The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

Looking for the perfect pair of golf shoes can be a daunting task. However, just like shopping for any other type of shoe, there are specific factors to keep in mind. In this post, we'll give you the lowdown on what to look for when shopping for golf shoes and offer our top picks for the best shoes in eight different categories.

Sean Ogle updated this post in September 2022 to include the new Payntr X 003 model and remove the Callaway Oceanside and Nike Flyknit Racer G.

Golf shoes are often neglected, but they can make all the difference in your game. It's time to say goodbye to sore feet and wet socks. Getting the right golf shoe can be the single biggest thing you need to boost your performance and enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Golf Shoes

When shopping for golf shoes, keep in mind the following factors:

  • - Price
  • - Comfort
  • - Durability
  • - Style
  • - Performance

You want a comfortable shoe that will last for hundreds of rounds and provide the right amount of traction and waterproofing. When you find a shoe that ticks all these boxes, you won't have to worry about your feet, and you'll be able to focus on your game.

Spikeless or Spiked?

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming increasingly popular due to their style and comfort. You'll find some very fashionable and casual golf shoes that can pass for regular street shoes. They're also often as comfortable as any pair of sneakers you own.

However, spiked shoes still provide the best traction, especially on wet or hilly courses. Additionally, many spikeless models don't offer the same level of waterproofing, so it's important to check this before buying. Your choice will likely depend on your priorities, whether it's comfort and style or traction and stability. While spiked shoes can be stylish and comfortable, they're still considered more functional than fashionable.

#2) Price Considerations

Everyone has their own budget and I respect that. However, if you can stretch your spending just a little, I highly recommend investing in the best quality golf shoes possible.

Think about it - you'll potentially walk many miles in a single pair of shoes, so it's worth it to aim for the highest level within your budget. A good quality pair could last you three or more seasons, making the price difference between a $100 and a $150 pair almost negligible over time.

Ecco Biom C4 Golf Shoe

I'm not suggesting making an irresponsible financial decision, but if you're able to upgrade your shoes, especially if you're following this guide, I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

That being said, the best golf shoe for you might be one that's less expensive. Some of the shoes featured here are excellent and priced under $100.

So, what are the top golf shoes of 2022? Many new models will hit the market in the coming months, but as of now, these are the best golf shoes available.

Top Golf Shoe: Ecco Biom C4

In my experience, the Ecco Biom C4 is the best golf shoe on the market. I've never owned a better pair of shoes.

Ecco Biom 4

After playing two rounds at Punta Mita and three at Bandon Dunes, my feet have never been happier after a round of golf. The shoes provide excellent cushioning and stability, which is especially impressive compared to the already fantastic Biom H4.

Grey/White Golf Shoe

Crafted from GORE-TEX Yak leather, the upper material is both soft and waterproof.

If you're considering purchasing one pair of golf shoes and you want the best, look no further than the Ecco Biom C4.

Top Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's BIOM C4 Golf Shoes This shoe is the best golf shoe I've ever owned. It's incredibly comfortable and stylish, making it one of my most highly recommended products of the year.

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The Ecco Biom Hybrid H4 is another fantastic shoe that's still available and worth considering.

Best Golf Shoe Under $100: Nike Roshe G

If you're in the market for a bargain golf shoe, you can't go wrong with the Roshe G's. A retail price of approximately makes these shoes an excellent value, and even though they're not a traditional golf shoe, their style and comfort are highly recommended.

Don't let their casual look fool you, the Roshe G's are incredibly comfortable, even more so than you would expect for the price point. However, they lack the stability that some golfers prefer, and you may experience your foot slipping slightly while wearing them.

Despite these drawbacks, the Roshe G's are an affordable and stylish option that rivals even more expensive brands like Ecco. If you're looking for a comprehensive review of this golf shoe, check out our full Nike Roshe G review.

In terms of value for money, the Roshe G's are the best golf shoe under $100. Available at retailers like Golf Galaxy, you won't regret investing in these affordable and fashionable golf shoes.

