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Sneakers or sandals for Disney? Discover the best walking shoes for Disney World. Includes links to cute comfortable shoes for Disney World, the best men's walking shoes for Disney World, and the best socks for walking in Disney.

This is a frequent inquiry When visiting Disney World—or any other theme park—what are the best shoes for both adults and children to wear? Time of year, overall itinerary, and specific parks all play a role.

In other words, what does everyone wear to Disney and other theme parks? Our group has pooled our individual knowledge with that of our Disney-loving friends to Travelers of all foot shapes and sizes share their shoe recommendations on social media. Please take advantage of our in-depth manual

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An enjoyable Disney World vacation is impossible without a good pair of shoes.

Star Wars-themed DC Shoes

Toy Story Adidas Disney

It's a bad idea to fly all the way from Canada to Disney World with a pair of shoes that won't fit properly.

In this piece, we explore the extremes of theme park visitors: the walkers and the people who don't stop at anything but the main attractions

You, Will, are in charge of Walt Disney World. For the sake of brevity, we will gloss over the topic of run Disney. Here, however, is an excellent tool for just such an effort.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most comfortable shoes for visiting Disney and other theme parks, whether you're going to Walt Disney World in Orlando or Disneyland in Anaheim or another country.

How to Find Comfortable Footwear for Your Trip to Disney World and Disneyland

We have compiled a list of the top shoes to wear at Disney and other theme parks in 2022 to make your shoe shopping a breeze. Everyone wants to survive a day at the theme park despite the fact that it's likely to be hot, exhausting, and full of walking. These are the best shoes for walking around theme parks like Disney World, Disneyland, or any other destination on your vacation itinerary. Browse the items and get in touch if you have any questions.

Travel Tip

Guests visiting the parks should leave their high heels at the hotel. It always surprises us to see how many people at Disney theme parks have trouble using their pumps. Regularly, we witness this kind of conflict. Put them away for your Walt Disney World fine dining experiences.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Pair of Disney Shoes

Broken In

Bringing a pair of brand-new shoes to a theme park is a surefire way to get them dirty and muddy very quickly. Your most comfortable Disney experience will come from worn-in footwear. Vacationing at theme parks in brand-new shoes that cause blisters due to excessive walking? Not fun. It's a good idea to break in a new pair of Disney park shoes at home before you head to the parks.

Reassuring warmth, soothing aromas, and soft pillows

Finding a pair of supportive, yet flexible, shoes is essential for a day at Disney. Long days at any theme park involve a lot of walking. Wearing shoes that are both supportive and comfortable is crucial if you intend to spend an entire day at Disney World or any other theme park.


Easy to transport and store

The best shoes for a trip to DisneyWorld are those that are compact and won't weigh you down. A holiday


Think about how well your shoes breathe before you buy them for Disney World. Wearing shoes that don't allow air circulation can lead to unpleasant foot odor, heat, and sweating after a day at Disney World.


The Finest Female Footwear Available at Disney Parks

Shoes for Tennis, Hiking, and Jogging

The most relaxing sneaker is the Skechers Go Joy walking shoe for women.

Many people claim that Sketchers are the most comfortable shoes to wear at Disney World or any other theme park. As many Disney visitors at Disney World Orlando, Disneyland Paris, and Disneyland Hong Kong can attest, these are the most comfortable shoes you can buy specifically for visiting Disney theme parks. Runners at Disney World often choose them because they are the most suitable.

The mornings at Disneyland Paris are hectic, as we race to Ratatouille: The Adventure for FastPass and then follow the kids as they run amok in Toy Story Playland. The memory foam in the soles and the mesh uppers make these shoes incredibly soft and supportive. Even the footbed is finished with bamboo to prevent odor-causing bacteria.

We've found the most practical Disney footwear to be

The Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Propel Walking Shoe for Women is the best option for long days of walking.

We've done the legwork, and these are the most comfortable women's walking shoes for all-day Disney park tours. If you're looking for the best, your search ends here. These shoes are the best option if you plan to spend the entire day at Disney World, from opening to closing.

