In a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of our choices, sustainable fashion has gained significant momentum. From clothing to accessories, consumers are seeking high-quality, eco-friendly alternatives that not only look stylish but also minimize harm to the planet. When it comes to footwear, women no longer have to sacrifice style for sustainability. With an abundance of eco-friendly and sustainable shoe brands making their mark in the industry, we have curated a list of the 20 best brands that women will love to wear. From ABLE's collection of sandals, heels, and boots, to Allbirds' eco-friendly sneakers, and Kallie & Co.'s vegan fair trade shoes, the options are endless. Additionally, brands like 8000Kicks offer sustainable hemp sneakers and Nisolo provide responsible leather boots, flats, and accessories. Get ready to step into a world of high-quality, sustainable shoes that prioritize both style and ethics.


20 Best Eco-friendly & Sustainable Shoe Brands That Women Will Love to Wear


Looking for the perfect pair of eco-friendly and sustainable shoes to match your colorful sustainable clothing? We've got you covered! Below, you'll find a curated list of the best sustainable shoe brands that women will absolutely adore. These brands include TOMS, ABLE, All Birds, Nisolo, Veja, The Root Collective, Rothy's, Cariuma, Veerah, and Reformation. Let's dive in and discover these amazing brands together!




Thanks : TOMS / Instagram

Place of Origin: Los Angeles, California.

Founder: Blake Mycoskie.

Ethics: Fair Trade practices, Fair labor wages, Certified B Corp, Donates 1/3 profits to Grassroots Good, Strong advocator of Mental Health Wellness, Green packaging.

Range: An assorted range of women's boots, sandals, wedges, flats, and more. Also offering a wide range of men's and kids' shoes.

Price Range: $32 - $169.

Excellent for: Daily wear, work wear, casual occasions, and more.

Materials used: Organic Cotton, Recycled materials like Cotton, Rubber, PU Foam, and Canvas made of cotton and plastic waste.

TOMS, a popular sustainable footwear brand, tops our list of stylish and sustainable shoe brands for women. They offer a wide variety of footwear options for both adults and children, all designed and manufactured with sustainable materials and under ethical practices.

TOMS has an impressive track record of donating 100 million pairs of shoes to people in need in developing countries through their initiative "One For One". They are dedicated to increasing the use of sustainably harvested organic cotton in their footwear and have set ambitious carbon emission reduction targets for themselves to achieve by 2025.




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Place of Origin: Nashville, Tennessee.

Founder: Barrett Ward.

Ethics: Women empowerment, Certified B Corp, Sustainably sourced materials, Fair Trade practices, Fair Wages, Eco-friendly packaging.

Range: Women's sandals, heels, flats, sneakers, boots, loafers.

Price Range: - $155.

Excellent for: Daily wear, work wear, casual occasions.

Materials used: Certified Organic Cotton, Sustainably sourced leather.

We are absolutely in awe of ABLE, a sustainable brand that focuses on empowering women. Their shoe collection includes essential wardrobe staples that are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. The minimalist designs and neutral color palette of ABLE's footwear make them versatile and ensure they stand the test of time.

What sets ABLE apart is their commitment to providing sustainable jobs to women artisans around the world. Over 90% of ABLE's employees are women, and the brand works to uplift these artisans, enabling them to lead respectable lives. ABLE's products are handcrafted to reduce carbon emissions and made with sustainable materials sourced ethically.


3. All Birds


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Place of Origin: San Francisco, California.

Founders: Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger.

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Carbon Neutral, Organic & Recycled materials, WRAP- & SMETA-Certified production, Carbon Offset.

Range: Women's and men's sneakers, loafers, slip-on, flats, weather-repellent shoes.

Price Range: - $148.

Excellent for: Daily wear, trekking, and more.

Materials used: FSC-Certified Tencel lyocell, Merino wool, Recycled plastic bottles.

AllBirds, known for their eco-friendly sneakers, has a unique approach to sustainability. Their sneakers are made from materials such as eucalyptus and responsibly sourced wool. They also incorporate recycled plastic water bottles and castor bean oil into their production process. As a certified B Corp, AllBirds ensures that their production methods meet high standards of sustainability and ethics.

One of AllBirds' key goals is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and they achieve this through a transparent supply chain system that uses renewable energy. With minimalist designs and a focus on comfort, AllBirds shoes are perfect for keeping your feet cozy all day long.


4. Nisolo


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Place of Origin: Nashville, Tennessee.

Founder: Patrick Woodyard.

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Handcrafted artisan-made, Fair labor standards & Fair wages, Vegetable-Tanned leather, Climate-neutral Certified, Leather Working Group Certified Leather.

Range: Women's chukkas, boots, loafers, oxfords, mules, slip-on, and flats. Men's oxfords, sneakers, flats, slip-on, loafers, and more.

Price Range: - $255.

Excellent for: Daily wear, work wear, formal events, trekking, casual occasions, and more.

Materials used: FSC-Certified Tencel lyocell and Merino wool, Recycled plastic bottles.

