Easily launderable

Comfortable with supportive foam

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Targeted arch support


May run small, according to some testers

For post-workout recovery or at-home wear, testers with high arches or flat feet praised this pair for its exceptional assistance and unparalleled comfort made possible by the brand's OOfoam material and footbed. The material cushions your feet, and one tester found that this feature made all the difference during long training days for a half marathon. Additionally, analysts appreciate that the foam is machine washable, but they suggest sizing up as a few testers mentioned that the slides tend to run small.

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Trendy platform style

Secure upper stretch

Soft, cloud-like insole


Not exceptionally slip-resistant

These stylish and chic slides are loved by testers who enjoy pairing them with everything from wide leg jeans to miniskirts. If you've ever sacrificed comfort for the sake of fashion and ended up with blisters, this platform slide is the perfect solution. The stretchy upper is breathable enough for spring and summer weather, and its cushiony feel is like walking on a pillow. Several of our experts have worn this slide personally for years because they are simple to put on and take off. One thing to keep in mind, the traction on the footbed is not as effective as that of your trusted walking shoes.



Excellent traction

Well-designed with contoured footbed

Available in many colors and designs


May not fit those with wider feet

These slides have a built-in arch support feature with a ridge at the top of the footbed to keep your feet from slipping off, making them ergonomically designed. Testers were impressed by the comfortable fit of these slides, praising them for their great traction on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. One tester proclaimed, "Wearing these New Balance slides on long walks is as convenient as wearing my sneakers." This style offers a wide selection of colors and designs, even including fuzzy options. Our analysts suggest purchasing the X-Wide width option from New Balance's website for those with wide feet.

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Luscious, cushiony foam

Suitable for various activities

Lightweight and cozy


Unisex sizing may only list men's sizes for certain color options

The Adidas slides are a summer staple, and it's no surprise why. They are made of ultra-soft and cushiony foam, which provides a cloud-like feel, making them a favorite amongst many people. With their casual and chic look, these slides come in multiple colorways, enabling you to pair them with any outfit. Whether you're heading to the beach, donning a post-workout sweatsuit, or relaxing at home, these slides got you covered. Our testers were impressed by the lightweight and comfortable feel of the slides and highly recommend them.


Versatile and minimalist appearance

Soft and bouncy insole

Available in a variety of colors


Not suitable for long walks or all-day wear

These slides are perfect for summertime and work best when paired with flowy dresses or fitted shorts. They come in classic neutrals and eye-catching metallic colorways, making them an easy go-to option for all your summer needs. Despite their thin sole, our analysts were pleasantly surprised by the comfortable feel of these stylish slip-on sandals, thanks to their cushioning foam insole. Our testers praised their chic and sophisticated look and found them surprisingly supportive despite their thin nature. Just be aware that they may not be ideal for long treks. Our experts still recommend opting for walking sandals instead in such cases.



While Crocs have faced detractors in the past, they cannot be denied their iconic look that will endure. As well as having a customizable element with the ability to use jibbitz, they are one of the most comfortable footwear options on the market at present. Testers affirmed this viewpoint and observed their adaptiveness when it came to water, including water channels on the footbed. The outsole of the slides was also exceptional, providing better traction than comparative models.


Crocs may not be suitable for those with narrow feet, however, due to their structural makeup.

Additional Information

If you're seeking a pair of sandals to wear as a go-to casual, summer option, then the Lightweight Cushioned Platform Slides recommended by our experts may be worth considering. This particular style is simplistic and classic, complementing a range of casual outfits. As these slides have added height, our testers found them comfortable to wear for extended periods, with the foam footbed molding to their feet. The straps were wide enough not to cause discomfort for those with wide feet, but those with narrow feet still felt some instability and slipping.

Looking for a stylish yet comfortable addition to your shoe collection? Look no further than the Aniston Buckled Flatform Black Slip-On Sandal. With adjustable straps for a secure fit and a contoured footbed for comfortable arch support, these sandals are designed with your comfort in mind. Plus, the leather and EVA construction gives them a chic look while also providing subtle ergonomic features.

While the Aniston sandals may be slightly heavier than other options, testers noted that they felt more stable and secure while wearing them compared to similar shoes. And with their adjustable buckles, these sandals can accommodate both narrow and wide feet.

For those who prioritize lightweight comfort, the Pillow Cloud Slides are a fan favorite for a reason. These slides come in a wide range of colors, from fun and bright to neutral and subdued. Plus, they're easy to clean and maintain.

Testers raved about the ultra-cushioning feel of the Pillow Cloud Slides, likening it to "walking on a cloud." However, those with high arches may find that these slides aren't as supportive as some other options on the market. Overall, though, the Pillow Cloud Slides are a versatile and comfortable choice for any summer outfit.

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Summer is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about revamping your footwear collection. We've carefully curated a list of the ten most stylish and versatile slides for women to help you step into the season with confidence. And the best part? You can enjoy a whopping 45% discount on all featured slides!

1. Chic Woven Slides

Our testers have ranked these slides as high-end and beautiful. With a charming woven texture and square toe design, they are cute and trendy. Versatile and available in multiple colors, these slides have a gorgeous appearance, although they may not be as supportive as some of our other picks.

2. Comfy Walking Sandals

If you're looking for a supportive and comfortable pair for your summer outings, these slip-on slides from Ecco are perfect for you. Designed with a contoured footbed and adjustable velcro straps, they offer unparalleled support. And the best part? There's no break-in period needed.

So why settle for boring and uncomfortable sandals when you can get stylish and comfortable ones at a discounted price? Keep browsing for more trendy and comfortable options.

Experience ultimate comfort with memory foam technology featured in these versatile shoes perfect for post-workout recovery or just lounging around your home. The ProsPlush memory foam ensures pressure relief and cushioning, earning high praise from consumer testers. You'll love how these shoes contour to your feet but be mindful that with extended use, the memory foam may not hold up well.

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Crafted from a single piece of leather, these slides offer a stylish cushioned platform that comes in a variety of neutral shades to complement any outfit. While testers raved about the supportive footbed and comfort while walking, they noted that this pair runs half a size big.

At the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, we thoroughly evaluate all types of footwear, including hiking boots, walking shoes, and comfortable heels. Our experts consider design, construction, weight, material, and washability, while collecting feedback from a diverse group of consumer testers with varying shoe sizes and foot shapes. To find the best slides for women, we analyzed over 600 data points and tested more than 20 different styles.

When it comes to slides, the material, sizing, and style are all important factors to consider. Materials like Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) or Polyurethane (PU) foam can provide extra cushioning, but EVA has a softer, cushioned feel while PU has a more bouncy feel.

In terms of sizing, slides should fit similar to open-toed heels and sandals, with no gap at the front. To ensure you have the right size, wiggle your toes and walk around to make sure they are comfortable and don't slip or pinch your feet. Slides come in different styles, from casual sandals to dressy platforms and post-workout recovery styles.

It's important to note that slides are not suitable for athletic activities like running or walking long distances. However, contoured footbeds with arch support and cushioning can prevent unnecessary strain on your feet. Mules and slides are often mistaken for each other, but slides are open-toed, and mules are not. Slides have a more casual appearance and come in both functional and fashionable designs.

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Good Housekeeping Institute's Textiles, Paper, and Apparel Lab Product Analyst, Grace Wu, personally tested several pairs of slides and finds them a favorite type of footwear. Wu's master's degree in engineering in materials science and engineering and her bachelor's degree in fiber science from Cornell University combined with her research experience in smart textiles and nanotechnology make her a qualified expert in the field.