Written by Anthony Levine and current as of 01/23/2023

Hype and popularity are not the same thing. Here, we consider both to identify the most sought-after Nike shoes of the moment.

The Nike Air Max, Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 4, Dunk, SB Dunk, Blazer, Air Force 1, and Air Jordan 4 are currently the most sought-after models.

Just my thoughts. However, I do not believe that the popularity of such sneakers is going to decline anytime soon. To sum up, you can't go wrong with any of the following fashionable options for this year.

Nikes Are a Hot Item for Urban Wear

Since I usually look at sneakers through the lens of streetwear and collecting, the level of fame I'm attributing to these kicks is within that context. Some Nikes, for instance, will be more well-liked than the ones mentioned above among runners, but from a streetwear point of view, the brand's technical runners are not typically considered to be among the most "popular" footwear options.

Maybe Nike's Most "Basic" Shoe Is the Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 Craft Sail Dark Beetroot WDYWT On Feet

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(Review) New Nike AF1 Craft in Dark Beetroot
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The Nike Air Force 1 is the company's best-selling sneaker of all time and widely considered by sneakerheads to be among the very best of all time.

The AF1 is one of those pairs of shoes that can be released with little fanfare and still see significant demand. Very much like the Blazer, but with a much more "streetwear-ready" cut.

Limited editions, premium pairs, collaborations, retros, and so on all add up to an overwhelming number of releases, some of which will undoubtedly generate a lot of buzz and others which will be largely ignored. Despite the fact that many staple colorways sell out quickly, this sneaker is still a cheap way to add a popular pair of Nikes to your collection.

White on white AF1s are a timeless classic that are frequently stocked and highly coveted. At any given time, a quick search for "sneakers" on any social media platform will yield dozens of posts featuring dirty white/white Air Force 1s worn by sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads alike.

The sneaker's quality may be questionable in its mass market iterations, but that hasn't stopped consumers from buying them in droves because of their consistently fashionable silhouette. If you want to look as good as they do, but with better quality, there are premium pairs available, like the Craft line.

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Common Nike Air Max Styles

Nike Air Max 3 Radiant Red Air Max 90 Infrared WDYWT On Feet

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Review of the Nike Air Max 90 in Infrared
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The "Big Three" Air Max models, in particular, continue to enjoy steady sales. One, Ninety Five, and One Hundred Five Air Max

There's a good reason why Nike's Air Max shoes are so popular. Personally, the shoes are symbolic of a specific era's style that has endured while remaining recognizable and modern.

The popularity of other Air Max models, such as the 97, 98, BW, etc., tends to come and go in spurts. In contrast, numbers 1, 90, and 95 consistently feature new releases and remain in the public eye. If you want a sneaker that evokes the past while still looking modern, you can't go wrong with any of the ones listed above.

Obviously, the Air Max 1 is the original and best. The Air unit in the midsole, a feature of Tinker Hatfield's groundbreaking design, made headlines around the world. When deciding on a colorway, classics like white/red and obsidian are always safe bets. The release of numerous sneaker colorways, however, ensures that stylish new options are always at your disposal.

The Air Max 90 and Air Max 95 are similar in this regard. My go-to sneaker is the Air Max 90, and if you have to have one colorway, it has to be the original Infrared. The AM90 and 95, however, continue to be consistently updated with new colorways that reflect the year's or season's most popular "colors."

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Despite a Redesign, Air Jordan 1s Remain a Hot Item

Air Jordan 1 High Mocha Black Laces WDYWT On Feet

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Evaluation of the Air Jordan 1 High Mocha
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The Air Jordan 1 is still one of, if not the most anticipated sneakers from Nike. Despite dips in popularity, it remains unrivaled as the most sought-after Nike model.

The Air Jordan 1 high is your best bet if you want to buy a pair of Nikes that will be appreciated by sneakerheads and collectors. Although some colorways receive more attention than others, the sneaker's classic design from 1985 ensures its success.

In the past, mid and low cuts were considered Jordan 1's "B Team," but now, even the "B Team" cuts and colors sell out quickly and fetch exorbitant prices on the secondary market.

You can see the contrast between mainstream appeal and marketing gimmickry in this sneaker. Although sneakers like the aforementioned Air Maxes enjoy consistent popularity, the Air Jordan 1 also benefits from widespread acclaim within the sneaker subculture. In other words, while Air Maxes are ubiquitous, the Air Jordan 1 (especially the high cut version) is not.

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We can't talk about Nike basketball without bringing up the Dunk.

