According to Brooks, there is no such thing as a "bad" running shoe; their motto is "Run Happy." Every runner has their own ideal pair of running shoes that they select based on their personal preferences and the goals they have for their running experience.

In order to assist you in making the right choice, we have put over 40 different Brooks running shoes through rigorous wear and lab testing.

Our recommended products span five groups catering to different requirements of runners.

Here at CoreScore, we use a secret formula to determine which Brooks running shoes are the best.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this ranking system has undergone extensive testing. The following is what is hidden from view:

  • To evaluate properties like cushioning, air flow, durability, and more, our third-party lab disassembles each pair of shoes.
  • Each pair of Brooks shoes goes through rigorous testing, with a team of runners logging 30-50 miles per week to ensure they perform well in all environments.
  • Thousands of user and expert reviews from around the web are considered in order to provide a more complete picture.
  • To avoid favoritism, we pay cash for all of our Brooks purchases.

Just the cream of the crop succeeds in getting here.

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4.6 / 5 users Total: 113,669

Expert and user feedback are combined to produce a single number, called the Corescore, which can range from 0 to 100. The following chart displays the frequency with which each running shoe was given the indicated rating.

  • Exactly my size
  • secure fit
  • excellent reliability
  • floated tongue
  • Gentle but not mushy
  • incredible toughness
  • Absolutely no Lace Bites
  • inadvisable for sprints
  • It might be possible to make it lighter

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a clear cut above the rest of the Brooks footwear we carry, which is why it made our cut for the best running shoes. It's common sense; they were the best stability shoes available at the time.  

After hearing nothing but raving reviews for twenty years or more, we finally decided to check it out. And after only a short distance, we eagerly climb aboard.

It's warm and helpful. The Adrenaline excels at a task that is likely beyond the capabilities of most stability running shoes.  

The upper provides a cushy fit, locking the foot in place. On top of that, it bends and gives just enough so that you won't feel confined.

Moreover, the coziness increases as time goes on.

The midsole provides a cushioned and responsive environment for the foot. Bear in mind: this sneaker isn't incredibly bouncy, but don't take that as a damnation. It was designed for a relaxed ride, and any added power is a pleasant surprise.  

Without that renowned reliability, it simply wouldn't be considered for inclusion here. This is the stage where the miracle occurs. This is not a bulky, uncomfortable support shoe. When you start to roll to the sides, that's when it makes itself known.  

As such, it's a stability shoe that's great for neutral and flat-footed runners alike.  

The only real drawback is how heavy it is. It's lighter than its forebears (props to Brooks), but it still weighs heavily in our books. Based on our in-house laboratory tests, the typical pair of shoes has a The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 weighs in at 10 2 oz

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Different surfaces call for different types of running shoes, hence the names road and trail running shoes. But there are other features about these shoes that make them better suited to specific environments besides the outsole design:

Road vs trail.png

Please keep in mind that the ratings reflect the average performance of these shoe types. There is no existing model to which this pertains.  

Various Brooks Running Shoe Arch Support Options

It is important to know whether you have a high, medium, or flat arch when selecting the appropriate Brooks running shoe for you. For more than just a more pleasant experience on your feet, the right pair of shoes can also protect you from harm. Please refer to this handy reference:

Recommended road running shoe according to arch type.png

Brooks takes the importance of an arch support in running shoes seriously, providing a wide selection of stability and motion control options.

Furthermore, if you have never had problems with flat feet or overpronation, a pair of neutral Brooks shoes should do the trick.


Stability shoes from Brooks (like the Adrenaline) feature GuideRails. They're not too intrusive, but they serve as supportive bumpers that stop the foot from rolling in too far.

The Brooks shoes' mileage

Brooks also divides their running shoes into different categories based on the distance they're intended for. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the right footwear for your activity, based on your objectives:

Experiencing the shoes as a whole

Cushion, Energy, Connect, and Speed are the four distinct types of running shoes that Brooks offers. When you put on something in one of these classes, you'll have a distinct sensory experience.


Various Experience-based shoe lines from Brooks:

The Brooks Ghost (road), Glycerin (road), Adrenaline (road), and Cascadia (trail) are all examples of "cushion" models.

