Skateboarding is a great way to exercise and have some fun. However, it requires the use of proper shoes to prevent accidents and injuries. Skating shoes are specifically designed to provide support around the ankles and to keep feet planted on the board. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before buying the best men’s skating shoes in 2021.

    I. The Importance of Skating Shoes

    Skating shoes are made to provide support and stability around the ankles, helping to prevent injuries. They are different from regular sneakers and are necessary for performing stunts and tricks safely. Investing in a good pair of skating shoes will help you avoid a trip to the hospital with broken bones or torn ligaments. The best ones in 2021 offer the utmost comfort, ease, and safety.

    II. Types of Men’s Skating Shoes

    There are three types of skating shoes to choose from:

      A. High-top skating shoes: They offer additional padding, safety, and stability, with enhanced cushioning around the ankles. They are cut higher than other shoes, above the ankle, and keep feet warm, but they don't breathe as well.

      B. Low-top skating shoes: They are cut lower and are lightweight, allowing for easy and comfortable movement. They provide sufficient cushioning and dampen and have highly-developed insoles for support.

      C. Mid-top skating shoes: They offer the best of both worlds, damping unique to low-top shoes, as well as excellent stability and support offered by high-tops.

      III. Considerations When Choosing Skating Shoes

      Several attributes should be taken into consideration before buying the right skating shoes. Some of them are:

        A. Stitching: Good skating shoes need to have double or triple stitching to make sure they last longer.

        B. Material: High-quality materials, like suede or leather, or synthetic material, which is as strong as leather, should be used. Moreover, the type of material for the sole is important, and good well-known brands should be considered to avoid any bad quality.

        C. Reinforcement: Skating shoes should look like they can take a beating. They need to provide some kind of reinforcement, like extra rubber on toe cap, side, or heel, to withstand the wear and tear caused by skating.

        D. Weight: The shoes need to be light, but balance needs to be a priority since too little or too much weight can cause imbalances and hurt your tricks.

        E. Grip and Sole: The sole of the shoes is essential since that's where it meets the board. The sole should be made of grippy gum rubber to prevent accidents from slipping.

        IV. Vulcanized Soles vs. Cup Soles

        A. Vulcanized soles, also called "Vulc," offer flexibility and in-board feel, but they lack heel support due to their flat shape.

        B. Cup soles, also known as "cups," offer more foot and ankle support, creating a thicker barrier between you and your board. Unfortunately, they allow for very little board feel.

        V. Can Skating Shoes be Worn Casually?

        Skating shoes don't have to be exclusively for skateboarding. Many manufacturers are now developing shoes that offer a good balance between sporty and casual wear.

        VI. How Long Do Skating Shoes Usually Last?

        Good skating shoes should be durable and last from one to two years, depending on the brand you choose. However, the more abuse received, the more wear and tear, and the shorter the lifespan.

        VII. When to Throw Away Skating Shoes

        Shoes are inanimate objects and shouldn't start talking. Once the sole starts flapping, it's time to get a new pair of shoes. If grip is lost on the skateboard frequently, chances are the soles have worn out, and it might be time to replace your skating shoes.


          Skating shoes are crucial to prevent injuries and enjoy skateboarding. Understanding the different types, materials, stitching, reinforcement, weight, grip, and soles are all essential to choose the right skating shoes that cater best to your individual skating style. We hope this guide has provided all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing the perfect men's skating shoes for 2021. Enjoy your ride!