Finding a reliable pair of sneakers that doesn't break the bank has become increasingly difficult in today's competitive sneaker market. Because of the ever-increasing cost of keeping up with the latest styles, it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so.

If you're tired of dropping hundreds of dollars on sneakers only to have them fall apart in a year, then look no further than this list of the best low-priced options available to men. They're inexpensive and reliable, so you won't have to worry about how to pay for transportation.

These sneakers are surprisingly stylish for how cheap they are. Since they are both stylish and functional, you should include them in your shoe rotation.


These are the best low-cost men's sneakers you can buy without breaking the bank, so your feet and wallet will thank you.

Lessons Learned

Cheap sneakers for men can be thought of in two ways: those that cost less than $100 but need to be replaced every year or so, and those that cost more up front but are affordable in the long run. This article includes examples of both types of low-cost sneakers so that you can find a pair that suits your taste (without breaking the bank).

In a hurry The low cost and exceptional value of a pair of Tropicfeel Dune Sneakers are the result of their innovative construction and high standards for wearer comfort, flexibility, and longevity. The Sneaker 01 by Morjas is a less athletic option that can be worn with business casual attire for less than $200.

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Tropicfeel Dune Sneakers, [[1]] Best in Show

Tropicfeel Dune Sneakers

Available in sizes 6-12 US. Size 5, 4 Color Options, Regular Sizing, 100% Recycled Polyester

If you're looking for the best budget sneakers, you can't do better than the Tropicfeel Dunes. This set was made with the urban dweller and the globetrotter in mind, but they can handle any terrain.

They can be folded up and stored easily, saving you a ton of space in your suitcase if you have to commute in the rain. The Dune sneakers are made to go with you wherever life takes you without breaking the bank, whether that's wearing them to the office every day or backpacking through foreign cities.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops are the Best Affordable Option.

Converse Chuck Taylor High Top Canvas Sneakers

Currently, the smallest size we have in stock is a US size 3. Sizes 5-14 | 36 Color Options | Skinny Cut | Canvas

Converse is the best of the best when it comes to timeless footwear. Having endured for over a century, the success of the All Star high tops is proof that their classic style is here to stay.

These are the best low-priced sneakers for men to buy if they want retro vibes and a versatile shoe. Combine them with your favorite pair of jeans, shorts, or Sunday best. These low-cost sneakers for men will always be in style.


Best Affordable White Shoes: Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneaker

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneakers

Available in sizes 7-14 US. Available in 5 Colors and 20 Sizes, with a Regular Fit and Premium Leather Construction.

It's probably not entirely accurate to call these "cheap sneakers," but considering everything you get for your money, it's hard to argue with the price. The timeless design of these all-white sneakers makes them a wise purchase for any minimalist.

When you think about how many pairs of white sneakers the average man goes through each year, the price becomes more reasonable. Whether you wear them to the office or on a first date, you won't need to worry about replacing Axel Arigato's sleek, long-lasting design.

CLAE Runyon Sneakers are the Best Affordable Black Sneakers.

Clae Runyon

U.S. Women's Sizes 4-14 | Three Color Options | Standard Sizing | Recycled Mesh, Synthetic Suede

A chunkier profile? These are the best low-cost sneakers for men. Because of their neutral black and gray color scheme, these shoes are a great go-to when you can't decide what to wear on your feet.

In addition to being a more interesting and affordable alternative to standard all-black sneakers, their low price and retro styling make them a desirable option for guys on a tighter budget.

Nike SB Chron 2 Canvas Sneakers are the Best Affordable Option.

Nike SB Chron 2

Available in sizes 4-14 US, 8 different colors, regular fit, and canvas material.

There are many low-priced Nike sneaker options, but we're partial to these SBs. This pair was made with skaters in mind and is a great substitute for Vans or plain old Air Force 1s.

These are the best low-priced sneakers for men who want a sturdy canvas and a subtle design, and they come in a variety of colors. Wear them with your favorite pair of jeans and a hoodie for a streetwear-inspired look. The versatility and unparalleled ease of wear are unrivaled.

Loci Nine Sneakers are the Best Affordable, Comfortable Pair You Can Find, [[6]].

Loci Nine Sneakers

Currently, the smallest size we have in stock is a US 4. Sizes 5-13 | 26 Color Options | Standard Sizing | Compostable, Vegan Fabric


It's best to spend a little more on a durable pair of cheap men's sneakers rather than multiple pairs of less expensive ones. The design of these Loci sneakers prioritizes the wearer's comfort while still using only recycled materials.

These shoes are made to last with an innovative design that includes natural cork insoles, bamboo lining, and a water-resistant coating. They may be more expensive than the other sneakers on this list, but you'll only have to buy them once instead of dozens.

Myrqvist Oxen White Calf Sneakers, No. 7 on Our List of Best Affordable Designer Shoes

Myrqvist Oxen White leather sneakers

Available in sizes 6 US. 5-12 Five, Nine Color Options, Regular Sizing, Leather Construction

Leather sneakers are notoriously pricey, but Myrqvist manages to cut out the middleman and deliver their products to customers at a significant discount.

These kicks, made in Portugal with the finest leather from France, are boardroom-to-bar ready in sartorial style. The white leather upper makes them suitable for business casual attire while also complementing denim and athletic wear.

