Hey Dudes are a hip and trendy brand of lightweight, supportive shoes. In order to reap their full benefits, you must learn the proper technique for tying them.  

Find out how to properly lace up your Hey Dude kicks and get your comfort questions answered down below.

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The sizes of Hey Dudes are whole numbers only. The best fit can be achieved by selecting the size up if you normally wear a half size.

The Hey Dudes toe box is rounded and a standard width, so your toes will have more room than in a squared-off pair of tennis shoes.

These can be tightened in a number of different ways if you discover that they are too loose.

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To change the snugness of your Hey Dude kicks, simply move the knots in the laces.  

One must first remove the knots from both sides of the shoe.

Second, tighten the laces to the desired degree.

Third, tie a fresh knot in each lace just below the eyelet to keep them in place.

Changing the location of the knot in your shoelaces is simple, as shown in this video:

Pro Tips:

First, if you can't get the knots undone, try pushing the knot through the end.

Cut (and burn) the ends of the longer laces if you don't want them showing, or try the lace hack described below.

Gary Noble suggests using this lace hack if your pair of Hey Dudes has toggles over the knots and you don't want the laces to flap around.

First, you must don footwear.

As a second step, you should cinch the laces.

Third, thread the front lace through each back lace.

Fourth, with the toggle facing forward, slide them along the shoe's side.

As a bonus, this will make your shoes feel and look more snug.

Below is a video of Gary giving an example:

To adjust the fit of your Hey Dudes with a toggle over the knot, simply cross the strings over the top of the shoe.  

First, pull the laces until they are stretched out.  

Second, bring one lace up and loop it under. Toggle fasteners ensure a secure fit without the need for a knot. It will be soothing to your feet and guarantee a secure, slip-free fit for your footwear.

A video demonstration is provided for your viewing pleasure below:

Put on Socks

Wearing socks with your Hey Dudes may look dorky, but it's for the best because socks help the shoes stay put.

Because woven cotton tends to expand, you might want to order a size down if you're considering purchasing a Wally or Wendy Hey Dude design.

Is It Required To Wear Socks When Wearing Hey Dudes? [Answered]

5. Scale Back

When purchasing your next pair of Hey Dudes, you may want to consider sizing down if you discover that they are too large in width for your liking or if they have stretched out after extensive use.  

You can benefit from refining your Hey Dudes if:

  • In other words, your shoes have expanded.
  • Weirdly, your toes are very narrow.
  • You're more comfortable in a close fit.
  • It's common for you to go down a size and a half

Wash in warm water using a machine

Shoes made by Hey Dudes can be machine washed, but only in cold water. Then you might want to wash them in warm water and see if they shrink. You should only do this if the shoes are truly too wide for you to get a comfortable fit by adjusting the laces, and we did warn you that this would be permanent.

Still, drying them in the sun could fade the color, so that's something to keep in mind.  

If possible, choose shoes that won't need any additional adjustments once you put them on. The company's website features sizing recommendations. Whether they're boat shoes or more classic, traditional styles, a person's favorite footwear should always be incredibly comfortable.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Tying Your "Hey, Dude" Shoes

Forget about tying your laces; with Hey Dude shoes, you won't need to. Yet, unlike conventional loafers, these can be adjusted to a greater degree thanks to their elastic laces.

It's possible to tighten the fit of your Hey Dude kicks by tying the laces in a variety of patterns if you find that they're a bit too roomy.

How To Tie Hey Dude Shoes Originally posted on Facebook

Check out these different ways that your Hey Dude shoes can be tied:

A. The One-Knot Method

The single knot method of lacing is available for use with Hey Dude Shoes. Laces must first be untied. Tighten the laces until they are snug, and then tie a fresh knot in each one. This should approximate the original lacing system, which resulted in a more roomy shoe, and so should be appropriate.  

Two-Looped Cross-Over Laces

When you're ready to wear your shoes, give the laces a gentle tug. Wrap the tails of one lace around the front lace and tuck them under. To ensure consistency and tidiness, repeat this process with the other lace.

There is some leeway in the above procedure. Once your feet are inside the shoes, pull the lace to the side until it reaches the knot. Tuck the tail of the extra lace under the side lace. Replace the other lace on the opposite side in a similar manner. In the video above, you can see Gary Noble perform his lace hack.

