your convenience, so don't throw those away!

Five Times You Shouldn't Wear Satin Shoes

The best way to preserve the pristine condition of your satin footwear is, of course, to avoid getting them dirty in the first place. Grass, soiled sidewalks, and satin shoes in the rain are all things to be avoided.  

If that's not possible (hello, potential wedding locations), Please give the aforementioned suggestions for caring for satin footwear a shot. Do you worry that your heels will get dirty from walking in the grass?

High heel protectors, such as heel caps and attachable bases, exist to prevent dirt and grass stains from being ground into your shoes when walking on grass. This article is dedicated entirely to that topic.

Satin Shoe Care: Frequently Asked Questions

Shoes by Badgley Mischka and Manolo Blahnik: A Guide to Cleaning the Satin

Whether they have a sparkly buckle or not, Badgley Mischka or Manolo Blahnik satin shoes are best cleaned with a damp cloth.  

Apply the rag to the shoes after soaking it in warm water and squeezing out the excess liquid. It should only take a damp rag to remove the grime.  

Keep in mind that the jeweled buckled may rust if not properly cared for, so you can also use any of the methods described above. If you want to protect the metal from corrosive liquid, you can use saran wrap to do so.

Ballroom and pointe shoes made of satin: a cleaning guide

Satin ballroom or pointe shoes can get very dirty from repeated use, so it's best to wash them by hand every time.   

Shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a drop or two of mild detergent. Always give them a quick wipe down after using them for a performance or rehearsal to keep them in top shape.

Conclusions on Cleaning Satin Shoes

Obviously, the best way to avoid soiling a nice pair of satin shoes is to never wear them.

Shoes made of satin are among the most elegant but fragile options. I know that until I learned how to properly care for and maintain them, I refrained from buying any pairs in light colors.

If you were on the fence about buying satin shoes before, hopefully this post has put your mind at ease. I hope this has helped you feel more at ease with cleaning the satin shoes you already own, perhaps your wedding shoes. You've got everything you need to restore those satin shoes to like-new condition.

This post's instructions for cleaning satin shoes at home should be used with caution. ShoeTease and its affiliates disclaim all responsibility for any injuries or property loss that may occur as a result of following any of the suggestions made in this article. Use the information at your own peril. It's recommended to have a professional clean your silk and satin footwear.

xo, ShoeTease