Nisolo's footwear is a true embodiment of beauty and intentionality. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in small batches, Nisolo offers a stunning collection of shoes that prioritize ethical and fair trade practices. The brand is committed to providing steady employment opportunities for shoemakers in Peru and Mexico, enabling them to support their families.

Nisolo has been honored as one of the Top 100 Impact Brands in the Real Leaders list. They also focus on sustainability by implementing eco-friendly waste disposal systems, using leather byproducts from the meat industry, and carbon offsetting in their production process.


5. Veja


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Place of Origin: Brazil.

Founders: Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion.

Ethics: Certified B Corp, Fair trade practices, Reducing Carbon emissions, Ethically sourced leather, Vegan options available.

Range: Wide range of sneakers for women and men.

Price Range: - $239.

Excellent for: Daily wear.

Materials used: Amazonian rubber, Certified Brazilian leather, Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Plastic bottles, Recycled polyester, and B-Mesh fabric.

Veja, the first sustainable sneaker brand, stands out for its commitment to recycling waste and transforming them into high-quality sneakers. The brand sources organic and eco-friendly materials through fair trade practices from Brazil and the Amazon.

Veja prioritizes zero-waste practices, recycling, and low energy usage in its production process. Recognizing that leather production contributes significantly to carbon emissions, Veja has been actively working on improving the leather chain system since 2008.


6. The Root Collective


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Place of Origin: Headquarters in the USA, Made in Guatemala.

Founder: Bethany Tran.

Ethics: Fair trade practices, Fair wages, Employment opportunities for women artisans, Ethically sourced textiles and leather for raw materials.

Range: An assorted collection of women's shoes and bags.

Price Range: $128 - $348.

Excellent for: Daily wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Leather Working Group Certified leather, Organic cotton, EVA, Rubber, Recycled and sustainable materials.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in small batches, The Root Collective is a sustainable shoe brand for women that we absolutely adore. Their entire shoe collection is stunning, but we highly recommend their sandals and wedges, which are perfect for the summer season.

The Root Collective's shoes are not only exquisitely designed and fun, but they are also ethically made. The brand's mission is to improve the lives of artisans who find it hard to provide for themselves in the world of sweatshops and unethical trade practices. Additionally, The Root Collective buys and sells pre-loved footwear.


7. Rothy's


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Place of Origin: San Francisco, California.

Founders: Roth Martin and Stephen Hawthornthwaite.

Ethics: Fair trade practices, Recycled packaging, Recycled materials.

Range: Women's boots, ballet pumps, loafers, slippers, sneakers, bags. Also offering a range of men's and kids' footwear.

Price Range: $125 - $195.

Excellent for: Daily wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Recycled single-use plastic bottles.

Ladies, get ready to be amazed by Rothy's! This brand offers luxurious, comfortable, and chic shoes made from used plastic bottles. It's truly incredible!

To date, Rothy's has recycled and converted 125 million plastic bottles using their innovative 3D Knit Technology, which acts as the sole raw material for their shoes. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, Rothy's shoes are not only sustainable but also durable. They are fully machine-made and make for a perfect addition to your sustainable shoe wardrobe.


8. Veerah


Source: veerahofficial / Instagram

Place of Origin: New York, United States.

Founder: Stacey Chang.

Ethics: Operates a 1-10-100 action, where 1% of its revenue goes to social impact causes, and 10 paid hours are offered to employees for taking self-improvement courses. For every 100 customer feedback, a girl child receives a 1-year scholarship from the brand.

Range: Boots, stilettos, pumps, mules, bridal shoes, and sandals.

Price Range: $228 - $398.

Excellent for: Daily wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Apple leather, Renewed plastic textiles, Algae foam cushion.

Certifications: PETA Approved Vegan Brand.

Veerah's story is "Inspired by Women. Made for Warriors." This sustainable cruelty-free footwear brand offers designer vegan shoes without compromising on style. Veerah's collection features stunning heels that are sure to make your feet the talk of the town.

Each Veerah collection is thoughtfully designed and ethically made using innovative vegan materials that are kind to the planet. The shoes come in classic shapes with detachable jewelry-like accessories, allowing you to customize your look. With Veerah, you can invest in one pair of shoes and create many different looks. How cool is that?


9. Reformation


Source: reformation / Instagram

Place of Origin: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Founder: Yael Aflalo.

Ethics: Ethical factory in partnership with Fair Labor Association, Uses renewable energy, Recycles or donates textile scraps.

Range: Boots, flats, loafers, sneakers, pumps, mules, and sandals.

Price Range: $108 - $548.

Excellent for: Daily wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Responsibly sourced leather from Leather Working Group.

Certifications: Climate Positive and Carbon Neutral.

Reformation, a cult favorite among eco-conscious fashionistas, offers super-sustainable and stylish shoes. Their footwear collection features chic designs that will always remain in style, season after season. If you want to stand out in the crowd, Reformation's fair trade shoes are the perfect choice.

