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As a kid, I used my old sneakers for fishing. Their utility extended from use on the water to use while wet wading through rivers. However, here's the catch: they weren't designed to be used as swimwear. Enjoy a day of fishing in the cold while wearing wet, slick sneakers with a slick tread. The pain of slipping and falling will drive home the value of investing in sturdy footwear for fishing.

Today, anglers can choose from a wide variety of high-quality footwear designed specifically for the sport. Shoes, rather than wading boots or other specialized fishing boots, are the focus of this review. Let's check out some of the top-rated fishing footwear currently available.

Here's What I Learned About Buying Fishing Shoes

I've spent the better part of a decade advising customers on shoe purchases, and over half of that time has been spent specializing in fishing footwear like shoes, boots, and waders. My own decisions and choices back then were bolstered and enlightened by the experiences of my excellent mentors and our customers. My knowledge of outdoor footwear has been augmented by countless conversations with salespeople, guides, and other professionals. These are some of the factors I thought about while writing this review:

  • Are the uppers and soles constructed from water-resistant materials?
  • Have the shoes been designed to last?
  • How do the shoes tie up, and are they easy to take on and off?
  • Are the shoes safe for an angler's feet?
  • The sole's traction: does it meet the demands of demanding angling conditions?

Opinions & Recommendations on the Finest Casting Shoes

The SIMMS Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe is the Best Shoe for Wet Wading and Fly Fishing.

Locations with the Best Wet Wading and Fly Fishing

The Lowest Price on the Web for the SIMMS Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe at Bass Pro

The reason it made the cut is because it is an authentic wet-wading shoe made for long distances, with an aggressive sole designed to provide exceptional grip.

Important Characteristics

  • From a 7 to a 14 (only whole sizes, please, and round up for half sizes)
  • The upper is a lightweight, low-profile synthetic.
  • Vibram Idrogrip rubber outsole


  • The design is extremely sturdy.
  • Cushioned and supportive midsole
  • Structured web lacing
  • Studs that work in waders


  • Some people report that their sizes changed, so it's recommended that you try on the item in question before making a purchase.

This shoe is worth looking into if you do a lot of wet wading when fishing. Wet wading shoes by Simms live up to the brand's reputation for producing durable and comfortable footwear. The rugged design impresses me because it affords surprisingly good protection to the foot and ankle even in a shoe with a relatively low heel.  

When compared to previous versions of Simms' wet wading shoe, the Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe is a huge improvement. This used to be a problem for the older model shoes because larger cobble and pebbles could easily get inside. The Flyweight's synthetic mesh upper prevents this issue, shields and supports the foot, and is durable enough to last a long time. In order to ensure a secure fit, Simms employs a web lacing system. It is possible to wear these without socks or with wading socks. I prefer to wear a thin synthetic sock, such as the Simms Guide Wet Wading Socks, due to the long distances I wade in search of fish while wet wading.  

The Vibram Idrogrip soles on your Simms waders will give you a sure footing no matter where you go fishing. The wading studs can be attached to the shoe's tread for use on especially slippery river bottoms.

The Columbia Men's PFG Bahama Vent Shoe is the Best Boat Shoe on the Market.


Style:Columbia Men's PFG Bahama Vent Shoe

These are a fantastic warm-weather boat fishing shoe because they are simple to put on and take off, have excellent grip, and provide all-day comfort.

Principal Characteristics

  • Available in kids' sizes as well as sizes 7–17 (whole and half).
  • Upper is a mix of canvas and leather
  • Outsoles with razor siping and a non-marking wet grip from Omni-Grip


  • The Blood 'n' Guts stain and water repellent treatment
  • Ports in the midsole for air circulation
  • Extraordinary comfort and support are provided by the Techlite midsole.
  • Easy slip-on style
  • Weight: 8 1 oz


  • The sizing is a bit big, so you might want to order a size down.

Shoe protection coatings that boast of being "Blood 'n Guts" resistant have a way of catching the eye of fishermen. Columbia's PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) line includes these shoes, which are sure to be a hit on the water with any angler. Omni-Grip outsole will keep you on your feet even if the deck is wet and covered in fish slime. Razor siping, where tiny slits are cut into the sole to increase grip, is used in the design of these shoes' outsoles. And it is effective.

The fact that this classic boat shoe can be slipped on and off with ease is just one of its many great features. Sometimes, especially in the warmer months, I just want to go around barefoot. These shoes are great for the ups and downs of a day spent fishing because of their versatility and ease of switching back and forth.  

The PFG Bahama Vent Shoe may look casual, but its cushioned midsole ensures that your feet will be comfortable even after a full day on the water. Plus, Columbia's Omni-Shield treatment does increase their durability after being subjected to blood and guts for a long time in the elements.

The HUK Rogue Wave is the best waterproof backpack available.


HUK Pro Shop Rogue Wave Bass

A true waterproof deck boot with the comfort of a shoe, these ankle-high boots are a saltwater fisherman's dream.

Important Characteristics

  • Seven through fourteen (whole sizes only)
  • The upper is made of a waterproof combination of rubber and neoprene.
  • Outsole made of non-marking GripX Wet Traction rubber


  • Waterproof
  • Front and back pull tabs are reinforced for extra strength.
  • The footbed is an 8mm molded EVA foam.
  • Reinforced stitching


  • Strictly limited to whole numbers only

Absolutely one of the finest examples of boat shoes ever created, this deck boot will not disappoint. HUK's Rogue Wave is a stunning example of what can be accomplished when performance and simplicity come together. The upper is made of neoprene and rubber, which is soft, durable, and easy to wear. These boots are convenient because of the pull tabs located on the front and back of the foot opening. Fishing for long periods of time is no longer a source of serious discomfort thanks to the molded footbed. Water will bead off of your feet and stay there if you wear a good pair of fishing bibs with these waterproof deck boots.

