What follows is a rundown of the current top-tier volleyball footwear. Whenever I find a more suitable alternative, I'll add it to this list and keep it up-to-date.

What are the top volleyball shoes?

Protecting your feet and joints while allowing you to run around the court and jump high is the goal of the best volleyball shoes. A high-performance volleyball sneaker will have all the necessary features, including traction, lockdown, cushioning, stability, heel-toe transition, and support. While there is no such thing as a perfect shoe, the ones here come pretty close. Any of these options will serve you well:

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The Top 6 Best Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno is undoubtedly the leader in the volleyball shoe industry. Mizuno's Wave Momentum 2 is characterized by a combination of the brand's signature Wave Plate technology, an enhanced cushioning arrangement, and superior materials. The top Mizuno volleyball shoe has these features.

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When I first put on the Wave Momentum 2, I was impressed by how cushioned they were. The dense and responsive Enerzy foam can be felt as soon as the shoe is laced up. It's a significant improvement over its forerunner because it provides significantly more rebound. The Wave Momentum also lacked the lateral stability afforded by a wide outrigger. Sufficient grip was achieved. Neither the plastic nor the wooden courts caused me to slip. Finally, the Wave plate does allow for a natural heel-toe motion when you're approaching the ball.  


After writing, "It's soft enough to protect your joints, but it doesn't have much bounce," for the original Wave Momentum, I was met with mixed reviews. Since switching from U4ic to Enerzy, the issue has become reversed. The Wave Momentum 2 is springy without being overly rigid. On courts with thinner flooring that doesn't offer as much extra protection against falls, I noticed this to be a problem. The lockdown is a separate problem. There is nothing wrong with the laces or the heel counter, but the toe box is excessively wide and very high. Although the shoe fit me well in terms of length, the toebox was too small. If you have a narrow foot, I would still recommend this shoe, but I would suggest ordering a half size down.

Find here an extensive analysis of the Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 running shoe.

For the Best Volleyball Shoes, Rank #5

ASICS SKY ELITE FF 2 Main View -Best Volleyball

The Sky Elite FF 2 from ASICS is one of the best volleyball-specific shoe options available. There is a lot of love for these ASICS because they are the best volleyball shoes.

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You can count on ASICS' legendary grip on both wood and synthetic courts. Effective (but not the most comfortable) lockdown is achieved by a combination of a substantial heel counter and DYNAWRAP, which secures the forefoot. When an outrigger is combined with a sturdy lockdown, the result is excellent stability. In the past, ASICS volleyball shoes have had issues with cushioning, but those issues have been resolved here. The Sky Elite FF 2 has a responsive FLYTEFOAM midsole and a cushioned, soft GEL insole. This configuration is much more comfortable to play in than I had anticipated, and by game's end, my knees still felt fine. This shoe's main selling point is the TWISTRUSS plate. Its primary function is to stabilize your ankles, but it also facilitates your heel-toe transition as you land from an approach jump. The purpose-built volleyball soles of these shoes allow for optimal performance.


The DYNAWRAP is the only real drawback because it does most of the locking down for the shoe, but it does it in one 14" thick ribbon. When you push off laterally, you will feel it most acutely in the area around your forefoot. It wasn't painful, but it was annoying at best. There are also problems on ASICS' end, such as limited availability of certain sizes and monotonous color palettes.  

In this review, we'll be covering all the details of this shoe.

The Top 4 Best Volleyball Shoes

Nike KD 14 Performance Review Inspect Review

The Nike KD 14 is Kevin Durant's fourteenth signature shoe and a top-tier volleyball shoe. This sneaker is a continuation of the excellent quality of the KD line. Despite being designed for basketball, these might be the top-tier volleyball hitting shoes available. (Note: KD15 update and review coming soon.) )

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While testing this shoe, I experienced no slipping on either a wooden or a plastic court. It was secure enough, although the strap doesn't offer much in the way of actual protection. An internal lateral plate in the midsole provides extra support and acts as a light cage around the cushion. This shoe's greatest strength is its comfortable padding. The Cushlon midsole in the KD 14 is both cushioned and effective at absorbing impact. The best cushioning technology currently available is housed within the shoe in the form of a full-length Zoom Air Strobel. If you're looking for a sneaker that can give you a springy feel while still protecting your joints, look no further. Nike designed a shoe that is great for jumping-based sports. The KD 14 volleyball set is a great choice for recreational and competitive play.  


The KD 14's only real flaw is that its strap is purely cosmetic rather than practical. Several users on Reddit have reported that removing them had no effect on the shoe's comfort or stability. Without it, the lockdown still works fine, but Nike's straps could use some improvement.

You can read all about the KD 14's specs and performance here. The Nike KD 14 is available in a wide variety of colorways, giving you plenty of opportunities to find a pair that suits your needs and complements your team's colors. (((Keep an eye out for a KD15 review and update, coming soon.)) )

Third-Best Volleyball Shoes

Nike Kyrie Infinity Check out the critiques

Kyrie Irving's latest signature shoe is the Kyrie Infinity, his eighth pair. Although it has a similar look to its predecessors, these Nike volleyball shoes are superior due to a number of key upgrades.

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From the first step in the Infinity, its best quality, the cushioning, is evident. The Zoom Air unit in the forefoot provides a springy sensation in all the right places. A quick and powerful jump with a gentle touch on impact. The shoe's extreme steadiness is due to its relatively wide forefoot and its traction system, which completely encircles the foot. If you're cutting in for an approach jump, this makes the transition feel great as you roll through the motion. As you cinch the laces, your foot is held in place by bands that wrap around the top and bottom of the shoe. Your foot won't go where it shouldn't be going, and this works wonderfully to ensure that. Finally, the traction worked great, even with a little dust, on courts made of wood and plastic.  


