Protecting your feet from hot sand, insects, sharp objects, and other potential hazards requires the use of the best shoes for sand and beach. Choosing the perfect pair of shoes can be more challenging than you'd think, which is why we've compiled this in-depth guide to help you along the way.

Our Pick
Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe, Castle Rock/Green Oasis, 14 M US
Best Price
KEEN Women's Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandals
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Wave Runner Water Shoes for Women - Quick Drying Water Shoes with Style - Outdoor Lightweight No-Slip Aqua Sneakers (5, Black Tie Dye, Numeric_5)
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Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Black Sandals - 6 2A US Women / 4 2A US Men
Merrell Castle Rock/Green Oasis 14 M US Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe
Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandals by KEEN for Women
Women's Wave Runner Water Shoes—Fast-Drying, Fashion-Forward, Ultralight, Slip-Resistant Aqua Sneakers—Sizes 5–5 (Black Tie Dye)
Sandals, Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Black, Sizes 6 2A US Women / 4 2A US Men
Our Pick
Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe, Castle Rock/Green Oasis, 14 M US
All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe, 14 Medium US, Merrell Men's, Castle Rock/Green Oasis
Best Price
KEEN Women's Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandals
Whisper Closed-Toe Sport Sandals from KEEN for Women
Don't Miss
Wave Runner Water Shoes for Women - Quick Drying Water Shoes with Style - Outdoor Lightweight No-Slip Aqua Sneakers (5, Black Tie Dye, Numeric_5)
Women's Wave Runner Water Shoes: Ultra-Fast-Drying, Fashionable, Outdoor, Non-Slip Aqua Sneakers (5, Black Tie Dye, Numeral_5)
Also Think About
Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Black Sandals - 6 2A US Women / 4 2A US Men
Arizona Essentials EVA Black Sandals by Birkenstock, Sizes 6 2A for Women and 4 2A for Men

As you set out to buy the best pair available, there are a number of crucial aspects to think about, including how they will fit, the materials they are made of, and the kinds of beach activities you intend to engage in. Read on if you need guidance and want to buy the best shoes possible for your upcoming trip.

The beauty of your shoes can be enhanced in a number of ways; did you know this? Visit Patches Co. if you're on a budget and want to customize your shoes with unique patches. You can choose from a wide array of styles that feature attractive and original patterns to liven up the look of your footwear.  

These patches can be sewn onto other garments for even more outfit variety and to create new fashion trends. Great care was taken in selecting high-quality materials that would not quickly wear out or fade.

We compiled a list of the top beach and sand shoes.

(1) Merrell's All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes

Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes

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Water shoes for the beach and sand have undergone numerous changes over the years, particularly in terms of materials, designs, and production techniques. These Merrell All Out Blaze sneakers are a prime example of this development.

These are water sandals with a closed toe design that will keep your feet safe from any harm. These shoes are one of the best investments you can make for your feet if you are an avid outdoorsman who enjoys long walks on the beach.

They will do as promised or better than promised, so the price seems fair for what you get. The fact that they are easy on the feet and provide high levels of comfort and support even on rough terrain is crucial. There is no doubt that you should check out this pair.

  • Outstanding stability in sandy environments.
  • Innovative Drying Technology
  • Easy on the feet and feet
  • Snug fit
  • Technology that prevents the growth of bacteria on your feet
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SUOKENI Women's Quick-Drying Slip-On Beach Water Shoes

SUOKENI Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes for Beach

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To protect your feet from water, sand, and anything else you might encounter at the beach, try a pair of Suokeni quick-drying water shoes. They come from the Suokeni store, and there are a total of 27 different colors to pick from.

These shoes are ideal for long walks along the shore of a river, lake, or ocean. The soles are designed in such a way that they drain water and sand almost immediately. You can wear them for long periods of time without experiencing any foot fatigue because of how soft and light they are.

You can put away your rubbery, flimsy water shoes in favor of this model because it has the structure and support you need for your beach strolls. In addition to being reasonably priced, they also provide the excellent price/value that consumers seek today.