Nike Dunk Low x Offwhite The 50 (lot 3) WDYWT On Feet

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The Three Best Places to Buy New Nike Dunks Online

When it comes to cult status among sneakerheads, the Nike Dunk is a close second to the Air Jordan 1.

Dunks remain a popular sneaker in 2017 whether they are part of a limited edition collaboration, a re-release of an original colorway from 1985, or a GR (General Release). The sneaker's popularity rises and falls in waves, and right now it's riding high.

Collectors who want to wear a popular shoe shouldn't ignore the many new colorways that drop just because they're not as "authentic" as the originals. Popular Air Jordan 1 colorways can be found for less than $200.

Despite the fact that dunks may suddenly become unfashionable, you should keep the pair you already purchased. Whenever Nike Dunks are once again fashionable, they will undoubtedly be revered as an iconic sneaker. When a sneaker can go from obscurity to prominence in just a few short months, that's saying something.

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If this article didn't feature the Nike SB Dunk, it wouldn't be the same, now would it?

Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough WDYWT On Feet

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(Review) Strawberry Cough x Nike SB Dunk High
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Nike's ability to successfully adapt classic sneakers from the '80s and '90s for use in new sports is on full display in the Nike SB Dunk. Retail availability of the shoes has remained low, adding to the sneaker's aura of mystery.

The first pair of sneakers I ever "collected," and for good reason they were these. The SB Dunk is one of Nike's hottest sellers because of its limited supply, flashy colorways, celebrity endorsements, trendy collaborations, and offbeat inspirations.

Such footwear experiences ebbs and flows in popularity, just like the non-SB Dunks I mentioned earlier. They started out relatively unknown, then became widely popular, then became widely despised once more. In light of this, you should hold on to your SBs even if they become a relic of a bygone era. The action will pick back up.

The SB Dunk is only available at skate shops, so you won't see them flying off the shelves at your local Foot Locker. The fact that it's not easy to just walk into the store and buy a pair of these sneakers has contributed to their popularity. The SB Dunk is a great option if you're looking for a popular Nike sneaker and don't mind paying resale prices. They range in price, but some are actually quite affordable.

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Classic Nike Blazers

Nike Blazer Low Forest Green WDYWT On Feet

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Opinions on the Newest Forest Green Nike Blazer Low.
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The Nike Blazer is one of the few classic sneakers from the '70s that is still popular today. You can get your hands on this model easily, and it won't break the bank; it's a great choice if you're looking for a pair of sneakers that is both functional and fashionable.

The Blazer with a mid-top profile is the most common style, but the low-top versions are equally as good. Moving on from the "hype" of the Dunks and Jordans mentioned earlier, we now enter the realm of commercial success.

To clarify, I mean that Nike sells a ton of Blazers. White and black mids continue to be the brand's most lucrative shoe colorway. This timeless cut works well with both formal and casual attire. The Blazer is a popular Nike model that can be worn with a wide variety of looks thanks to its neutral tones and simple design.

In comparison to the "leather" pairs, which have fewer authentic vintage details than the VNTG pairs, I much prefer the VNTG pairs' closer resemblance to the originals from 1973. In any case, if you have a pair of Blazers, you have a sneaker that has stood the test of time for nearly 50 years.

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The Air Jordan 4 is, along with the Jordan 1, the most ubiquitous model of the Jordan sneaker franchise.

Air Jordan 4 Fire Red 2020 WDYWT On Feet

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Review of the Fire Red Air Jordan 4
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The popularity of various retro Air Jordans seems to peak at irregular intervals. Over the past few years, it appears that the Air Jordan 4 has once again become a popular choice among sneakerheads.

Some well-received collaborations and celebrity endorsements have helped boost sales of the Air Jordan 4 just as they did for the Nike SB Dunk. Nike scored a double-whammy with the Travis Scott 4s. The Union collaborations and some well-received general release colorways have helped make the 4 a formidable opponent in 2016.

I prefer more comfortable sneakers, but when it comes to popular Nikes, this one (and most Jordan retros) definitely wins for style. It's strange that sneakerheads would covet a shoe that looks and feels like it was made in the late 1980s and features technology from that era.

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Stop Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses and Start Buying What You Like

The best sneaker for you is the one you like to wear, not necessarily the most "popular" shoe. There's usually a good reason why a pair of sneakers is a best-seller. When it comes to sneakers, a list like this can be helpful as a jumping off point, but in the end, it's all about personal preference.

Selecting a sneaker that is both comfortable and goes with your regular wardrobe should leave you satisfied. It's not uncommon for excellent pairs to go unnoticed because they aren't the hottest Nikes on the market.