The only drawbacks are related to the wearer's comfort and the snugness of the lockdown. This shoe fits extremely snugly, and the tightness only increases as the laces are tightened. This is snug and effective at preventing foot movement inside the shoe, but it may be unflattering if your foot is of an unusual shape. I have a fairly narrow foot, and the toe box of these shoes were a little tight for me. I recommend sizing up half a size if your feet are wider than average or if your feet are more neutral in shape.

Despite a few niggles, they're fantastic shoes. In terms of performance on the court, these Nike volleyball shoes are unrivaled. See the complete review here!

Not the Best Volleyball Shoes, but Close!

Puma MB.01 Rick and Morty Sneakers Take a look at the critique

The Clyde All Pro was Puma's breakout model, as it was universally hailed as that year's top performing athletic shoe. First shoe designed specifically for LaMelo Ball, the MB 001, its conceptual successor You should check out this sneaker because it has fantastic features, a comfortable on-foot feel, and a wide variety of stylish colorways. The MB is the ideal volleyball for both men's and women's front- and back-row players. The best volleyball shoes on the market today are the 01s.

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An MB Puma The outsole of the 0 1 is see-through in most colorways. In both wooden and pristine plastic courts, this rubber provides a powerful grip. Puma's Nitro foam makes up the midsole, and while it isn't the best technology on its own, it works wonderfully in these shoes. In spite of their springiness, they provide a cushioned landing. Simple but reliable lacing and a sturdy heel counter make up the lockdown. The lockdown and the way the insole cushions your foot provide excellent stability. It has a supple, plush upper that still allows air to circulate, making it a very comfortable sneaker.  

What gives the MB its special sauce 01 The outsole form and structure of the best volleyball shoes are two of the most important factors when choosing a pair of shoes for the sport. The outsole gracefully curves around the shoe's outer side, making the lead-up to your final step a breeze. A lot of basketball shoes aren't made for this kind of aggressive motion, but it's absolutely essential to volleyball. The MB Putting your foot at 01 will help you take a more acute contact angle and roll more steadily and securely through your step.


The one and only problem I had with the MB 01 related to the hazy rubber used on dirty, plastic tennis courts. Although I didn't slip, the surface wasn't as sticky as wood or a freshly cleaned court, and I found myself holding back from going full speed. Wiping was the solution, but you'll be doing that a lot in the future. Realized I was wiping my shoes after every single step You can skip this paragraph if the courts you play on are in good condition.

The MB My go-to sneaker of choice for quite some time has been the number 01, which is a surefire winner. It's available in wacky color combinations and runs TTS. Review of WearTesters' Effectiveness Can Be Read Here to Learn More

The World's Finest Volleyball Shoes, Winner

Nike LeBron 20 Evaluation Show

Significant changes have been made to the Nike Lebron line with the release of the Lebron 20. Traditional air cushions have evolved past their bulky, unwieldy stages. On the court, LeBron wasn't even donning his signature LeBron 19s. On the other hand, there's a good reason why the Lebron 20 is so well-liked: it's a fantastic sneaker. The best part is that they are just as effective on the volleyball court.

Buy the Nike LeBron 20


The moment your foot steps into a pair of Nike LeBron 20, you'll feel the utmost comfort. The upper can lockdown without being ridiculously tight, and the sphere liner collar is soft around the ankle. The knit is soft, and the laces spread out across your foot for a relaxed fit. There were complaints about the lockdown, but I personally experienced none of the difficulties that were cited. In addition, I tried them with insoles and was reassured that my foot would be safe and sound in the shoe at a slightly elevated height. The Lebron 20 has a slight outrigger and provides excellent lateral containment, making it a solid choice for defending the rim or playing in the paint. After some break-in time, the outsole rubber proved to be grippy on both wooden and plastic courts, despite my initial concerns about traction. Normally, I wipe my shoes down after wearing them, but I didn't think it was necessary this time. Still, I had to admit it.  

In this separate paragraph, I will talk about the cushioning, which is the shoe's most notable feature and the main reason for its high price tag of $200. The "McLaren of sneaker cushioning," as my co-tester Stanley Tse put it (Duke4005 compared it to a Jaguar), is what we have here. I'll spare you the car analogy and instead praise the Nike Lebron 20's near-ideal cushioning system. When you jump, you'll feel the responsiveness of a forefoot Zoom Turbo unit, which is toploaded. Because of the importance of heel protection, a 13-millimeter Put that 5mm (huge) zoom lens right at your heel. Additionally, a Cushlon midsole runs the length of the shoe. The Lebron 20 is buoyant in the right places and soft on the ground. This shoe is perfect for a volleyball player because it is light and provides a responsive bounce.


This year's Nike LeBron 20 is nearly flawless. Although not quite Despite the carbon fiber midfoot shank, I experienced the typical arch pain associated with poorly supportive footwear. After a long day of playing, I decided to put in insoles to give my feet some extra support in the middle of the foot, which is something I don't always need to do. It's possible that not everyone will find this annoying. The price tag is the major issue. Currently, the Nike Lebron 20s represent the pinnacle of affordability in terms of basketball and volleyball footwear, retailing for around $200. For that price, you are getting an incredible shoe with cutting-edge technology. A lot of people might be put off by the price, but there are alternatives that are nearly as good for much less money.

The Nike Lebron 20 is a premium option that, despite its higher price tag, outperforms sneakers with arguably superior features due to its superior cushioning and traction. This pair is the best volleyball shoes you can buy in 2023 if your budget allows for it. (Before buying, be sure to read our in-depth performance review; it was written for basketball, but it applies equally to this shoe.)

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