  • Extremely gentle feel
  • You can choose from one of 27 different hues.
  • Versatile
  • You can use them both in and out of the pool.
  • Superior outsole
  • Inexpensive

Third, Water Sandals for Wave Running

SUOKENI Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes for Beach (2)

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These sand shoes, available at the Wave Runner shop, are loaded with cool features that will make your beach walks fun and carefree. This pair has a stretchy, nonslip mesh upper and sole, and they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

This shoe's longevity can be attributed in large part to its thick, non-slip outsole. Another welcome addition to these shoes is a drainage hole in the sole that allows water to drain out.

An additional positive is that using this model will give you a rock-solid foundation upon which to build. You can confidently traverse wet, slick, and otherwise hazardous terrain without worrying about slipping. Because of how soft they are, you won't even have to worry about blisters. These shoes have a lot going for them, and at their price, you really can't go wrong with checking them out.

  • Sole is thick and flexible to improve traction.
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • It's simple to put on and take off.
  • Affordable
You can find more information at the official website ( or on eBay ( or Amazon (" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">span> Check on Amazon/span>/a>.

The KEEN Whisper Closed Toe Water Sandal

KEEN Whisper Closed Toe Water Sandal

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If you're having trouble deciding between sandals and sneakers for your summertime beach walks, this model from the Keen store may be just what you're looking for, as it offers the best from both worlds. They're incredibly portable and lightweight, with 29 distinct color combinations to pick from.

These have a webbed design and are made of quick-drying polyester lined with water-repellent mesh, so your feet won't get wet. These water sandals have an antibacterial probiotic lining that neutralizes odors and prevents them from returning for days.

The molded EVA midsoles feature cushioned arch support and lugged soles provide excellent traction for walking long distances. Bungee laces that can be tightened around your feet for added security and support are included as well. Overall, these shoes are great for strolls along the beach and, despite being more expensive, they are well worth it for the features they offer.

  • Superb adhesion
  • EVA insoles that provide the wearer with a cushy arch hold
  • Tightenable bungee cords
  • Featuring 29 unique color combinations
  • The uppers are quick to dry.
  • Space for your toes to spread out
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The Barefoot Quick-Dry Aqua Socks from WateLves are the 5 Best Water Shoes for the Beach.

WateLves Water Shoes Barefoot Quick-Dry Aqua Socks for Beach

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It's from the WateLves shop, so you know it's super flexible and perfect for strolls along the beach. You'll feel like you're walking barefoot on a cloud, but without the risk of blisters or the annoyance of sand between your toes.

These shoes are expertly crafted; they have supple rubber soles that allow for a wide range of motion, and they are designed to be extremely comfortable. In addition to providing extra comfort, the toe guard shields your toes from any sharp or jagged objects you may encounter on the beach.

The drainage holes are another great feature of these shoes. If you like to dip your toes into the water while walking along the beach, these holes will help keep your shoes dry. In general, these shoes are soft, elastic, and comfortable, and they can be had for a reasonable price.

  • Plush padding for relaxation
  • Water-shedding vents to prevent wet shoes
  • The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, making for a more relaxed workout.
  • There is a wide variety of color combinations available.
  • Comfortable, foldable footwear for travel
  • Affordable

Birkenstock's EVA-soled sandals are number six on our list.

Birkenstock EVA Sandal

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This fashionable sandal design could be the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy fashionable yet practical beach strolls. It's a two-strap sandal that's been gaining popularity over the past few years thanks to its good looks, practicality, and rising demand from fashion-conscious consumers.

These shoes come in many different color combinations, and in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they are also very practical and easy to use when walking on uneven surfaces like sand. The high levels of comfort it provides make it a great choice not only as a beach shoe, but also for everyday use.

Waterproof and featuring a contoured footbed and deep heel cup, this EVA-style sandal will help maintain proper foot alignment. You can do a lot of different things with this pair, and if that isn't enough, they're also reasonably priced (depending on the size you choose).

  • Stylish
  • Waterproof
  • Able to be worn off the sand
  • Unparalleled cushioning for your feet
  • A bed for your feet that's easy on the skin
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7 Water Shoes: ALEADER Mesh Slip-On

ALEADER Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

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New to the Aleader shop, these slip-on water shoes are ideal for walks in sandy or otherwise unlevel environments, offering adequate protection from water and ensuring that your feet remain dry at all times. This particular model is intended for male consumers, but it is otherwise indistinguishable from its counterpart aimed at females.

