In the world of skate shoes, Vans are an absolute staple. Vans, which made its initial splash in the '80s, is now one of the most well-known skate shoe companies.

After researching thousands of pairs, we narrowed the field to the top 10 Vans shoes available today. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know, so let's get started.

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Top Three Vans Models

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    # 1
    Men's Vans Classic Slip-On
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  • For starters, it's the first and best of its kind, which is always a plus.
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    # 2
    Slip-On Vans Low-Top Sneakers
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  • For starters, it's a killer-looking shoe that can take it when it comes to abuse.
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    # 3
    The Vans Sk8-Hi
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  • What makes it cool: it's a skate shoe made by Vans, so you know it's sick.
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What Exactly Does VANS Mean?

Previously, the company went by the much more mundane (and industrial) name of Van Doren Rubber. Deck shoes were commonly made from canvas and featured rubber outsoles.

Customers frequently referred to the company as "Vans" because that's what they'd say if they needed new shoes. These days, the company's signature checkered shoes are all but universally recognized as a symbol of the label.

Why Do People Wear Vans So Much

There's a lot of excitement about Vans, and for good reason. Not only are they cheap (which is a big part of the appeal), but they also can be found just about anywhere, match practically any ensemble, and are available for both sexes.

Anybody can rock a pair of Vans now. Not everything has the company logo on it, so you won't feel like walking around looking like a walking billboard.

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Who Popularized Vans Shoes

Vans first gained notoriety when the company drove around with a van full of famous skaters (including Tony Hawk) and gave them away for free. They saw it as a wise investment because they could reach out to the rapidly growing skateboarding subculture.

Then they made shoes that were made specifically for skating, the first of which was called the Era. Vans had a sort of viral marketing campaign going as skaters everywhere began wearing the brand.

The Old Skool and the Sk8-Hi are two more well-known models from this era. Skateboarding was a much smaller subculture than it is today, but its members were extremely close.

Spiccoli wore a pair of Vans slip-ons in the 1980s film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. As a result, Vans gained massive popularity, and not just among skateboarders.

Everyone is familiar with Vans' signature checkerboard slip-on, which has become the brand's signature style. However, in the 1980s, the company overextended itself in an attempt to compete with Nike and Adidas, and it eventually filed for bankruptcy and was sold.

Vans, however, experienced a renaissance in the 1990s and continued to succeed. The company went public and formed an ongoing partnership with the Warped Tour.

In 2004, Vans was acquired by VF, whose other brands include Timberland, Nautica, The North Face, and many more. However, the brand's longevity can be attributed to its genuine nature.

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The Question of the Vans' Name

Paul Van Doren, the company's founder, started the venture and named it the Van Doren Rubber Company. The company shortened its name from Vans because customers kept saying that they were going to go there to buy shoes.

Vans was also an early company to market footwear designed specifically for skateboarding. Because of this genuineness, consumers have a lot of faith in the brand, which is why it has remained so successful.

Where did the Vans check mark first appear?

Paul Van Doren Jr., son of company founder, designed the original Vans logo. Originally, he had envisioned the logo on skateboards, but the company's founder saw greater potential in footwear.

The logo shot to prominence as the company's fortunes improved. The once-unassuming logo is now instantly recognizable as a standard in the skateboarding industry.

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To What Materials Do Vans Adhere

Rubber, suede, and canvas are the standard materials for Vans footwear construction. Like most skate shoes, it's not the materials but the design and comfort that set these apart.

Skate shoes are reinforced in strategic places to withstand ollies, grip tape, heel flips, and kick flips, and so forth. Many famous people, including musicians and actors, have been seen wearing Vans for no other reason than to "look cool."

Besides black, what other colors do Vans come in?

There is a wide range of color options available for Vans shoes, but the classic black and white styles remain the most popular. It's not surprising that the original Vans shoes, which debuted in the 1970s, were black and white.

In some communities, a pair of classic Vans is almost a badge of honor. The likes of Frank Ocean and other celebrities have been spotted wearing Vans to solemn events.

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Can you explain how Vans, Inc. generates revenue?

Selling sneakers in such massive quantities brings in a lot of money for Vans. They are able to keep prices low because they have moved production overseas.

They have also raised shoe prices, making even their once-affordable footwear more expensive. Most buyers won't blink an eye at a $10 price hike, but the company stands to gain hundreds of millions.

Which Vans model do you think is the most well-liked?

Among Vans' many silhouettes, the Old Skool is likely the most ubiquitous. The traditional slip-on, however, is still widely worn.

The right pair of Vans for you will depend heavily on the kind of work you're doing. Skateboarding in slip-on shoes is not recommended because they won't stay on your feet well enough for more advanced maneuvers.

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Which Country Do They Originate From?

However, most vans are now produced outside of the United States. Countries like China, Serbia, Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia, and Bulgaria are on that list.

The original production of Vans shoes ceased a long time ago from Anaheim, California. Vans moved production to these other countries because it is cheaper to make shoes there.