Vans Slip-On Sneakers are the Best Affordable Option.

Vans Slip On

Available in sizes 4-15 US, 48 colors, regular fit, canvas material.

The late '70s saw the introduction of a classic skateboard shoe that is still considered one of the best low-priced sneakers for men to this day. These slip-ons can be customized with a classic checkerboard pattern or kept simple in all black, and either option will get you where you need to go in style.

My boyfriend wears his instead of dressier loafers, proving that this style of shoe can be dressed up or down.

Oliver Cabell Vegan 481 Sneakers are the Best Affordable Vegan Options.

Oliver Cabell Vegan 481

Available in US Sizes 6-15, in 15 Colors, in a Regular Fit, and made from Vegan Materials.

These shoes are, to quote one reviewer, "worth the hype." "Oliver Cabell brings high-end sneaker brands to the masses without the extortionate markups found at specialty stores. They're still over $200 (though they're $40 off at the time of writing), but they're one of the more reasonably priced pairs of similarly styled sneakers available.


These sneakers are your best bet if you want to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

Morjas The Sneaker 01, Top-Rated Affordable Suede Sneakers

Morjas The Sneaker 01

US Size 5 Available 5-12 Five, Four Color Options, Standard Sizing, Suede Construction

These high-quality suede sneakers are surprisingly affordable. These are the best low-priced dress sneakers for men.

They're far more stylish than your average sports footwear, and they'll complement any chic ensemble. These unlined, cushioned soled shoes come with two sets of laces so you can tie them however you like.

New Balance 574 Core Sneakers, the Best Low-Cost Options for Dads

New Balance 574 core

We carry sizes 4-18 in the United States in 6 different colors with three different width options (regular, wide, and extra wide) and two different types of fabric (suede and mesh).

These sneakers have been around for ages, but they always look fresh. This classic New Balance option is available in a wide variety of neutral colors and consistently costs less than $100.

As they come in wide and extra-wide options (half sizes, too), they're the best option if you have trouble finding sneakers that fit. These are the best low-cost sneakers for men looking for a classic, go-anywhere pair; they go well with jeans and summertime casual wear.

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Tips for Buying Affordable Athletic Shoes


When shopping for the best low-cost sneakers, color is one of the most important factors to take into account. When thinking about what to wear with your trainers, this is especially important to keep in mind; neutral colorways are the most flexible. Sneakers in neutral colors like black, white, or gray are a good choice if you plan to wear them frequently or in a variety of settings.

You should also have a pair of colorful sneakers to show off your individuality. Put these on to draw attention to your outfit when you’re wearing all black or a simple color.


Many top sneaker labels produce shoes in a wide range of designs, so you can find a pair that complements your personal style. High tops, athletic sneakers, slip ons, and dressy sneakers are the most common varieties.


Where you can and can't wear your sneakers is largely determined by their design. You wouldn't wear a pair of athletic sneakers to the office or a formal event, but a pair of dressy sneakers (made from leather or suede) would be perfect.

When it comes to sneaker styles, there is room for wiggle room, so don't feel confined by your decision. You can dress up a pair of high tops by pairing them with a blazer and dress pants, or dress them down with a pair of jeans and a hoodie.


The sneaker's material is important for three main reasons: the wearer's comfort, the shoe's longevity, and the sneaker's

For starters, a shoe's material is one of the most important factors in how it feels on your foot. As soon as you take them out of the box, shoes made from pliable, breathable materials will feel better than their rigid, non-air permeable counterparts.

Canvas or mesh sneakers typically require no breaking in and can be worn from the get-go. However, leather and suede soften with wear but can be blistering at first.

Here we reach our second point: longevity. Although leather sneaker breaking in can be a hassle, the durable material ensures that they will last a long time. Mesh and canvas may feel more secure at first, but they tear easily and become uncomfortable very quickly. These shoes don't hold up as well as others would that are made from better materials.

Finally, the material used to make the shoe is a major factor in determining its overall aesthetic; dressier sneakers are typically made from suede or leather, while mesh, canvas, and polyester are used to make casual athletic shoes.

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The Verdict

Men's best low-cost sneakers can be found in a wide range of styles and prices. Stick with Vans or Converse, two low-priced sneaker brands that have been around for decades but never gone out of style. I'm on the lookout for something with a longer shelf life. You could either go with the sturdy Tropicfeel Dune Sneakers, which are ideal for commuting, or you could opt for the stylish Vegan 481 Sneakers by Oliver Cabell.

    • Although most pairs of sneakers have a low unit production cost, they typically undergo a significant retail markup before reaching the end consumer. Shoes are typically sold at a significant markup, but companies like Oliver Cabell and Myrqvist ship their products directly to customers, saving them a significant amount of money. The rising demand for sneakers has led to a shortage of key materials, including rubber and plastic, driving up sneaker prices. This is why it's important to support forward-thinking shoemakers like Loci, who construct their footwear from eco-friendly and recyclable materials like cork and bamboo.

      • Even though the sneaker market is doing well, the value of used sneakers decreases as soon as a new pair hits the market. This is most obvious on resale websites, where once-outrageous prices have been cut by nearly half due to the arrival of new models.