Dad fashion has been taking over in recent years, with dad hats, dad jeans, and dad sneakers all becoming trendy. However, one item that was left behind in the old-fashioned normcore look was the dad shoe of all dad shoes: the boat shoe. But thanks to designers' creativity, a new and cooler style of boat shoe has emerged in 2022, blending the classic moccasin shape and slip-resistant soles with new colors and materials that complement a more diverse and adventurous wardrobe. Here are 15 stylish boat shoes to wear this summer that your father would be proud of.

The Classic Boat Shoe

Although regular boat shoes may have garnered some jokes, Sperry--the brand that invented them way back in 1935--still produces some of the best versions of the classic shoe. The color-blocked shoes made exclusively for J. Crew are the epitome of preppy fashion, remaining true to the genuine and authentic qualities of the original Sperry boat shoe.

The Modern Boat Shoe

The latest boat shoes take the traditional design to the next level by incorporating high-quality leather on top of chunky, slush-defeating soles that deliver more of an aspiring micro-influencer in baggy jeans and a fitted look, rather than the traditional "JFK in Hyannis Port" vibe. Yuketen's sandy suede rendition of the silhouette epitomizes this new-school trend, with Japanese craftsmanship to ensure longevity and style that gets better with age.

The Sophisticated Boat Shoe

As the Ivy Style renaissance carries on, brands like Sid Mashburn in Atlanta are taking inspiration from the classic American wardrobe's foundational elements and remixing them, adding unique twists to make them feel fun and fresh again. Mashburn's yacht-ready camp mocs, crafted by hand in Portugal from fetching bottle green leather, are a prime example of this approach. If you already own a faded ringer tee and white pants, you've found the perfect summer fit.

The All-Season Boat Shoe

For a more durable and rugged pair of boat shoes, swap out the traditional deck-ready soles for the type you'd typically see on your favorite winter boots. Thanks to the ingenuity of the modern-day Americana gurus at Engineered Garments and their signature multi-color paneling, there are plenty of ways to wear these all-weather shoes. Pair them with vintage military fatigues or cargo pants for a refined yet adventurous look.

Here are Eleven Additional Boat Shoes We Can't Get Enough Of

The Best Footwear Options for Sailing Enthusiasts

Looking to spruce up your sailing gear with some fresh kicks? Take a look at these eleven highly recommended boat shoes that are sure to bolster your nautical style game. From classic leather designs to waterproof options perfect for inclement weather, there's something for every type of sailor. And don't forget the importance of a sturdy, non-slip sole to keep you safe on deck. Check out our picks and elevate your sea-faring fashion today. Don't miss out on these must-have additions to your sailing wardrobe. Trust us, your feet (and your crewmates) will thank you.

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