All four of Brooks' "Energize" road bikes—the Levitate, Ricochet, Revel, and Caldera—are named for volcanoes.

Brooks PureFlow (road) "Connect"

Shoe models that fall under the category of "speed" include the Brooks Hyperion Elite (road, carbon plate), the Brooks Hyperion Tempo (road), the Brooks Launch (road), and the Brooks Catamount (trail).

Different widths of Brooks shoes

For the best possible fit, Brooks provides a range of widths in their running shoes, from narrow to wide and even extra wide.













Extra Wide



Please take into account that different shoe models and colors may have varying width options.

Medium to normal width is the norm. A shoe will probably fit you just fine if you don't pay too much attention to the width selections when you're buying them.

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Your feet may not be a standard width if you have experienced squishing and early wear at the sides of your shoes. A professional fitting in a store is highly recommended.  

Read this guide for a broad overview of Brooks's sizing and fitting recommendations for shows.

Latest in Brooks running shoe technology

When it comes to advancements in footwear technology, Brooks is among the forerunners. The top-tier Brooks running shoes feature the following cutting-edge innovations:






An advanced structural design that follows the shape of the body while you run, allowing the knees, hips, and other joints to move freely.

Posting Method with Pivot Tables

This technology was made specifically for trail shoes, and it provides a stabilizing suspension for the forefoot and the heel.

Diagonal Rollbar that Advances Gradually

The foot is free to move from heel to toe as nature intended thanks to the tri-density midsole.


Customized Printing for a 3D-Fit

Incorporates lightweight and flexible engineered structure into the upper via screen printing

Reproducible Rubber Modeling in Three Dimensions

Rubber is used in a high-tech screen-printing process to enhance the durability and safety of Brooks trail running shoes.  

Mesh of Ariaprene

Incorporating foam-core technology to provide fast-drying, next-to-skin coverage

Woven Fabric

A woven mesh that is both supportive and flexible.

Fit Knit

Specifically, it's cut to have the snugness of a sock.

The Best Sock Insert Ever

An OrthoLite® memory foam PU insert, made to provide extra support and comfort.  


In order to keep your feet dry and warm in the harshest of running conditions, these shoes have a waterproof membrane.


BioMoGo Molecular Genealogy

It's dynamic padding that lasts, and it's eco-friendly to boot.  


By encasing a polyurethane foam in a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) skin, this design provides exceptional responsiveness.


One of the best features of this Brooks cushioning is how comfortable it is without sacrificing its longevity or responsiveness.

Upper: DAN Midsole

Each runner benefits from the proprietary midsole foam's impact protection in their own special way.

Super DNA

A DNA midsole engineered to add 25% more cushioning for runners seeking a plush, secure ride.


There's a brand new midsole tech that provides even, lightweight cushioning throughout the entire run.


It's a shoe that helps runners recover more quickly thanks to its lightweight, plush cushioning and responsive ride.  

Separated Impact Cushion

A shock-absorbing cushioning system with a caterpillar-like design that promotes a more natural heel-to-toe gait.  


Arch Pod with Dual Stability Arches

Stability is provided passively, without the need for a central support post.

Protective Rock Wall against Rocket Fire

Protect your feet from trail debris and sharp objects with a layer of durable thermoplastic EVA material between the shoe's midsole and outsole.

Ground Grip Tires

A long-lasting substance with improved traction on both wet and dry floors

Straight Arrow Sole

A design on the bottom of the shoe that promotes a more efficient heel-to-toe gait.

HPR Plus

A layer of rubber that sits beneath the shoe's midsole to provide extra traction and cushioning against rough surfaces.

Motivating athletes like those coached by Brooks

Brooks supports elite athletes as a means of spreading motivation to amateur runners. In spite of the harsh weather, American long-distance runner Desiree Linden is among the notable athletes.


Brook's Hyperion Elite 2 are their premium, carbon-plated running shoes.

She made history by becoming the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years while sporting the prototype of the Brooks Hyperion. Moreover, the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project team has never been more successful.