The model's sturdy construction guarantees it will survive light use as well as more severe abuse. Users looking for a flexible pair of water shoes for leisurely strolls along the beach or river are a good fit for these shoes.

These footwear options are so featherweight that they may as well be socks. Unfortunately, they do not provide enough cushioning for your feet, making them unsuitable for strolls of any length. Not only are they cheap, but they also work well in the water and on the sand.

  • Lightweight
  • Uppers constructed from breathable mesh
  • Water-wicking drainage holes
  • The mesh prevents sand from getting through.
  • Soles with a nonslip pattern
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DLGJPA Fast-Drying Water Shoes: Ideal for the Beach and Other Water Activities

DLGJPA Quick Drying Water Shoes for Beach or Water Sports

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Coming from the DLGJPA store, these quick-drying water shoes for the beach are highly supportive of your feet and are available in over 20 astonishing color patterns Its design and the exceptional comfort it provides have made it a user favorite.

The anti-slip rubber outsoles add traction, and the flexible, cushioned footbed makes these shoes feel like you're not even wearing them. The treads are tough enough that you won't feel any impact from rocks, sticks, and other beach debris as you walk.

These shoes have excellent drainage holes in the outsoles and quick-drying mesh uppers, so your feet won't get wet no matter what. What's more, they're incredibly lightweight, making them ideal for carefree strolls along the beach or river.

  • Uppers constructed with quick-drying mesh
  • Shoes with built-in drains
  • Different color schemes are available.
  • Soles made of nonslip rubber
  • Durable

Nine Speedo Surfwalker Water Shoes in a Hurry

Speedo Water Shoe Surfwalker Rush

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The Speedo Surfwalker Rush shoes are an excellent and fashionable alternative to conventional beach shoes, protecting your feet from harsh conditions like sand, sharp objects, and water.

These shoes have all the features you'd want in a good pair of water shoes: a nonslip rubber outsole, a stretchy upper, and a bungee lace system that lets you customize the fit to feel like a second skin.

In addition, you can wear these shoes all day due to how comfortable they are, making them ideal for long walks. As an added bonus, the hydrophobic mesh uppers of these shoes dry quickly, so your feet won't get wet. Generally speaking, this is a fantastic set at a price that's hard to beat.

  • Several Styles of Color
  • Bungee lacing system that can be tightened for a custom fit.
  • A nonslip rubber outsole
  • Quick-drying, water-repellent mesh uppers

The Ins and Outs of Sand and Beach Shoes

best shoes for walking on the beach

A good pair of sand and beach shoes should serve many purposes besides just keeping your feet safe. They need to have features like breathability, grip, and comfort. Here are some guidelines to follow while shopping that will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


You need a sturdy pair of shoes with good arch support to keep your feet from hurting or injuring themselves. Particularly crucial if you suffer from plantar fasciitis or flat feet. Try to find a pair of shoes with a contoured midsole and an EVA footbed.


If the thought of getting your feet wet sends shivers down your spine, look into purchasing a pair of shoes made from a permeable material. To ensure that your feet remain dry at all times, this material promotes rapid evaporation of any moisture that may accumulate. Shoes with drainage holes are another excellent option for keeping your feet dry.


There is a higher risk of falling and hurting yourself if you let your feet get wet and if sand gets stuck in your shoes. Shoes with anti-slip properties, like those with deep grooves, high-traction soles, or gripping materials, can help you avoid these kinds of accidents.

best budget shoes for sand


The fact that you're walking on a beach in close proximity to water is no guarantee that your feet won't get hot and make the whole experience unbearable. To avoid this, seek out shoes that are constructed from breathable materials to allow for adequate air circulation, wick away moisture, and keep your feet dry and comfortable.


Water shoes made from materials that are gentle on the skin will provide the most comfort and support while you're out on the water. Mesh, leather, and textile are all good options for shoes. Make sure the shoes' upper is made of a breathable mesh or leather that fits your feet snugly without being too tight before making a purchase.