True Linkswear Knit 2 Golf Shoes

For those who prefer a more traditional golf shoe, the FootJoy DryJoys Premier Series Packard should be your top choice. Not only does it offer exceptional performance and traction, but it also has a classic aesthetic that does not appear outdated.

The ankle of this shoe is tapered, which provides superior lateral support and stability for the wearer. It's no surprise that Tour players continue to favor spiked golf shoes like these, and the benefit is immediately noticeable when you put them on.

Ecco Biom H4

Waterproofing is no issue with the FootJoy DryJoys, and the lifespan of these shoes is impressive. While the price of $200 may deter some golfers, the durability and performance of these shoes is well worth the investment. Just make sure to avoid the Fury model, which we did not love.

Discover our top picks for the best FootJoy golf shoes, including our favorite classic pick, the FootJoy DryJoy Premiers. These shoes not only exhibit a clean and timeless appearance, but they also provide exceptional comfort and stability. You can't go wrong with purchasing a pair of these.

True Linkswear Lux Sport Golf Shoe

Looking for something more non-traditional? Check out the TrueLinks Knit II golf shoes. Not only do they look stylish enough to wear off the course, but they also perform remarkably well while playing on the greens. The only downside is that they lack waterproof capabilities and occasionally struggle with traction.

Ladies, we've got you covered too. The Ecco Biom H4 takes the cake for the best women's golf shoe. Expect these shoes to deliver optimal comfort and performance with a stylish design to boot.

Footjoy Flex Golf Shoes

Finally, for a versatile option that can be worn both on and off the greens, the True Linkswear Lux Sport hybrid golf shoes are the way to go. Despite my initial hesitations, these shoes exceeded my expectations during a rigorous six rounds of golf at Reynolds Lake Oconee. Don't miss out on trying them for yourself.

These shoes boast both comfort and stability, and despite the mesh upper, they are actually waterproof! Their versatility makes them suitable for on or off the course, and although they may not be the best choice for a rainy day, they will suffice for a dewy morning round.

Our top pick at the moment is the TRUE Linkswear Lux Sport. This shoe is incredibly comfortable and waterproof despite the mesh upper. It’s truly a fantastic shoe!

TRUE Links OG Feel Camo

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The FootJoy Flex golf shoes are a solid choice for a hybrid shoe under $100, as they embody the versatility of sneakers and golf shoes in one. FootJoy is known for their high-quality and durable shoes, and their budget-friendly line is no exception. The traction on the sole is similar to the Ecco Biom Hybrid 3, though not quite as hard or sturdy. These shoes are lightweight but sacrifice some support. However, if you’re looking for a comfortable, lightweight shoe that performs well on the golf course and can be worn for casual wear, this shoe is perfect for you. Check out our full review of the FootJoy Flex to learn more.


Our Rating: 7.6

Where to Buy: Click here to buy the FootJoy Flex.

Although we have already featured two pairs of TRUE Linkswear shoes, we continue to be impressed by their line. The TRUE Linkswear OG Feel is meant to feel like you're playing barefoot, and it certainly delivers on that promise. It’s essentially the golf version of the Nike Free, and it even looks great while doing it.

To purchase the TRUE Linkswear OG Feel, click here.

Best Barefoot Golf Shoe.

If you want a value-packed golf shoe, you might want to try the Payntr X 003. This shoe surprised me this year because it looks great and feels amazing. It's packed with technology and development chops, yet it only costs $140. Compared to other shoes that are $50 or $100 more expensive, the Payntr X 003 provides great value for money. Check out our full review if you're interested.

Squairz Speed Golf Shoes

On the other hand, if stability is your top priority, you might want to check out Sqairz Speed. Despite some distance claims on marketing, these shoes offer a lot of stability, making them a solid Tour level shoe. Their traction is among the best we've tried. If you value stability and traction, give Sqairz Speed a try.

If you're looking for the best golf shoes of 2022, check out our concise but solid list of contenders that should address your needs. From price to performance, consider what you value most in a golf shoe.

And if you're looking for more golf product reviews, Sean Ogle has you covered. He helps people build businesses that they can run from anywhere in the world, while playing golf as often as possible.