Anglers will appreciate the GripX outsole's exceptional traction and sureness of footing. These boots have excellent traction on anything from wet and slippery boat ramps to decks covered in fish slime. They won't leave marks on white decks, which is a plus for boat owners.

When worn in the early spring or late fall, these boots provide adequate warmth. Still, for the worst of the winter's chill, I'd go with a boot made for the job.

The Sharpest Kids: The Newport H2


This sandal combines the protection of traditional footwear with the stability of a sport shoe to give kids the best possible footing on any fishing trip.

Features that are essential

  • There are sizes for both older children (from 1 to 7) and younger children (from 8 to 13).
  • Washable polyester webbing forms the upper.
  • Rubber outsole that won't leave scuff marks.


  • The rubberized toe bumper and heel pad provide excellent safeguarding for the feet.
  • Inseam that dries quickly
  • Convenient on/off buttonholes
  • Bungee cords that you can tighten with a lace-up closure and a Velcro fastener
  • Can be washed in a washing machine


  • The Velcro fastener will wear out faster after being washed in the washing machine repeatedly.

Kids will love this miniaturized version of Keen's best-selling fishing gear. Having two young children, ages 6 and 7, has taught me that fishing is almost always about exploration and adaptability. Kids can keep active with these shoes while wading in the water to catch crayfish or exploring the shoreline for buried treasure.

Young fishermen will appreciate the Velcro straps and the upper made of quick-drying polyester that can withstand hours of water play. Rubber outsoles are built with a grippy rubber compound and feature superior siping for superior grip on various surfaces. The Keen sole's rubber extends into a sturdy toe bumper to shield children's toes, which is one of the shoe's many strengths. Rubber also wraps around the back of the heel, providing an extra layer of protection there.

The bottom line is that children will outlast adults most of the time as long as they are safe and content. Whether or not they catch anything, they're always having fun in the great outdoors. With that in mind, Keen designed the Newport H2 to be the ideal water bottle.

When looking for a new pair of fishing shoes, I consider not only their primary function but also the seasons in which I plan to use them the most. Do you plan on using the shoes for boat fishing or shoreline/beach walking? Is summer the season when I'll make the most use of them? Or during the transitional periods of autumn and spring Once I know the answers to those questions, I check the shoe for comfort, protection for my feet, grip, and whether or not it is intended to be waterproof.  


I have experience selling footwear in a wide range of retail settings, from fly fishing stores to boutiques for men and women's high fashion. Let's just say that I've shared a lot of tips about shoe care. In other words, the first time you put on the shoe should always feel great. Anyone who has ever gone an entire day in a pair of less-than-ideal shoes or boots knows what I'm talking about. Breaking in a new pair of shoes can make them even more comfortable, but a pair that doesn't feel great right out of the box won't suddenly become great. The opposite is true, at least in my experience: the longer you wear it, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

Footwear Safety

The toes and sole of your foot are particularly vulnerable to damage while fishing, so it's important to wear protective footwear. A day of fishing can be drastically altered by the presence of anything from lost hooks and lures floating around in the boat to jagged rocks and shattered glass littering the shoreline. The proper footwear for fishing will shield your feet from harm.


Good traction is a must-have feature for any high-quality fishing shoe. The sole of the shoe should keep you stable on wet and slippery surfaces thanks to materials like Vibram or other rubber/synthetic blends combined with a well-thought-out traction design.

Their Reaction to Wetness

Waterproof (as long as you don't wade in deeper than the shoe's or boot's height) or quickly shedding water and drying are two desirable qualities in a good pair of fishing shoes. When it's chilly outside, I prefer the former. In the latter case, I prefer it from late spring to early or mid-fall. Both pairs need to have synthetic uppers that can withstand the effects of water for an extended period of time.


There are two considerations when deciding whether or not to wear socks with fishing shoes: the shoe's design and the angler's own comfort preferences. Shoes like the Keen Newport H2 and the Columbia PFG Bahama Vent Shoe are made to be worn directly against the skin. Some people, however, might benefit from the extra protection that a thin sock provides against blisters, especially if their feet are more prone to them. The insoles of either of these shoes are large enough to accommodate this. Whenever I'm wearing my Simms Flyweight wet wading shoes, I like to wear a synthetic wading sock for comfort and a slightly more snug fit. The Rogue Waves are very adaptable, and I wear them with or without socks depending on the temperature. I like to wear socks when it's chilly out, but when it's warm, I don't bother.

Whether or not you need hiking-style footwear while fishing, hiking shoes can be a good option. A good pair of hiking shoes will suffice if you have a distance to travel to your fishing spot but won't need to do any serious wet wading to get there. But if you were fishing a freestone stream in the backcountry, I'd recommend a shoe like the Simms Flyweight Wet Wading Shoe. This footwear was created with the angler in mind and is ideal for excursions of this nature.

The alternative is to go fishing from a boat. A sturdy pair of hiking boots could come in handy in the fall and winter. In the heat of summer, however, a more comfortable alternative, such as one with a cooler temperature or an easier on and off mechanism, is preferable.