Despite the unpredictability of shoe longevity, there are still ways to identify poorly made shoes from those that are of higher quality. Ensure the shoe is free of any flaws by giving it a thorough once-over before buying it.


Shoes with some pliability are recommended because of the rough terrain you'll encounter on the beach and sand. It's impossible to perform even the most fundamental of movements, like walking, in shoes that don't bend with your foot, so be sure to pick some that do.

Questions & Answers

best beach shoes

1 Can you swim in sand and beach water shoes?

Absolutely If you're going to be doing any sort of water sport, like kayaking or paddle boarding, or even swimming in an area where the ground is rocky and you could scrape your feet, you should definitely invest in a pair of water shoes.

Should beach and sand shoes be snug or roomy?

It's best to get your exact size when purchasing water shoes for the beach, as this will ensure a snug and comfortable fit. You'll have much more trouble walking or running in a loose pair, but these are designed to give you excellent traction and stability on both wet and dry surfaces. Contrarily, if you buy a pair that is too small for you, they will become irritatingly tight very quickly.

What's the best beach footwear, and why?

Although all of the styles we've covered today are appropriate for the beach, platform sandals tend to be the favorite due to their combination of comfort, style, and current trends. You won't burn your feet walking in the sand, and pebbles won't get stuck in your toes.

How do I remove sand from my shoes?

It can be tackled from a number of different angles. You can beat the shoes together, and the sand will usually just fall out. They can also be washed by dunking them in water or subjecting them to high pressure. Baby powder is a well-known alternative to hand vacuums for sand removal, and you can also try a hand vacuum.

5. What is the best way to clean sand out of the mesh?

Put them in the mesh bag until you get home, then soak them in cold water for 10 minutes; the sand should begin to separate from the fabric at this point.

Should I be concerned that soaking my shoes in salt water will hasten their degeneration?

The gradual deteriorating effect of salt water is why it's best to wear shoes that dry out quickly and don't let water seep in.

In your opinion, are water shoes comfortable?

Water shoes have the potential to be extremely relaxing if you take the time to learn about them and pick the right pair. They not only keep you safe from the trash that is typically found near bodies of water, but they also feel great on your feet.

Disclosing Remarks

One of the best parts of a seaside vacation is strolling along the sand and beach, and enjoying this activity in comfort requires packing the right footwear.

We trust that our recommendations will help you find the ideal footwear, and we hope you enjoy reading our guide. If you're having trouble making a decision, our top three recommendations are perfect for long beach strolls and provide supreme comfort.

Those weren't your only options, so here are some more Amazon suggestions:

