Every once in a while, even Elvis Presley's blue suede shoes require some maintenance. You probably already own some suede accessories, such as boots, bags, or a hat, because the material is ubiquitous in the fashion industry.

Just what is it, precisely Suede is a luxurious fabric with a short-haired, napped texture. Fabricated from the backs of sheep and goats, as well as the bellies of calves and lambs. Have no fear, vegetarians and vegans; there are plenty of synthetic alternatives that look just like the real thing but contain no animal products at all. The material's potential fragility makes it intimidating for some. You shouldn't be afraid to buy suede products because, with proper care, they will retain their like-new appearance for years to come.

Care for Suede and Its Cleaning

A suede care kit is a worthwhile investment because it can be used to remove dirt and grime from the material and keep it looking like new for a longer period of time. Whether it's water spots or dirt, this suede cleaning set has you covered. It comes with a special soap, eraser, and brush. You don't need a suede cleaning kit to give your items a new lease on life; just follow these guidelines.

  1. To clean suede, use a fresh towel and a rubbing motion. This exposes any grime hiding in the napped texture by brushing it up.
  2. Next, "erase" any smudges with a pencil eraser. Most stains are only superficial and can be removed by rubbing.
  3. Certain stains, however, can become embedded in the fabric over time and may require a bit more vigor when being removed. The suede can be cleaned with either white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Apply one of the liquids to a clean cloth and rub the stain until it disappears. As soon as the suede is dry, brush it with a clean, dry towel to restore its fluffy appearance.
  4. Get a suede protectant spray to use in the future on your suede items. It protects against water, oil, and grime, so your belongings won't get stained and you'll spend less time cleaning them.

How Can I Clean My Suede Shoes at Home?

Suede shoes in particular are susceptible to water and mud. The good news is that you probably already have some household items that can be used to effectively clean suede. Suede can be cleaned effectively with either distilled white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. To clean your favorite shoes with common household products, just follow the steps outlined above.

Is Suede Waterproof?

You should definitely see what the weather is doing. Suede footwear is easily damaged by water, so avoid wearing them in wet conditions. The texture can become stiff after the water evaporates, making further manipulation challenging. This suede protectant spray can be purchased to ward off water damage to your footwear. Your shoes won't get wet because the water will simply roll off.

Suede isn't as hard to clean as you think

How Can Suede Be Refreshed?

Your favorite pair of suede shoes may start to look worn and dirty after prolonged use. Protect suede from the elements, especially water and snow, to extend its life. If you clean your suede frequently, it will last you for years to come.  

Where Can I Get Suede Cleaned?

Most suede garments cannot be washed in a washing machine due to the high risk of surface damage from the water and the detergent. However, this should be confirmed by checking the care instructions on the garment's tag. Some have been given a special chemical treatment that prevents the fabric from being ruined by water and soap, making machine washing safe.

Keep your suede looking as good as it did when you bought it

Which Product Is Ideal for Cleaning Suede?

It could be worth it to invest in a suede cleaning kit if you own multiple suede items, such as several bags or shoes. Regular household cleaners do the trick, but only suede-specific cleansers will keep the material looking its best over time.

Cleaning for You at Home tried and compared 15 different suede cleaners to find the best one. Testers were pleased with the eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable formula of Jason Markk 3691 Suede Shoe Cleaner, which contributed to the product's high ranking.

Can Suede Shoes Be Cleaned With Soap and Water?

When caring for suede items, it's important to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Cleaning suede with soap and water may do more harm than good because water can stain and stiffen the material. Cleaning suede with a household cleaner or a suede cleaning kit is a much safer and more effective option.

Baking soda for cleaning suede shoes?

When it comes to cleaning, baking soda is just as useful as it is convenient to keep on hand in the pantry. Because it attracts and binds to oil, grease, and salt, it is an excellent option for cleaning suede shoes. To remove stains, use baking soda by sprinkling it on the area and then working it in with a brush. Most suede care kits will come with a suede brush, but a regular old toothbrush will do the trick. Allow the powder to sit on the shoes for 15 minutes before brushing it off. The dirt and oil should come off easily when you brush off the baking soda.  

Suede is found in many of the items we wear and use

How Do You Remove Stains from White Suede?

There are those who are reluctant to wear light-colored suede because it is easier to see dirt and grime than darker tones. Do not be frightened Suede of any color, including lighter tones, can be cleaned in the same way that darker suede can.

How Do I Apply Lotion to Suede?

Suede's natural luster and color will fade and weather if it's exposed to air for too long. Suede can be revived to its original softness by applying moisture. If your suede is starting to dry out, try pouring some mink oil onto a cloth and rubbing it all over the leather.

Because of the dual protective and conditioning properties of this particular mink oil, it can be used to both condition and protect suede. A suede item that has been properly oiled will not only look better, but will also last longer before getting ruined by moisture. Because most suede protectant sprays have an oil or wax base, they naturally shield footwear from drying out.

While suede does need some regular care to keep it in good condition, it's not something you should avoid using altogether. If you want your favorite suede boots or jackets to look like new for years, you should follow our guidelines.