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Inclement weather can put a damper on your day, leaving you stranded with damp, waterlogged shoes after accidentally stepping in a puddle. However, you can wave goodbye to this predicament by investing in a pair of waterproof shoes that cater to your living environment, lifestyle, climate, and preferences. You can choose from a diverse range of options, from stylish and lightweight sneakers to high-tech hiking shoes that let you cross rivers. We have curated a list of the best waterproof shoes for men that includes innovative brands such as Vessi and seasoned performance brands like The North Face and Timberland that have stood the test of time.

Clarks Atl Trek Up Waterproof Brown Warmlined Leather

1. Clarks

Clarks is a seasoned brand that has been revolutionizing the shoe industry since 1825, bringing reliability, consistency, and trust to the table. It started with a pioneering slipper made from sheepskin cut-offs and advanced to integrate innovative shoe-making techniques and technologies. GORE-TEX is one of these advancements, which is now incorporated in their waterproof men’s shoes. This feature allows you to browse through their variety of all-weather designs, from moccasins to boots, that are wind-proof and breathable yet waterproof and comfortable to wear. Additionally, their women's range boasts their proprietary C-shell waterproof membrane.

Drift Dgore Tex Camper

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2. Camper

If you fancy a unique and innovative pair of shoes, look no further than Camper. This brand has been in production since 1975 in Spain, and every design is a testament to their unrelenting creativity. With GORE-TEX integration in their waterproof shoe range, your options extend beyond the classics like Peu Pista, Helix, and Beetle. GORE-TEX technology ensures your feet remain dry even in heavy rain or snow, while allowing them room to breathe.

Nortiv 8

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3. Nortiv 8

Get ready to conquer the great outdoors with Nortiv 8 waterproof shoes. Whether you enjoy hiking, trekking, working, or travelling in the snow, they have the perfect style for you. The waterproof uppers offer ample protection to keep your feet warm, dry, and well-guarded from elements of nature. Furthermore, their rugged construction is durable and sufficiently breathable, cushioned, and supportive for all-day long comfort.

Cole Haan Weatherproof Shoes

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4. Cole Haan

While many brands offer casual waterproof styles like boots and sneakers, Cole Haan takes things up a notch by creating waterproof versions of their iconic dress shoes. They are an ideal office solution for rainy or snowy days. Their ØriginalGrand Wingtip Oxford boasts water-resistant Stitchlite™ uppers and ultra-comfortable GRANDFØAM footbeds. Besides, Cole Haan also offers a range of rugged boots and sneakers with excellent tread patterns, keeping your feet protected and dry even in the wettest conditions.

Columbia Waterproof Shoes

If you're looking for waterproof shoes to prepare for your outdoor excursions, these brands offer a range of options that not only keep your feet dry but also offer comfort, durability, and style.

First up is Cole Haan, which offers a variety of waterproof shoes that are both high-performance and fashion-forward.

Columbia, a company that specializes in outdoor leisure, has been crafting active lifestyle gear since 1938. Their extensive range of waterproof shoe technology includes Outdry, Omnitech, and Omnishield. Outdry uses a single-piece technology to make shoes completely impenetrable, while the multi-layered Omni-tech is ideal for breathable and waterproof wear. And if you're looking for everyday footwear, Omnishield is perfect for repelling liquid and stains.

Merrell Alternate Views

For hiking boots and outdoor shoes, Merrell is one of the best options on the market. The brand incorporates GORE-TEX and M-Select DRY technologies in their designs to provide the flexibility and function required for various activities. Additionally, Vibram rubber soles offer durability and stability, while M Select FRESH eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

Aquatalia offers a range of waterproof shoes that are both functional and beautifully wearable. The brand's exclusive waterproofing process occurs during the tanning process, where the leather is coated with a sealant, while stitched seams are filled with a liquid sealant to ensure breathability and resistance to salt and stain.


Finally, Allbirds focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable materials in all their designs, including their waterproof line called Mizzles, which feature wool treated with a water-repellent coating. These shoes are available in both high and low-top styles and come complete with SweetFoam™ rubber soles and recycled plastic laces.

No matter what outdoor activity you have planned, these waterproof shoe options have got you covered with style, comfort, and functionality.

Men's Wool Flyer Mizzles

9. Discover Waterproof Shoes from New Balance

Running in the rain can be a grueling task, but with New Balance, you can eliminate the struggle of wet feet. As a leader in the American running industry since 1906, New Balance offers a range of waterproof shoes, including the Fresh Foam 880v10 GTX. These shoes come equipped with GORE-TEX materials that not only keep water out but also keep your feet cool and comfortable. With flexible Hypoknit uppers, you can enjoy optimal movement while focusing on achieving your athletic goals.