Mishansha Water Shoes Aqua Shoes Beach Shoes Mens Womens Swim Quick Dry Barefoot for Kayaking Fishing Diving Surfing Quick Dry Driving Yoga
Quick-Dry Barefoot Kayaking Fishing Diving Surfing Driving Yoga Mishansha Water Shoes Aqua Shoes Beach Shoes Mens Womens Swim
  • IDEAL MATERIAL: Upper made of salt- and wear-resistant stretchy, breathable ultra-lightweight Lycra for quick drainage and ventilation across the foot; provides excellent flexibility and comfort; yet is substantial enough to keep feet safe.
  • SOLES: The soles are made of a new and improved unique and high-quality anti-slip rubber with several holes on the bottom to ensure proper water flow out of them, making for a cooler and healthier shoe environment.
  • Pull tab at the heel and quick-release laces make our water shoes convenient to put on and take off.
  • If your feet are of varying widths, you can easily and quickly adjust the elastic straps on your shoes to keep from having to tie your shoes. Feel the freedom of going barefoot without risking injury to your feet.
L-RUN Womens Water Shoes for Beach Pool Swim Surf Diving Purple M US (Women 8, Men 6)=EU38
L-RUN Women's Water Shoes, Purple M US (Women 8, Men 6)=EU38, for Swimming, Surfing, and Diving
  • The upper is made of a stretchy, breathable ultra-lightweight fabric that allows for quick drainage and cross ventilation. This helps the shoe dry quickly and keeps the wearer cool and comfortable.
  • BAND OF ELASTIC: The elastic band, in conjunction with the detachable shoelaces, allows the shoes to be adjusted to the wearer's foot width in a flash.
  • FLEXIBLE&LIGHTWEIGHT: Benefit from the textile's superior flexibility and lightweight design to slip them on over your bare feet and feel as comfortable as socks.
  • SAFETY FOR YOUR FEET: The thicker outsole has better traction so you won't slip even if the floor is wet. Protection from rock and stone is provided by the thick honeycomb structure insole and the sturdy rubber outsole.
  • Instance: Ideally suited to aquatic activities like swimming, surfing, water sports, beach sports, sailing, yoga, water aerobics, etc. Excellent Options for Outdoor Entertainment with Kids
SAYOLA Water Shoes Adult Swim Beach Sand Unisex Anti-Slip Arch-Support Barefoot Indoor Outdoor Sports Activities 543 White
SAYOLA Water Shoes Anti-Slip Arch-Support Barefoot Adult Swim Beach Sand 543 White Indoor Outdoor Sports
  • The upper is constructed from a Lycra material that is ultra breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying, making for the best wearing even when wet.
  • UNIQUE FORM: The foot's profile serves as a starting point for the shoe's ergonomic design. The shoes have a drawstring that allows you to customize the fit, a sole with six drainage holes, and a toe design that looks like five toes.
  • SAYOLA water shoes are available in a wide selection of colors and sizes, making them suitable for both men and women. A size chart can be found on the product page.
  • SAYOLA water shoes are versatile and can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. Some examples include: beach games, swimming, surfing, boating, kayaking, pool, sailing, water park, gym, beach volleyball, fishing, walking, hiking, snorkeling, and many more!
MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers
Swim Surf Beach Pool Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers Men Women MAYZERO Water Shoes
  • Uppers made from high-quality flexible fabrics that are kind to the skin and allow air to circulate provide a cool, comfortable environment for your feet. The extra room in the toe box will make walking around all day much easier.
  • When participating in water sports, your feet are at a heightened risk of injury from sharp objects like shells and stones. These water sandals are perfect for the beach or pool and are suitable for both men and women.
  • The upgraded rubber soles offer superior slip resistance and durability, and the convex dots on the soles increase the shoe's skid-resistance capabilities while also providing a high level of grip.
  • Quick-Drying Drainage Holes: More holes in the outsole of your beach shoes let water drain quickly, keeping your feet dry and healthy while also making your shoes lighter and more flexible.
  • These unisex multipurpose shoes are ideal for a wide variety of summertime activities, including crossfit, trail running, walking, jogging, trekking, water parks, pools, swimming, surfing, beach volleyball, yoga, Pilates, weight training, wake-boarding, sailing, parasailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, cycling, fishing, gardening, lawn maintenance, car washing, and driving, among many others.
Water Shoes -Women Men Quick Drying Barefoot Beach Pool River Swim Shoes for Surf Boating Kayaking Ultimate Gray
Gray Ultimate Water Shoes for Women and Men, Quick-Drying Water Sports, Beach, Pool, River Swimming, Surfing, Boating, and Kayaking
  • Water shoes with an open mesh upper promise quick drying and breath-ability, keeping your feet dry and comfortable as you take on the day.
  • The non-slip outsole ensures dependable traction, and the elastic laces make tying and untying the shoes a breeze.
