Taking a stroll around the neighborhood is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise while also helping your heart. But if you want to get the most out of your walks, buying a sturdy pair of shoes is a no-brainer. While there are plenty of weightlifting shoes and running shoes with extra padding and drop available for men, the best walking shoes tend to be more durable and supportive for daily wear and tear. Whatever your reason for walking, now is the best time to give your feet the care and attention they need.

Wearing the top men's walking shoes, you can confidently stride out in style and comfort.

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The Arthritis Foundation suggests picking out walking shoes that are firm and roomy for optimal comfort. You should also give your toes some room in the toe box to avoid getting blisters. Check the shoes for wear at a local running store and replace them every 300 to 500 miles.

Look no further if you're in need of a new pair of walking shoes. We've scoured the web for user reviews, spoken to shoe specialists, and drawn on our own firsthand knowledge to recommend the finest walking shoes for men. Even though the Allbirds Merino Wool Runners were named the best walking shoes for men overall, there are many other well-liked options and affordable alternatives. Find a comfortable pair and look forward to the miles ahead.

Allbirds, a shoe company that didn't exist until 2016, has quickly become a household name. The'revolutionary' wool fabric is both natural and sustainable, and it can be found in the Merino Wool Runners, the company's first sneaker. The shoes' superfine ZQ merino wool construction makes them plush and toasty while also increasing breathability and decreasing odor.

Everything about the Wool Runner is luxurious. They have a ZQ merino wool heel lining, a moisture-wicking insole made from castor bean oil, and a Brazilian SweetFoam midsole made from sugarcane-based green EVA. In addition, each pair of laces is made from one recycled plastic bottle, making them entirely recyclable.

The shoes are durable enough for daily use and can be cleaned in the washing machine (on the cold setting) if they get dirty. Customers have noted the shoes run small, so sizing up may be necessary.

In the words of one purchaser: "Found these shoes extremely comfortable and very light, great for walking, I would recommend them to anyone who likes to walk and exercise regularly." ”

Important aspects:

  • ZQ merino wool improves airflow and inhibits odor.
  • The planet benefits more from materials that are sourced in a sustainable way.
  • There's a rainbow of hues to pick from.


Swiss running shoe company On is known for their scientifically-backed CloudTec foam, which has been described as "running on clouds." The Cloud 5 Terry, made from the same forgiving material, is a shoe made for all-day comfort while running errands. The sneaker has a removable cushioned arch insole for when you need it, and it also has a Speedboard that runs the length of the shoe to improve stability and forward momentum.

The Cloud, at only 223 grams, is ultra-lightweight, sleek, and trendy for times when you want to go all-in on leisurewear. Vegan leather finishes and recycled materials (about 45% in this shoe's case) are just two examples of On's eco-friendly efforts.

One customer suggested ordering a half size larger after remarking on the shoe's tight fit.

"Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to slip on," raved one buyer. These are great for a day of casual walking or errand running, so I'll be putting them to good use. ”

Notable characteristics:

  • A quick-lace system ensures a safe and secure fit.
  • Adjust your level of comfort with the help of the insole's removable arch support.
  • The laid-back getup is available in five distinct hues.
  • Use of previously used materials shows consideration for the environment.

The removable, anatomical arch supports and arch booster for flat feet in Othofeet's Edgewater Stretch shoes alleviate heel and foot pain (especially pressure-related pain) and aid in posture realignment. Orthofeet's Ortho-Cushion System, consisting of an orthotic insole and an ergonomically cushioned outsole, makes the shoe a comfortable fit.

Fabric stretchiness and sole cushioning work together to encourage a relaxed, natural gait. Also, the rubber outsole should save the day by providing a firm grip in case you need to venture onto shaky ground.

This is a fantastic option if you have a hard time finding shoes in a wide enough width. Along with a more comfortable fit, the wider toe box helps accommodate a wider range of foot sizes and shapes.

An existing buyer remarked, "These sneakers keep delivering on the promise of comfort and style." Superb arch supports I haven't had this much comfort in my feet and ankles in years. I think you should give these shoes a try. ”

Features of note:

  • Proper arch support based on anatomy
  • An impact-absorbing heel cushion
  • The splaying of toes is encouraged by the large volume of the toe box.
  • Offers a choice of four widths

The Reebok [Ree]cycled collection includes the DailyFit DMX, which takes a more eco-friendly, less resource-intensive approach to shoe production by using recycled materials. Several other eco-friendly sneaker options are available in the broader [Ree]cycled collection, of which this one is just one example.

The Reebok Classic Leather vibe is present in the DailyFit DMX, while a modern update to the original's '80s design adds a dash of flair. For instance, it has "adaptive air chamber cushioning" for cutting-edge shock absorption, and the supportive arches will ensure that your feet stay feeling great from morning to night.

Maximum comfort is achieved by combining a molded sockliner with a contoured, cushioned heel. We recommend trying them on in person or ordering a full size up because some reviews have mentioned that the shoe runs small.

One buyer had this to say about the Reebok DailyFit DMX: "I am truly impressed by the level of comfort they provide." Due to foot issues (bunion and hammer toe), I've been searching for a pair of wearable shoes for the past year (got my first pair in March '22) and was thrilled to discover the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. ” 

Essential characteristics:

  • Produced using 30% recycled content
  • All-day comfort is yours to enjoy with the help of adaptive air cushioning.
  • The tough and fashionable crystal rubber outsole.

You can quickly put on or take off the Sketchers Arch Fit Waveport because of its pull-on design and stretch laces. This shoe's (removable) Arch Fit insole is podiatrist-certified technology that molds to your feet for a custom fit, which may be helpful if you suffer from flat feet or are prone to joint and back aches. The flexible rubber outsole of the shoe is meant to distribute your foot's weight evenly, providing superior support and keeping your feet feeling great all day long.