Reformation uses responsibly sourced leather from Leather Working Group gold and silver audited tanneries to create their footwear range. The brand is constantly innovating to become more eco-friendly and sustainable in their practices.




Source: vivaia_official / Instagram

Place of Origin: London, England (Headquartered in the United States).

Co-Founder: Marina Chen.

Ethics: Uses a variety of recycled materials to minimize environmental impact, Ethical production in a fair trade Chinese factory, Zero-waste approach, Carbon-neutral shipping.

Range: Heels, loafers, boots, sandals, mules, sneakers, and more.

Price Range: - $199.

Excellent for: Daily wear, work wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Recycled PET, Hemp, Recycled Faux fur, Rice husks, Herbal insoles, Natural rubber, ABS, and TPE.

Certifications: Global Recycled Standard, FSC Certified, Intertek.

VIVAIA's mission is to create shoes with the lowest possible impact on the planet. Their comfortable, fashion-forward, and affordable footwear collection is manufactured using a pool of recycled materials, including used plastic bottles. VIVAIA uses a special 3D knit technology that transforms plastics into threads, ready to be spun into sustainable footwear.

In addition, VIVAIA's insoles are made with a blend of natural herbal and PU foam, providing cushioning, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. Say goodbye to smelly feet, even in the heat and humidity! Plus, you can easily handwash their shoes when they get dirty. To date, VIVAIA has recycled over 3,475,206 PET bottles.


11. Bhava Studio


Source: bhavastudio / Instagram

Place of Origin: New York, USA.

Founder: Francisca Pineda.

Ethics: Fair Trade manufacturing, Advocates workers' well-being, 100% Vegan materials, and Environmentally-conscious designs.

Range: Booties, boots, hikers, heels, clogs, sandals, and more.

Price Range: $155 - $275.

Excellent for: Daily wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Eco-friendly vegan materials, including Organic Cotton, Hand-painted embossed cork, and Premium Recycled microfibers.

Bhava Studio is a premium vegan footwear brand that takes a kindhearted approach to crafting their range of shoes. Their innovative collection represents timeless elegance with a hint of charm, making them perfect to pair with any outfit. Bhava works with manufacturing partners in India and Spain, personally vetting them for fair trade and high-quality craftsmanship.

The label is committed to using organic, recycled, and cruelty-free components as the best alternatives to traditional shoe materials. Each pair of Bhava shoes is a fusion of comfort and beauty, ensuring that they feel just as wonderful as they look!


12. Fortress


Source: / Instagram

Place of Origin: Austin, Texas, United States.

Founder: Evan Streusand.

Ethics: Handmade by local artisans, Natural and low-impact materials, Fair-trade production, Ethically sourced leather.

Range: Boots, booties, mules, heels, sneakers, flats, and more.

Price Range: $135 - $290.

Excellent for: Daily wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Natural materials, including responsibly sourced leather.

Fortress offers sustainable footwear made from 100% natural materials. With versatile styles and classic shapes, their collection ranges from boots to flats that can work as great wardrobe staples. As part of their commitment to extending the life of their gently-used footwear, Fortress also has a 'Pre-loved' section, giving their shoes a second chance at love.

Dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices, Fortress partners with the best Peruvian shoemakers, working with family-owned and operated factories and workshops. This ensures superior quality and provides skilled artisans with safe working conditions and fair wages.


13. Alohas


Source: alohas/ Instagram

Place of Origin: Hawaii.

Founder: Alejandro Porras.

Ethics: On-Demand Production, Vegan options available, Leather sourced from Leather Working Groups, Locally made in Spain, Toxin-free low-impact dyes, Fair Wages, Eco-friendly Packaging.

Range: Espadrilles, ballet flats, loafers, pumps, sandals, boots, and more.

Price Range: $135 - $415.

Excellent for: Daily wear, vacation wear, occasional wear.

Materials used: Plant-based leather, Leather sourced from Certified Leather Working Groups, and other natural materials.

Alohas operates on a made-to-order business model, making them one of the most sustainable footwear brands. Their collection focuses on classic espadrilles with a twist and features a wide selection of shoes made from plant-based and responsibly sourced leather.

Committed to uplifting local economic growth, Alohas designs their shoes in Barcelona and handcrafts them in Alicante. The brand partners with factories and workshops that align with their ethical practices, ensuring fair labor conditions and high-quality standards. Alohas takes care of your feet while helping you stand out in a crowd, making them the perfect choice for all seasons with zero 'break-in' time.


Shoes can be a powerful statement not just in terms of fashion, but also in our commitment towards a sustainable future. With these 20 best eco-friendly and sustainable shoe brands, women can now effortlessly combine style and ethics. From ABLE's stunning sandals, heels, and boots to Allbirds' cozy eco-friendly sneakers, each brand is dedicated to crafting high-quality shoes that not only look good but also feel good for both the wearer and the planet. So why not step into a brighter, greener future with these brands that are revolutionizing the footwear industry, one sustainable step at a time?