They're lightweight and airy like the Go Walk Sketchers up top, but the laces add an extra layer of security. This shoe, like the other, has a bamboo lining to prevent odors. You can't do better than this if you're planning on spending multiple days at a theme park.

These are the best walking shoes we've found for spending all day at Disney.

The Brooks Women's Ghost 14 Running Shoes are the Top Pick.

These Brooks are the best shoes for Disney parks and any other theme park if you prefer running shoes to the walking shoes I recommended above. They are lightweight and airy, just like the other shoes on our list, making them great for a day at Walt Disney World in Florida.

You'll have to make a break for it if you want to FastPass between lines. These shoes are reliable and are recommended for use at Disney theme parks.

These are the top-rated Disney sneakers, in our opinion.

More of the Disney-Inspired Shoes for Women that Our Customers Love:

Women's Disney's Best Sandals

The best sandals for a Disney vacation, according to us

The Men's Disney Parks Best Shoes

Shoes for walking and sneakers

The Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe for Men is the Best Option.

Men's Sketchers, like the ones mentioned above, are among the most convenient footwear options for long days at Disney World or any other theme park. They're the most convenient and lightweight footwear option for men at Disney World. Even if you and the kids are exhausted by the end of the day, you can wear these shoes to the fireworks or other special Disney evening show.

With a footbed lined with bamboo for anti-bacterial odour control, a Skechers new insole design, and a breathable mesh fabric upper, you can run to lunch before the rush without worrying about your feet overheating.

The most relaxing Disney footwear for men

Skechers' Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-Up Sneaker for Men is the Best Hiking Footwear.

The best men's walking shoes for long Disney days are another pair chosen after extensive research. One of the most desirable qualities in an everyday shoe is a comfortable insole, and this pair has a memory foam one. These are the most practical footwear to bring to Disney World if you intend to spend the entire day there, from early morning until late at night.

If you're spending a lot of time walking around Disney theme parks in the heat, your feet will appreciate the mesh upper and the fact that they can breathe thanks to the lace-up closure.

Like many of the Sketchers we have reviewed, these also come with a bamboo insole to reduce odor. This men's sneaker is the most practical option for long days spent exploring amusement parks.

For long days in Disney, we recommend these walking shoes for men.

The Under Armour Men's Charged Commit Tr 3 Cross Trainer Shoes are the Best Sneakers on the Market.

If the aforementioned walking shoes don't suit your taste, and the running shoes by Under Armour aren't your speed, you might want to consider them for your Disney Parks visit. Because of their lightweight design and perforations, they are just as good as the other shoes we recommend for visiting Walt Disney World in Florida. In addition to their other great qualities, these shoes are also very elastic.

The supportive insole will keep your feet comfortable and steady while waiting in line for attractions at Disney and beyond. Among the best shoes for men to wear at Disney theme parks, this pair won't break down on you.

The best sneakers for men to wear at Disney World, in our opinion

Disney's Finest Sandals for Men

Disney-themed Infant, Toddler, and Children's Shoes

Fresh Feet

Boys' and Girls' New Balance Shoes

Extensive testing confirms that these New Balances, which come in an extra-wide width, are the best option. Our kids love them, and we think they're the most comfortable pair of Disney shoes we've ever seen.

Toes won't get crushed anymore Some have complained that they're too heavy, but the extra heft actually aids young walkers in maintaining their equilibrium.

These are the best kids' walking shoes we've found for a day at Disney World.


Nitrate Sneaker from Skechers for Children

Skechers has once again impressed us with the quality and comfort of its products, and we have chosen them as the most practical footwear for children to wear at Disney and other theme parks. This lace-up sneaker has a 3D-printed mesh upper, and it has extra-wide options so that your child's feet will be comfortable all day long.

Excellent gel memory foam guarantees satisfaction. The ideal Disney shoe for any young boy or girl.

Here are some of the most kid-friendly Disney shoes available.