The typical loop, bow, or double knot method of tying shoes is not recommended when wearing Hey Dude shoes because it is not integral to the design of the shoe and will not look good.

Never overtighten the laces; they should be just as snug as regular shoes.

How do you fasten the laces on your Hey Dude kicks?

The HEYDUDE Misty, Wendy, and Polly styles for women, and Wally, Paul, Jack, and Walsh for men, are well-liked due to the fact that they do not need to have their laces tied on a regular basis. The no-tie lace design makes them simple to slip on.  

If you want a more secure fit, you can tighten the laces on your Hey Dude shoes. Despite the fact that some of them have double laces, they are meant to be worn with a degree of laxity for maximum comfort.  

If you like your shoes snugger, you can always buy a size down. The best shoes, at all times, provide maximum comfort.  

Are we supposed to be chilling out, dudes?

Men, you're not supposed to be so tight. The adjustable design permits a roomy fit. Unlike more conventional canvas footwear, their original intent was to be worn loosely and comfortably. These shoes are sized to be worn on a daily basis as walking footwear.

There are some garments whose fit can change as they age. If your feet are on the narrow side, especially if you wear half sizes, you may want to consider purchasing a size smaller than you normally would for shoes. Due to their light weight, they may not fit as snugly as a pair of standard shoes.

HeyDudes typically recommends sizing up for men's styles and sizing down for women's styles for customers needing a half size. For this reason, if you normally wear a size 9, Men's size 5 should buy a size 10, and women's size 8 should buy a size 12. In women's sizes 5 through 8, they suggest sizing up to a size 8.

If you need to wear your Hey Dude shoes for extended periods of time, it's best to get a pair with a wide width. Simply put, the longer you spend standing, the more likely it is that your feet will swell. The tightness in the clothing starts off as being too snug due to the swelling, and only increases as time passes.

Are you guys supposed to be comfy?

It's not cool for guys to get too close. Simply pull the laces tighter to achieve the desired snugness. Some well-liked models can be stretched to fit virtually any foot. In addition to the cushioning memory foam in the footbeds, they are also removable and replaceable.

They should be snug, but not so tight that you can't move in them. The front of the shoe should not be touching your toes. The forefoot should have some wiggle room, while the midfoot and heel should be snug.

Women's footwear is typically more minimal and has a closer fit. Men's styles tend to be roomier. In general, a casual shoe should fit snugly without being uncomfortable. This will help you stay safe from painful insect bites and blisters on your feet.

Your feet could be harmed by overly snug shoes. Comfortable shoes that are not too tight will allow for more freedom of movement if that is your preference. A shoe that stretches to accommodate your foot size is ideal.

Tell me, bros: are you guys wide or narrow?

Hey Dudes are standard in size and have a roomier, rounded toe box. Each pair of shoes has a unique fit because of the shape of your foot and the way it is supposed to fit in the shoe. However, those with wider feet report that the shoes are a good fit, saying that they are not too tight but also not too loose.  

Hey Dudes may be the best choice if you have wider feet and want long-lasting, comfortable footwear. But the shoes can't be too big or too small; they have to fit your feet precisely.  

Similarly, if you have narrow feet and want to buy narrow shoes, you should choose a smaller size. The elastic fibers in them will eventually conform to your body. You'll find the perfect size after some trial and error.

When you wear Hey Dudes, do you feel like you're squishing your

The ultra-soft sole technology and lightweight construction of Hey Dudes make them ideal for all-day wear. They are practical as an everyday pair of shoes for classes, jobs, and errands, and they are also great for walking.  

Hey Dude has interchangeable insoles that complement the shoe's primary hue. These insoles are a great addition to the shoes, as they offer shock absorption and cushioning for your feet.  

But for a cozy fit, it's important to get the right size. The footwear should also provide stability for the ankles and arches. In addition, the durability of your casual footwear improves when it fits your feet properly.


When asked, "How do I tighten my Hey Dude shoes?" The elastic laces on these easy slip-ons can be tightened or loosened by adjusting the knot's proximity to the eyelet. If you stick to this guide, you'll soon be wearing shoes that feel great and fit perfectly.

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