It comes in a wide range of colors to match your casual wardrobe, and if your feet aren't standard, you can choose between a medium and extra wide fit. It can be machine washed on a low setting to refresh the colors, which is convenient.

A customer commented, "I wore these for the first time in Las Vegas, and I walked between 10 and 15 miles in them over the course of three days." Nothing but comfort, softness, and excellent arch support ever. ”

Features of note:

  • Incredibly high-quality impact protection is provided by the heel's 1.5-inch height.
  • The rugged rubber sole is adventure ready on any surface.
  • Colors can be revived and odors can be banished with a simple machine wash.

The Dyma-tex waterproofing technology incorporated into the Vessi Men's Cityscape Classic shoes ensures that your feet will stay dry and your shoes will not get ruined in the rain. The high-tech shoe's construction includes thousands of nano-sized pores that allow heat and sweat to escape while keeping water out. Shoes come with a "dry sock guarantee," ensuring that your feet won't get too hot in them.

The Cityscape Classics have an elastic ankle collar, a removable insole, and reflective pull tabs for easy on and off. The use of cruelty-free vegan materials in their construction further lessens their environmental footprint.

These shoes are great in every way: they're lightweight, stylish, and come in four different color combinations of black, white, and gray.

"I'm really impressed with the waterproof concept," said one buyer. We had a lot of rain and then freezing rain a week after I got them. The water was only a few inches deep, but my feet stayed toasty and dry as I waded right through it. ”

Particulars to note:

  • As the name implies, waterproofing keeps out water.
  • Using only cruelty-free components.
  • Having reflective tabs to pull increases nighttime visibility.
  • Timeless elegance for everyday life and the office

The Hoka Clifton 8 is the final stop if you've been looking for a pair of sneakers but have wide feet. Available in a standard width (D), the wide width (EE) is a godsend for those with wider feet who need a bit more room to move. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has given this shoe their stamp of approval, and for good reason: it features a compression-molded EVA midsole for enhanced support and a breathable engineered mesh upper for optimal foot climate. They're eco-friendly because they're made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic and plant-based glue.

However, if you overpronate, these sneakers might not be the best choice because of their symmetrical and balanced cushioning.

After 8 hours of walking and standing, one customer said, "I can honestly say these are the most comfortable walking shoes I've ever owned." There is no better cushioning or arch support than this.  ”

Features of note:

  • Two width options accommodate a wide range of foot shapes and sizes.
  • Wear and tear are not an issue with high-abrasion rubber.
  • All-day comfort for running or walking is guaranteed on the plush insoles.

Style and support meet in The North Face's Vectiv Taraval Shoes for a trail-ready shoe that doesn't sacrifice either. The Vectiv trail-focused footwear system is an innovative technological solution to the challenges of hiking, with an emphasis on impact protection and as much energy return as possible. You'll get more thrust, stability, and support from your strolls in these kicks thanks to the OrthoLite X55 footbed.

Lightweight EVA foam is used in the construction of the Taravals, and a synthetic leather upper is combined with breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and dry as you traverse muddy, rocky, and otherwise unlevel ground. In addition, a 3D TPU plate under the foot provides additional stability and aids in propulsion.

Customers like the Vectiv technology, as one put it: "I am sold on the Vectiv technology." Provides the support of a full-fledged hiking boot while still letting your feet feel the ground on scrambles. ”

Features of note:

  • The use of Vectiv technology improves thrust.
  • Fit is optimized by the generous ghillie lacing system.
  • With its OrthoLite X55 footbed, the shoe offers superior protection against impact.

To choose the top men's walking shoes, we looked at objective metrics alongside recommendations from experts and user reviews on the web. The Hoka Clifton 8 is a personal favorite of our Gear Editor here at Vetted, and the Allbirds Merino Wool Runners are highly regarded by our team of runners. Then, we compared our findings to online reviews, which often include information about the shoe's strengths and areas for development. Finally, we conducted extensive research on both new and established walking shoe models, paying close attention to the details that truly distinguish one model from another. If you're looking for the most recent info, be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently. We last updated this in February 2023.

If you're looking for the best walking shoes, which ones are they?

The best walking shoes for you will not only provide adequate support and a snug fit, but will also take into account your personal preferences in terms of price, foot type (i.e. e thin or thick) and personal taste in fashion Shoes like the Orthofeet Edgewater Stretch are great for people with flat feet, while the Vessi Cityscape Classic are great for muddy or snowy terrain. Your walking shoes, whatever you end up choosing, should have enough support to keep you standing straight and tall. It's important that they have good air circulation to keep your feet cool on long walks.

Can I Wear Running Shoes When I Go Walking?

When it comes to comfort, fit, and function, both running and walking shoes share similar goals. A walking shoe's upper, insole, and outsole all work together to cushion and protect your feet from uneven ground. They should also be bendy so that you can walk around freely.

Conversely, running shoes are typically constructed with a mesh upper for increased airflow and additional cushioning to protect your joints from the stress of repeated impact. The heel-to-toe height of running shoes is also likely to become more diverse, and there will be an increased emphasis on the biomechanics of running in general. While it's technically possible to walk in running shoes, it's safer to keep your walking shoes and running shoes in separate compartments.

The Ideal Interval Between Walking Shoe Replacements

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) recommends replacing your walking shoes every 300–500 miles, regardless of their condition (tears, holes, lack of traction, etc.). Check for creasing and unevenness on a flat surface to determine if they are still in good enough condition to get you where you need to go. In addition, the AAPSM recommends keeping an eye out for wear and tear in the shoe's outer sole, midsole, heel, and shank.

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