It's a never-ending quest to uncover the best dress shoes for men with wide feet. My husband's feet are exceptionally wide and have a high arch, so finding a pair that fits is a challenge. When he does find the perfect fit, he tends to stick to what works and purchases them in multiple colors. Sure, it's practical, but it's not exactly thrilling in terms of fashion.

The shopping landscape can vary depending on where you live. In Michigan, there was a fantastic store that stocked a wide range of shoe sizes, including extra wide width options. It was my go-to for extra wide women's shoes and the perfect place for my husband to search for the best selection of men's dress shoes with wide widths.

Let me tell you, my husband has feet that would make Fred Flintstone proud, and it's not easy to find shoes that fit. When we moved, we turned to Famous Footwear to find the right shoes, but over time, they stopped carrying extra wide options for dress shoes, which was a big blow.

After a lot of searching, we've found a few brands and stores that specialize in the best dress shoes for men with extra wide or extra-extra wide feet. If you're in the same boat, don't worry; we've got you covered.

As for the burning question on everyone's mind: who makes the best wide men's dress shoes? Unfortunately, there aren't many brands out there that focus on stylish and comfortable shoes for men with wide feet. But, over the years, my husband has found a few favorites, including Florsheim, Hush Puppies, Johnston & Murphy, and Rockport.

Business casual has become increasingly popular in recent years, and he's also had great success finding business casual dress shoes with the widths he needs from the Duluth Trading Company.

Of course, not every man needs extra-extra wide or even just extra-wide dress shoes. Some can get away with regular wide shoes, and there are plenty of options out there to accommodate their needs.

When it comes to colors, my husband tends to stick to the basics like brown and black. Occasionally, he can find shoes in other shades like oxblood red or cordovan, which is a deep, burgundy-like color. But, in my research for this article, I've uncovered a range of wide width men's dress shoe options in gray, blue, and even combination colors, especially when it comes to business casual styles.

As for designs, the usual suspects like wingtips and Oxford shoes are readily available in wide sizes. However, you can also find slip-on shoes and penny loafers that fit the bill.

When it comes to slip-on shoes like loafers, extra wide widths are not as widely available compared to tie-up shoes. This poses a problem for individuals with high arches, including my husband and myself, as slip-on shoes are simply unwearable due to the height of the top of our feet getting in the way.

Another issue that arises with wide feet is the need for a large toe box. While many oxfords and wingtips come in extra wide widths, they often have square toes rather than traditional rounded or pointy toes. This unique shape provides more space in the toe box, resulting in a more comfortable fit for wide-footed individuals.

If you're in search of men's dress shoes in wide widths, options include Amazon, Nordstrom, Jos. A. Bank, and Zappos. Additionally, utilizing an online men's styling service like Nordstrom can lead to finding the perfect extra wide dress shoes. I've personally used this service with my husband and even found big and tall sizes, which are essential for his wardrobe.

For Florsheim shoes for men, there are a variety of retailers that stock them both in-store and online, including their own online store. And for a more casual take on dress shoes, Hush Puppies provides a suitable option with their business casual vibe. Lastly, Johnston & Murphy offers a selection of formal and dress shoes available at various online retailers.

Discovering that Rockport offers top-notch extra wide men's dress shoes doesn't come as a surprise to me. I'm a big fan of Cobb Hill, a women's shoe brand that Rockport owns and that I can't seem to stop collecting. But anyway, let's talk about the options available for men looking for high-quality extra wide shoes.

Looking for Cole-Haan wide dress shoes for men? Check out Zappos and Nordstrom, your go-to for all your footwear needs. Here are a few options to get you started:

    The tricky part about shopping for extra wide or extra-extra wide width shoes is that there aren't many options to begin with. So finding them on clearance or at a deep discount isn't a guarantee, but it's still worth a shot.

    Having said that, there are a few places where you might find men's extra wide dress shoes at a discounted price, be it online or in-store. Let me highlight a couple of options for you.

    Nordstrom Rack is one of my go-to spots for buying dress shoes in an extra wide width, and at a discount too! While it can be hit or miss, it's always worth checking out Nordstrom Rack online or in person, especially if you have hard to fit feet. Here's some advice for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

    Another popular option is Zappos, where you can easily filter shoes by gender, size, and width. Plus, you can also set your preferred price range, making the process of finding discounted men's dress shoes in an extra wide width super easy. Start shopping on here.

    Lastly, keep an eye out for the sales at Jos. A Bank, which runs a few times a year. It's the perfect time for my husband to stock up on shirts and suits, and maybe even snag a pair of Florsheim or Johnston and Murphy brand dress shoes in 3E or triple wide. Check out Jos.A.Bank here.

    Finding great extra wide dress shoes for men is a challenge, but with these options, there's no excuse not to up your shoe game!

    Experience the comfort and style of extended sizes with these wide width shoes, now available on the Jos. A Bank site. Shopping for men's dress shoes can be challenging, especially if you have hard-to-fit feet. But worry not, as I have provided some helpful information to guide you in your search for the perfect pair of wide, extra wide, and extra-extra wide men's dress shoes.

    If you know of any other reputable brands or stores that offer these sizes, please feel free to share them with us. We want to ensure that our readers have access to all the best options when looking for their perfect pair of dress shoes. And rest assured, I will also let my husband know about any additional options that come up.

    In case you're interested, I have also covered the topic of men's casual shoes in wide widths. Let me know what other types of footwear you'd like to see me explore. With my wealth of knowledge and expertise, I'm sure to have some great recommendations for you to try out.