  • PROTECT YOUR FEET from wear and tear with a thick rubber sole that is both flexible and lightweight. The ideal swimwear for the beach and other aquatic activities
  • MULTIPLE USES: Can be worn in a water park, on a hike through the water, while surfing, doing yoga on the beach, strolling around town, going on a boat, kayaking, fishing, going on a cruise, etc.
  • We are a brand-authorized retailer and understand that every customer has unique preferences when it comes to fit, color, and style. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
ANLUKE Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes Aqua Socks for Swim Beach Pool Surf Yoga for Women Men (38/39, KPink)
Quick-Drying Aqua Socks for Swimming, Surfing, and Yoga by ANLUKE (Sizes 38/39, KPink) for Women and Men.
  • Uppers of the water shoes are made of a smooth, breathable fabric that stretches slightly for a comfortable fit. Being so light and pliable allows you to move around with ease.
  • The outsoles are TPR, which provides both abrasion resistance and non-slip properties. Protecting your feet from sharp objects is easier with thicker soles. Shoes with a non-slip sole are safer to wear when working out or playing sports.
  • Thirdly, our barefoot shoes' smooth neck design eliminates the potential for chafing. Socks are designed to dry quickly and are made of a compressible material, making them ideal for traveling and other outdoor activities.
  • 4 - Occasions: Men's and Women's Water Sports Shoes Ideal for any outdoor activity: the beach, the pool, the surf, the sail, the boat, yoga, cycling, jogging, walking, fishing, washing the car, and driving
  • Five, they come in a wide range of sizes and hues, allowing you to find the perfect match for any situation. The sizes are adaptable for both men and women. Benefit from the adorable and trendy water shoes
WateLves Water Shoes Mens Womens Beach Swim Shoes Quick-Dry Aqua Socks Pool Shoes for Surf Yoga Water Aerobics (G-Pink/Blue, 37)
WateLves Men's and Women's Beach Swim Shoes with Quick-Drying Aqua Socks, Pool Shoes for Surfing, Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, and More (G-Pink/Blue, 37)
  • FEET PROTECTION AND COMFORT: The rubber soles have a thick foam arch-support insert, making them flexible while still providing adequate protection from sharp objects like rocks.
  • RUBBER OUTSOLE THAT DOESN'T SLIP AND IS DURABLE: Ergonomically shaped, shock-absorbing, cushioned, and separated toe guard. Superb stitching keeps the seams from splitting and fraying at the toes.
  • SUPER QUICK-DRYING AND COMFORTABLE FOR WATER SPORTS UNIQUE AND HIGH-QUALITY SOLE WITH SEVEN HOLES ON EACH BOTTOM TO ENSURE PROPER WATER FLOW OUT OF THEM For a cooler and healthier shoe environment, water flows out of the holes, making for a quicker dry time and greater comfort while
  • FLEXIBILITY AND STANDARD FOOT SIZES: Uppers made of breathable, smooth materials with a fine stretch for a comfortable, flexible fit. Our water shoes have a collar that is designed to be comfortable and chafe-free. Perfect wrap your feet in comfort thanks to their standard foot models and ergonomic designs.
  • Like a pair of socks, ultra-lightweight clothing allows you to move freely and comfortably. Excellent replacement for cumbersome water footwear A unique pair of shoes like these can help you stand out from the crowd and express your personal style.
Columbia Mens Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoe, Titanium MHW/Bright Red, 10 Wide US
Titanium MHW/Bright Red 10 Wide US Columbia Men's Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoes
  • Try to get dirty, OMNI-SHIELD doesn't care To avoid getting dirty or wet, you can rely on Omni-Shield's ability to repel water. Omni-Shield, in contrast to most fabrics, doesn't soak up water and dries quickly, so you can stay clean and tidy even when it rains.
  • TECHNOLOGY: The PFG Bahama Vent Boat Shoes are built with a breathable upper, a cushioned insole, and a non-marking rubber outsole that ensures you won't slip even in the rain.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: A casual shoe with excellent traction for use on the water or the land, thanks to its lightweight construction and perforated vamp.
  • High-powered grip on a wide range of wet surfaces is provided by the razor-siped outsole of our signature Omni-Grip wet traction shoes.
  • PROLONGED TOP-SIDE WEAR: Our canvas and leather upper is treated with Blood 'n Guts to repel water and stains. Superior cushioning and high energy return are provided by the Techlite midsole's perforations.
Geburtstag Water Shoes Vacation Beach Aqua Shower Pedal Kayak Sand Shoes Gift for Men Women
Birthday Aqua Shower Pedal Kayak Sand Shoes for Men and Women Travel
  • Completely Man-Made
  • For all-day comfort and support on the trail, look no further than the responsive, ultralight foam that provides both.
  • It is comfortable to wear and flexible thanks to the open mesh upper, which also allows for quick drying.
  • Outsole Ports Improve Water Drainage and Airflow to Keep Feet Cool and Dry Long-Lasting Wet-Traction Outsole: Never lose your footing in wet conditions
  • Where to Wear It: All day long, on the beach, on the boardwalk, and anywhere in between, whether it's raining or not.