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Fresh Foam X 880v12 Gore Tex®

10. Embrace the Seasons with North-89

Founded in 2016, North-89 takes inspiration from the diverse climates and seasons in Stockholm, Sweden. Each season, the brand offers collections that feature weather-appropriate materials and designs. For autumn and winter, you can choose from waterproof, snowproof shoes that keep your feet warm and comfortable. In spring and summer, breathable and stylish sneakers in light colors are perfect for a casual walk outdoors. North-89 offers two principal shoe designs, the No.1 and No.2, with weatherproof options available in a range of winter hues.

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11. Rockport - Style with Functionality

Rockport's generations of shoemaking history bring comfort and style together in modern footwear. The brand has now added an extra layer of protection to its range of shoes with Hydro-Shield® technology. Choose from a variety of chukka boots, lace-ups, and walking shoes, all of which are waterproof. With this enhanced functionality, your feet will stay dry, and the leather will last longer, making Rockport shoes a valuable investment.

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12. Skechers - Performance Meets Waterproof

Skechers, a well-known brand for active footwear, offers over 3,000 styles for men, women, and children. With H2GO Shield protection and sealed seams, its waterproof shoes are perfect for gents on the go. Whether you require specific footwear for golfing, hiking, or the workplace, there are a variety of performance-focused options available.

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13. Sperry - Protection for Every Occasion

Sperry's waterproof shoe range offers protection for every weather condition. Whether you face snow every day or only experience wet conditions occasionally, there's a style that matches your needs. This brand, famous for its boat shoes that have been around since 1935, offers a variety of boots and full shoes that provide much-needed protection. Choose from chukkas, storm boots, duck boots, or even fleece and flannel-lined tall boots for extra cold conditions.


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14. The North Face

The North Face is an outdoor wear company that offers a range of waterproof shoes, including sneakers and boots. Established in 1966, The North Face quickly became a favorite among sports enthusiasts exploring mountains, slopes, and wilderness. Known for their expertise in surviving and thriving in nature, the brand's waterproof shoes are perfect for those who need to stay dry in any weather.

The North Face

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15. Timberland

Timberland's legendary desert boots have always been waterproof, rugged, and durable. Now, the same technology has been applied to other shoes in their range, including running, hiking, and daily wear styles. Their waterproof finish is achieved using various methods, such as materials, treatments, and processes. These applications begin at the tanning stage and continue with sealed seams and internal lining. One of the most advanced elements is the TimberDry™ waterproof membrane, which is made up of 50% recycled plastic bottles. With Timberland's shoes, your feet can stay dry, and you can help reduce waste.


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16. Under Armour

Since 1996, Under Armour has been designing clothing for athletes to help them perform at their best. Their range includes attire to cover everything from head to toe. Stay cool and dry with Under Armour's runners featuring GORE-TEX, a breathable membrane that is waterproof, flexible, and comfortable. These shoes also offer other technological advantages, such as Charged Cushioning® midsole and high-abrasion rubber traction outsoles.

Men's Ua Charged Raider Mid Waterproof

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17. Vans

Vans, a renowned skate brand, offers waterproof shoes to keep you looking stylish and dry. Established in 1966, the Californian brand has been producing skate-inspired styles for decades. Their classic Sk8-Hi design is now available with water-resistant leather and suede uppers, a snow-boot-inspired vulcanized outsole for extra grip and traction in wet conditions. The UltraRange EXO HI MTE range offers even better protection with GORE-TEX included in the construction.


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18. Converse

If your regular Chuck Taylors aren't standing up to wear and tear or water staining, Converse offers a variety of waterproof shoes. Their classic high and low-top styles are made with GORE-TEX, a world-leading material, to create waterproof shoes. In addition to canvas options, there are also leather and winterized styles that look dressier while keeping your feet dry and warm. Wear them with confidence wherever you live.

Coonverse Waterproof Shoes

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19. Veja

If you're looking for a planet-friendly option that uses recycled and vegan materials, then opt for Veja. The French brand, established in 2004, exclusively uses ecological components and ethical suppliers. Their B-mesh, used in waterproof styles like the V-10 and V-12, is made from recycled plastic bottles to create a breathable yet water-resistant upper. The fabric mesh looks similar to conventional meshes and works excellently with leather panels and Veja's signature V on the shoe's side.


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20. Vessi


Vessi, a Canadian company, solves the problem of needing different shoes for different weather conditions with their proprietary Dyma-tex fabric. The stylish, comfortable, and breathable knit design is 100% waterproof. Unlike other companies, the waterproof component is integrated into the knit, rather than a mere coating. Moreover, it's entirely vegan. Choose from four designs - the Weekender, Cityscape, Everyday, and Everyday Slip-on. Every design comes in various colors, making it effortless to incorporate into your wardrobe.

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