What Makes Vans So Special Compared to Other Shoes?

Vans first gained notoriety as a manufacturer of skateboarding footwear only, so the shoes are built to withstand the abuse of the skatepark. Some of Vans' best-selling styles, like the original slip-on, have nothing to do with skateboarding, though.

Skateboarding shoes are built to withstand the rigors of ollies, kick flips, and other tricks, with thicker soles and reinforced areas. Normal sneakers can be used for skateboarding, but they won't hold up as well as skateboarding-specific footwear.

How long have vans been around?

Vans was established in 1966. Yet, it wasn't until the 1970s, when skateboarding culture embraced the product as its own, that the brand truly took off.

The 1980s were a slow time for Vans, but the '90s were when they really took off. Even though the company experienced a setback in the early 2000s, Vans has recovered and is now a multibillion dollar enterprise known for its classic, retro styles.

Is Nike the owner of Vans?

As far as I know, Nike does not own Vans. The VF Corporation, which also owns Nautica, The North Face, and a host of other labels, is the legal owner.

Top Ten List: Vans

Vans OGs, or OG Classics, are timeless skate shoes.

These are one of the original Vans shoe styles that gained the company widespread attention. It's not hard to see why, considering the flawless craftsmanship and reasonable cost.

We've put thousands of hours of skating into these shoes and they've never let us down. Whatever color you choose, you can rest assured that you're getting a timeless staple.

Shoes: [[2]] Vans Slip-On Core Classics1

Spicoli's shoes from Fast Times at Ridgemont High are still going strong. Around 40 years later, they maintain an unprecedented level of popularity.

Famous people, actors, and other performers have taken to wearing these kicks. We wouldn't recommend skating in them, but other than that, they're great.

There are three pairs of Vans Sk8-His, and they are all [[3]]s.

These high top sneakers from Vans have received numerous positive reviews and are a great addition to the brand's offerings. We like them because they keep your ankles safe and look really cool.

This duo is timeless and indispensable. Our highest recommendation, regardless of your skating ability.

Low-Top Vans [[4]]

Another one of our favorite pairs, these have tons of praise and a low price. This is an outstanding pair of timeless classics from Vans.

They are exceptionally affordable despite providing comfort and style. We've put our pair through hell and back, but they keep right on ticking.

Skate Shoes, [[5]] Vans Slip On Rainbow Chex

You can wear these brightly colored shoes anywhere. They have many positive reviews behind them, so you can buy with confidence.

Given that they might fall off while skating, we wouldn't advise doing so. But they're also great for anything else you can think of using them for.

High-Top Vans Sk8-Hi Skate Shoes, Case of 6

Skaters will love these sweet high tops. They're practical in that they'll keep your feet and ankles safe, and stylish in that they'll do it.

While there are flashier options, these kicks are ideal for those who prefer a throwback style. Vintage, long-lasting, and highly recommended

[[7]] Vans Classic Slip-Ons

The low-tops are great for almost any activity. We enjoy wearing them while lounging around and skateboarding.

Unless we're talking about the '80s, Vans almost never fails. This is another winner, by the way. Greatly recommended, with a plethora of positive reviews to back it up.

Shoes: [[8]] Vans Authentic Slip-On

Relax in style with these timeless slip-ons. We don't think they'd be a good idea for skating because they could fall off.

But famous people like Frank Ocean will wear them anywhere. The reason for this is obvious: they are the epitome of modern minimalism and chic.

Men's Vans Vn-0tuy187 Canvas Casual Sneakers

There are a ton of five-star reviews for these fantastic shoes. There are many options, but our favorite is the brown and marshmallow mix.

We recommend these if you need a pair of sneakers for dressier occasions that won't compromise your desire to kick it in true street fashion. In spite of their formality, they still manage to maintain an edge.

Men's Original Vans [[10]]

Vans offers a rainbow of options for its iconic sneaker. It's cheap and supported by numerous positive customer reviews.

For decades, Vans has dominated the sneaker market, and it's easy to see why. It's another hit from Vans, and it fits the minimalist, classic mold.

Additional Considerations

Vans has been a timeless brand for as long as anyone can remember, and their products include women's shoes, tees, low-tops, and high-tops. The authenticity of the Vans brand has ensured the company's continued success, as even those who aren't into action sports have started buying the brand's shoes The original intention behind Vans' "Off The Wall" slogan was to imply that skaters would perform tricks off the side of a dry pool. The classic Vans approach to culture is very popular now thanks to House of Vans and other initiatives. Vans doesn't have a ton of new releases, but their classic sneakers like the Sk8-Hi and the Old Skool are selling like crazy despite this. Although Vans' competitors like Converse have maintained their own level of success over time, they can't compare to Vans when it comes to the genuine skate culture and other extreme sports like BMX biking.

Vans X lines, including those inspired by recent pop culture phenomena like "Stranger Things," have successfully kept the company relevant. Since 1995, when Vans and the organizers of the Warped Tour first started working together, the tour has been a huge success.