Additional styles of our best-selling Disney children's footwear:

Wow, this one really went in a lot of different directions; however, there's nothing like a good debate to spark interesting discussion on social media.

Disney-themed Sandals for Kids

Disney-themed shoes for kids

The Finest Disney Sandals

Because of their affordability, comfort, and suitability to the Disney parks and the humid climate of Florida, Mouse Travel Matters recommends KEEN shoes.

Women's Ideal Sandals for Walt Disney World

Sandals with a Closed Toe, Like Keens' Whisper Models, and No Extra Straps

This is the best pair of women's sandals you can buy for Walt Disney World.

When it comes to footwear, we always choose Keens. This is the best women's sandal we've found for use at Disney World. We appreciate the durability and extra protection that sneakers provide in the theme parks, but the heat can make them unbearable after a while. These tough sandals are closed toe, making them ideal for the high humidity and heat of a summer Disney World vacation.

These sandals can be worn from Disney's Animal Kingdom to the water parks with ease thanks to their supportive arches and easy maintenance in the washing machine. Moreover, by the end of the day, you'll notice that the soles of your feet have taken on a distinctive tan pattern.

Top-Rated Men's Disney Sandals

KEEN's Newport H2 Sandal for Men

Men's sandals that are ideal for Walt Disney World, in our opinion

We're still huge fans of Keen footwear. This is our top pick for a comfortable and stylish sandal for men to wear at Disney World. Okay, so we appreciate the extra safety and long-distance walking capability of sneakers in the amusement parks, but sometimes it's just too darn hot for sneakers. These tough sandals are closed toe, making them ideal for the high humidity and heat of a summer trip to Disney World.

You can wear these arch-supporting, machine-washable sandals from Disney's Animal Kingdom to the water parks with ease. You'll end the day with a tan that's as individual as your foot print.

The Finest Disney Sandals for Children

Children's Teva Hurricane 3 Sport Sandal

The Teva Hurricane 3 sports sandals have a durable outsole and are incredibly lightweight. Prepared Water Park

Our children are the center of our lives, and we would do anything to keep harm from coming to them. We know that if we hadn't bought our kids good shoes when they were young, they would have had foot problems. According to the podiatrist who fitted one of our children for insoles, this is the case.

Kids' KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

If you're coming all the way from Canada, just know that closed-toe sandals may be more practical at Disney theme parks. Feet need sunscreen, and they can get caught on things.

Because of their closed-toe construction, Keens make it easy to recover from minor injuries, such as those caused by banging your foot on a ride vehicle. They weigh a lot but can take a beating without flinching.

Best Shoes for Disney World & Theme Parks Men, Women & Kids

Walt Disney Productions Goes "Off the Wall"

The Disney Vans Shoes are available for both sexes.

The finest footwear for men and women at Disney theme parks, in our opinion

Extremely fashionable and comfortable, these Disney-branded shoes are a fan favorite. This sneaker could be perfect for you if you're a fan of Disney's Toy Story movies or villains. These low-top canvas shoes are a perfect way to flaunt your Disney flair. There are many possible layouts, but we've highlighted three of our favorites above.

Ofttimes, the Disney and Vans Collection is only available for a short period of time.


A Disney World Walking Routine

Experts recommend breaking in your shoes for at least a month before heading to Walt Disney World, as this will ensure that they have the necessary long-distance endurance. This does double duty, toughening up the soft spots on your feet and smoothing out the rough edges on your shoes.

That's plenty of time to decide whether or not these shoes are perfect for you, and to make other plans if necessary.

When a blister forms at Disney World, what should you do?

If you get a blister, try not to freak out. First and foremost, if your blister has not already popped on its own, do not attempt to pop it. In fact, your skin is doing its job of protecting you by warding off infections. The best course of action is to cover it with a blister pad or band-aid; blister pads provide additional cushioning over band-aids.

Cracked Heel

If you are prone to blisters, even in the Best Shoes for Disney, your heels will appreciate an application of moleskin before you leave the hotel.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment or get in touch with us on social media. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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